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June Stryker [Done]

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June Stryker [Done]

Post by June Stryker on Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:55 am

"It doesn't matter if you're good or bad. If you stand in my path it's the same thing as throwing your life away."

Name(s): June Stryker
Nickname(s): John; Drunkard; The Ravager
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Birthday: 9/07/X355
Sexuality Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Orange; In between shoulder blades on back.

Physical Characteristics:
Despite going by a quite feminine name, June is very much a man. He towers at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches, considered above average at most times, he is sometimes mistaken for a demon even though his face is usually serene. Junes body is very toned and well built, having quite large arms and legs as well as a six pack of abs. Due to both the added weight from his muscles and his height, June is quite the heavy man, weighing up at around 210 pounds. His skin is of a somewhat tan shade, representing the time he's spent in the desert for all those years on end. His eyes are of a misty crimson, always having a both threatening and calm gaze. Junes hair is a crimson red shade, somewhat short in length. It has several spiked tuffs coming out from the top and several strands come over his face, some managing to wave over his eyes from time to time.

June doesn't have many mannerisms however the ones he does have aren't easily noticed. When forced to listen to an uninteresting topic or conversation June tends to lean on his left elbow and tap his temple with his index finger. When awaiting for something to happen and forced to stand he will often pace back and forth, sometimes even tapping his own right foot in annoyance.

Basic Attire
Normally June wears white robes underneath his armor. These robes reach all the way down to his legs and have two pieces: the entire body, and the separate piece for the waist. For the entire body the robe is somewhat like a martial arts uniform, except it is closed and without overlapping sides. The waist piece stretches down from Junes shoulders (two ribbons of fabric coming off from each shoulder) and ties around his waist, over top of his Gladius' strap. On his feet June wears wooden sandals, those reminiscent of samurai.

Junes armor is made of pure gold (a self-given present from the palace) and covers enough of his body to protect against most physical attacks. It goes over top of his crotch at the bottom and wraps all the way around his upper body. He receives no protection for his arms for the armor is somewhat like a tank top. June also has a small gold ball piercing right underneath his lip and a single golden stud in his left ear. To hide the whips lashes he suffered from as a child, June wears two golden wristbands over top of them.

Over Top
To hide his abnormal armor June wears a brown raggedy cloak over top all of his clothes. This is one giant cape-like cloth that he ties to the shoulder joints on his armor. The cloth is large enough so that when June overlaps it from both sides, they actually stay together, concealing his armor.

Abnormalities: Several scars over his body.

At most times, June will be seen sitting somewhere in the corner of the guild hall drinking alcohol. When under the influence of alcohol he becomes extremely flirtatious towards women, and even a tad bit annoying to others. He will often get into arguments in which his reasoning and sense is at 0%, meaning that he'll most likely be spewing out nonsense. Despite being quite the drunkard, June has his days in which he decides not to drink at all. During these days he is calm, level-headed, and tends to treat women with respect and chivalry.

For his Guild
When in a situation where his Guild is threatened, June will become quite serious (even when drunk). He will usually rip off his cloak and jump right into the action, especially if someone he cares for is in danger.

As long as those who are evil don't actually harm those whom are good, June will often ignore them completely, not giving them a second thought.

When in fights, June will either be calm, collected, and serious or completely odd and disoriented (depends on whether he's drunk or not). When serious or drunk he will often resort to using crash magic right away, but to test someone's skill June will usually bring out his sword. In sword battles he will not use his magic at all, and will resort to using his blade alone (he believes it to be cowardly to use magic in a fight with metal).

Being Called June/A Woman
When referred to as June or mistaken for a woman, June will retaliate quite quickly. He will most likely be drunk anyways and will throw the object/person closest to him. For about 10 minutes he will constantly throw a tantrum, shout, and throw objects constantly. Sometimes he will even forget the pure destructive force of his magic and use it in his frustration. If June is sober however, he will seem a bit ticked off but merely correct you and tell you to call him John and not June. Moral of the story: Call him John, not June

Around children June acts like a fatherly figure. He will often pat them on their heads and/or actually play with them.

When calm and collected (not drinking) June seems like quite the chivalrous man and "lady-killer", if you will. When under the influence of alcohol however, June becomes quite rude. He will often or not compliment the size of the womens breasts and/or bosom while simultaneously asking them out on dates. This applies to those who are 20 years of age and older only; if June accidentally hits on a girl under 20 then he will apologize right away, sometimes even begging for forgiveness.

-Drinking: Despite his passion to read and to practice royal swordplay, June himself is a first class drunkard. He will often or not sit down, open a bottle of whisky and chug it down as if there's no tomorrow. Most people in the guild classify him as nothing more than a drunkard, however they soon learn different when he rips off his cloak.

-Reading: Throughout both his childhood and teen years June lacked in the presence of a teacher, or even a single literate person for that matter. He enjoys sitting down and reading a novel to fill his mind with knowledge, entertainment, and proper etiquette.

-Practicing Swordplay: June knows he is by no means a "master" of the sword. To rectify this issue he constantly goes out and trains with his Gladius every day, sometimes even from dawn till dusk.

-Children (Playful)
-Women (Somewhat perverted towards)
-Basking in the Suns Rays
-Kind Old Women (They remind him of his own mother)

-Being called June
-Being mistaken for a woman

Junes main drive is to find his missing daughter. He's only recently heard of her existence however as soon as the news hit him he had finally found a new motivation to live. He will go through whatever means it takes, as long as his daughter and himself may be reunited again.

-Death: He does not fear death for himself or those who follow the path of evil. However June is constantly fearful that those around him with good intentions and warm hearts will eventually die.

-Being around others: He has a knack for bringing destruction and chaos wherever he
goes so he fears being near others for he believes that they will suffer the consequences.

-Losing His Blade: Despite being an extremely powerful hand-to-hand combatant June fears losing his sword. The reason for this being that he used a sword his entire life, mostly to survive. Even though he's not very good at using it, June is fearful that without his sword he is nearly rendered useless.

Augment Name: Mark of Cran
Augment Description: An 8 pointed pentagram star on his left pectoral. It is a very part of his skin however June has had tatto ink placed overtop of it as to not raise speculation. When exposed to the suns rays the pentagram glows yellow and begins spinning on his chest. His eyes flare a dark black color and his skin is covered in a yellow aura giving off wisps of energy. June refers to this form as a "black sun". In this form his sword becomes much smaller, turning into a golden-hilted dagger with the same pentagram as his chest. When wielding this dagger June holds one hand behind his back while leaving the other out with his elbow slightly bent. June refers to this form as "The Royal SwordPlay of the Cran". In this form his attacks are more fluid and his attack speed and slashing strength increase by 1.2% (only for swordplay) however his reach decreases by about a foot and a half .

Gladius: Cran Form:

Name: Golden Gladiator
Classification: Armor
Type: Upper Body + Crotch
Appearance: The armor covers Junes entire upper body excluding his arms, somewhat like a tank-top but made of gold. From the waist down the armor cuts out from the sides and only covers his crotch for about 50 cm. The upper body portion is intricately designed with "golden abs" while the crotch area has several plates stacked on top of one another.
History: The armor does not have much sentimental value to June. He merely grabbed it on his way out of the palace when he escaped.

Name: Gladius
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword
-Black Leather
Appearance: The blade itself is about 2 feet in length while the hilt is about 12 inches. The hilt is made of bronze with a head reminiscent of a lion on the tip. The blade is made of the finest silver and while also being encased in an intricately designed black leather sheathe. Attached to the sheathe is a black strap which June ties around his waist to hold the sword up.
History: The third sword he used when fighting for his life in the gladiator tournament. It was handcrafted by his instructor/blacksmith Jafar and June cherishes it deeply.

On July 9th, year X355, June Stryker was born to mother Meriam and father Rucord. Meriam and Rucord were some of the lowest of the low, living in a small kingdom set up in central Desierto. Rucord himself was just a drunkard, living on the low wages that Meriam produced through prostitution. Both Meriam and June would suffer from a form of punishment from Rucord, for June it was whips to the wrists while Meriams was too harsh to be put into words. Despite the beatings she received from her husband and the horrible work she was mixed up in, Meriam managed to raise her son both lovingly and cleanly. She would often buy some of the most expensive food one could find in the slums, all for her sons well-being. Food was not the only pampering he received from his mother though, Meriam would also fill her sons mind with stories of her heritage. According to his mother, Jun was a descendant in a long line of royalty known as "The Cran". The Cran were known as fearsome "warriors of the sun" and to further prove their bloodline, all Cran descendants had an 8 pentagram star located somewhere on the body. June had one such birthmark, located on his right pectoral. Since his mother had told him that day, June had begun to practice swordplay day and night (with a wooden sword nonetheless). Despite enjoying his days (even in his poor life), June would soon learn that life does not even give the unfortunate breaks.

At the age of 10 in the month of November, June was practicing his swordplay one day. The rain was pouring as it normally would in the season, however the day seemed much gloomier than usual. He was practicing as he normally did, against a straw dummy on the outskirts of the village, however his training would soon be interrupted. June felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck at that moment, a blow so hard that it almost knocked the life right out of him.

He woke up several hours later, chained up and in a cage drawn by horse. June could see his father waving at him from outside the cage. He informed him about how his mother passed away and that he was being sold as a slave to pay off Rucords debts. The child was shocked, almost having a heart-attack he began to panic, flailing his body around the cage simultaneously hitting several of the other slaves. Once again, he felt a pain in his head, except this time it came from a fist, straight to the forehead.

Instead of being transported to the slave trading capital, June was dropped off, to his surprise, in the land of Shrinka (a rich kingdom in Desierto). Despite losing his mother and being sold by his father, the boy couldn't help but be even more surprised excited even. However, that happiness would soon disappear again. According to the traders, the slaves were not sent here to be servants or workers, but instead "entertainers" in the sport which the city was famous for: The Gladiator Tournament. The boy became fearful once again, almost ready to flee he was about to take another step, and then he was thrown into "The BloodBank". The BloodBank was the living place of the gladiators, aptly named for the blood which drips off of their tired, battle-hardened bodies. On the same day that he arrived, June would soon partake in his very first battle, a battle which he was surely not ready for.

That day he barely made it out alive, almost losing his head. June had fought with a large beast (actually a man but that's what he referred to him as) towering at probably 7 feet. The man wielded a large, spiked club while June was given a small iron Gladius (the basic sword of a gladiator). The only reason he managed to win was his size, however ironic that may seem, for June was able to tuck and roll through the beasts legs, slashing his calves and thighs. The blade was so weak that the mans armor easily snapped it into two, but one piece was all June needed. He was hesitant to deliver the killing blow that day, tears dripping from his eyes while his legs shook. The crowd laughed at him while chanting "kill kill kill". He plunged the sword right in between the mans eyes, instantly ending his life. The boy went back to his living quarters that day, crying himself to sleep.

Junes short sleep would soon become even slower, all because of that one man, that one drunkard whom he hated at first and eventually cherished above all else. That mans name was Jafar, an old booze-drinking veteran of the tournament who was probably no younger than 60 years of age. He'd awoken June that day with a whack of his walking stick, the boy furious at him. The man was there for one reason and one reason only: he'd seen potential in June that day however it was raw, unrefined talent, which Jafar aimed to perfect. At first the boy was hesitant to train with the man, rejecting him several times in the process but in a weeks time he'd have to fight again, and this time he'd have to be much more prepared. He introduced himself to Jafar, even begging him on his knees. The man accepted him, somewhat ticked off that it took so long.

At first Jafar had mocked Junes name, informing him that no man would dare to go out with such a feminine thing. June seemed to have taken the comment to heart, and ever since then he's hated his name, preferring to be called John instead. After that had been cleared up training began, and in one weeks time it would come to the test. June was given another blade by a few reluctant sponsors who seemed to have been pleased by his first "performance". June believe the men to be both foolish and utterly corrupt, however he knew that the blade was essential to his survival so June accepted it. After practicing with his blade for a week, he was ready. June had matured and gotten used to the idea of fighting incredibly quickly, even tossing away the memories of his mother to do so.

This time around June was given armor, not great armor honestly, just leather pauldrons and a metal plate over his torso. Despite believing himself to be ready, June was far too cocky. For this match he'd battle a man not too much taller in height than himself. At this moment June was about 5'4" tall, while this man only seemed about an inch or two taller. Despite the mans short height, he was encased in silver armor with spiked gloves as his weapon of choice. June found this predicament quite amusing, however he was ready for an all out duel to the death. When the battle started his suspicions were correct, the man whom June was facing was none other than "The Ravager". If June were to defeat this man then he would take his title for himself, most likely increasing his reputation in the arena exponentially. The battle lasted for about 3 minutes, the climax being the Ravager on top of Junes beaten body. His training was not enough and as the crowd cheered on the kill in their bloodlust, June reminisced about his time with his mother once again. Tears dropped from his eyes, he was not able to throw that life behind no matter how dire the situation be. He placed his palm on the mans face and with a single apologetic phrase, "The Ravager" had lost his life. Swordplay was NOT the only thing June had learned in the past week. According to Jafar, he was a wizard before being captured, one who specialized in a very destructive magic known none other than "Crash". June had attempted to learn the magic from his mentor, however he only learned the basic elements and not the technique to actually put it into use. In his moment of disparity it seemed that Junes emotions were the last thing needed to fuel his magical power, his emotions were the only thing that allowed him to survive that day and he intended to keep them forever on.

As he originally presumed, June had acquired the title of "The Ravager" once he defeated the previous. He stood up that day, the crowd cheering for him non-stop until his eventual exist. Despite gaining a great victory, June had thought of it as quite the opposite, he'd let his emotions run wild and to him, that was a loss...

Over the course of the next 20 years, June would become the #1 gladiator in the entire tournament. He bedded many women, drank the finest wine, and even gained access to his own room. By the time he'd reached this success, Junes master had passed away leaving behind only a hand-crafted Gladius. He would forever cherish him in his heart, however the now famous gladiator knew that he had to move on with his life; June would have to escape this hell-hole. Being the only clear user of magic June knew that he could easily escape by himself, however he thought of his fellow gladiators (not the ones he killed) as his only family; he'd have to find a way for them to escape alongside him.

Before another one of his weekly fights, June requested that the ground be covered in sand so he may see his opponent grovel in pain, choking on the very ground that they lay. As one would expect, June did NOT kill his opponent that day. Instead he thrust his hand downwards, spreading the entire sand pit into both the crowd and the kings booth. From then on it was fairly easy to escape: he killed several of the guards, broke his bretherens shackles and blew a hole in several walls for an escape route. Before completely leaving the palace, June knew that he needed a departing gift so he made a slight detour by the Palace. He picked up the kings personal suit of golden armor and ravaged his room for "fun". He leaped outside of the window using his Crash Magic to lighten the fall; June and the rest of the gladiators escaped under the cover of the night, never to return to Shrinka again.

5 years have passed since then. June has traveled all the way to Fiore, settling down in a quaint home in Magnolia. June has also joined the fairly new guild known as Fairy Tail, being influenced to inherit his masters drinking problem, no thanks to the guilds large and tasteful supply of alcohol. Despite being known as mostly a drunkard, both the guild master and those who are personally connected with June know exactly what he is capable of.

The now at peace man ecently received a letter in the mail, a letter which informed him of both amazing and tragic news. Apparently one of the many women he had slept with had given birth to a child, a daughter no less. June was ecstatic, however it seemed that the girl had left home due to unknown means and that her mother was laying sick in bed. According to the letter the mother herself was in Fiore too by coincidence. June made his way to her home or at least, the inn in which she was residing. Not to his surprise, she was not only sick, but dying. He did not recognize her by name however her face would forever be embedded in the very recesses of his mind; for on that day June promised that he would find there daughter; he would find her, and settle down as a family...


[b]Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic[/b] - Masrur
Notes: He is indeed using crash magic so I am aware of the harsh grading. For the Mark Of Cran the stats should be alright seeing as how the mark has to be revealed to the suns rays. And lets face it, nobody is going to bother ripping of their shirt, and golden armor every battle. Smile
Other Characters: This is my first.

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Re: June Stryker [Done]

Post by Erik Cecere on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:41 am

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