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Post by Peter Endless on Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:16 am

Peter was not a man to be crossed or underestimated yet he could not blame the employer before him. Ranger Indiana continued to stare at him with an incredulous expression on his haggard visage. His dark brown eyes were slightly narrowed with suspicion and disappoint. The eyebrows were raised just bit from normal just as his lips were pursed together tightly. A feeling of indignation began to roll up in Peter’s body. Did this commoner think that he could handle himself?

”Ahem,” Ranger Indiana let out a fake cough and looked down at the papers before him. It was from the Missions Association and it was clear that they had cleared Peter for the job. The ranger looked up to Peter again and open his mouth before closing it again. How... infuriating. ”Are you sure you’re up for the job?” Peter merely kept his mouth shut and raised an eyebrow. An action that asked, ‘Are you an idiot? I have accepted the request and been given permission to through it.’ Ranger Indiana simply raised his hunched posture, adding some points to his intimidation factor.

”Fine. You got the job, Pretty Boy. Just don’t go crying for help when you end up in a puddle or getting some minor scratches on yer face. Ye’ hear?” Ranger Indiana grunted in acceptance and returned to looking at some of the other documents piled on his desk. It was clear to him that Peter would not be giving in or leaving any time soon, and it was also clear to Peter that his employer did not want to deal with the “weakling pretty boy” any more than he has to. Oh, but this would not do.

His robes sung a song as they rubbed together. Peter had risen from the stiff, wooden chair so that he was now taller than the man sitting before him. ”Loud and clear Sir. Is there any particular place you would like me to start off first or shall I begin where you left off yesterday?” From the man’s tensed shoulders Peter knew that he had annoyed him just a bit. Ranger Indiana grunted then nodded his head. ”There’s been a couple of rumors that a small group of suspicious men hanging out the western part of the town. Go over there first, check it out then report back to me. None of this saving the day thing, if that’s what you’re into. I don’t you damaging any property while working under me.”

Driving his temper back Peter gave him a smirk that just screamed defiance. ”Of course Ranger Indiana. I’ll make sure to do that.”

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