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Please Find My "Dog"!

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Please Find My "Dog"!  Empty Please Find My "Dog"!

Post by Aleia on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:16 pm

Mission Name: Please Find My "Dog"!
Guild: Obscurus Fabula
Rank: D-Rank
Client: Fio Liballa
Location: Pelistine City
Mission Objective: Ah you see someone has stolen a prized pet of Fio Liballa. This pet being a young servant girl. Apparently her "no good" boyfriend is keeping her somewhere in town. Of all the sickness in the world, who would steal another's property? The task is simple, please find her location. If you meet any of the participants DO NOT ENGAGE. All the client wants is a location, someone else will do the retrieval! Report back to Fio when you have acquired the information!
Minimum Word Count: 3000 Words
Reward: 200 Jewel | 60 EXP
NPC’s: Fio Liballa, Siewa Lifel, Joshua Baro
Participants: Aleia Jucei

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NPC Name: Fio Liballa
NPC Orientation: Ally
NPC Magic: None
Weapons: Sword Cane
Personality: Fio is generally a very laid back old man who prefers to just stay within his mansion. He has no interest or ambition from old age and simply wish to waste the rest of his days in peace. There are a few things he abhors and the one thing on top of his list is betrayal and the other is thievery. He treats other humans with utmost respect but possessions are another thing. Although not necessarily cruel, they do not deserve things such as thank you and the like. He shows little interest in them except that they should follow all his orders.
Live the rest of his life in peace
Getting his way
Lost of money

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NPC Name: Siewa Lifel
NPC Orientation: Enemy
NPC Magic: N/A
Weapons: None
Personality: Siewa is a really nice girl for the most part but also one that is easy to push over the edge. She is easily stressed out, it makes her heart jump a beat each time she is scolded for a mistake. It did not help that her recent occupation involved a man that cared nothing for her. Another problem was that she knows when she is doing the wrong thing and simply prefers to give up than continue when the going gets tough. However she is also quite submissive when pressured in the end.
Peaceful Life
No Debt
Getting Yelled at

Please Find My "Dog"!  Sbijyv
NPC Name: Joshua Baro
NPC Orientation: Enemy
NPC Magic: Fire Magic
Weapons: None
Personality: Joshua is a very clumsy character but also extremely accepting. When he sees trouble he will not hesitate to help. Due to his less than serious attitude, he knows his limitation with magic. Although not confident in it, he is not afraid to resorting to violence if pushed too far into a corner or protecting something important.
Losing something important
Failing People

Please Find My "Dog"!  Slime
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Please Find My "Dog"!  Empty Re: Please Find My "Dog"!

Post by Game Master on Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:54 am

When you're done with your mission, please don't forget to link your mission thread here so that we know you're done (EXP will be rewarded) and then create your thread in the Jewel Collection forum (Jewels will be rewarded).

Spitfire, Sokuseki, and I have resigned from Staff. Any concerns or questions should be forwarded to Syrena.
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