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Post by Spitfire on Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:42 pm


Some poisons cause death, some do not. Some poisons will do damage, some poisons will numb your mind, Others will prevent you from casting spells. Some are created strictly from natural products, others are completely magic based. Whatever its aspects, a poison is placed in one (or more) of these four classes: 1) Absorbed, 2) Ingestive, 3) Inhaled and 4) Insinuative.

Absorbed poisons, also known as contact poisons, enter the body by passing through the skin or membranes. No cut or tear is required for them to enter a body. They are usually in the form of powders, thick liquids, syrups, ointments or gels that can be applied to the surfaces of weapons, traps etc.

Ingestive poisons must be ingested into the body, therefore they are usually placed in food or drink. They are generally in the form of a liquid, powder or syrup that has either no taste or a pleasant taste.

Inhaled poisons are airborne toxins that must be introduced into the respiratory system in order for them to work. Merely walking thru the gas will not hurt a person, the person must breath the poison. Few such poisons are carried as a gas, but are instead transported in special flasks with compartments, each containing a component in liquid or powder form. When the flask is thrown or smashed the compartments break open, mixing the components, which creates a gas, vapor or smoke that quickly fills the surrounding area. Most such gases will dissipate in a few minutes. Such aforementioned flasks can also be attached to arrows for use as a distance weapon.

Insinuative poisons enter the body thru cuts or punctures in the skin. These poisons are usually placed on a weapon and come in a variety of forms including pastes, oils, gels, syrups, liquids and powders. Although these poisons have color, once applied to a surface, they tend to fade into the material they're applied to, making them hard to notice.

Toxicity Rating

Poisons will do damage based upon how toxic they are, here are some simple guide lines that show damage for poisons.

1-Almost Toxic (D-ranked spells causes light damage and minor effects)
2-Slightly Toxic (C-ranked spells causes light damage and minor effects)
3-Moderately Toxic (B-ranked spells causes moderate damage and modderate effects)
4-Very Toxic (A-ranked spells causes Heavy damage and Moderate effects)
5-Extremely Toxic (S-ranked spells causes Excessive damage and major effects)
6-Supertoxic (Z-ranked spells cause Death)(Not obtainable In Content)

Poison will be monitored much more closely than all other magic as it is far more difficult to balance for Role Playing.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit

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