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Post by Jinchu on Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:10 am

For some reason I believe I owe this site a bit of a spectacle as the start of apologies for the absence. My first action will be to challenge anyone still interested in giving it the badass try. I propose 1 match between me and the first to respond. Our characters will be limited to IC capabilities and we'll be on a stadium 50x50 meters; if you go out of bounds you lose. The best part is for me to win I have to beat you in no more than 5 posts (not including the entrance post). This means that how anyone else wins is simple; last 5 turns against me and you win. Is there a grand prize with all this nonsense?...Sadly not Razz I have nothing I can offer besides bruising my ego and making me look like a cocky loser haha. So...Anyone up for it?

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