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Post by Spitfire on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:55 am


A lot of people have been struggling to create a custom magic for their character and I find it difficult to explain a good process in the chatbox so I’ll explain the great steps to how you can create a great custom magic and how to understand it fully. We will walk through my esper magic as an example.

WARNING: Following these steps don't guarantee approval! Custom magic is harshly looked at around here. We highly support canon magic. These steps will improve your chances of making a great custom magic.

Step 1, Pick a concept: What do I mean by ‘pick a concept’? Well, I mean the central figure your magic is going to revolve around. For example, Card magic uses cards and without those cards the magic can’t be used. Fire magic uses fire, not water. See what I mean?

The more versatile the magic the more specific you’ll want your concept to be. Doing a lot with just ‘lightning’ or ‘fire’ as your concept will not suffice. Get specific if you want a lot of versatility and begin explaining what this concept allows you to do.

Make sure to explain this concept thoroughly and also explain exactly what it allows you to do. Almost all of this will need to be in your magic’s description so make sure you do it.

Esper magic concept: Lightning. More specifically, electrical impulses in the human body and using them to create basic lightning attacks and creating mayhem(or support) in the human body. The impulses can also create biological links connecting Ean to others and inanimate objects.

Step 2, What type of magic is it?: The type of magic is very easy to figure out. Just read your description. The type of magic you have determines what kind of spells most of your spells are going to be. Your magic can have multiple types but the fewer types you have the better your approval chances. There are five types of magic:

Balanced: This magic has an even distribution of offensive and defensive spells along with a couple of utility and support spells. These magics are hard to come by although they are the easiest to use. This is a naturally dual type magic. A great example of a balanced magic is ice-make magic.

Offensive: This type of magic has a lot of offensive capabilities although is limited defensively. Practically all your spells are offensive and you may have probably 1 defensive spell. Examples of offensive magics are Crash magic and Fire dragon slayer magic.

Protective: The exact opposite offensive magic, protective magic keeps harm away and has very few offensive spells. A lot of defensive spells and also quite a few support and utility spells with only a few offensive spells. These are the rarest magics around and the most difficult to create. Most of these magics are also single-specific. Examples of Protective magic include mirror magic and reflector(reflector is also single-specific).

Support: This magic type has a huge amount of support and utility spells although a lack of offensive and defensive spells. Mages using this type are better suited to staying behind their protective and offensive allies and are weak one on one. Good examples of support magic are Wendy’s Sky magic, telepathy, and telekinesis.

Single-specific: A difficult magic to create, this type of magic is always a dual type. This means, it’s always an offensive, protective, or a support type as well. We highly recommend not creating a single–specific magic as it will hinder your ability to level up. Why? Because this magic is also a single spell. Meaning, it’s a magic and a spell. Examples of these kinds of magic include Titan, Possession Magic, Transformation Magic, and Ushi no Koku Mairi. These types of magics make great secondary and tertiary magics though(meaning we will create them not you).

You won't need to write the type out in your template but that doesn't mean it's important. It will help you understand your magic thoroughly and if there's disagreement you can defend what you wrote easier. It also creates a good limiter on your magic and may cause you to edit the description you wrote previously in step 1.

Esper magic's type: Esper magic is a dual type. It is Offensive-support.

Note: Magic with a single type is more likely to be approved than dual types. Tri-types will almost never be approved and will typically be denied outright. Dual types are also more likely to have side effects than single types.

Step 3, Write it out: You’ve gotten the hard part out of the way. Now type it out in the template and let’s move on to making your spells. Make sure your spells are coordinated with your magics type and concept. Brief it up, and now bump it up and wait for approval or denial(probably approval).

Esper magic


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