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The Light Beckons [Solo]

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The Light Beckons [Solo] Empty The Light Beckons [Solo]

Post by Peter Endless on Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:08 am

For God so loved the world [...]
He gave his only Begotten son,
That whoever believes in Him
Should not perish but everlasting life.
"Achilles," Peter intoned from his position on top of stacked boxes. The once great and once beloved child of Holy waved a skinny hand at another young man near his age. Achilles, pronounced "ah-sheels", gritted his teeth as his knees hit the ground and staining his already dirt-caked pants. "What's the news 'bout the crowd gathering on Mayne's turf?" Once again Achilles gnashed his rotten teeth together before raising his head to gaze at the one who called himself Peter Endless. Achilles did not hide his hatred for him. It was not because Achilles couldn't keep a mask on, but simply because Peter knew everyone in their little "family" of thieves. Peter knew every single detail. Hiding their emotions did them no good.

"Rune Knights."

Peter ran a hand through his hair in exasperation. "Details Achilles. Details." His hand, which was smudged with some type of black oil, came down to pinch the bridge of his nose. There were times when, perhaps, he should have not taken the role of leader. There were those who always wanted to be in his position, he knew, but Achilles was making it extremely difficult for him to hold his temper, especially since the topic was concerning Rune Knights. And the only Rune Knights in Crocus were stationed in either Mercurius, the King's palace, or the MAC (Mage Association Center), where any mages can take on missions. Peter was more interested in if they came from the palace. Those from MAC can do whatever they want so long as they didn't pick on him and the crew.

"They're looking for something," Achilles then hesitated and looked away, unwilling to keep eye-contact with Peter's dragon-like orbs.

"I wonder, Achilles..." Peter gestured to the other men that lined the alley, telling them to relax. His voice carried a sad and pained tinge to it. It was almost as if he was betrayed. "... When you've become so deficiente*, or is it you've become so geloso* that you do not care for the safety of your "family" anymore. You know that anything having to do with the Rune Knights are important to us. They can break us apart."

He watched Achilles tighten his fists and smirked. Peter had picked up on the street lingo long ago and never used it. The words used were not quite his style, and seemed to make him sound like one of them - the homeless. But now, as he spoke the words, it became his weapon. Not only was Achilles thrown off by his subtle insult, but he had also used the term Achilles loved to label their group. Peter's silver eyes glinted with mirth as guilt began to work its way on Achilles's dirt smeared face. He wanted to see him in more pain, but refrained from doing so.

"Are we not your keluarga*?"

The dam broke.

"They're Rune Knights from the palace!" Achilles was now standing and glaring defiantly at Peter. "And they're killing anyone who won't say anything! It's like we're anjing*! Aso* ---"

An intricately designed spear was supporting Achilles by his abdomen.

"You're quite a hard man to find, Endless."

Deficiente - Latin context for "stupid"
Geloso - Latin context for "jealous"
Keluarga - Malay context for "family"
Anjing - Malay context for "dog(s)"
Aso - Filipino context for "dog(s)"
Peter Endless
Peter Endless
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The Light Beckons [Solo] Empty Re: The Light Beckons [Solo]

Post by Peter Endless on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:52 pm

Plip. Plip. Plip.

Dull silver eyes stared in fascination at the little red drops joining the puddle at the ground. He traced one bead travelling down the shaft of the spear and simply smiled. It was glorious. Even if the alley they were in was dark, Peter could see the shine on the crimson liquid pooling everywhere. He watched the edges crawl outwards for a couple more inches before giving his attention to the Rune Knight at the mouth of their back street.

Peter schooled his expression into righteous anger, and forcibly ground out a furious reply, "As was intended, Knight." It was a facade - appear enraged so that his puppets knew that he was with them, that it wasn't his fault that they would suffer. He pushed himself off the boxes and landed gracefully in front of Achilles. "What is your purpose, Knight? Why have you taken one of my family?"

Tears began to pool at his eyes with a single thought. Dirty, threadlike fingers reached out and caressed Achilles' coughing face. Peter was sure that even if they were able to take him to a healer, he would not survive. For added drama Peter's hands shook as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. "Why... W-Why me?" Achilles gasped, reaching for Peter. As if he couldn't take it anymore Peter placed his comrade's head upon his shoulder as he held onto him. "Because the Light is calling for you. You have done well in this life and now... It beckons your soul. Peace and farewell, Achilles." He could hear the pathetic cries of the thieves around him and had to bury his face into the neck of his now dead companion. This was just too good! Peter bit his bottom lip in an effort to keep his laughter hidden, and let his shoulders shake to give them a grieving act.

"That's enough, Endless." The Rune Knight was not at all moved by the scene in front of him. He seemed to be more than bored by lazily taking out a scroll that held the King's seal. "By order of the King.... You are to be taken to the castle and receive your judgement there." There was a short hand gesture and several foot soldiers invaded the small alleyway. They subdued anyone who tried to oppose them.

Peter waited until he heard and felt Achilles last breath leave him. "Stop! That's enough! Don't hurt them anymore. Please..." He choked on the last word. It disgusted him that he had to play a part in begging but it had to be done. "PLEASE!" His cries, however, went unheard as they continued to beat on his poor and ragged people. "KNIGHT! If you are true to your vows, you will cease these acts. What would the King say if you are killing his people rather than protecting them?" All movement stopped and the Rune Knight laughed out loud.

"Is that a threat?" He let out another amused laugh before waving a hand in Peter's direction. It was a command. And like a wave the foot soldiers grabbed Peter by his shoulders, forcibly marching him towards the entrance of the alley. Peter struggled until he stood by the horse. "Look up Endless. You're at my mercy now. I can always tell the King that you resisted and had to be put down to save my men. He would understand that." The Rune Knight smirked, mirroring many of Peter's arrogant grins.
Peter Endless
Peter Endless
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