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Malin's Dark Ecriture finnished.

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Malin's Dark Ecriture finnished. Empty Malin's Dark Ecriture finnished.

Post by Malin on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:21 am

Name: Dark Ecriture
Type: caster
Element/Aspect: Runic Magic.
Description: This magic is sometimes called Rule Creation, and it revolves around the user writing various runes. Essentially what ever is written on the runes can and will happen. The main use for this magic is in the setting up of traps and augmenting yourself through the use of powerful utilities. Though it can lend it's self well to offensive, and defensive spells as well.

Side Effects: The use of the magic however has to be strategically planned, because the more complected the spell, or more rules and restrictions that are put into the runes cause casting delays. Usually these delays are 1 post for every rule. So a spell that has two rules I.E. "The bearer of these runes will be granted the ability of flight, and enhanced speed." Would take two posts before the spell would be cast instead of just one. Making the magic hard to use in a one on one fight. The higher the rank of the spell the more rules can be added to the spell, causing more delays.
Base-D rank 1 Rule
C-B rank: 2 Rules.
A-Z rank: 3 rules

(A rank spells don't need to create three effects, but they can not exceed 3 effects. So an A rank utility can enhance speed, strength, and endurance by giving a beast like form to a user which would take 3 posts to cast, Or an A rank offensive spell could just turn runes into lasers which would be done in one post.)

Tier: Base Spell
Magic Cost: 10/5
Type: Utility
Element: N/A
Range: Self or anyone within 10feet
Requirements: N/A
Effect: This spell writes a rune with a single rule "A person inscribed with this rune shall be able to fly." The runes break apart and form wings which are attached to either the user or a friendly target within 10 feet. However the caster is the one who has to pay the both the inscribe and upkeep cost. These wings are only strong enough to carry the inscribed user, and grant a flight speed equal to the inscribed fastest running speed.

Tier: Base Spell
Magic Cost: 10
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 20 feet
Requirements: N/A
Effect: "Each word shall Launch forth" The user inscribes these runes in the air, and the quickly become five beams of dark purple light. At their current power these beams have enough power to knock someone on their ass, and maybe leave a cut or five, but nothing more than a bandage would fix.

Rune trap
Tier: Base Spell
Magic Cost: 10/5
Type: Utility
Range: 10 meters
Requirements: N/A
Effect: This spell creates a 10 meter circle that focuses on a single rule, pulled from a selective list. Anyone inside the circle is forced to obey the rule. An important note is that the trap doesn't stop someone from leaving the circle unless that is the chosen rule.

Mute: no one inside the circle can produce noise using their vocal cords. (Exception would be musical or sound based magic of any kind.)

Slow: Weight of all people inside the circle is doubled slowing movement speed by half. (this includes the caster if he is standing inside the circle Exception: Speed magic of any kind is un-effected)

Jail: Prevents anyone from leaving the circle. Unless they fulfill some kind of requirement(exception: this doesn't stop spells from going through, only people, lasts until user stops paying upkeep, or is rendered unconscious.) This condition also requires a requirement order, such as "Unless they disarm themselves, or render someone unconscious.") As such this requirement rune add's one additional post to the cast time of this trap even if this is the only rule in play it takes two posts to cast.

No flying zone: Flight spells of the same rank or lower are canceled in this circle (meaning anyone flying above the circle would fall to the ground.)

Tier: Base Spell
Magic Cost: 10\5
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: 5 meters
Requirements: N/A
Effect: This spell creates a wall of runes and text that stops offensive spells of the same rank or lower from passing through it. This wall works both ways however meaning that on a battle field neither team would be able to cast spells through it, this spell does not stop a human from simply walking through the wall only the offensive spell.

Tier: Base Spell
Magic Cost: 10/5
Type: utility
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Effect: This spell inscribes a user with a rune, giving them one of the following boons.

Speed: enhance speed by 30%

Strength: Enhance strength by 15%

Endurance: User has increased pain tolerance, allowing him to continue walking on a sprained ankle, or pop in a dislocated shoulder, it would still hurt, but the user would be able to do things that would be incredibly painful normally. And once the spell has ended the pain returns doubled, with joint's and muscles giving out on the user.

Personal Wall: This rune blocks one spell of the same rank before breaking away and fading.


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Malin's Dark Ecriture finnished. Empty Re: Malin's Dark Ecriture finnished.

Post by Heero Villenn on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:17 pm

Flight can only be used on yourself. Also, it will only last for 3 posts. (The genuine worthlessness of base level is not to be under estimated.) I’ll also need you to specify the speed which shouldn’t be very fast at all.

Lancet: approved I would like to see some added detail via sizes but I do not require this at the moment.

Rune trap: Pick one. You can have multiple spells for versatility but not such varying things for one spell. The same goes for enhance. Pick one. Also you need to be more specific with sizes.

Wall: I need the size of the wall.

Enhance: lower the enhancements considerably. Also, pick one, not multiple options for one spell. Spells are cheap you can buy more.

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