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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Empty Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

Post by Luthien on Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:12 pm

Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Ashe_zps129c712b

"Never underestimate an elf." - Luthien to her defeated enemies

Nickname(s): Anoriel [Childhood name], Hero of Rheinders Pass, The Wandering Elf
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Birthday: 1/10/371
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Blue, On her right hand.

Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics:

Ranger Outfit

Casual Outfit

Abnormalities: Her elven ears

Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Personalucy

Like the rest of her fellow elves in Pergrande, Luthien is a reserved, quiet and yet taciturn young woman. A wise individual who rather solving problems with words instead of violence, she is a warm person with a gentle smile and Luthien always ready to help those who are in need. She was enthusiastic about traveling to other countries and kingdoms, and eager to learn more about the cultures in other kingdoms. It is also known that she loved children and animals, especially horses. She is a soft, emotional, and honest person among the Fairy Tail mages. It is also known that Luthien had a habit of mixing her native language in her speech during her conversation with her friends or strangers.

Despite kind-hearted as she is, Luthien proved to be brave, cunning and perceptive as she once served as a member of the elven rangers in the woods of Pergrande. Her skill in her longbow and swordsmanship was surpassed the other Pergrande human and elven warriors. She is cautious and always thinks about her decision before the act. If the negotiation with the enemy had failed, Luthien had no choice but using violence to solve the problem. Luthien can snap into silent rage and merciless when she saw injustice and cruelty, such as she saw a group of bandits almost kill a traveling family and she killed them without any hesitation and mercy. Another reason for her travel around Earthland is to seek the dark dragon who destroyed her village and killed her father.

Due to her kin, Luthien never had any human friends since as a child as the humans distrusted the elves and remained neutral with them in Pergrande. Sometimes when it was her first time in another kingdom, Luthien felt herself alienated when the people of the kingdom acting as if they never seen an elf or her kind before. This kind of incident made her went grim and sad, Luthien often hidden her elven ears and silvered hair with a hood from that day on. When she remembered her father and her burning village, Luthien stayed away from her fellow guildmates and cried alone in silent.

- Horse-Riding: Luthien enjoyed on horse-riding and loved to galloping her horse on the grasslands. She also respected and loved her horse deeply.
- Archery Practice: Being an archer must refine and hone the skill of a marksman, Luthien always practiced her marksmanship at the archery range.
- Playing Lute: Not just an archer, Luthien knew how to playing her lute and singing as well, sometimes she acted as a bard either in her guild or outside the guild.
- Enjoying scenery while pipe-smoking- Either she is sitting on the grasses or on a tree branch, Luthien always enjoyed scenery as well as pipe-smoking.

- Quietness
- Forests
- Bows and crossbows
- Animals, particularly dogs and horses
- Smell of tobacco

- Spicy food
- Cats
- Aloofness
- Selfishness
- Stupidity

Inspiration: (What has inspired/motivated your character to become a mage? What is your characters driving power?)
Fear of Drowning

Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Stat Points - (25) (You receive 25 free stat points, distribute them as you wish)
Attack: (Raw physical power. Punches and Weapon attacks deal damage on this stat. The speed of these basic attacks is also dependent of this skill.)
Defense: (Perhaps it’s better to call this stat “durability”. This stat is the stat that determines how much damage you take when a physical attack hits. This stat does not effect the damage of magical attacks. READ THE DAMAGE TIERS.)
Speed: (This stat determines how fast you move. Plain and simple.)
Physical Aptitude: (Simply a total accumulation of all the stat points you’ve gathered thus far. So Attack + Defense + speed= PHYSICAL APPTITUDE. Note: this is important for weapon users so keep up with it.)

Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Equipmenterza
Name: Bow Of Vindarin
Rank: D rank
Classification: (Weapon/Armor)
Type: Bow
Elemental Alignment: Wind
Ability: (What abilities does your equipment do?)
Material(s): (Materials that where used to create/manufacture the equipment. A list will suffice)
Appearance: (What does the equipment look like?)
History: (Does the equipment have a sentimental meaning to your character? Was it stolen? Or perhaps found?)

Name: Sword Of Strider
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword
Material(s): Steel
This sword is commonly carried by the elven rangers of Pergrande and served as their versatile weapon.

[center]Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Historygray
Luthien was born to an elven clan in Elacrai, a thick forest somewhere in Pergrande. Her father was the elven clan elder and Luthien had one younger brother. The humans and elves remained neutral to each other since after the war between elves and men in Pergrande ended for decades. Although Luthien’s father wanted to improve the relationship between humans and elves, still his kin and the humans remained distrust towards each other. Since as a child, Luthien often gazed at her father’s longbow which displayed in the living room. At her 12th birthday, Luthien’s father brought her a bow as her birthday present and encouraged her to try it with few arrows. On the archery range, Luthien scored her bull’s eyes even though she never firing a bow before and that made Luthien’s father thought that she had ability in archery.

At the age of 16, Luthien became a member of Striders, a group of elven rangers with Re-quip magic who dedicated to protect Elacrai from any threats. The rangers also tasked to protect the travelers from forest bandits or guide them in the woods, as well as to protect a small human village which is near the forest of Elacrai. They will also answer to the Pergrande king when there is war or darkness lingering within the kingdom. At the age of 17, Luthien came across a group of Pergrandan human soldiers who were fighting a losing battle against a group of dark mages during her patrol. With determination and courage, Luthien supported the soldiers with her marksmanship and the tides overturned as the dark mages were killed or captured. After the battle, the soldiers saw their heroic elf that emerged from the trees. They did not jeered but instead, they cheered in victorious tone and gave her nickname as “Hero of Rheinder Pass” as the Rheinder Pass is where the battle took place. From that day on, her deeds were spread across Pergrande and the cold feud between humans and elves turned into close friendship.

At the age of 18, Luthien shocked to see her village was in fire and only few elven survivors were managed to escape. She saw her father lying on the grass with his bow as well as grievous wounds around his body. At his last breath, he told Luthien that a black dragon did this to him and the village. Trying to be strong one last time, he gave his bow to Luthien and died in her arms. After the burial of her father and the dead ones, Luthien determined to find the dragon that destroyed her village and killed her father. With her younger brother led the remaining elves, Luthien left the Striders and set her journey to find the dragon. Although searching the news of the black dragon around the other kingdoms, there is no avail for Luthien. At the age of 20, the young elf came to Fiore and she heard about the guild Fairy Tail. With great interest in her heart, Luthien set her foot at the doorsteps of Fairy Tail Guild.


[b]League Of Legends[/b] - Ashe The Frost Archer

Other Characters:

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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Empty Re: Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

Post by Syrena on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:51 pm


You have until Feb. 22 to complete this application before it's moved to the archives. If you need more time, please reply to this thread.

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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Empty Re: Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

Post by Luthien on Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:35 pm

I am... kind of busy with RL but I will finish this app before this coming Saturday.

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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Empty Re: Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

Post by Syrena on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:37 pm

You're fine. I just didn't know if you were still active or not. I won't move it until you're finished. Smile

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Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress] Empty Re: Luthien Galadhrim [Work-In-Progress]

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