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Meimu - {WIP}

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Post by Meimu on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:57 pm

Meimu - {WIP} Artclown

"Its hard to believe, but one day you'll end up like me..."

Nickname(s): Meimu
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/07/x370
Sexuality: Pansexual
Affiliation: Light
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: ????
Guild Tattoo: Color ????
Guild Tattoo: Location ????

Meimu - {WIP} Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Meimu stands, on the smaller side of the male human race, at five foot ten inches tall. his physical build is far from a muscular build, but he is in no way a pencil small, no muscle type of person. He's the type of person that holds the middle ground well. Not super thing, but bearly any definition in muscle at all. As such, he sports no "wash board" stomach but a flat and solid core. His arms aren't swallon in muscle but zero flab at all. Coming in at a wopping one hundred thirty two pounds, Meimu holds a fairly average weight for his height, but never the less, he'll never escape his oddly small statue.

Meimu's eyes are a natural green color, not standing out from anyone at all. His hair is a blueish gray color, and Meimu never lets it grow past his shoulders. Most times its cut just an inch above his shoulder, and level in the font to the tip of his nose. Meimu's skin tone is a naturally pale white and despite loving the outdoors and the sunlight, he never tans. Despite his prefrence to hand to hand combat and his zero hesitation to take up physical labor to help another person out, Meimu's hands retain a soft, warm feel to them.

Attire/Clothing: Meimu sports a rather "fluffy" white poplin shirt, that buttons up the front. The top two buttons are usually undone, but the collar is all ways folded over. The cuffs of the shirt are folded back and pinned with three rather simple wooden links. The cuffs are pinned back tightly against the rist, despite the rest of the shirt having a slightly loose or even baggy look to it. This white shirt is never tucked into his, well to put it simply, rainbow color pants. His pants, much like his shirt, is made to look "fluffy" or baggy but they fit snugly at the waist and bunch up around the cuffs of his boots. The pants has two main colors to them, that alternate verticle strips around the legs. Each vertivle strip is outlined in a third color to add a bit more detail and a bit of fun to the pants. The pants at the knees are opened up to give a bit more fluff to the pants. A peice of fabric is on the inside of this opening forming a kind small poket in the knee of the pants, but its not a storage pocket by any means.

Meimu's boots are made of leather that fit tightly around the foot and tightly around the ankle and lower calf. The cuff of othe boots are folded back and often sport another pair of wooden links, but rarely does Meimu actually pin the cuffs of his boots, because they are all ready tightly fit around his feet. His pants legs are tucked into his boots but kind of roll a muffin top around the top of the boots. Over his white shirt Meimu sports a rather snug fitting vest that is colored to contrast the white shirt greatly. The vest extends from the waist in the back, forming a kind of cape that makes Meimu seem all most like a super hero of sorts.

The most important part of Meimu's outift is perched on top of his head. Meimu's prized threen horn hat is the center of who he is. Each of the three horns of the hat trail down, hanging from the top of his head all the way to just bellow his waist. Each of the three horns are also colored in different colors, dyed to match his pants. At the tip of each of the horns hangs a single charm. A moon charm hangs from one, reminding of what is behind him. A star charm hangs from another, reminding him of the others around him, and a sun charm hangs from the last, reminding him there is all something after the night. The cap despite remaining snug on his head, is rather large and may give the appearence of being loose.

Abnormalities: No scares, and the only tatto is his guild tatto, but Meimu has been known to wear make up for a number of things, including making him look even paler, or his signature tear drop bellow his right eye.

Meimu - {WIP} Personalucy

Personality: Meimu's "personality" really breaks down to two halves. His outer self and his inner self. His outer self is just that. Its the way he acts on the outside. The only side a person ever sees of Meimu. In no way is this to say that he has split personalities or acts completely different in combat than out of combat, but rather Meimu puts up a large front to hide himself from the world. Meimu's outer self is all ways seen as the play full jokeing clown, some times called childish. Meimu all ways wears a smile on his face and every action he makes, from walking down the street to fighting a highly advance opponent, is strictly for the entertainment of others. Meimu's entire life style revolves around entertaining. He'll spend a day on the street corner simply to perform for random people.

Meimu's inner self is only slightly more complex. Meimu's mind works in a kind of over drive. This is not to say he's super smart or anything like that, but he strives to find meaning behind everything. He wants to know how everything in this world works. Meimu will put himself in deadly close range to examine a simple knife or sword to find out how it was made. Because of this he is a bit of a fast learner in the sense that he won't stop until he finds his answers.

All in all, Meimu as a whole only knows one emotion, happiness. Meimu believes whole heartily that there is no place for sadness in this world, there is no place for pain, or tears. Meimu will do near anything to stop a person from crying. He strives to rid the world of this sadness, though he knows truely its impossible.


  • Street Performances - Meimu very much enjoys spending his free time performing hundreds of acts for everyone, right out on the street.
  • Research - Though Meimu finds sitting down and reading large books a huge bore, he still has a great love of researching others.
  • Spectating - Meimu is in no way scared of entering a battle, however, if Meimu isn't the direct target and provided no one becomes in "real" danger, Meimu is content to set on the sidlines and watch a fight play out.


  • Clear blue skys with just a touch of fluffy white clouds
  • Sun raises
  • Performing
  • Playing "the fool"


  • Tears
  • Water of any kind (from rain to puddles, from lakes to oceans)
  • Tears
  • Death

Inspiration: Meimu's ultimate life goal is to rid the world of sadness. He holds this goal close in mind, knowing to well that it is completely impossible. He does however have a few other goals, that where all most as impossible, are much easier accomplished, and is the main thing that keeps Meimu moving forward. He lives each day to meet a new face. To make a few more smiles to be passed around people's faces. Meimu lives through each night, only to prove to himself the sun will still raise on the world, no matter how dark it gets.
Fears: Meimu's greatest fear is, as stupid as it sounds, to bring a person to tears. It often puts him in a horrible situation in combat situations. He'll hesitate conciderably in combat, mostly avoiding attack, never attacking himself. Meimu's second fear, and probably the most known, is his fear of ships. If absolutely forced, he'll ride on a ship, but he'll avoid it at nearly any cost. The real fear here is not a fear of ships, but rather a fear of drowning. Ships are made to cross masses of water, and where Meimu can swim, if his ship goes down in the middle of the ocean he's screwd and he knows it. SO he avoids it. Meimu's least known fear, and probably the one that means the most to him, is he is litterally scared of the dark. Not in the sense of night time dark, or a room with a single candle. In those situations Meimu does ok, still prefering to have someone else close by as well. Meimu is deathly scared of pitch black, darkness. When encased in a room or anything else, in complete darkness, Meimu will claw his fingers to the bone to escape it.

Meimu - {WIP} AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augment Name: Natural Acrobat Performer
Augment Description: Meimu's love for performing has granted him with several notable abilities. The first of which, this one may have something to do with how he dresses/acts, is Meimu tends to draw attention of everything and anything to himself. It makes it impossible for him to hid in a shadow, but makes it possible for the world to see his acts. The second notable ability is Meimu has near perfect balance when standing on hands or feet, or near anything else. The final ability is that Meimu has retained a soft touch in everything he does. Dealing with performing in towns brings attention of children and one should never have a heavy hand when dealing with children. However, Meimu retains this unique trait into his actual walking step. His foot steps, unless intended not to be, are soft as well, all most silencing the sound they make under a normal walking pace, and just barely makes a noice at a running pace. This soft step does have a bit of combat ability behind them as well. It delay's traps of all kinds by just a small amount of time.

Meimu - {WIP} Equipmenterza

Name: N/A
Classification: Weapon
Type: Throwing knife

  • Carbon Steel

Appearance: These knives are rather simple knives, only about five inches long each. Then handle of the knives have six holes in it to help reduce wind resistance in flight.
Meimu - {WIP} RC1363-44
History: Simple knives Meimu usually is able to buy from the average street merchant.

Meimu - {WIP} Historygray

Three paragraphs minimum of your character's background. Be sure to include how your character became a mage. This is your chance to figure out the characters back story and their motivation for being here. Try to steer clear of extreme drama and trauma. (rape, murder, or things like that.) It is WAY too popular and rarely played out well. Also, go into detail on how they got a grasp magic and so on. Must be at least 450 words.


[b]Ragnarok[/b] - Clown Class

Notes: None
Other Characters: None


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