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The Lost Cat [Quorra Mission Private]

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The Lost Cat [Quorra Mission Private]

Post by Vixen on Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:05 pm

Why was she here, for what purpose did she travel here alone, oh right, to help locate some odd man with a striped hat's pet. She wondered what possessed her to do it, perhaps it was the need to become more active and rise among the ranks, it wasn't boredom that was for sure seeing as she didn't have the luxury of feeling..bored. Maybe it had something to do with the lack of missions on their mission board, made sense seeing as Tartaros had fallen from glory.

She always wondered about that, though not for too long seeing as it was the logical state of things, their guild members would be caught locked up and never to be seen again. Or they would be killed in action by some other dark mage, guild or even one of those rouges she heard about so frequently. It was something that happened quite often and she supposed that she would have to begin to watch her own back seeing as it was quite possible in her future exploits that she would obtain a bounty.

It only made sense, after all seeing as right now as she walked around the mountain in search of a trail left by a small cat, she was thinking of nothing else but killing the thing and reanimating it into one of her minions. Though the cost for reanimating a tiny...useless cat wasn't worth it even if it cost thirty minutes of her lifespan. Instead she would be forced to find the thing and bring it back to it's master for mere scraps. If she could experience anger or frustration at her current level now would of been the perfect time.

On the other hand during her musings she had come across a small paw print, luckily for her she recognized it as being the sort of thing a cat possess, yes, very lucky of her. She would tilt her head to the side as she tried to get into the thought process of the small animal and then would begin to run off to slightly higher ground. Sure enough about ten feet away another set of tracks were found, this time it would appear the cat had jumped possibly into a bush or tree but there weren't any around here...odd.

She would pause for a moment looking around the area and wondering what the cat could of jumped at before another set of prints attracted her, ah it could of seen a wart hog and attacked it in self defense, as there was a bit of blood here and there. She would crouch down and stare at the blood for a bit before looking to the left where some grass had impressions figuring out where the attacker or victim had fled to. Her scythe would clink against her back as she would begin to run yet again not stopping as she followed the trail zoning everything else out of her mind save for finding her target.

Usually such focus would be rather hard to obtain but her brain wasn't exactly like others and she exhibited a sort of control over it most would never be able to possess. Sure it wasn't to the point that she could manipulate her body in terrifying ways but information gathering, deduction speed, stuff like that, she excelled in to the point that this was mere child's play for her.

Sure enough a black blur would jet across her plane of vision and she would switch directions chasing after it only for the blur to race into a tree and stop before hissing at her. She would stop and look at it with the utmost scrutiny before she would open her hands revealing that she meant no harm. Your master, Kisuke is looking for you, I have been sent to retrieve you. she would state calmly while looking at it, sure most would revert to the "cute" animal speak but she felt that it insulted their intelligence.

True to her thoughts the cat would stop hissing before meowing twice and jumping down from the tree and landing in her arms causing Quorra to pause for a moment and stare at the cat looking her over for injuries. Apparently there weren't any so it was all good, she would turn before she would begin to walk backward mainly to retrace her steps as while she ran she kept a sort of mental map of the surroundings. The creature was odd as it didn't move and simply kept staring at her as if trying to figure out just what type of person Quorra was.

That was...a pointless effort seeing as Quorra herself didn't know who she was anymore, on one hand she was herself and on another she wasn't. She inwardly hated what she had become well, at least she tried to as she didn't even know what that meant as well. No one really understood how it was to want to, no, need to cry over how pathetic one had become but being physically and emotionally incapable of expression such emotion but being intellectually sound enough to recognize what one should be feeling.

She needed to progress in order to finally seek closure as for some reason whens he raised the dead it gave her the same peace that sex did. Speaking of that, she needed to get some soon, it had been a while since she last satisfied her...itch and Angelique had been voicing her own concerns about that seeing as yesterday she had nearly succeeded in a violent take over of her body. No. My body. Not her's Mine. she thought to herself having to reassure herself that she was indeed the rightful owner of this flesh.

She would look up and see that she was quickly approaching the base of the mountain, that was good it meant that the mission would be over soon and she would be able to go back to Tartaros to rest, or perhaps she would go to the city and look for a partner, not anyone too popular just a pretty face that no one would miss if Angelique took over and slaughtered them. It would seem that habit of hers was quickly turning into a fetish, pity really as if Quorra had any feelings on the matter she would protest to the killing of some of the more..interesting ones.

She would feel the cat shifting in her hands and she would look down at it the cat blinking before looking forward it's nose moving as if it smelt something. It was obviously happy seeing as it purred so Quorra reasoned that it's master was close by, that was good as now she didn't have to travel all the way back to Tartaros with it in
hand to report that the mission was a success.

She idly wondered what Cyrus was doing at the moment, did his paranoia finally subside momentarily to allow him to go on a mission just like her or did he still not trust anyone enough to go on a mission request that he deemed to be below his skills. Come to think of it what where his skills, perhaps she would eventually learn what he was all about. Though she knew it would take some time seeing as he was rather secretive, not that she minded as she wasn't the curious type she only did things if she had to.

As they would reach the path which lead to the mountain she would spot a certain striped hat individual and she would walk forward with the cat meowing loudly to attract the mans attention. Upon seeing his cat the man would smile with joy and after studying him carefully Quorra would let go of the cat and watch it bound over to its master before walking up to the pair. I've retrieved your cat. she said plainly and he would thank her multiple times before handing her a card of sorts, all she could make out from his thanks was that her reward would be at the guild.

She would walk away as he continued to thank her not being all that interested in anything else he had to say, she had completed her mission and would get paid honestly that was all she needed to hear.

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