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This is a fairly new site, being only about 2 and a half months old. Our setting takes place about 400 years into the past - x391 being the current year - and dragons freely roam Earthland. While humans and dragons are currently in peace with each other, there is darkness brewing and that fragile line of truce between them might just break soon enough.
Episode One: Bastion, The Ironclad Dragon is now open!
Enjoy your stay, and please...
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Post by Spitfire on Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:06 am


All and every Fairy Tail watcher/reader should know of the currency the show and manga uses. The same currency applies for this site. Jewels are the non-denominational unit of monetary currency of Fiore. Though Jewels apply everywhere, not just Fiore. The ratio of Jewels to U.S Dollars is 1:1. For comparison and visual purposes there is a currency chart below.

Currency Conversion Chart

1 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $1
10 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $10
100 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $100
1000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $1000
10,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $10,000
50,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $50,000
100,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $100,000
500,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $500,000
1,000,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel= $1,000,000

Jewels can be used to purchase equipment and spell upgrades for your character IC. In the future there will be a more wider selection of assorted "goodies" in which you can spend jewels on.

How to Earn Jewels

Jewels can only be earned through missions. We like to keep it realistic here at Delirium so the only way for someone to earn Jewels is to actually earn them In Character. Good luck.

10 - 250 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - D Rank Mission
250 - 1,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - C Rank Mission
1,000 - 10,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - B Rank Mission
10,000 - 50,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - A Rank Mission
50,000 - 500,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - S Rank Mission
500,000 - 3,000,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - SS Rank Mission
3,000,000 - 10,000,000 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - 10 Year Mission
10,000,000+ 04. CURRENCY & MISSIONS Jewel - 100 Year Mission


  • An RPer of the site has the privilege to create his/her own missions up to A rank or it could be for someone else.
  • When doing a mission, be sure to follow the quest. Don't start making your own NPCs or story in the mission.
  • When finished a mission, be sure to post in the "Jewel Collection" forum in order to receive your jewels.
  • Every mission has a wordcount, always follow it. If it is lower than the requested wordcount then the mission will be denied. Don't make this mistake!
  • Missions taken from the guild boards are to be taken one at a time.
  • Custom missions made by and specified by the maker are allowed to take multiple missions at a time, just as long as it's their own.
  • Taking a GUILD mission with others outside of said guild will result in a few disadvantages.
    • Money: This will be split in evenly between the participants.
    • EXP: Guild Members will receive the full points, but outsiders will only be given 1/3 of the full amount.
    • Other: This will depend on what it is and what the staff decrees after discussion.
  • Official Teams
    • This will be considered your GUILD mission so make sure your plate is clear of any conflicting jobs.
      • Ex.: If this mission requires you all to travel, you are to finish ALL threads (including your own custom-made missions) in the town/city/place you are in before you start the request.
    • EVERYONE must meet the required word count.
    • If someone stops posting in the mission, y'all have two choices: continue and finish the mission OR fail it.
    • The person or persons who stopped posting in the mission are "dropped" (meaning their actions never happened), and will not receive any EXP despite the team finishing. They will also have the amount of EXP gained by posting deducted from their EXP counter.
    • You guys get 1/4 bonus EXP.
  • Cross Missions
    • These are separate missions that will, at some point, clash with one another and forcing the participants to battle each other. Meaning... These are missions that can be interrupted by another Player Character.
    • This may be obvious, but only the required amount and specified people are the only ones allowed to do take the mission. No random friend or enemy popping in to help out.
    • Outsiders, meaning those not initially listed in the mission application, will need to get special permission from the 'Game Master' to participate. PM her your request.
    • Ex.: A Light Guild received a mission to protect Girl A, while a Dark Guild was given a job to retrieve/kill Girl A. Think Lucy with Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord. Episodes 21 - 29 in the anime.
    • Please keep in mind that the approval might take a while since both sides will need all spots to be filled.
    • How you all want to do the mission is between you, your group, and the opposing group. COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL. If you are having trouble, PM 'Game Master' for advice/guidance.
    • There will be a winning and losing side to this mission.
  • Repeatable Missions
    • Type One: A character can only take it once, but others who have yet to do the mission is allowed to take it up. When the others have taken it then they aren't eligible for it anymore. The reason for only taking it once is because the mission has some sort of (small or big) story-line to it and it would be weird to be meeting a significant NPC repeatedly.
    • Type Two: A character can take it multiple times. Over and over. No story-line or significant NPCs. Just a mission your character can go through without the weird paradoxes. A good example would be patrolling the borders with the Rune Knights, or stopping random bandits in the same vicinity.

      The downside to this type of mission is that if you continually take the same job then the rewards will decrease by 1/4. Ex.: 100 EXP (first try), 75 EXP (second try), 50 EXP (third try), 25 EXP (fourth try), and then it'll stay constant once it hits its "lowest" amount of EXP.
  • Failed Missions
    • You are only allowed to attempt the mission one more time after the initial try. In total: twice. No more.
    • Despite unsuccessfully completing the job, you are, however, given 1/3 of the Jewels and Experience on your first try. On your second try, depending if you fail again or complete it, you will either receive 1/4 of the Jewels and Experience (fail) or 1/2 of the Jewels and Experience (complete) of the original reward.

Rankings & Difficulty Levels
D Rank missions consists of little to no manual labor and are usually held in the same town or city. They are simple things like chores. (E.g. Baby Sitting, catching dogs, cleaning, mowing lawns, and small time errands, etc.) D Rank missions have no combat at all.

C Rank missions are much like seasonal jobs. They consist of a moderate to high amounts of manual labor. (E.g. Building a house, town to town deliveries, repairing run down houses or running a shop for a couple of days/weeks, etc.) C Rank missions allow for little (B+ ranked mages) to moderate combat (for low-ranking mages - D & C), much like being a bouncer. Most of the enemies you deal with are simpletons that need no magic to take of. (E.g. Drunks, hot heads, thugs/bullies), or those of equal to a D-Rank mage (sometimes C-Rank). You are allowed to fight D-Rank and C-Rank mages, but only when it's one on one fights.

B Rank missions consist of moderate to high amounts of combat. Such missions can be typical bodyguard jobs, risky background checks, capturing dangerous and wild animals, etc. These missions rank types can also consist of retrieving specific elements such as ores, wood, ingredient or monster parts. The difficulty of these missions are moderate. B-Rank and A-Rank mages are your enemies here. All mission threads on this level and above are now DEATH ENABLED. Be careful.

A Rank missions consist of the same requests as B Rank missions, instead on a more dangerous level. Jobs can be like espionage in an outside organization, tracking and capturing a target, possible assassination, etc. The injuries here are more common and no one is left unscathed in an encounter. A Rank missions can be rigorous and harsh on the mage due to the combative and rough nature of the requests.

S Rank missions are extremely dangerous. In order to undertake a S-Class Job, the Mage must be S-Class. An exception to this rule is a group of non S-Class Mages accompanied by an official S-Class. The jobs can range from assassinating an important figure (like the King) to protecting highly dangerous/important items (usually magical in nature). The reward for these Jobs can be rather large, spanning in thousands of jewels. S Rank missions can cause death or near death experiences.

SS Rank missions are more dangerous than S-Class Mages, it can be inferred that only S-Class Mages can undertake these missions due to the sheer danger. The reward for these missions are most likely greater than that of the S-Class missions. Only experienced S Rank mages can take these missions. These missions have a higher risk of death.

10 Year Jobs are above SS-Class in risk and difficulty. They are called 10 year Jobs simply because these missions have been up for grabs for 10 or more years but no Mage has completed them. These Jobs are incredibly dangerous in nature and most likely have a very promising reward for completing them. Only mages of the highest caliber may take these.

100 Year Jobs are the highest class of Jobs in the world of Magic. These Jobs are so dangerous that in 100 years, no Mage has been able to complete them. Only Mages of the highest caliber can handle such Jobs. These jobs have almost guarantee that your character will die. If not then your character would come back with fatal wounds such as limbs lost or organs lost. Only mages that rival that of a guild master may take these missions.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit

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