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Post by Kaiba on Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:00 pm

The night was setting in surprisingly early for this time of year. The moon was starting to rise over the city, the rays of light reflecting in every puddle, in every little raindrop that had fallen from the sky oh so recently, basking the city in it's lunar light. The buildings, the people, and even the side streets. In one specific side street, there was a small bar that's sign above the door was done in a small magically-lit light, showing off to any potential customers exactly what the bar was. The Dragon's Roar, a small but surprisingly popular bar that was a hide-out for many pieces of the underworld. People came here for fun, to drink, to meet new people, to get laid, but whatever the reason nobody came here just out of coincidence and certainly not Kaiba, who was currently sitting in the back of the bar, flirting with a cute girl who was drinking a strange bubbling liquid. It wasn't champagne, maybe a cheap imitation but it certainly wasn't the real thing, quite like Kaiba's feeling for her. He just wanted information, and knew that this was the best way to get it out of a drunk girl. To the jerks, seem weak, to the children seem kind, but for the lonely single desperate women; Seem interested.

"So what did you say after that?" Kaiba said, his usual tone of happiness shining through in his voice
"Then I told him he could stick his mercenary contracts up his ass for all I cared, and he walked off!" She laughed with the most brittle, nasal laugh that Kaiba had ever heard, and for not the first time that evening he was seriously hoping that she would finish her story quickly so he could slit her throat and not have to hear that multi-damned noise for the rest of his life. Still, he knew she had more information than she was letting on so he wasn't just going to give away a contact before they'd delivered what he'd wanted. Afterwards... well, there'd be one more corpse in the gutter in the morning.

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Post by Kaiba on Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:29 pm

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally got onto the information that he wanted to know about. The tracking down of Kallie Richeinn.
"And then that dumb bitch who stole him from me, Kallie, I think her name was..." Kaiba, for the first time in the conversation, was genuinely interested in her words. He'd been ordered to bring this girl's head to his boss, and he was not just going to sit back and let this chance slip through his fingers. The chance to prove himself to the family, to make sure they knew that he was the best hitman working for them. After all, he WAS the best hitman working for them, whether they knew it or not.
"What about her?" He said, perhaps a little too eagerly. For a second, his 'partner' seemed a little shocked at his eagerness, but dismissed it and carried on talking
"She was last seen going off to Mount Three Head. I mean, what's out there?" Mount Three Head? Damn, that was a long way away from here, he didn't want to have to go over there on a wild goose chase. Still, if it was truly her current location he'd head out there immediately>

"When was this?"
"Oh, two days ago. Apparently she'll be gone for a week." Kaiba smiled and put his hand on her leg, secretly slipping his other hand into her pocket and taking out her wallet. He needed some winter clothes for a place like that.
"Sorry darling, but I've got a trip to make. I'll see you around"


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