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Emiko Finn Kutari

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Emiko Finn Kutari

Post by Emiko k. on Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:32 am

___________ Emiko Finn Kutari___________

" I don't know, how am I suppose to just come up with some FAANNCCYY quote ?"

Nickname(s): Finn
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Birthday: April/24/X376
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Neutral Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Tartaros
Guild Tattoo: White, on the palm of his right hand.

Physical Characteristics: Emiko is a slim boy who weighs about 150-160 pounds. He is tall standing at 5'10. He has a six pack of abs and isn't muscular but fit. And if we travel lower to Emiko's lower half there will be something every male is supposed to have, but Emiko's is- . His hair is blonde but usually called 'Gold'. His hair is long flowing down to his back, wavy, and thick as well. His eyes are blue and often open and rounded like the ordinary human, they are spaced pretty well as well. He is often noticed as the 'perfect boy' which flatters Emiko but isn't true. He has a couple of grey hairs! You wouldn't find a scar on Emiko. . He has several missing teeth because he bites trees and rocks among other things, that is also why he isn't perfect, this doesn't mean they aren't white, his teeth are nice and bright and straight as well. His neck is about 3-4-5 inches and his Adam's apple is round and can be seen clearly, but isn't too big or pointy. Just right. His finger nails are always clean and not to mention, but he doesn't even try. His eye lashes are long, like those of a 'pretty' girl. His eyebrows are the same color as his hair golden or blonde, but they have no strands of grey hairs.
Attire/Clothing: Emiko often wears briefs or boxers and a T- shirt and socks under ALL his clothing. His main attire color is blue and white, and that's basically all he wears. A blue shirt and blue shorts or Pants depending on the day, they are usually darker then the shirt. His socks are white as well and his shoes and or sneakers will always be black. Emiko also wears a hood over his head. The hood will always be white with two 'ears' as Emiko likes to call them and they cover his hair and lead up to the beginning of his hair line and stops under his neck, protecting his hair. He also has a green book bag that he will most of the time be carrying if he does not feel like holding his sword. The book bag is two different shades of green, dark green on the top and light green on the bottom.

Abnormalities: N/A

Personality: Emiko is a very dignified and prudent young man, always seeking to settle affairs with diplomacy rather than violence. He is very open-minded and likes to listen to everyone’s point of view, weighing them each equally without prejudice. It is very odd for such a young man to be so calm, yet so loud and rowdy some even believe that Emiko is not even human. He possesses amazing restraint and resilience to belligerence, and when trying to enrage him it is equal to bringing an unstoppable force against an immovable object, neigh impossible. But this doesn't mean that he doesn't get mad. Emiko just won't enrage when people are purposely trying to enrage him. Emiko is a keen guy, seeing with more intensity than it appears, for his expression plays tricks upon the mind. People think him to be a kind and pleasant man, but he is in reality a Lion in nature. Everything that people see is a lie, because his true nature is not that of the owl, but the fox. As a liar people inherently believe him to be evil, but this is far from the truth. Emiko holds a high regard for all life, and does not ever wish to kill or harm anyone. But if Emiko has to he will. He isn't all quiet and mature, oh no. Emiko is Loud and loves to have fun...all the time. He loves to be around friends and loves to help people. Emiko is overall a cool person. Just don't get on his bad side because he can hold a grudge.

Hobbies: Training, joking, pulling pranks, and surprisingly reading.

Likes: Emiko loves making people smile or like to see people smile. To Emiko smiles mean that you have the ability to be happy, when someone smiles through their roughest of times it shows Emiko that your spirit is strong. It gives Emiko happy days. Sunlight first off, is healthy for your skin, and Emiko is a very healthy person. Emiko also expresses through his attitude when the sun comes out, that the sun relaxes him. The sun is like a bright and shining star. A unique one who's will and fire can never be put out. Hawks are a symbol of freedom, which everyone needs in life. Freedom gives people the opportunity to improve their skills in every which way possible. Emiko catches a liking to Crows because they fly with confidence and freedom, without a worry in the world.

Dislikes: Emiko extremely dislikes staring, he believes staring can hurt people or make people feel uncomfortable and Emiko hates feeling uncomfortable. Staring is another way of saying " I want to fight" to Emiko and since he dislikes fighting staring is another. Betrayal isn't the best thing to do to Emiko. Betrayal gives Emiko no reason not to kill another being, betrayal leads to eternal enemies. And anybody who betrays one being does not deserve to be loved. Alcohol shows a character that you aren't supposed to be, it shows the improper person. Emiko shakes his head in shame at the people who should drink alcohol, it isn't a's death juice. Kittens/Cats are too fluffly and make him sneeze. He's allergic and just doesn't like them in general. They are boring animals.

Inspiration: Emiko is the leadership type, it's natural for him. Because of this he gets motivated when someone puts him in charge. He starts to work harder fight harder and does whatever it takes to fulfil the leadership name. Another motivation is the tears of a loved one. He hates to see his loved ones cry so he does anything in his power to make them smile. He cannot tolerate sadness, this makes him work harder.

Fears: War is one of Emiko's biggest fear. War means gallons of blood, war means tons of death, war means domination. Emiko has never been through war nor has he seen one. Another fear is Rain, Emiko fears rain because of a story he was told about how a blonde headed boy got killed by rain it was a silly story but he still fears it and will often look for shelter if it rains as quick as possible. Gel is one of Emikos fears, but not one of his biggest ones. Gel breaks the hear off and that causes BALDNESS. Hence why it is his fear.

Augment Name: -
Augment Description: -

Name: The Holder Sword
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword
Material(s): The sword is made of iron
History: Emiko's mother gave him the sword, it was from his father and passed down to him.

Name: Samonāburesuretto
Classification: Weapon
Type: Bracelet
Material(s): The bracelet is mad of adamtanium. THe rest is really unknown
History: Emiko's mother gave him the sword,and the bracelet happened to be "attached" to the sword.

Emiko was born 10 years ago, to a very impoverished family, in Tully Village. It was a tough life, but they got by, on the little they had, until a corrupt official came into the village, and took several of the strong men (including Emi's father) for his personal army. He tried to rise up against another official, but was eventually annihilated, along with his personal army. This was a breakdown for Emiko, everything started to go wrong. His mom struggled with money as food became a problem. Emiko started to witness his mom do bad things to herself like smoke until she passed out or drink herself to sleep. Emiko hated this as he was only 3 when he witnessed these horrible horrific things. Things never changed, she had still been thinking about her husband. It was sad. Things started to get better when he was 12

This left Emiko's mother in despair, after she found out about it. She had already been weak, to illness, and this made her sicker. Not long after, she got better and she found a knew husband after finding out Emikos father died, leaving Emiko alone with his mother and the stupid man his mother married, when he was nine. It was around this time. Men came everyday and knocked on his door asking for the man his mother married apparently he was supposed to participate in the army, but escaped, he was the enemy's prisoner and they wanted him back. His mother refused to let them in and they killed his mother and step father after allowing themselves in. The grabbed up his mother and step-father and tied them up while Emiko hid under the sink.

He saw everything. Emiko's mother told him if anything like this was to happen he was to hide under the sink...but why ? He found a note that told him to break the pipe. He did so after the men had took his mother and step-father away. Emiko fled the seen after he took what was in the pipe...a sword that belonged to his father and on that sword was a green bracelet. It was weird looking, and it would not come off of the sword.. That was the last thing that he had to remember his mother...and his father. He Emiko went to Fiore, at the age of 12 and lived on his own, he somehow managed his own house. He heard about a guild where his father used to be before he left fiore 20 years ago and tried to find it, when he did, they rejected him for not having magic. This heart his heart he tried to explain that he was willing to learn he tried to tell them who his father was. He just decided to find another guild, and the only guild he ran into was Tartaros. He knew what kind of guild it was just from the people in it, but he didn't care. He joined as soon as possible. He felt he could be a s free as a bird here...that's all he wanted. Today he still goes through the loss of his parents but tries to move on. He keeps a happy spirit.

Emiko now searches for a bird he had his eye on and began to learn and had to do with his sword.


Faceclaim: Finn adventure time
Other characters: n/a

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Emiko k.

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Re: Emiko Finn Kutari

Post by Emiko k. on Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:00 pm


Emiko k.

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Re: Emiko Finn Kutari

Post by Game Master on Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:57 pm

Hello hello. I will be reviewing you application.

Please spoiler the images of your equipment.

In your history you said that he was born "10" years ago, though you say he's 15. It's a bit all over the place. Before anything else, I'd like to make sure I have the facts straight.

  1. When did Emiko's father go to war? Was it when Emiko had just been born or at 3 years old? I suggest that he should be, at least, 4 or 5 when he witnesses his mother go into depression. At that stage, they know something is wrong but don't really understand it. It'll also give your character a way to mature a bit faster than other children.

  2. Emiko's mother. I'm going to assume that early on (when Emiko was 3 because that is the age you have given) she had no idea her husband had died until several years later (at what age was Emiko in - 8 or 9, right?) in which case she married another man.

  3. His parents' bodies. Why would the enemy kill them and then tie them up? I would understand if they did that to clean up the mess, but you'll need to add it in there somewhere.

  4. Also, despite being a 12 year old, I don't think he would have been able to escape if there were capable adults pounding on his house. They would have searched his entire house and found him easily. Plus, wasn't he poor? That would have meant that he had to live in a small house.

  5. Magic. Your character has no magic? Or he does, but won't come until later?

  6. Tartaros. This is quite conflicting and doesn't make sense. They're ruthless and would most likely kill your character, especially if he doesn't have magic.
    • I suggest that you add something in there to give your character a purpose for choosing them rather than them being the only choice (a convenience for a lack of a better word). Perhaps, one of the more mellow/kind-hearted (not really) members actually helped him out? Disposed of the step-father's enemies simply because they annoyed him?

    • Personality. Being surrounded by mean people will have influenced in some negative way. He can't be all sunshine and have a tight control over his anger/rage.

Overall, nice application. Just have to work on his history a bit.
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Re: Emiko Finn Kutari

Post by Sponsored content

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