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Luke "Kage" Redits

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Luke "Kage" Redits

Post by Kage on Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:30 am

___________ Luke “Kage” Redits ___________

"Lets have some Fun"

Nickname(s): Kage
Age: 19
Sex: Sex
Birthday: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light
Rank: D

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Black and on the Tongue

Physical Characteristics: Standing at a height of 7’2”,Kage, a half man half wolf hybrid, is covered in snow white fur. Having 220 pounds of muscles, his physicality proves how strong he is in close combat. With his human blue eyes and wolf like sharp teeth, makes him look scary. His eyes have a light green look in them but as night falls they turn blood red. His teeth are well taken care of and sprinkle when the sun hits them right. His ears are pointed up at all times. He has a very fluffy snow white tail.
Attire/Clothing: Kage wears a very unique type of outfit. His lower legs are cover by a karate type of pants, these pants are black with gray around the bottom. His feet has rope tied to them almost like a shoe of some sort. He wears a gray sleeveless top that is more like a short robe. His hands are covered with cloth stripes from his palm to elbow. There is a rope belt that holds his shirt into place.
Abnormalities: Tattoo on left arm. [Many people think it’s a tribal mark but its really a curse tattoo. Read History to learn more about it]. Scar over his left eye.

Kage has a gentle personality as if he's a child if he notices someone is hurt he will pat them on the back and comfort them to the best of his ability.

Kage is playful, he likes to joke around with his friends.

Kage is a generally happy person he almost always has a big grin on his face. He believes if he's happy he can motivate the people around him to be happy.

Kage is a fierce enemy. When he fights with full force he attacks with strength, agility, accuracy and his battle knowledge at once. He doesn’t quit until his enemy can no longer stand or gives up.

Kage can still be stupid at some times he really doesn’t tend to think before he does something.

Kage dreams to be a inspiring person throughout the world. He strives to be the person who is well known and has children looking up to him. He wants the world to know that even a beast can make something great of himself.

Kage is a leader, he is naturally friendly with the people around him. He doesn’t like to take orders from anyone and loves to give out orders.

Hobbies: eating, sleeping and having fun.
Likes: Kage loves people and food, he loves to work out and sleep. He loves women and loves to hunt. He is just a all round loving guy. He loves to fight.
Dislikes: Kage dislikes fish, veggies except for green beans. He doesn’t like people who show disrespect to him. He also doesn’t like the dark very much.
Inspiration: To find the witch that put the curse on him.
Fears: He fears the most, that he will never be able to turn back into the person he once was, before he became a demon. And spiders!

Augment Name: Mind of the beast
Augment Description: Kage has a wolf’s super sense of smell and hearing and also the night vision of a wolf. He seemed to have gained these traits from when he was placed under the curse for he doesn’t remember having them before. He even seemed to get faster when running on four legs, instead of two, which he usually walks on.

None yet

Kage was born as Luke Redits a human boy. He was born in a small unknown town in a far far away land. His father was the owner of a small grocery store, His mother was a housekeeper for a rich family of mages that lived just outside the of the town. The family Both of his parents hated mages for unknown reasons, but his mother worker there because the pay was good. However one day his mother got into an augment with the owner of the house’s Wife. The wife was very mad that she put a curse upon Kage’s mother, The curse was their first born would be a terrifying monster. Kage’s Mother laughed at the curse and left the family.

2 days later the owner of the house’s wife died performing a curse. Kage’s Mother became scared when she learned she was pregnant [with Kage]. His mother told no one of the baby but her husband and she went into hiding for the next 9 months. Kage’s Father didn’t believe in the curse so he wasn’t afraid, but he loved his wife very much and pretended to believe her.

The time had come, Kage’s birth. Kage was Born human, a perfectly healthy human baby, whoever Kage’s mother had died give birth. When Kage’s mother had Died this broke his father. His father thought the mage’s stupid curse rumor had put such a toll on his wife that it killed her. His father created the first ever Mage Hunting Group or MHG for short. His fathers first victims were the family Kage’s mother worked for. Kage’s Father killed the father and 2 older boys. Kage’s father took in 2 younger boys to raise and train them to be mage hunters.

when Kage turned 3, his father opened the MHG school in the mountains. His father became a very skilled killer of mages and so did Kage’s 2 older brothers. Kage’s brothers were mages so they had it easier then most of the fighters. At his age Kage was enrolled in the school, he was first taught to run, crawl, climb and jump, these were just the basics, but at 3 this was very hard. Kage quickly learned running, jumping, and crawling but climbing was the hardest. It took a year to finally master them all. Kage had learned it faster then anyone else.

The age of 6 rolled around and Kage started to learn hand to hand combat with his brothers [now 15 and 16]. Kage wasn’t very tough at this age and having no magic ability he was going to have a harder time fighting a mage. Kage quickly learned hand to hand and soon started learning with weapons. When he was 7 he picked his weapons of choice, a large boomerang and smoke bombs. With these weapons Kage quickly created a very powerful combo. Kage trained for a while before he was able to go out into the field and kill mages.

At 9 Kage had killed his first mage almost a year ahead of everyone else. Still having no magic made it tough but he had won. Kage was proud of his kill and was soon in the field again hunting mages. One day Kage was fighting a takeover mage when the mage cut off his left arm. The mage had a very powerful wolf demon inside of him and Kage could not win with one arm. Kage’s brother stepped in and destroyed the mage, taking the mages left arm. Kage’s real left arm was badly torn. His father heard of an old healing mage that lived in the woods on the mountain and traveled there with Kage. The healer told Kage’s father that if he was never hunted he would heal his son, Kage’s father agreed. The healer could not heal Kage’s arm but when his brothers brought in the demon arm the healer thought of something. The healer uses an old lost Spell to attach the demon arm to Kage’s shoulder. The operation was long and hard and finally Kage had a left arm again but he also had a weird tattoo. The healer told him if that tattoo was ever destroyed his left arm would just fall off. The healer also told Kage that he had magic in just the left arm, Kage’s Father was very happy about that statement. It took Kage 2 years to master his new arm and new weapon, a stone hammer. Kage became a force to be reckoned with, Kage was strong very strong. He learned flame magic from his brother and was able to throw a single fireball.

13 was Kage’s age of hell. Kage hadn’t lost a fight, he was doing the best in the MHG school but the curse was upon him. One night [Not full moon night >.>] Kage changed, he turned into a half wolf, half human beast. His father was now scared of Kage and because Kage now had magic running through his whole body and was powerful. Kage’s father quickly tossed Kage into a place call The Hole. The Hole was a 200 ft drop into boiling hot water, 2 ledges on each side where the mages can catch onto, only the lucky mages died. The top of the Hole was force with a magic that neutralized all magic that came within 10 feet of it so the mages couldn’t use magic to get out of the top. Kage was an unlucky one, he was managed to catch a side and live. Kage had gotten a side with only two people and old man and a young man who was already on guard with his magic. The old man stopped the young man from killing Kage but everyone else was to scared to talk or even look at Kage.

A year in the Hole had passed, Kage had became good friends with the old man but the younger kid couldn’t handle the hole and killed himself. Not a lot of people were dropped into the Hole most of them were killed, but when someone was put into the Hole Kage tried to save them but soon became to weak to help. 2 years in the Hole, 7 people had arrived and only 4 had lived. Kage was learning a new type of magic from the old man, it was called crush magic. Kage was getting good but not perfect with it. 3 years in the Hole, The old man died and it broke Kage to go crazy. Kage had mastered his magic and now broke a way out of the Hole. Kage had made it all the way through the mountain with the magic and now attacked the school. His magic was unstoppable and he killed everyone but his 2 brothers and father in less then 2 weeks. The final battle had come and he won but at a cost. One of the mages that worked for his father was able to erase Kage’s memory but Kage stopped him before the man erased all of the crush magic he was thought.

Kage has been training for 3 years now [19] on his magic and still couldn’t master it, Kage now wonders the world looking for fights and a place to call home. After a few months of search he finally found a place to call home, this place was know at the famous "Fairy Tail"
Guild, he really liked this place, it was fun.


Faceclaim: I don’t know
Other characters: None

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Re: Luke "Kage" Redits

Post by Kage on Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:27 pm

This is Finished, please Grade Thank you Very Happy


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Re: Luke "Kage" Redits

Post by Heero Villenn on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:02 pm

removed for testing purposes.

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Re: Luke "Kage" Redits

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