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Shadow Road [Open]

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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Shadow Road [Open]

Post by Damian Blackwood on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:28 am

Damian had finally found himself within the merchant city of Falcon. As with most the places he visited there was little known about him here , and he planned to keep it that way. However , there was some information he had been looking for here , and he had heard some rumors that a few people who were evading him had been seen in town. He figured that while he was on the information hunt that he might happen to drop in on those people and see what they were up to.

As it happened the information hunt was looking a bit low at the time , but he was starting to get a bit thirsty and figured he would check out one of the other leads he was here for. "Shadow Road" the name of a bar run by a cute female mage , she was known for being pretty tough which was an attraction for Damian of course , but the best bit was that a man who owed him a little cash was being seen frequently at the bar. Blackwood walked up on the place and found it to be in rather good condition as most places in Falcon city were. He opened the front door of the dark looking pub and walked right in , being met by silence and a ton of cold stares. It would seem this might have been a hangout for some of the town lowlifes. He ignored their stares and as he walked to the bar he could hear people commenting on his suit , saying he looked to good to be in a place like this.

He sat down at the bar , pulling on the front of his suit slightly and making sure not to slouch his shoulders. He figured the slightest hint of weakness might attract an unwanted attacker. "Ill take a glass of your best beer" he said to the waitress , reading her actions knowing that she was already starting to size him up. He placed a the required money on the table before she could even begin to assume that he wasnt going to pay. She slowly filled his glass , placing it on the counter infront of him and took the money. As she walked away he started to wonder why she wasnt speaking. He peered back out into the room behind him and although they were talking again he could sense the tension in the room. Maybe he had stumbled into some kind of private bar. Or maybe something was going on before he entered , he'd need more information before he could figure out that much.....
Damian Blackwood
Damian Blackwood
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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Re: Shadow Road [Open]

Post by Chris on Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:21 am

Across the street is where Chris is currently at. He will be doing not a mission for someone but a favor. He had just finished one of his mission so he decided to drop by around the area to help on of her close friend's close friend. He was asked to help the owner of the Shadow Road bar. Though it appears that there's not much of a thing for Chris to do since the place is already on a good condition, given just at the first glance, he wonders as to what kind of help he'll be doing but before entering, he scouts the place first. He's not new to the place but since he doesn't usually spend time around the place, he's just familiarizing himself around. Not a place one would definitely love to hang around though.

Chris did not find anything wrong aside from the insufficient amount of lighting around the side alleys of the place and by the nightfall, he's sure that it will be gloomier that it appears to be. Its not that pubs and bars generally sports the kind of atmosphere though. But that's just Chris. He's just not used at night hang outs and is really having a strong sense of vigilance. Either way, if this is some kind of technical or electrical maintenance, he thought he could do it but if its more about being the peacekeeper of the place, it would be better. He suit that job more than anything else. He entered the bar using the back entrance.
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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Re: Shadow Road [Open]

Post by Damian Blackwood on Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:41 am

Damian took a hard pull of the beer the waitress had set before him. He sat his glass back down lighty as he looked around at the people who had by now gone back to talking amoungst themselves. Though if that was a good or bad thing for his situation he couldnt tell just yet. Damian could sense that the air of unease he had created upon entrance still hadnt faded just yet.

Being at front row in the bar he , as well as the bartender heard the backdoor open , they both turned and looked as someone unknown to them walked into the room , near the bar. The back door placed him almost behind the bar and was normally used as an employee entrance. The bartender walked tword him as he had entered "May i help you?" she asked aloud.

Blackwood watched as the event took place wondering how the entire thing would unfold. At first glance this man didnt appear to be the type that would be in a bar , but blackwood took himself into consideration then let out a small laugh , taking another large drink from his beer. He smiled contently , as he heard the beer in this place was pretty good.
Damian Blackwood
Damian Blackwood
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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Re: Shadow Road [Open]

Post by Chris on Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:07 am

This would be the first time Chris will enter the bar. The first time entering the bar using the back entrance that is. Now where the owner be? Apparently, as he open the door, its the immediate inside of the bar which somehow did surprise him as he's expecting it to be somewhat apart from the very inside. Based from the outside appearance, the place sure appears to be a huge establishment. Though none appears to have been bothered by his sudden coming into sight save from the bartender, an adult customer and a pair of lovey-dovies not from where he is. He resume his stature and then casually walk towards where the bartender is.

"My name is Chris. Is the owner here?" He has no idea that the cute bartender is the owner herself. Inside his head, he's picturing of a large person being the owner given the notoriety of the place, it can't be helped. "A friend of mine asked me to come. I'm from Sable Pantera." He adds and as he do so, he noticed how keen the men whom were having some kind of fun discussion on one side of the bar have become. He barely heard it but he's sure he heard the name of his guild being mentioned. Perhaps, them, getting wary of his presence. He's trying his best not to give off a strong vibe, though. He put his attention back to the bartender to explain more.

"Alright... seems like a fine work to me." The conversation with the bartender was over and so Chris proceeds to his station. He was asked to clean the upper part of the establishment and nothing more. Not a peace keeping assistance which is kinda relieving in a way that his day will not end with another brawl. Hopefully.

Hey Dam, if there's a certain plot you want to play, tell me so I won't derail off hehehe. Also, is the bartender the cute owner too?

Chris Heavenfield
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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Re: Shadow Road [Open]

Post by Jinchu on Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:28 am

Jinchu was off on another adventure, originally coming to this nick of the woods because he was tailing someone for a job, 'Damn, maybe I should've just approached him outright, ignore the instruction to exercise discretion.' It was not as if keeping his fights quiet was something Jinchu was known for, especially in his specific field of magic. He was walking along the street and took notice of a pub nearby. The sign read "Shadow Road" and it seemed to ring a bell to Jin. He hasn't been in Falcon City long but ear of this darker bar had reached his ears, a place where less-than-savory people tended to gather as far as he knew.

"Maybe there is a chance that my target is there? And if not I can still get a drink out of it, heh." Without putting much more thought into it, Jin made his way over, walking through the front doors like he was a regular, no hesitation. It was easy to tell that he wasn't the usual to fit in a bar crowd, much less an underground one. His fire-red cloak was freshly cleaned and his pants showed no wrinkles. One might say his appearance was refreshing but that paired with his leaner build made him look like a target to be bullied by the bigger, gruffer men around.

He made steps toward the bar in the establishment and the first man he passed made a slight jeer about how he was a mere boy, a pansy that didn't fit in this climate. He took little notice of the guy, not worth his time but in his lack of response more teasing began. Still he acted as if it was barely an issue, 'Wow, if only I could ruff these he-men up a bit, but it would likely escalate to me getting kicked out for harming all the paying customers. Might as well keep my mouth shut until someone comes up to me.' Jinchu made it to the bar and leaned on the counter, letting his right hand rest on the counter.

"Hey, bartender, do you mind setting me up with a nice beer? And have you seen anyone around here with a dark hood and a forest-green scarf?" She seemed to be a little busy at the moment talking to a big man that actually looked quite familiar, "Chris?" he thought out-loud. He hadn't seen that guy since they helped out Cain on the street. His presence here was intriguing but not totally surprising. He would see if he would get his attention in a few moments but first Jin was going to wait for the bartender to respond to his order and question.

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Shadow Road [Open] Empty Re: Shadow Road [Open]

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