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The Gathering of Champions [PLOT//OPEN]

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Re: The Gathering of Champions [PLOT//OPEN]

Post by Mitsuko on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:01 pm

So they were not here to fight the dragon. That was fine, Mitsuko did not relish the thought of facing the dragon. Not even with a group this huge. They just had to make groups. sadly, Mitsuko did not knew with who to go. She didn't mind with who she had to go. As long as the person was a nice guy or gal they would be fine. She really did not knew who to pick. Luckily a person named Luxin Rhodes came closer to her. He held his hand out. Mitsuko shaked his hand gently and answered. "Mitsuko Genji, pleased to meet you." She waited a bit and continued. He seemed a nice guy, so sure why not? "Well..., let's go to Edmund and ask him where he would like us to patrol." she said while walking to the desk the old man sat down. She mostly did so to hide her blush. She did not knew him and wanted to get to know him better, so she knew whether she could trust him or not. But first they should get appointed to a place.

When she arrived she noticed that they were the first ones to finish their team. whether this was good or not would probably be decided by where the would be send, and more importantly, what they would find. Mitsuko was very glad that she didn't blush anymore when she arrived at the desk. She waited for Luxin, before speaking politily. "Mr. Edmund, where would you like us to go?" Mitsuko asked after Luxin had some time to get to the desk as well. She patiently waited for an answer or if Luxin had something to ad to what she said.

(OOC: Sorry about the wait, had to leave home for a week.)

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Re: The Gathering of Champions [PLOT//OPEN]

Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:51 pm

Luxin knew not of what lay ahead but at least the person was fine with him as a team. Her name was Mitsuko, or at least that's what she told him. He examined her in great fascination and admired her style. She was a shy one. Mitsuko held long blonde hair and blue eyes (classic), along with a tiara that had an aqua-blue jewel pressed in the middle. Now that he looked at her body, he noticed everything she was wearing was either blue or aquatic. He could tell she favoured the color. Snapping himself out of his writer’s observation, he finally paid attention to her.

“Yes, let’s do.”
He walked towards Edmund with her and waited for him to accept the team. As he looked around others, he saw many different people trying to inch up together, some stuck with each other, and others seemed to want to go alone. Like the foolish red-haired boy who took himself as a lone wolf. “So what’s your magic?” He asked politely.

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