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Post by Spitfire on Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:22 pm

03. MAGIC & EXP SYSTEM TalentSystem_zps2a3ba657


Deliriums magic system evolves as your character progresses. Your characters magic progresses as your character develops. With this magic system you are given a diverse and fun way of creating spells and using your magic.

Though this is a fun system to tinker and toy with I can guarantee the climb to the strongest will not be fast nor easy. Whats a challenge if there's no obstacles? Therefore the gaps or "power differences" between ranked mages will be clearly set. More detail will be listed below.

Magic is not limited by rank here at Delirium. Any ranked mage can use any ranked spell. So for instance a D Rank mage (once upgraded to the proper tier) is able to use a S Rank spell (tier 5). Though it would be near impossible and take (literally) years of completing missions on a D Rank mage.


Like a lot of games both offline and online EXP is a points system in which you gain to primarily level your character. In Delirium it is used for ranking up and upgrading your spells. The cost to rank up and upgrades vary from each other but that is expected seeing how they both are different things. With EXP you will also need to use them to purchase spell slots, in which you may use to create a new spell with.

How to earn EXP
EXP is earn't by posting in role play topics and obviously creating them. Every post that is a role play gives you 10 EXP. There are other ways of earning EXP, such as:

Mission Requests - At the end of every mission thread, once a admin or mission mod has overseen the mission, you will be rewarded with a set amount of EXP. This EXP rewarded will be determined by a simple equation that only us admins/mods will know.

Arena/Tournament Events - Depending on your activity and involvement within these events you will gain a fair amount of EXP from both posting and the reward.

Hidden Treasure Events - Every now and then a Hidden Treasure Event will appear giving the community a riddle, a riddle which once solved rewards you with unique things, one of them is EXP.


Tier Upgrades are (as shown in the spoiler image) are the columns in which determines the level/rank of the spell. Tier Upgrades are necessary in order to advance and develop a stronger spell. When purchasing a tier upgrade you jump up one tier, so you would go from base spell to D rank spell when purchasing a tier upgrade. All Tier Upgrades must be purchased in order. So no mage can be a D rank and purchase a B or A rank tier upgrade.

Below is listed the prices and considered damage one would expect from a spell that has upgraded to that specific tier.

Base Spell to Tier 1
D Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 150
Tier 1 spells are considered to be non-life threatening, or any where near the need of medical help.

Tier 1 to Tier 2
C Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 250
Tier 2 spells are able to break bones and cause 1st degree burns. You are however not able to kill your opponents with this tier. Spells of this tier are to the maximal extent able to knock your opponent out cold.

Tier 2 to Tier 3
B Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 600
Tier 3 spells are able to snap bones, give 2nd degree burns and cause minimal to medium amount of damage. Spells of this tier are considered to be game changers. Death is possible if hit with one of these spells.

Tier 3 to Tier 4
A Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 3,000
Tier 4 spells are able to shatter bones, give 3rd degree burns and kill opponents of lower rank.

Tier 4 to Tier 5
S Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 6,000
Tier 5 spells can almost instantly kill someone if one was not powerful enough to hold up against one.

Tier 5 to Tier 6
SS/Z Rank spell
Required EXP to upgrade: 15,000
Tier 6 can obliterate your target but will usually come at a big cost.


As you already know you level up your spells. So it's obvious that their magic costs will increase. The chart below shows you how much they should cost when upgraded (from base to base & tier to tier).

Base: 10
Tier 1: 20
Tier 2: 40
Tier 3: 70
Tier 4: 100
Tier 5: 150
Tier 6: 220

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