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The Fifty Shades [Mission]

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The Fifty Shades [Mission] Empty The Fifty Shades [Mission]

Post by Chris on Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:03 am

Chris had just got back to Falcon City last night but instead of heading back to his guild house, well, its were he also resides and not just their guild house, he ended up staying with the company of Kisuke and Yuroichi as he was asked to. As early as he can, ironically, since it should be said as late as it is, Chris left and head straight to their guild. There’s only few of his guild mates around the time he arrived and as he reached his room, there’s a note pinned on his door. It was a message from his guild mate and together with it is a mission request. A request within a request. But seeing that he just got back and haven’t got any rest for the last 24 hour, he went to sleep first before reading it.

Couple of hours have passed and its already six in the morning. Even though with his sleep that short, it was enough for him to restore enough strength given that the day wouldn’t be as stressful as it is like the last day. Then again, its not his guns nor any of his weapons were the first thing he saw but rather the letter.

“Hey Chris! Its Claire. Sorry but will you please do this one for me? I owe you one already but if you do this, I’ll owe you two! Seriously… You have to do this or I’ll kick your ass! I’ll be back in a day or two so get this done by then.

Lots of Love,
Claire XOXO”

“Fifty Shades of Ian, huh? An army of shades…”, Chris read what’s the request his little sister is asking him to do all about and it appears that he’s thinking something... different. As he give out a sigh thinking that Claire made a deal with something she can’t handle and left it for him to do, he stood up and fixed himself before heading towards the client. Equipped with weapons, his guns and his daggers, both with himself and on the pocket dimension, he left his unit. Though there’s no need to.

An hour after he contacted his client who wished to meet in secret, Chris proceeds to the location with full of precaution thinking that its really a high level of mission. It is not. Its just a simple, yet, complicated task and he’s just misunderstanding. He arrived first and waited for his client to show up but like what he thinks things should turn out to be, his client named Nina appeared to be also cautious with her surroundings and environment. It even adds to the misunderstanding Chris is currently having about the nature of the task he’s about to do.

“Hello. My name is Nina. I’ll keep this short. I need you to finish this task this very day and by dusk, we meet here on this very spot. Everything you need to know Is stated inside this paper. I don’t want any mess. I don’t want any trouble.”, It was not really short but given that she told Chris those stuffs within just split of seconds as if she was really on a hurry or its just she’s pretty excited, Chris can’t tell. She’s very serious about it. Either way, Chris has no choice. It’s a mission he must do.

Word Count: 557 / 1200

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The Fifty Shades [Mission] Empty Re: The Fifty Shades [Mission]

Post by Chris on Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:40 am

Chris followed the instruction. He went to the location it states he should go, the time and the things he must say or do and things he must not say or do. But before he does anything, he gave out a big sigh showing his frustration as he realized that he was thinking something different all along. Though confused at first, he figured that he was the one who’s thinking something else. As of the moment, he’s currently standing in front of a large bookshop along with tons of people, he was ordered to get in line to buy a book. No combat. No fighting. He has to buy a book titled Fifty Shades of Ian. Its nothing more of an errand but he did not think he was fooled. He yawns out of dismay as he was so worked up at that moment but then again, he has no choice. He’s already there and he can’t just abandon this task.

Amongst the crowd, Chris is the only one who seems to be out of place. Dressed as a mercenary and equipped with firearms and blades, it can’t be helped but draw most of the young women’s attention towards him. On top of that, it appears that he became the center of attention as he get in line as it states in the instruction. He gets in line to the lots of young women who were also wanting to get a copy of the book themselves and it can be seen that both the next and before him in line were distant to him. Scared it seems. Chris did not mind at all. He’s not a crowd pleaser but one thing for sure, the loud noise the young women makes does irritate him. He still tried to be cool though.

“Hey you! What are you doing there? You think you can cause such commotion or something?”, an inquisitive young woman, on her mid twenty’s, asked Chris as to what he’s doing as if he’s there only to cause a problem but as Chris looked back, it appears that he made the young woman to pause.
“I’m here to get a copy of the bo…”, with a deep and smooth tone, Chris was about to tell the young woman his intention but it turns out that she knew what Chris was going to say. Its not big deal since its not hard to tell that he’s there to buy the book on the first place. Either way, the air seems to change and the young woman suddenly grabbed Chris by his forearm . “Don’t speak… come with me, my Ian!”, Chris was dragged inside the bookstore by the young woman but whatever she has said, Chris had no idea. He was even called as her Ian or something. They pass through the crowd of other young women and as they reach the corner, the young woman who dragged him pulled something. She hand over a copy of a book to Chris.

"There’s no need for this… uhm… Anastasia?! There’s no need for this.", curious, Chris asked the young woman and smartly read her nameplate and addressed her by her supposed name.

"Oh! No, please. Take this. I got a complete copy of the trilogy. Uhmm they weren’t published saved for the very first part but I can give it to you if you ask…", whatever she says...

"No. Thank you. I just need this one… Anastasia."

For a free price and more like a gift from a strange but alluring young woman who appears to be a clerk of the bookstore, Chris got a copy of the book before the set time with his client, Nina. He did have an extended chat and an unmentioned deal with Anastasia before being able to left and head to his client but that should do it. He got the book as requested. And not long after, he meets with his client and gave her the book that she requests for. Though at first, the same Nina appeared but as she got the copy herself, she immediately changed as Chris noticed, no different from those other young woman around the bookstore wanting to get a copy of the book. Either way, the mission is done. It just appear to be complicated at first but it turns out that it’s just a simple task.

Word Count: 728 / 1200 (1285)
Mission Finished

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