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Post by Shou on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:08 am

Shou Ti~~~ Human_female_mage_by_wickedalucard-d3g0em2

"Is this all you have to show?"

Nickname(s): Two-Face, White Death, etc
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Birthday: (8/May/x374 - We're in the year x391)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Tartaros
Guild Tattoo: Snow White and on the middle of her chest, above her cleavage for all to see

Shou Ti~~~ Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Shou has a rather curvy body~ though it is curvy looking it is all lined with tough lean muscle. She stands an average five feet and seven inches and each inch is fitted to serve. She has ivory white soft skin due to recent serious care of it, recent as in a few years. She has straight hair which is a calming blonde color and has a silk touch to it, normally kept cut and the remaining hair in a ponytail.. Her eyes are a piercing red which seems almost unsettling with the right type of gaze. She has a rather cute face if i could say so myself~ A itty bitty nose, thin lips and round eyes to compliment it's color. Her measurements are Bust: 94 cm; Waist: 52 cm; Hip: 90 cm. Her legs are nice and slender to the touch. Hm oh ya mannerisms, her tone of speech is a mix of lustful yet heavily mean spirited which is rather… "unique" to listen and interact with. When wielding her weapon she tends to wield it in her left hand while doing everything else with her right hand. When confused she has this weird habit that instead of blinking normal she blinks one eye at a time as if saying ya she is dumbfounded.

Attire/Clothing: She owns several attires of clothing~
Work/Business: A rather skimpy outfit that it encases, black blocked heels, sapphire colored stockings which go up to nearly the top of her leg. Sapphire 'bikini' bottom with a light blue skirt attached around it. A strange top composed of both sapphire and the same light blue from earlier which ends in a frilly sapphire collar. She has armbands on the height of her arms which have what seems to have small wings. On her wrist are two wristbands, both which have a small decorative gem on it, attached to the bands are long pieces of blue fabrics which make her look elegant

Casual: This one isn't as extravagant as it's simply a white long skirt and a colored tank top, which she likes to wear when not at work.

Date: A simple long seductive black dress~ It covers the back yet leaves a hole in the front for cleavage.

Abnormalities: Large burn scar on her back

Shou Ti~~~ Personalucy

Personality: Shou is a rather…. wild… Her manners, her manner of dressing, everything about her is the pure definition of wild. She's quick to go for a low blow, she loves sarcasm and believes in only going forward no looking back. Yup yup yup energy filled, libido to the max, and pumped up. She is very adept at drawing, painting, and sculpting, she even owns a photographic memory. THough this is only her external personality. Also she is one to give into her sexuality and gives into her wiles whenever she chooses. Though when it comes to romance she is rather close hearted and barely truly lets it open for anyone. Privately she is quiet, reserved and unwilling to deal with over strenuous ordeals. As well as when by herself she is a lot more cold and unforgiving than with others and doesn't care much for it.

While in a battle she is ruthless for the ability she can do. In all honesty since she is a healing mage she doesn't rely on spells. In fact she mainly relies on her physical strength than her own magic as once again, she specializes in healing magic. She is also a rather unforgiving in battle, seeing as challenging her to fight meant you aimed to kill her unless highly specify that you aren't and prove that, she will aim to kill. As they say, no stops on the rape train.

So what else, when in a professional situation, she tries her best to act as a lady though its very easy for a remark to slip our and smack her in the assFace. So in short she's a very complex wild independent gal!~
Making art in any form - Simply something that makes her comfortable and she enjoys doing.
Training - Being a complete support Mage, she tends to tone her body so she can be more of an aid in battle than a nuisance who only needs to be saved.
Shopping - She's a girl and enjoys new things
Blonde Hair(irony alert)
Fire Magic
Inspiration: An escape from her previous life as well as to break out someone from magical prison.
Fire - As a child she was horribly burnt across her back, in result she has a subconscious fear of getting burned.
Drowning - Just another childhood fear which bites her in the ass in which she can't stand being submerged for to long.
Needles - Also another childhood phobia of her time of abuse.

Shou Ti~~~ AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augment Name: Advanced Strength
Augment Description: She has trained her body to a point that she can easily carry over a hundred pounds in a single hand. Max weight which can be handled is around 300lbs.

Augment Name: Hammer Skill
Augment Description: Trained in the way of fighting with a hammer, can wield nearly any type of hammer with ease.

[center]Shou Ti~~~ Equipmenterza

Name: Fallen Grace
Classification: Weapon
Type: Hammer
Material(s): Ivory, Ebony, Gold, Steel
Shou Ti~~~ Brenton_randwulf_s_hammer_by_coppertonepretty-d5u77or
History: Stolen from her home when she escaped.

[center]Shou Ti~~~ Historygray

Shou, Shou, Little Shou… She was born to a rather wealthy family, a family with the name of Creed. Though for such a rather positive root, her life from there was nothing but that. Her mother died during childbirth and it would only go down hill from there. Her father was a rather… horrible man, he abused and neglected her in horrible ways. She was conditioned by private tutors and whenever she stepped out of line, and that included asking adults question or eating in the wrong way her father would punish her. His favorite method was a few good smacks and than choking/drowning her. She silently grew bitter and hate filled and than this significant event happened. It was a dinner party and she accidentally let it slip to one of the more influential of her fathers friend about his treatment toward her. Her father was able to persuade the man that what she said was a figment of her imagination and was able to hide her away in the family weapon storeroom till later. He came back and was as angry as she would ever see him. He had a whole array of weapons to punish her with, all she could do was cower with her back to him. So the moment came, he picked up an enchanted sword, It burned hot with searing fire. He screamed that she should know her place and dove the blade which erupted into fire onto her back. Her whole back was lit aflame and she fell down in tears as the pain was immeasurable. She thought her life was over and than.., a large hammer hit her father to the side and the fire stopped. She was barely conscious when someone picked her frail body up and took her away from there.

A day later she awoke in a cabin far far away. She woke up to find her fathers head bodyguard at her side. At first she panicked and almost had a heart attack right there and than but he explained himself. He knew of the abuse her father did to her and was disgusted. He watched in silence, putting duty over responsibility. However he had had enough of it and the guilt was destroying him. So as he watched her father burn her, he picked up a blunt War hammer from the storeroom and to save her, struck his employer and took her to this cabin. She Listened to this and all she could do... Was hug him, hug her savior and cry, she had never been this happy in all her life.

This event marked the true beginning of her life, she was 7 and now under of the care of this man who was named Asura Ti. Acting her true roots she had dropped the Creed from her name and picked up her foster father's Ti. Under her request Asura trained the girl physically and taught her how to use the War Hammer that was used to save her. For being so young she quickly was able to build her strength up and wield the hammer that she had named Fallen Grace, the two traveled all around the country and they were both happy. It was nice...

So she hit the age of 12 and all was well. Her and Asura were in a random bar in some random town. They were looking for some side jobs to do for some money. They found one in some mine to empty of it of some lowly monsters. They accepted this Job with Gusto and went off to do it. All went well during the little job except the fact that this was an ambush. Her father had spent years trying to capture the two and get his revenge, however this job was left to the rune knights to capture them. Asura wouldn't have this and the two had nearly escaped this predicament until they were surrounded at the end. Asura told her to run and he held back several of the knights as he forced Shou to run away. She ran far until she couldn't run anymore. She broke down once she knew that she had escaped. She found a cave and cried for several days straight. She was ready to die again... Her only reason for living was gone again. Than... A elderly woman found her in the cave and asked her what happened. She had nothing else so told her story... The woman listened and picked her up with magic. She offered to make the girl strong... To Give her the Freedom that she begged for... So with nothing else... Shou agreed...

Years passed and Shou excelled in restoration and enhancing magic. She was now an established 16 year old girl. And her master told her that it was time to move on. Shou understood this greatly and thanked her master, her friend... Soon after she was on her own yet again. She spent awhile searching and got into a few random bar fights which she healed the people she nearly killed but still... These endeavors ended up with her being noticed. The guild Tartaros came to her and extended a hand of acceptance, she with nothing to lose joined a guild that allowed her her freedom and she has been there ever since being happy for being free~


Faceclaim: none that I know of
Notes: Have a good read ^.^
Other Characters: N/A

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Shou Ti~~~ Empty Re: Shou Ti~~~

Post by Erik Cecere on Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:06 am

Most of your profile is acceptable, but there are a few things I need you to change. Mostly your use of colloqueal terms and phrases in the character application. Adding personality is nice but there's no need to distract from the important information. I would like you to remove things like:

"Hm oh yeah" and "yup yup yup" and especially "No stops on the rape train". Just things like this. When you remove them, make sure you still meet the word requirements.

Also for your fears "Just cuz" is not a sufficient reason to be afraid of needles. Please specify there there is an unexplained reason for her fear, and that being around needles makes her uncomfortable. If you wanted to you could include a reason, maybe she doesn't like how small they are considering how sharp and dangerous they can be?

Photographic Memory and Artistic Skills would not count as augments. If you wanted to specify these try incorperating them into her personality section in some way.

Also your history, it's very dark. There's nothing wrong with having a dark history but you need to talk about, somewhere towards the end, how she acctually became a member of Tartaros. You can keep it short but please include it.

Bump when you're ready for another review~

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Post by Shou on Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:18 am



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Post by Heero Villenn on Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:09 pm

I'm really sorry it took so long for me to realize this was reviewed.

this app is

Shou Ti~~~ Heero-Approval-Stamp_zps985692ce

Heero Dialogue
Heero Thoughts

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