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Telekinesis Magic

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Telekinesis Magic Empty Telekinesis Magic

Post by Tama on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:28 am

Name: Telekinesis Magic
Type: caster magic
Element/Aspect: N/A
Telekinesis is the ability to move objects, without actually making
contact with the object. It is usually activated through a hand motion
and intense concentration on the object, though at later levels it can
be activated with little concentration. The user would usually have to
stay still with the exception of hand gestures, and blinking. When reaching a higher level the user would be able to just think about it and it would happen.

It can give off bad headaches or even passing out. If the user uses it too much.

Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: 10
Element: N/A
Range: Self; 1 meter
Requirements: N/A
Effect: An invisible shield that forms around the user like a bubble. You can't see it to the naked eye. It is clear and blocks anything that comes close to the person. Its about 1 meter from the person. Making a perfect circle. It also goes right around the person. Its weakest is at the bottom of the user.
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: 5
Type: Utility
Element: N/A
Range: Can only go 20ft in the air; Self
Requirements: Concentration
Effect: The user will concentrate their power unto their body, then they will
begin to levitate. it takes about 10 minutes to levitate to 20ft. You can only move as fast as you can run.
3 Posts

Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: 5
Element: N/A
Range: 5 meters
Requirements: Concentration: Hand Movements
Effect: This allows the user to use 1-2 hands and concentrate their power into
the hands.They will then push their hands like shoving someone and the
target will be trusted backwards, the push will be strong but would
barely cause physical damage
Cooldown: 2 posts

Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: 5
Element: N/A
Range: 5 meters
Requirements: N/A
The user will lift up 2 hands and concentrate to move objects within
their distance. The Objects will stop moving while the user has kept the
objects in place.The user can hold up the objects at will but the
objects will eventually have to drop in place. The user can only hold up to how much upper body strength he or she has. The user can only hold up 20 objects at a time. The user can only hold up small objects medium shape rocks, balls, cards, anything small.
Cooldown: 3 posts

Rock Blast
Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: 5
Element: N/A
Range: 5 meters
Requirements: Concentration; hand movements.
Effect: The user controls small rocks around themselves and thrust them froward at the attacker. The rocks can go up to 20mph. They would also have their hands moving like the rocks. So if the hands go up the rocks go up. The user can only hold up to 20 small rocks that have to weigh 15 pounds or lighter.
Cooldown: 3 posts

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Telekinesis Magic Empty Re: Telekinesis Magic

Post by Game Master on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:15 am

Hello again, Tama. I will be reviewing this magic application.

Magic: Approved.

  • Magic Cost - All base spells cost 10 magic.
  • Element - It has no element, just as you have stated in your magic.
  • Range - Your spells will always have a range. In this case - "self" is your range or you can have it a couple of feet in front of you.
  • Effect - Please try to be descriptive when doing the effects.

    When you say "imaginary", do you mean like... a "pure magical" output of the mind that it actually creates a shield(s)? And the shield... How does it look like - transparent, opaque, and would it have a distinct color at the borders that make it visible?

    What kind of shape is the shield? How big is it?

    The word is plural which indicates that there are more than one. How many are there? And where are they stationed at?

    Also, this is a BASE spell. D-Rank spells are Tier 1 spells, which are above Base. So, at most, it can stop 1 or 2 D-Rank spells which really depends on the incoming spell's power and effect.
  • Cooldown - Drop it to 2.

  • Magic Cost - Since this is a levitation spell, I would assume that you would like to hold yourself in the air for a certain amount of time. Doing so would make this into a "mode" spell. Meaning, you have to keep draining your magic in order to keep it active. In your case it would be: 10 magic initially then 5 magic as an upkeep.
  • Type - This should be labeled "Utility" as it does not protect you from anything.
  • Range - It's both "self" and "20 ft."
  • Effect - There should not be a "normal" and then "higher" level of levitation. They're only constant until you upgrade your spells. Anyways, what's the speed of the levitation - how fast can you reach 20 ft.?
  • Cooldown - Drop to 3 posts.

Punch: I thought your magic was about moving things with your mind? This is an enhancement spell and I would not consider it as part of your magic. Might want to get rid of this and thinking of another spell, or change the effect - uhm... not sure what kind of effect but yeah... I'll refrain from judging this until you come to a decision about this.

  • Magic Cost - Just like your "fly" ability, this would need an upkeep cost if you're going to hold the objects up for more than 1 post.
  • Element - Again, none of your spells have an element.
  • Effect - What kind of objects? At this stage, they would be small items. Maybe household appliances like places, teapots, etc. You should give a measurement of the maximum size the objects should be and the maximum weight of each object. Please include how many objects is she able to really hold (of said objects that reached the max). Yes, another maximum to the maximum.
  • Cooldown - Drop the cooldown to 3 posts.

P.S. - You are allowed to have one more spell added. Everyone starts off with 5 free spells.

Spitfire, Sokuseki, and I have resigned from Staff. Any concerns or questions should be forwarded to Syrena.
Game Master
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Telekinesis Magic Empty Re: Telekinesis Magic

Post by Tama on Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:43 pm

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Telekinesis Magic Empty Re: Telekinesis Magic

Post by Sokuseki on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:06 am

Repel: State how many spells of what rank it can withstand.

Fly: This should start with a 10 mp cost and cost 5 mp per post afterwards.

Push: this should cost 10 mp.

Control: State exactly how long a duration it has, in posts.

Rock Blast: If you mean a total of 15 lbs, this is approved. Otherwise, only 1 lb per rock should be allowed. 15 lb rocks are rather large and would cause significant damage when launched at 10 m/s.

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Telekinesis Magic Empty Re: Telekinesis Magic

Post by Sponsored content

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