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Okahito Semeuke

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Okahito Semeuke

Post by Okahito on Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:54 pm

___________ OKAHITO SHIZUNE SEMEUKE ___________

"Ever on and on I continue circling with nothing but my hate and a carousel of agony, and slowly I forget 'cos my heart is vanishing then suddenly I see... "

Nickname(s): White Knight, Rook
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/6/X372
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Neutral Mage
Rank: D rank

Guild: Rune Knights
Guild Tattoo: On the palm of his right hand

Physical Characteristics: Apart from the basic similarities of family, Okahito looks almost nothing like his twin. Whereas his twin is thin and slightly short, Okahito is tall (standing at 6'0'') and muscled. It is clear that he works on his body as it is toned and muscled, but not in the kind of freakish way that body builders model their bodies. It is his belief that anyone who would make their body look such a way is not only a complete moron, but is also completely uncaring about other people's opinions. He will never understand why some women find it sexy for a man to have so much muscles he looks like one big bicep. With this in mind, it's clear that he is well muscled (an effect given off by his six pack and his lack of any discernable fat on his bones), and is considered quite attractive by the ladies of Era and many of the surrounding towns.

With all this in mind, he's not completely dissimilar from his twin. They both have the same brown hair, even if his brother appears to model it more than Okahito does. He cares more about it not getting in his way when he fights than any actual style. He has well-trimmed sideburns along with a medium length unstyled 'do', which looks surprisingly good on him. He also has piercing brown eyes, that speak almost as well as his facial expressions do, although normally the most noticeable expression would be "this guy is a freaking idiot.", which he seems to use at least once a day nowadays.
Attire/Clothing: Unlike most Rune Knights, Okahito is one of the few that doesn't care about the uniform dress code. He's a corporal, and so isn't as dictated in his fashion choice as the privates are. He normally wears his basic requip outfit, which looks surprisingly good on him. It's a pair of leather boots that go up to his thighs, with metal soles so that his kick hurts more than it normally would. Under that, he wears a pair of leather trousers that allow him to be more protected than normal clothes would. He wears a linen shirt, pure white without any buttons, something he can simply slip on in the mornings. Over the top of that, he wears a small leather jerkin, dyed white to acccentuate his position as the White Knight of the chess brothers. It has the Rune Knights logo engraved into the strap of the jerkin, displaying his position proudly. If he's not wearing this, it's either because he's on a date or because he's in another one of his requip suits.

When he's on a date, he will tend to wear black sneakers and black chinos, along with a white buttoned shirt open at the top few buttons. It's the most normal set of clothes that he has, and suits him surprisingly well. However, either thing he wears there is always one thing that never changes. Over the top of everything he wears a leather long-coat that goes down to his ankles, with his current rank's emblem on the lapels. It was a gift from his childhood friend and as such is important to him. On the lapel is a small broach that shows off the Rune Knight's ensignia, and when on mssion he'll wear his sword tucked into his belt and his crossbow slung over his shoulder by a simple leather strap.

Abnormalities: Tattoo of the Rook sign on his left shoulder in white ink

Personality: Okahita is a very spirited man, easily angered and always willing to fight. Maybe it's because of his urge to protect his brother, or whether it's just a strong personality fault, but he finds it almost impossible to back down from a fight, always preferring to be knocked unconscious than surrendering and losing face with his brother. However, as he's not unreasonable, if the other person is unwilling or unable to fight, he'll let them live. His fighting style is cool and calculated, unless made angry when he will throw himself head first into battle and will play any kind of trick necessary to stay ontop.

Ignoring his bloodthirsty nature, he appears to have a sweet spot for his brother and all of those he thinks of as friends, as he will find it next to impossible to be annoyed by them, and will often seem much more kind and sweet around them, taming the ferocious lion into a cuddly kitten. Around them he seems to be a very normal boy, laughing, smiling, acting normal, after all he IS only a nineteen year old boy after all, and no amount of fighting will completely eradicate the goodness in a boy's heart that quickly.
Duelling: As a very strong fighting enthusiast, Okahito loves to duel people. He believes it allows both people involved to get to know the other person better, as nothing quite brings out hidden secrets and strengths as being put against death (or at least pain)
Skating: This is a strange thing that he's fond of, but he's a very good skater, and with his specialist board, he can do things that most people would think of as impossible
Acrobatics: One of his strongest traits is his physical strength, but that doesn't just come out as fighting strength. He's able to do things most people would see impossible as an acrobat, including climbing buildings with his bare hands, or using swords in mid-fight to vault into someone's chest. As such, he loves to practice and to get better.
Likes: His brother, sweet foods, reading, training, good conversationalists, eccentric clothing.
Dislikes: Spicy Foods, Dark Mages, Obsessives, Boring clothing, Willingly Ignorant people, being thought of as weak
Inspiration: Okahito has two inspirations. Firstly, he wants to be as strong as possible because he wants to protect his brother. They've been alone since childhood and as the older twin (if only by three minutes) he has naturally taken the position of leader in their partnership. Secondly, he wants to be able to prove to the world that they're not weak any more. People used to take advantage of him and his brother's weak state, and ever since then he's made sure that he'll never let anyone hurt either him or his brother, and he'll prove that he's stronger than most.
Failure: Having to act as the older brother for Yasuke, he has always been afraid of failing him and letting him down. This is one of the things he will often go as far as he has to to avoid.
Needles: Okahito, surprisingly enough, is scared of needles. Specifically, injections. He can be stabbed, impaled, or anything else as long as it doesn't inject him with anything. Something being forced into his body *shudder*
Total Solitude: Although he can be alone for a day or two, or even being with complete strangers comforts him, the thought of being absolutely alone for a massively long amount of time frightens him.

Augment Name: Acrobat
Augment Description: Unlike his brother who relies more on intelligence and tactics, Okahito uses his body almost entirely in battle, including the way that he fights. He uses his body as much as he does his weapons, and has almost unbelievable skill at acrobatics, flipping over attacks, vaulting with his sword, or even just climbing ridiculously dangerous objects.

Default Set - The Pawn:

Name: Shichiire
Rank: D-S
Classification: Armour
Type: Full-body Armour
Elemental Alignment: Earth
- Smoke Bomb: This armour contains pockets filled with smoke bombs, which can be dropped to cause a turn filled with smoke that allows him to start an ambush or to escape.
- Terrakinesis: The wearer is able to lift up small areas of the earth, either for defence, or to throw at the opponent
This armour also has the ability to stop him from being hurt by three Base rank spells before it's sufficiently damaged to stop protecting him.
Leather Chestplate and Trousers
Rune-engraved cloth gloves
Cloth facemask
linen shirt
History: This was Okahito's first requip set, and has been the basic one that he wears ever since

Name: Taikakusen
Rank: D-S
Classification: Weapon
Type: Crossbow
Elemental Alignment: -
Ability: Taikakusen fires Base-rank strength darts at the opponent at 10 m/s and can reach up to 15 meters.
-Wooden Stock
-Metal cross
-Steel darts
-Flax String
History: This is the long range part of the Pawn Set, the equivalent of attacking an opponent diagonally.

Name: Tensoshi
Rank: D-S
Classification: Weapon
Type: Katana
Elemental Alignment: Earth
- Mudblood: The user cuts the opponent, lowering their speed by 15% for three turns. This effect can only happen once every five turns.
Steel blade, sharpened
Steel handle, wrapped with a brown cloth handle
History: This is the close combat attack of the Pawn Armour, and is usually worn in a sheath on his suit's belt whilst wielding Taikakusen.

Name: Skate-board
Classification: Vehicle
Type: It's a skateboard specifically designed to hover up to 2 meters off the ground, and keep upright if pressed against a wall, allowing him to ride buildings. It also allows the user to move at 5 m/s.
Wooden Board
Metal wheels
Magic Generating Ball Bearings
History: This was designed by one of Okahito's colleagues to allow him to fight more efficiently.

Okahito and Yasuke were the sons of unknown parents, but through something that is still unknown, even to them, they wound up at the orphanage. Neither of them know who their parents were apart from names, what happened to them, and most importantly, why they ended up in the place to begin with. Regardless, that was where they were, and thankfully they were adopted by two men who, clearly, couldn't have a child of their own. They were diplomats between Peregrinde and Fiore, allowing them to have a lot of money to allow the twins to grow up with whatever they could want. Whereas some people claim that being the son of a gay couple would mess the child up, it really didn't. Okahito and Yasuke grew up rather well rounded individuals, until THAT day. When they were seven, their parents were slaughtered by a dark mage from Tartaros who had wanted to make sure there was a war between Fiore and Peregrinde. Thankfully, that never happened, but it still left the twins alone. Okahito dealt with this a lot worse than Yasuke did, he suffered terribly from it, becoming highly depressed for long areas of time, as this was the second time they were out on the streets. To this day, he doesn't know how Yasuke managed to survive without getting depressed, but he's glad he did as if he didn't Okahito doesn't know how they would have survived.

Once again, they were placed into the same orphanage as before, but everyone they'd known had already been adopted, leaving them alone or rather with people they didn't know about. This time they weren't so lucky as they had to stay there for six years, until their thirteenth birthdays. That was when a wise old man, a mage from the Magic Council who had grown up as an orphan and thus knew the pain they were going through came to the orphanage to talk to one of the kids there who'd apparently seen a crime that he shouldn't have witnessed. Okahito overheard the conversation and sneaked a look at the notebook. He shared it with Yasuke, who managed to give him the results that he wanted. They presented their findings to the councillor, who was to begin with extremely irate that they had done this behind his back without his consent, then incredibly pleased. Apparently, Yasuke reminded him of himself when he was that age, and Okahito was praised for being skilled enough to take the notebook and put it back before he found out. Most criminals weren't even able to do that. He decided to take them on, not as sons, but as apprentices to learn his kind of magic. He was a requip mage, and for some strange reason both of the twins learnt the same kind of requip, but it was different from the one their master had tried to teach them. Perhaps it ran in their unknown family, or perhaps it was just luck. Either way, that was how they ended up becoming Requip mages.

For years, they studied under him. Not just magic, but tactics, skills, acrobatics and parkour, planning and many other things besides. By the time they were old enough to join the Rune Knights or the council, they were the best rookie agents you could hope for. Okahito took on the nickname Rook so that he could be referred to without using his name, keeping him safe and stopping yasuke from getting targeted in order to get to him. They enlisted, passed the exam, and have now spent the last six months working on finding exactly who it was that killed their adopted parents. Honestly, he has long since given up hope of finding out who his biological parents were, but he will not give up on this one. Not whilst he's still got breath in his body.


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Re: Okahito Semeuke

Post by Syrena on Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:43 pm


So I'm really digging this application but I'm just a bit confused on your equipment. Is that what your magic is going to be based off of, is re-equipping the different equipment?


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Re: Okahito Semeuke

Post by Syrena on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:12 pm


You have until November 3rd to complete this application or it will be put into the archives.


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Re: Okahito Semeuke

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