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The Lost Goods [Mission]

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The Lost Goods [Mission] Empty The Lost Goods [Mission]

Post by Chris on Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:47 am

An unexpected and a sudden mission down. Chris has succeeded and has proved himself that even on the spot, he would be able to do things especially now that he got whatever its needed for such profession. His first mission of the day was rather easy but then it took him more than half of the day to complete. Its not because of the difficulty but rather because of the unfamiliarity he had with the place at the moment. As much as he's ready to face any kind of obstacles, fortunately there was none, he was able to get of the woods unharmed except from some minor injuries that he got from Yuroichi. "I'm sorry about that... its my cat's side.", Yuroichi, the cat transforming woman, teasingly apologize to Chris as he and Kizuke finish the conversation they were having. They were talking about the reward and some kind of a business card as it appears that Kisuke immediately have a liking for Chris' performance. Chris simply remained focus as to what he and Kisuke were talking about but not for long. He's done with his quick job already and time to part ways. Probably not.

"Oh... Don't be silly! What about my stuffs? You can't just leave it there unattended!", as Kisuke receives a call, his somewhat thankful and grateful expression suddenly changed into a troubled and stressed expression once again. Chris hasn't left the vicinity at all and was just to get on his way to the transport station. At that moment, his connection with Kisuke is off and even if he's hearing his just recent client who's seems to be in some kind of trouble, yet again, he did not bother butting it. "You know I can't..! Which is why I need your delivery service on the first pla... hold on.", Kisuke continues to argue to the person on the other side of the phone and Chris can still much of it. "Chri... Mercenary! Wait! Hold on!"

"Huh?!", Chris stopped. He heard the man calling him. He did not look back at first. He paused for a second.

"Chrissy-kun... Kisuke's calling you!", Yuroichi would mutters in.

"Hey! Hey! Wait! Are you in a hurry? Can I ask another favor, mercenary?", Kisuke runs hurriedly asking Chris about another favor. Perhaps its something about the phone call that he recently got.

"Its not a favor. Its a job... again.", once again, the cat transforming woman butts in.

"Chris! Chris! You mentioned you're heading back to Falcon City right? That must means you'll be taking one of the air ships? Isn't the next flight would be at dusk? Four more hours? You can stay with us first. Blehh... if you like, I got another job for you! Sure, you can do this... very easy!", Kisuke tried to convince Chris to have his service once more immediately after the first one had just ended. But there's no need to really persuade Chris since like what Kisuke said, he'd just be sitting on the station as he wait for the next trip so he did find another job, an easy one just like what Kisuke said, worth doing. "I need to get my stuffs which got left unattended back! It was somewhere in the western part... are you familiar with it already? The man who's going to deliver it got scared and run off! Such a pussycat. Can you do it? With those guns of yours, you can probably get it back here in just an hour or two! I'll pay the same for your service, Chris! What do you say? Cool?", Kisuke continued to ask Chris.

"Alright. I accept.", it was Chris' closing words to his client for the second time.

Word Count: 620 / 1200

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The Lost Goods [Mission] Empty Re: The Lost Goods [Mission]

Post by Chris on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:21 am

Heading towards the location that Kisuke had told him where the unattended goods were left, Chris started to stretch his muscles for bit. With a rough estimation of his destination , it would probably take him forty minutes to an hour if he walk on a normal pace like what he’s at right now. He’s not on the hurry so he is simply taking his time but still with proper caution and awareness to his surrounding. Taking time surely shouldn’t be one of the things a person should be doing around this parts of the mountain woods but he’s been around here for more than half a day now. Chris thinks that there won’t be any particular dangerous things will appear as he stay away from the heart of the woods and won’t stray near the inner part of the mountain’s base. Still, he’s wary of the very place. Perhaps there was someone or something that made the person who would be delivering Kisuke’s goods on the first place. He thought about that already which is why he’s stretching his large arms as if he needs more warm up.

It did not took long until Chris’ presence disappeared coming from both Kisuke and Yuroichi’s spot as he proceed to walk downhill. His pace did not changed until the road gets rougher with the initial flat surface covered with undergrowth and unearthed stones. But that did not budge nor hinder Chris’ movements as he’s well adapted with such terrain. The road becomes more narrower and a couple of hundred meters after, it completely became something untouched by those who pass by the same route. If it will be given a bird’s eye view, it can be noticed that the route is perfectly aligned with the other routes and that it was like the mountain moved and blocked to route with its own very foot. That’s the route that he has to take. There’s a stream ahead, small cliffs and an open field, too, of nothing but gloomy and dark place.

Without breaking any sweat, Chris had reached his destination. It was at a junction point of three separate paths. He was able to pass through the even rougher part of the location but he has to travel back carrying the goods. Even more considerate task but its easy for Chris though before that, he has to take care of the beings surrounding the packages… gremlins. A dozen of them. “Alright. Back off small ones.”, Chris give out a warning but surely, these creatures won’t understand… much. Without further a due, he draw his gun from the holster and immediately give out a warning shot. The gremlins were playing around the boxes and did not pay attention to Chris at first but as the shot of the firearm echoes, they stopped. They were not shocked nor surprised. They simply look back. Chris looked back at them with fiercely trying to intimidate the small ones with just a look. He did. He did not resort to firing another shot. The gremlins flocked away jumping off the boxes and then into the bushes. It was simple.
There were two boxes. One large and one smaller. They were not heavy nor would give Chris a hard time when he travel back but to make sure, he examined it until he’s ready on the move. With the large box over his left shoulder with his arm holding it and the other box with his left arm, Chris took it back. The large one weighs no more than 15 kilos and a very light one with the smaller box. Capable of carrying the package without any problem, it still took Chris twice the time he had to get here to get back.

“Kisuke. Here’s your stuffs…”, Chris arrives and handed the objects back to his client. “That’s all.”, he adds.

“Aha! I knew it! That was faster than the express delivery! You sure are reliable, Chris-kun!”, Kisuke gave his thanks as he examine his stuffs. “Thank you for your hard work! Come! Come with us first! We’re going to Falcon City, too. But before that, we drink first! Hehehe… I wouldn’t give the payment if you decline…”, Kisuke teases Chris cheerfully. Chris is passive with that Kisuke's been saying but one thing is clear, he has done what he was hired for.

Word Count: 725 / 1200 (1345)
Mission Finished

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