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Ama Tera Su

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Ama Tera Su Empty Ama Tera Su

Post by Amaterasu on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:09 pm

___________ AMA TERA SU ___________

Ama Tera Su Untitled-1-18


"And I could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack
All around the world was waking, I never could go back
Cause all the walls of dreaming, they were torn wide open
And finally it seemed that the spell was broken."

Nickname(s): Amaterasu
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2. 1. X374
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Obscura Fabula
Guild Tattoo: Chest

Ama Tera Su Appearancenatsu

Ama Tera Su GilgameshUC

Physical Characteristics: Ama could be described as a normal boy on the first look. His length moves around 180 centimeters, while he thinks it’s not enough. His weight is probably adequate to his length, since it is 68 kilograms. Main feature of his body is his head. Medium length golden hair with his respective eyes makes a great combination. He may look like a saint, but the opposite tells the truth. Ama’s body is quite well-built, achieved by a years of trainings, and thanks to that, not only his body, but also his psychical state is quite better than it used to be. His body type would be ectomorphive, which means he has smaller bone structures. On the other hand, his face shape is perfectly symmetrical. Eye color is slightly red; actually it’s something really unusual, between red and yellow.

Most of his body contains of pure muscles, since he doesn’t like to eat much. Thanks to that you wouldn’t find any useless fat in his body. He could be compared to perfect body type, although his organs aren’t that good, because to many situations that happened in the previous years. Thanks to that, he often happens to be ill, because his immune system isn’t working properly. Also dehydration is something that happens really often to him. He has problems accepting water as he should, but this illness has invaded him from his youth.

Attire/Clothing: Clothing is something that really matters, in Amaterasu’s case. It can be strange but mostly you will see him with golden armor, as already mentioned on the picture. He wears it to show the difference between him and normal mages. Overall his fashion, clothing and attire could be described in one word, and that is Pomposity. When he’s outside the guild field, he tends to wear his armor, but only a little bit of people get to see him in his comfortable costume. That consist of regular white shirt and ordinary trousers, but even then he tends to wear at least a golden necklace or bracelet.

To sum up, there are only two outfits you will see him in. People may just stare at him, but that makes him feel even better since he’s the type of person who is proud of himself and he lets everyone knows it. Sometimes he decides to wear also a red cloak, which takes the same color as his eyes.

Abnormalities: N/A

Ama Tera Su Personalucy

Personality: Amaterasu has really difficult personality, not just to understand but overall to live near him. His thinking is quite egocentric, what means he really doesn’t care about others, but mostly only about himself. He could sacrifice anyone just for his goals and that makes perfect dark mage of him. He isn’t just the one who blindly fights for his guild, he prefers to think, and choose the way that is best for him. Considering the personality information, most people would say he is an INTP. That means he is close to genius. Ama is also independent, because he had to live on his own for 5 years, and since then he learned to survive without others. Also he has learned more, mainly about his psychology. He always knew that he wasn’t just an ordinary boy who was meant to end like a light mage helping people and his town. He also learned that he can’t lead, nor control people because he likes to be lonely wolf, so no one can annoy him.

The word friendship is unknown for him, he only judges people by power. And that’s the way he chooses acting to different people, because it’s obvious he will be nice to people who are stronger than him, but clearly said, nice in terms of Amaterasu is not that nice. He just tends to use less sarcasm and irony when he is nearby them. During fight he doesn’t speak at all, he has just great flows of thoughts connected to battle, thinking about every opinion, opportunity and chance to defeat his enemy.

Hobbies: There aren’t many hobbies that would Ama have because of the lack of time. Anyway from his early childhood he was good at writing, or well he enjoyed it. Most of the pieces he wrote had autobiographical character with a tragical end. He also writes poems with cubistic character, because the content isn’t important, but the form is. Not sure if relaxing counts as a hobby, but Ama takes it like that. He likes quiet places where he can turn his mind off and just enjoy the charm of the moment.

  • Chaos
  • Wolfs
  • Silence
  • Strong people

  • Sun
  • Places with many people
  • Happy endings
  • Pure affected people

Inspiration: His only inspiration is the desire for the power. He had this inspiration from his early age, and we can say that the power took a control over him, and that’s why every action that Ama makes is based on power. He judges people by power, he does everything for it. He had no problem to see his parents dying just because of the idea of becoming stronger. Overall you could say that he seems to be quite unmotivated if you don’t know him,

Fears: Ama has only three fears, which he considers as important. First one is simple, fear of death, often referred as Thanatophobia. It’s hard to explain reason of this phobia, but it would be probably because he doesn’t feel strong enough to die. All of his phobias are strongly connected to his psychology, which is quite hard to understand. Second one is “Zeusophobia“which means fear of God. There is a simple reason why he is afraid of God, because if he exists, then he is probably the strongest being on an Earth. Last fear is fear of snakes, or better said reptiles. He often says they shouldn’t be allowed to live on the same planet as he does. He hates mainly the big snakes as anaconda or cobra, or bigger reptiles as alligator, although he hasn’t seen a single reptile yet.

Ama Tera Su Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Night Vision
Augment Description: Only augment that Ama possesses is Night Vision, but it is quite undefined, because he can’t perfectly see in the darkness, but he is able to detect silhouettes. Thanks to this he can see if his enemy in the dark is human, or animal. Probably this augment was obtained during his stay in Obscura Fabula, because all the surrounding place was dark.

Ama Tera Su Equipmenterza
Ama Tera Su Posessed_scythe_color_1_by_Windstorm1

Name: Reaper of the North
Rank: D
Classification: Weapon
Type: Scythe
Elemental Alignment: Multi-elemental (Wind, Lightning, Water)
Ability: Allows Amaterasu to use Storm Magic
Material(s): Wood, Iron, Organic Materials
Appearance: Reaper of the north takes appearance of unusual scythe. Originally it was made from various materials, including bones from various animals. Probably the most visible piece of this scythe is the red eye on the top. Scythe is as long as Amaterasu is, which perfectly suits his needs.
History: Reaper of the North, originally Reaper of the East belonged to Ama’s teacher, Zelrauk. He was a powerful mage who has mastered Storm Magic, however he did only one mistake. He believed Amaterasu is his student. Ama acquired Reaper of the East after he killed Zelrauk during sleep, and after that he renamed it to “Reaper of the North”.

Ama Tera Su Historygray

People are so distant; they push the ones they hate between those, who they love. And that’s the reason why this world will never be great place. Great place for everyone. Me, you and them. The reason I started living my life by the darker way is simple, I just can’t stand the nativity of people believing everything will be all right.

It won’t.

It was the winter of X373. People were on streets of some unknown town located in the North Fiore. This town was quite usual, most of the people believed that being a mage is a disease, and that by destroying all the magic, this world will become a better place. However this statement could be true, this town had around 150 members in total, and the population wasn’t very active. There was no magic used during building this town, or village better said, but they knew basic life needs as water, electricity etc.

Right now, we are standing outside a small house, which belongs to one couple. This couple is known as medics team, because all the injuries villains have are headed right here. Both of them have studied medicine, and they are probably the only ones who are able to cure people from ordinary sicknesses around here. They prefer the idea of world without magic just like everyone else. The year X374 has just freshly arrived, and most of the people were just sleeping, after great celebrations that happened last night. Nobody even managed to notice that the female part of the couple, called Izoria is going to born a child. Unluckily only one who could help her was her husband, Akuryo. It didn’t last long until small child has appeared, in his full pureness. Moments of the joy were as long as they could, because Ama was their first child. They were just full of happiness, and reason why they named him Ama was quite unknown, as well as their surname was.

Ama was raised in quite good location, learned from the beginning that magic is a sickness, but his attitude was really strange. When he was five years old, all he did was hard training. He did it because he wanted to become stronger, even without magic, although his parents wanted him to be medic as they were. He didn’t like that idea, and as the days were passing, he was realizing that the only way to become stronger and face magic was to become mage as well. He didn’t want to tell it to anyone, but he had to make a breakaway plan to escape from this village. His attitude was also really strange, everybody could notice that he didn’t talk to other kids, and he spoke to his parents only when he had to. That was sign he didn’t belong to a place like that. He was 9 years old already; skilled in hand to hand combat, but he still didn’t manage to leave. Only hope he had, was to get the village destroyed.

Basically, the idea of destroying the village wasn’t that realistic, only thing he needed was someone who could destroy it. He was pretty sure that Fiore mages are searching for this village, because of the radical approach, and they thought there may be some plans this village might be hiding. At the age of 10, the village was attacked by several mages. Almost all of the people have died, and Ama was only happy to see it because he felt this village was just holding him away from the power. Luckily he managed to break away. For the next two years he was travelling the world as a rogue, looking for some hope. He was found by a strange man, who could be about 30 years old. He was named Zelrauk. Zelrauk was mage, who was travelling around the world. Only positive thing about Zelrauk was fact, that he was that bored, that he promised he will teach Ama to use his magic. He was owner of a scythe named “Reaper of the East” and that was the holder item for his magic, the great Storm Magic.

It took several years to teach Ama how to use that magic, and the main problem was that they had only one scythe, so Ama had to practice with Zelrauk’s scythe. He was really good, and he would describe those years as the ones that brought him the most happiness in his early life. When he was 16, he has already understood all the basics of this magic, and he has managed to create his own spells, which weren’t much stronger, but they looked way much scarier than the ones Zelrauk taught him. During one cold night, Ama has woken up earlier than Zelrauk, and all of sudden it looked like a devil took control of him, and he took Reaper of the East and cut off Zelrauk’s head. Then he just enjoyed the blood which was flowing down the hill. He just came closer and the devil smile has appeared. First time in history, he understood what his way was. It wasn’t a rogue who had neutral attitude. He accepted the fact that he was a person whose destiny was to serve dark. Since then he had started searching information about his further life. He ended up in a guild called Obscura Fabula, although he is just a fresh newcomer there, he thinks that will be the place where his life will happen.


Faceclaim: Gilgamesh - Fate Series
Other characters: None.

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Ama Tera Su Empty Re: Ama Tera Su

Post by Amaterasu on Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:40 pm

Bump. I would like to apologize for my English spelling and phrasing. I am not native and English is just my second language. Hope it won't be a big problem since I am always willing to learn and improve.

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Ama Tera Su Empty Re: Ama Tera Su

Post by Heero Villenn on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:20 pm

Hello Amaterasu I am Heero and I will be reviewing your app.

I have one qualm. Please go into more detail in your characters hobbies, inspiration, and fears. `

The only things we allow to be simply listed are likes and dislikes. Everything else will need solid explanations. (we do like when you explain your likes and dislikes however it's not required)

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Ama Tera Su Empty Re: Ama Tera Su

Post by Amaterasu on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:43 pm

Okay, I edited it. For the likes/dislikes I don't feel like I could describe them clearly, but probably in future I will if that's okay.

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Ama Tera Su Empty Re: Ama Tera Su

Post by Heero Villenn on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:37 pm

by the power vested in me.

I deem this app...


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