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To the waterfall city. In style. [Travelin Solo]

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To the waterfall city. In style. [Travelin Solo]

Post by Heero Villenn on Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:27 am

Heero had finally made it to the outer reaches of Waterfall city. He had to make it over the mountains in order to do that. Heero could either spend another four days of his life walking around or climb up. The ledge where he was at was almost vertical ledge that was strangely smooth. Climbing it was out of the question. Heero turned his head to notice a well-sized rock that he could stand on. “Hoooo,” the sound came from Heero’s mouth. This will work just fine, Heero thought as he jumped onto the rock and placed his hand on it. A small electrical current ran out of his hand and over the rock. A moment later the rock shot up into the air about 45 feet. Normally Heero could have launched it 60 feet in the air but the rock was rather heavy and Heero had to carry his weight on the rock as well. When the rock reached its height climax Heero jumped up and over the ledge to land on a more slanted and bumpy surface. This surface would at least be easier to climb. Heero began to climb the ledge until he reached a mountain pass about 500 yards up. Heero followed the path straight to the city.

Heero stared out in a slight awe at the city. His face was rather simple and his jaw hadn’t dropped much but you could tell he was stunned at the site of the beautiful city. Heero could hear the rush of waterfalls from both behind him and in front of him. It was a rather impressive site.

After a few moments of enjoying the view, Heero walked down the path and into the city. Heero figured he might as well get some sightseeing in after he had finished the job he came here to do. This was going to be a great few days.

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