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Relieving some cargo (Closed Cain)

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Relieving some cargo (Closed Cain)  Empty Relieving some cargo (Closed Cain)

Post by Cain on Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:01 pm

Cain left his apartment in a hurry, he was running late meeting the man that was going to be paying him his next rent check so it was a necessity to do this request right and maybe he could line up a few more jobs so he could have some spending money out there. Most were off the streets and in this area of town it wasn't safe to be on them too late at night. He was not worried though about being jumped or mugged. The cool night air allowed the city to fill up with fog making it a much more eerie atmosphere. The buildings near this area of town where normally lower than the normal skyscrapers to make it easier to land and take off with the air ships. They were also in a lot worse shape than the buildings on the other side of town.

After a few minuets of power walking Cain had made his way to the building where he was to meet with Mr. Nixerson the client for the evening and a major crime boss for Falcon City. The building was sketchy on its own it didn't need the fog to help it at all. There was a large man standing out front who must have know who Cain was since he opened the door for him as he walked up. Inside was a flight of stairs leading to a smoke filled basement with a group of several men gathered around a poker table. At the front of the table was Mr. Nixerson dressed in a pin stripe suit and a black hat. He looked up from the table and motioned for Cain to come join them. Cain moved closer to the table and stood beside Mr. Nixerson.

”Glade you could find the place Mr. Knoles. Now, lets get to business, I need you to take out three guards in a warehouse thats just down the street. Once your done with the deed ignite this flare and throw it up into the air and we shall come gather our prize. You can do whatever you want to the guards just make sure the packages are not damaged, got it.” At that he waved Cain away not even waiting to hear his response. Something kinda rude, but he was the boss. Cain left the building and headed to the warehouse to go ahead and get this request over with.

Word Count: 405

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Relieving some cargo (Closed Cain)  Empty Re: Relieving some cargo (Closed Cain)

Post by Cain on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:48 pm

As he walked along the streets he prepared himself for the up coming mission. It had been awhile since he had gotten his hands dirty in a request like this, he would need to take it slow. He knew that Mr. Nixerson was not to worried about a few dead bodies to clean up but he was not very comfortable with doing things like that. It was just something he avoided at all cost unless they deserved it, then there wasn't too many rules on how to handle it. The warehouse really was just a few blocks away, only a quick few minuet walk. The fog masked his approach on the warehouse giving him a chance to be a little sneaky. He saw a dumpster pushed up next to the fence surrounding the warehouse. He climbed up on top of the dumpster and hopped over the fence.

The guard by the door must not have heard him coming allowing him to sneak up behind him. He was sitting in a cheap folding card chair under the only lamp light on the warehouse sitting right beside a large metal white door. Cain took off the scarf he was wearing wrapping the scarf around his hands making the scarf tight and useable as a weapon. He sneaked up behind the guard who was still unaware of his presence, as he got within arm reach he made a quick wrap around his neck tightly strangling the man. He struggled against Cain's assault but had no success, Cain had already activated his magical power increasing his strength while slowly shocking the man as well, this was the power of Zeus, King of the Gods.

The guard slowly gave up as he lost the flow of oxygen in his system. His eyes fluttered open and closed until finally closing at which part Cain released his grip allowing him to breath though he was fast asleep. He tied up the man with his scarf to a drain pipe near the side of the warehouse, out of the lights path. He snagged the key from the guards waist and headed inside to finish off the job. His hair slowly growing as time passed growing blonder and more curly, the electricity in his body started to jump off his body and ran down his hair causing small electrical discharges at the ends. He was ready to kick some ass.

Word Count: 806

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