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Peter Endless

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Peter Endless

Post by Peter Endless on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:21 am

________________ Peter Endless _______________

"Impossible just means that no one has done it yet."

Nickname(s): The Holy One. Monster.
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Birthday: 07.01.x372
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Rogue Mage
Guild Tattoo: Black, between the shoulder blades

Physical Characteristics: Peter Endless can be considered handsome with his overall physical traits.

Standing at 5’ 11” and weighing at about 145 Ibs. with pale, almost porcelain-like complexion, Peter was given the title ‘The Holy One.’ In accordance to his light skin color, the shape of his face is mostly feminine. Long eye lashes, an aristocratic nose, and even the small and barely visible freckles dotting across the bridge of his nose could be the envy of many women, but his strong jaw and thin lips allows to him retain a percentage of his manliness. But above those characteristics his hair and eyes is what people are mostly drawn to.

Light hair adornes Peter’s crown. It’s layered almost perfectly around his head, and considered long for a male. His locks brush against his nape, cheeks, and his forehead haphazardly. The color of his hair is considered ‘holy’ in the small village where he spent his childhood and part of his early teen years. It’s a pure silver-grey that could be mistaken for platinum blonde or a tainted white. He can style it to be rugged as if he had just woken, or professional by combing it to the side; either way he looks good. It also doesn’t hurt to know that his hair is considered to be softer than most people, as deemed by the women he had encountered so far.

Peter’s eyes is a distinctive characteristic that has many of his acquaintances recoil by instinct. His irises are shaped similarly to a dragon or a large carnivore’s eyes - slitted in the middle instead of the circular darkness of humans. Even more peculiar is their pigment.The color of his eyes is a mosaic of silver and grey, giving him a natural, penetrating gaze - devoid of emotion. But when in the presence of the sun or moon, their hue seems to “reflect” them. In the day Peter’s eyes take on a golden shade, reminiscent of many vicious predators, and just as the sun sets or rises they emulate a dangerous red or a gentle purple. By night his grey orbs mirror the night’s sky, turning to either an icy blue or a blinding silver, foregoing the darker paint of grey.

Delicate and similar to a doll would still be a person’s first impression; however, a closer look would reveal a sound body. His physique is moderately toned so that it’s not overly muscular but, rather, lean and tightly coiled and ready to spring into action. Peter’s body is almost properly portioned to have a bit more legs than torso, giving him an advantage of speed if it ever came to it. That, however, doesn’t mean he is without upper strength. With every movement he makes, his muscles, clearly defined and cut, demonstrate the hidden power inside of him.

Attire/Clothing: Soft, durable cloth and silk are the only type of materials Peter has ever worn. His clothes, current and past, has always been made and provided by the people of his small village. Wearing anything else (whether they’re more comfortable, the latest fashion, or simply ‘casual’) would taint him. And so, Peter continues to wear the pure white (though it’s more of an off-white currently) one-piece robe.

The style is quite basic and the only differences between each style is the length of the sleeves - long (ending just an inch or two past the wrist), short (ending half-way through the biceps), and no sleeves. Its end stops around mid-thigh, covering the top part of his pants (or siwarl as they called it), which are also white and matching his top. It is fitting at the waist before becoming loose as it goes farther down the legs, and at the last stretch it becomes a “poof” shape and ending in a cuff. The band is tight and stretchable as it coils just an inch or less above Peter’s ankles. It is a sandy beige in color with the elastic threads creating two rigid parallel lines.

Over his base outfit is a sort of outer robe. It follows the plain white color theme with the borders being nice shades of green. The borders are about two inches wide and lines all of the edges - from the neckline, down the collars and the front sides and looping around at the bottom ends. There is a motif to the trims. Half an inch at the sides are solid green lines, and projecting from those are perfectly jagged lines that intertwine with each other to form diamond shapes in the middle. Within the design the background is filled with a pale green hue, making the darker green pop out. The outer robe is like a bathrobe in that one side must be wrapped against the body first before the other one is tightly overlapping it.

To keep the second layer closed a sash is also tightly wound around Peter’s waist. The sash is mostly made up of taunt material to keep itself in place, but it is also flexible enough to allow free movement. Its color is onyx, a pure type of jet black. On top of the sash, whether for some appearance purposes or some other reason, is a flat, thick line that wraps twice around and ending in a knot to his left hip. Covering Peter’s bare feet are simple slip on shoes. The bottom layer is made of rubber while the rest is made of polyester. Like the borders of his outer robe, they are dark green, almost black.

Abnormalities: None.

Personality: Peter Endless can be described as many things, some good and others bad - mostly bad.. There are a lot of dimensions to his character, and with each side to him is a story to be told. He carries both the sins and virtues of man, but everything may just be an illusion or a mask that he puts on to deter people from ever getting close to him.

The first trait that many might find obvious about him is his quiet confidence and pride. Peter stands tall and emits an aura of calm that demands both attention and respect (even if he is a bit young). Every movement he makes contributes to a bigger cause like emphasizing a point or handing down a fair judgment. A small nod of his head gives the people around him a sense of understanding or approval. Or an outstretched hand beckons someone to reveal their treachery. It is not unusual, however, for him to be greatly disliked or even hated because of it. Those feelings most likely stemmed from his resourcefulness and professional attitude at work.

When Peter speaks to a colleague, he is polite in his demeanor and tries not to belittle their work if there is something wrong with it. He may also give a praise here and there so that his co-workers know that he is not above them. If their work is running along the lines of his thoughts and theories, Peter will give him or her a small smile. Just a little upturn of his lips is enough to boost the person’s moral.

As a young man with infinite curiosity Peter is also persistent in his endeavours and getting things done without wasting any time. Everything about Peter is to do things perfectly so that everything will be perfect as the end result. If the outcome was not what was expected then he would deduce that the procedures had not been done properly. If the data is consistent though then Peter would admit that there should be another way to go about it. His high efficient work is also due to his organizational skills, combined with above average leadership and delegating proficiency.

Aside from his work environment Peter is mature, and responsible. Being punctual to every meeting whether it be a social outing or something relating to business or work is a fine example. Such traits might throw him in with the other boring people as he does not like to fool around when the time does not call for it nor can he stand idealistic views. Peter cannot condone those who wish to dream in the clouds or refuse to face the truth of their lives. His disapproval of such fantasies has him labeled as a realistic “arse” and a “downer.” Peter, however, does not mind being called those names as they indicate the childishness in others.

Despite how well-mannered and kind Peter has shown to everyone, some will still harbor an unexplained envy. Sometimes they will whisper to one another and spread insidious rumors, hoping to tear at his reputation.

The lies that which they spew from their mouths, however, are not all lies. Some are undeniably true.

Underneath all the layers of masks, Peter is a cruel and sadistic being. He takes joy in another person’s suffering whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. In any one method, Peter relishes in it. The way they cringe or flinch at a swing arm or contraption. The way they continuously look over their shoulders in fear of being watched. Or the way they scream and cry when someone else they love is in pain. Every scene played and every sound is like a delicious sweet. The very taste explodes in his entire body. It rolls outward then slowly trickles back in, leaving tingling sensations in every fiber of his being.

When Peter puts a drama together, it usually ends in a tragedy or comedy-romance. He directs his actors in a way that they don’t even know that they’re participating in a grand performance. His commands are always in questions, random proddings for information, or an off-handed comment. And those lines always come and go with a simple passing. One of the most common scenes would have Peter walking past by one of the noble’s daughters and asking whether she had seen her betrothed lately. The girl would look uncertain and reply. Peter would then frown and send a pitying glance at her before thanking her for her time and leaving with haste. By the end of the week Peter would be able to hear a young woman’s sobs in one of the guest rooms, and he would be smiling throughout the day.

This demonstrates Peter’s silver tongue and cunning. He can create and weave stories out of nothing then watch them unfold before his very eyes. If confronted about the incidents that have caused a string of unhappy young ladies Peter would lie with such ease that it was second nature to him, and making him out as a simple and innocent messenger. But aside from treacherous traits Peter can be quite a sore-loser. No, he doesn’t throw tantrums or break things to let out steam. The most obvious way that he portrays his disappointment and anger is how sulky and quiet he can be, or he can be snippy or short-tempered with people. His release in emotion, however, is when he disappears in a nearby forest and tortures small animals to death.

  • Reading. Information. That is what Peter desires most from books. Just the sheer amounts of it is what interests him the most as well as its contents. As he reads many books, he can also cross-reference them to see which pieces of facts don’t fit or make sense compared to others.
  • Stealing. He’s a bit of a kleptomaniac. If Peter sees something that mildly appeals to him and no one is paying much attention to it then it’s free game to take. The items that Peter steals range in various shapes and sizes, though they’re mostly hand-held types because they’re easier to hide.
  • People-watching. When he watches people mill down a street or go on with their daily lives, Peter is amused by how they go about it. He even creates a whole story if a particular group of people are creating a ruckus. Aside from given entertainment, Peter likes to keep a profile on anyone and everyone. It helps him pick out a likely target or criminal if there are rumors of people trying to assassinate the King.
  • Research and experimentation. Peter is an intellectual young man. He likes to pick and poke at things until he approves of the development. Being able to have “control” over how the end results should be is like a drug to him. If things don’t go his way, however, then he’ll simply shrug it off and find another way to make it work.

  • Causing pain and grief in others. By doing so causes Peter to have some sort of “high”. He likes the power and control, especially the ones that make people fear him.
  • Knowledge. Having more information or knowledge than anyone else greatly inflates his ego. If he were to have a conversation or debate with someone and they made a gross mistake in their facts, Peter would not hesitate to correct them.
  • People. They are a source of entertainment. Everything they do to live and survive makes him chuckle at how infinitely small their lives are. Peter feels like his previous title (The Holy One) rings true every time someone does something the long way.
  • Magic. Just the subject of it send shivers down his spine. The concept of it simply amazes Peter since he knew, by endlessly reading about it, that the human race never knew where it came from or how it was discovered.
  • Wealth & power. Enough said. Peter is the puppet master and everyone else should be his puppets. Everything about “wealth and power” pleases him from ordering a small page to do some menial task or to flaunt his high status to lower class nobles.
  • Spitfire. He doesn’t show it and he doesn’t want to admit, but Peter admires and respects him as a “friend”, “ally”, and “real family” (or as close as he can get to it). In his opinion, they are merely acquaintances that have known each other since young, and they merely happen to watch each other’s back when things get rough.

  • Being poor. Peter had always worn the best of cloths and is not in any hurry to bring his high status down. He does not think that living day by day worrying about when the next meal or pay-day is worth his precious time.
  • Ridiculed. Even if it is being teased good-heartedly, Peter does not like it at all. To him it means that there is something about him that is not perfect and can give other people a reason to do or say whatever they want to him.
  • Proven wrong. Peter is a sore-loser and hates it when he is, on rare occasions, “wrong”, especially when the person denying him the honor of being right is correct in all of his facts.
  • Being lectured. As a young man Peter believes that he is beyond the phase of getting lectures. He does not need anyone else to tell him what he had done wrong because he already knew it, before and after he had done his deed.
  • Puzzles. While it is considered a fun and educational hobby, Peter loathes them. If a person can spend a large amount of their time to a puzzle, they can do something just as challenging by figuring out how things came to be or something like that.
  • Spitfire. Despite respecting the man, Peter is not at all fond of Layl because he is always going on about honor and how a person should be. And even though Peter isn’t directly part of his father’s family, he had been slightly influenced by the bad blood between his and Layl’s family.

Inspiration: Peter’s drive to being a mage is to simply become powerful and exert his control over as many people as possible. Whether it’s as small as admiration or a good thought about him, Peter wants it all. And he knows that having magic will help him attain that goal. In his opinion, the Magic Council is starting to sound like a quite admirable position to be in.

  • Turning into a monster. Peter knows of his sadistic tendencies and enjoys it; however, he also fears that side of him. While he is entertained by the suffering of others, Peter does not want to be a mindless “monster” as the people of his past had called him.
  • Mazes. A complete waste of time and quite terrifying to Peter. How people have fun being confined in a closed space one does not know where the exit is are simply insane. If he had to go through a maze, Peter is sure that he would go mad and simply tear through the maze. He will not play games with whomever invented the stupid activity.
  • Ghosts of his past. The source of all his internal conflicts. He had been revered as the embodiment of good, but it turns out that it wasn’t true. Was he good or evil? Peter had tortured the people of his village and made them play at his tune. Perhaps it was his duty to punish them for having done something against God, or had he fallen so deep that he had been forsaken? In the end he been renamed as “Monster” due to his sadistic personality.

Augment Name: Eidetic Memory
Augment Description: It is the ability to recall images, sounds, and objects with all the five senses with extreme precision. While It is also known as “photographic memory”, the ability to remember information or images vividly and then duplicate it exactly, Peter’s eidetic memory is extremely potent in remembering a memories that it causes him a loss of grip on reality. Peter begins to, in a sense, hallucinate what memory he is currently going over. If he, for example, remembered what happened when he left his small village Peter could recall the intensity of the sun, the taste of the morning’s holy bread, and the colors of clothing that everyone wore.

Augment Name: Street Rat
Augment Description: They lie. They cheat. They steal. This title is the accumulation of the aforementioned traits. While Peter was born with a silver tongue to get him out of sticky situations, he had to work on figuring out on how to cheat in games or cheat people of their possessions. The same is said for stealing. The mastering of these skills has increased his sense of judgement and timing, knowing what to do and executing it at the right time.

Augment Name: Flexible Fighter
Augment Description: His fighting abilities are unorthodox, not exactly following any style of the Martial Arts; though some of the base and core movements have been incorporated into his “free-style”. Much of his reflexes have also been recalibrated (or trained) to conform to how he fights. Instead of flinching or recoiling away from a threat, Peter will stand still and use the smallest amount of movement to avoid the attack. With his “tamed” reaction time, the amount of milliseconds, even a second or two, is reduced when an action is pulled back to follow up with another action even though it is a bit less powerful.

Name: Bloodless
Classification: Weapon
Type: A variation of the Kusarigama
Material(s): Fortified Steel and flexible metal wires tightly wrapped in red silk.
Appearance: The weapon itself is shaped like an arrow. Its size is about the size of Peter’s hand. From the very tip till three-fourths way down the sides is the sharp edge used to cut and slice at enemies. The last one-fourth is blunted, as is the indented bottom, because it doesn’t have a handle for Peter to grip. Right at the indention is where the thin metal wire (wrapped in red silk) comes from.
Peter & Bloodless:
History: Even though it was forbidden of him, Peter managed to meet up with a wandering weapon seller (who visited their peaceful village frequently) and secretly bought it.

Scriptures of the Oracle
When the sun finally meets the moon,
A child will be born.
White locks and silver eyes,
With a mind so wise.
Our saviour, our knight.
God given might.
The Holy One.

The first memory Peter could recall by himself is the cooing of his parents. Their faces were blurry but he could distinctly remember how they smelled of vanilla and incense. It was both a comforting and acrid scent that filled him with warmth. His most memorable memory was being held up high to the sky, dressed in dangling white cloth as a sea of people cheered and bowed to him. Peter guessed that he had been about a year or two old then. Everyone loved him and he loved them in return. They showered him with praises and affection. He graciously returned those too for they smiled and thanked him for his blessing.

When he had been old enough to walk, Peter had been allowed to play with the other children. But some of the other children didn’t want to play with him because everyone loved him. Their parents and uncles and aunts and grandparents. They loved Peter more than them - the regular children. Peter was hurt but did not blame them. He had been told that the other children would not understand how important he was to them, and that it will take some time for them to realize how much they would come to love him. Peter had nodded and accepted the explanation, but remained confused as to why he, a child just like the others, could see the reason so clearly.

The winter burns in dark days.
Blood shed in an eternity of ways.
Innocent and compassion give way to darkness.
Here walks Judas,
Our blade and aegis.

By the time he was five, Peter had discovered that if he said or did certain things the adults of his village would do anything to appease him. If he wished for toys, they would give it to him. If he wished for more clothes, they would give it to him. Ever the most ridiculous of requests were completed. He didn’t know at the time, but Peter had conducted various experiments to see how far the people of village would do for him. “Make me laugh,” he would command them, or when he felt confident enough Peter would point at another child and say, “Punish him. He does not love me.” The punishment never exceeded more than a simple slap on the bum, but it had been enough for Peter.

For years Peter had constantly exercised his power over the village despite being a mere child. He asked and they gave, not even giving thought that they had an option to choose if they should obey his commands or not. Even the punishments for those have not loved him enough were gradually becoming more severe. The adults didn’t notice and the children didn’t notice, except for one. The odd one was a girl, just about his age. Maybe a year or less younger than him. And she, Valerie was her name, the smartest of the regular children. But she was also the most compassionate one. The one who loved Peter the most.

Peter favored Valerie out of all the children too. And just like most children who did not know the concept behind marriage aside from “being together forever”, they were betrothed because that was what Peter had wished. Like all couples they’ve seen and observed, Peter and Valerie slept side by side with one another in a their own hut. It was theirs alone, and for their family in the future. But because Valerie loved Peter and knew him, she began to notice how much he had changed. From his forced smiles and gritting of his teeth whenever an immature kid makes fun of him or tells him that he would never love him. She saw it all and confirmed her suspicions when the punishments had become more of a daily and hourly command for Peter.

And every time they rushed past the punished, Peter would have a strange satisfaction in his eyes. Something that Valerie found disturbing because before, when she had known his past self, Peter had had the most painful of expressions. She remembered distinctly (or as much as a child her age could) that Peter had tears pooling and streaming down his cheeks because he is causing pain to the people he loved. Now, however, she could tell that her partner was delighted in seeing people suffer. For months Valerie said and did nothing, hoping and denying what she had uncovered. But on one afternoon, when she was looking for Peter in the forest, Valerie found corpses of the little woodland animals. It was the work of Peter, she was sure of it. No animal or person from their village would prolong a creature’s death and not take it home for food.

The time has come.
Curse a man who promises freedom.
Bless The Holy One who forsakes us and follows.
We are left with nothing but ashes and arrows.

Valerie was also a patient girl. She waited when other people of the village began to doubt Peter’s judgement. Everyone, even the toddlers who were bordering on becoming children, were punished for the littlest of things. Peter would still smile sadly and give a reasonable base for the crimes, but the villagers were finally opening their eyes. When Valerie though it was time, she brought one of the corpses of a dead squirrel to the leader and told him of how Peter skinned it alive and watched it die. The information spread slowly and cautiously so that their Holy One wouldn’t catch it, but Peter did catch it and heard the fear in their voices.

His power and control over the village was no more. Over the next few days Peter had packed and stashed a bag of supplies for when he would make his escape. Knowing and having loved the people, Peter already knew his fate if he were to stay. On the day he was to escape Peter decided that he had one more thing to do. He accompanied Valerie to their small hut for lunch. While they ate, they said nothing. The air was thick with nervousness and fear. Halfway through their meal Peter stood and hugged Valerie as if he was in pain. Confused at his behavior Valerie had turned to face him so that she could return his hug.

When asked what was wrong, Peter asked, ”Do you love me?” Of course, Valerie was quick to assure Peter that she did. She could feel his arm tighten around her, clinging for strength. At this point Valerie was startled at his affection. It was as if this was the old Peter, the one who truly loved. Her own arms tightened around him in hopes that it will bring him back. Peter pulled away slightly, stared into her eyes, and kissed her like he had seen the adults do. Valerie responded as expected before he pulled away. Tears were streaming down and his lips were pulled into a heartbroken smile.


There was a splash of red and a scream.

Peter did not move away, not even when the entrance to the hut was clogged with surprised and angry faces. The villagers dragged Peter out and onto the middle of their village, an open and public place where the Holy One will be judged by all. They demanded his reasons and they wanted retribution from him. But all Peter could reply with was, ”She did not love me. Do you love me?” A pause and silence before more shouts broke out. ”You do not love me.” Peter stood and saw his people recoil from the slightest movement. He stared at them with sadness and began to laugh. They did not love him. ”Monster!” The people began to yell and chant, closing in on Peter’s ten year old frame.

The first of the mob knocked him down to his knees, viciously beating on him until he was laying down on the ground in fetal position. Peter’s demented chuckles were drowned out until the bellows became a cacophony of shrieks. Fire, out of no where, ate at the straw and wooden huts. It spread from house to house until latched itself onto each villagers and burning them. Peter, once again, was upright and taking in the scenery. The villagers had forgotten him and were more intent on running away.

In the distance, not too far away that they couldn’t be spotted, was a heavily robed man sitting regally on top of a horse, flanked by archers.

The Holy One shall dance to a tune.
He will twirl and bend to another’s will.
Our blade shall become a typhoon,
Heartless and lost in one man’s thrill.

It had been months since Peter had been taken in by Head Advisor Yami. Peter now lived in a castle belonging to the King of Fiore himself. He had wanted to explore the new land, but was forbidden to leave his room until he learned how to be “respectful” to his savior. Every day since then Peter had been hammered on the laws of the castle and the proper manners a noble should have. And every day Peter was told of Yami’s family’s history as if it was his own. It did, eventually. Yami had officially adopted Peter as his son and heir to his family line. Peter could have cared less for the position, but owed the man his life.

Peter did whatever was asked of him from Yami, though he was finding it unworthy of his time. He persevered, however, and was later allowed to go out of his room as a reward. He wasted no time heading outside where he met his first rival and friend, Spitfire. Whether it was an impulse or something else, Peter wanted to make Spitfire bend to his will like the villagers. Another a puppet, a better one, he had thought then. But as they continued to spend their days together, Peter didn’t see him as a mere puppet anymore. Spitfire was better. He had been a respected ally and friend. For the next few years they were deemed as inseparable. They learned from each other as much as they competed with one another.

Yami, Peter’s foster father, did not approve of his friendship as it was a bond to his family’s most hated rival. To break the best friends apart, Yami concocted a cunning plan that would really kill two birds with one stone. He ordered Peter to kill Spitfire’s own adoptive father as was his duty as heir and a debt yet paid. For the entirety of his thirteenth year, Peter continually failed in murdering Spitfire's father. His big chance came in disguise of a banquet, celebrating a successful treaty with some country. Peter poured poison in his target’s cup, hoping that it be done and over with since everyone’s attention was elsewhere. But like all his previous plans there was a wrench in it. Instead of the father picking up the goblet, it was Spitfire. Immediately Peter’s hand shot out and slapped the drink off his friend’s grasp.

There was confusion, surprise, and then anger. Peter and Spitfire began an argument that took the attention of everyone in the party hall. People laughed and jeered at the young boys, knowing that it was a common event among them. With everyone so preoccupied, Yami had taken his chance and injected an untraceable poison directly onto his rival’s system. Spitfire’s father was dead within the hour. There was panic and sorrow, but Peter knew who had done his job for him. Ever since the funeral, Peter had tried to avoid or limit his time with Spitfire as his adoptive father ordered and because of the guilty feeling that gnawed inside him.

It wasn’t long for Spitfire to notice his best friend’s behavior. Peter even expected the confrontation, knowing and feeling that this situation was similar one that happened years ago. When questioned, Peter denied all claims of attempted murder but he did it in a way that Spitfire would know that he was lying and telling the truth. After this pseudo-interview transpired, there was a rift that appeared between them. It grew wider and wider as the year progressed as both children found themselves delving into their respective arts.

He who is superbia is also avaricious.
The Holy One shall fall to his knees,
And will no longer be precious.

Peter and Spitfire were no longer seen with each other. They weren’t even considered friends by the outsiders. Both young men simply existed in the castle, but never crossed paths. Not if Peter could help it. Rumors spread of their separation and the King summoned Peter into his throne and requested him to live as a peasant. A punishment for a crime he never could go through - the murder of Spitfire’s father. Peter wanted to refuse, but one glance at his father standing at the right side of the king told him otherwise. He was to go quickly and only return when they deemed his banishment atoned for his sin.

For years Peter lived in the slums of the city next to the castle. In his first year, Peter had barely managed to survive by persuading passersby to take mercy on him and give him food. But it only worked for so long. Other homeless people had caught on and used his tricks. It was then that the citizens began to avoid them, they had learned the tricks too and it was old. Trick after trick, Peter lived off of left-overs from the diners’ trash until he joined with a group of thieves that taught him how to steal and how to fight. They stole fresh goods like bread and fruits and clean water. And they hoarded their stash for the next few days.

Simply attaining food and water didn’t cut it for survival. Other rival gangs, the greedy and desperate ones, always attacked and attempted to steal their hard-earned goods. Peter had developed to be a fighter who would do anything to win either by playing dirty, tricks, or sheer speed. That’s how he lived his days, weeks, and months in the poorest part of the community. Steal and fight. Steal and fight. It was all he knew until a Rune Knight approached him and his group stating that he had been pardoned for his crime.

Poichè Iddio ha tanto amato il mondo,
che ha dato il suo unigenito Figliuolo,
affinchè chiunque crede in lui non perisca,
ma abbia vita eterna.



Faceclaim: Jafar - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Other characters: None.
Translation: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but everlasting life.
Disclaimer: Stole the music thing from Sergius Marduk, and coloring the quote too.
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