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Fandom Collision - Disney-verse [lb]

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Fandom Collision - Disney-verse [lb]

Post by FC on Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:49 am

Many a year had passed since a young Apprentice had taken up his teacher’s magical hat. He had waited patiently and had learned much about in the ways of great magic, but he still had much to learn. On a warm night, the young Apprentice decided to use what he had learned while his teacher was away. Once more, the magic got away from him.

The Apprentice is once again in trouble, but now the chaos has affected more than common brooms and buckets. Souls in the lands of Fantasia have been sprung from their homes and have landed in a very different world. Portals between the magical world and common Earth have started to form. Two worlds are slowly melding into one known universe, but that’s not all.

The magic that the Apprentice cast has, once again, got a mind of its own. On both sides, souls and beings, long since dead, have started to appear. This one mistake has caused much damage and chaos, and many souls that side with the forces of evil have found out about this mistake.

Chaos and confusion reign upon both planes. The dead do not wish to go back, evil keeps trying to rise up to control the masses, and the Apprentice is running out of time before his teacher returns. Whose side will you choose?

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