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Opium Serket

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Post by Opium Serket on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:59 am

___________ Opium Vriska Serket ___________

Opium Serket H8ilh10

"There is no greater evil than anarchy."

Nickname(s): Fang, Blue or Blue Blood, Lady Opium,
Age: Twenty-Two
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/10/x369
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D rank

Guild: Obscura Fabula
Guild Tattoo: A blue colored guild tattoo that has been placed in her left eye magically.

Opium Serket Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics:

Opium, a naturally alluring woman with a air of mystery surrounding her very being. To catch a glimpse of her silhouette one could tell she is of the female gender, it is obvious after all. Every dip,curve,and arch in her body coupled with the switch in her walk no one would dare mistaken her for anything else but a woman. Even with clothes on it does not take away from any of these feminine features... But like all good things..Lets start from the top.

Her head is not a big one, but it's not small either more or less it's in the middle of that. A heart shaped face that holds some very defining features makes up the base of Opium's overall structure starting above the neck. On top of her head, a cascading fall of Black-Blue messy waves tumble and roll down past her neck and shoulders, resting wildly in the middle of her back. Her hair does not hold a glossy appearance but it does appear healthy enough to have a soft touch and a scent of raspberries with a slight undertone of the sea. Opium does not style her hair, and usually has a windblown style. She actually rarely touches her hair at all, believing that it's just a waste of time only washing it when she needs too. Her hair grows in thick and with some much of it one would think she took care of it.

A very noticeable feature that catches most people's eyes are the horns that Opium has sitting atop of her head. About six inches in length, her horns are a very bright color, starting red at the base and moving upwards as an oranges and fading into yellow at the points. Her horns are not the same shape, her right one ends in something like a sharp hook, while the left splits into mini upside down half moon. Her horns just so happen to be an erogenous zone and a very, very sensitive one at that. It takes much will power to ignore the constant feeling of pleasure because her hair is constantly tickling it.

Opium's eyes are another thing that seems to attract people. They are a glaringly ice blue that are constantly oozing an eerie glow. Her eyes are what some would call Fox eyes and have a very seductive tone to them. Framing her eye lids she has thick,short, dark eyes lashes that only add to the beauty of them. Her right eye is the only one visible most of the time, while her left eye is covered with an eye patch. Under her eye patch her eyes is much different, she dons the Guild tattoo in her eye. She only lifts the eyepatch when she needs entrance into the guild or when she is preforming magick.

Moving down to the last few facial features, Opium has a very well normal nose in her mind. it's a bit long and a bit bulbous at the end of it, but she never really sees anything wrong with it. Her lips...Oh..Her lips are plump, a beautiful work of art. Soft to the touch with a blue hue to them. Her teeth are quite sharp and well can't be call teeth at all. Fangs would be the proper word and her two canine fangs come down longer than the rest, effectively appearing over her bottom lips. Her pearly whites are far beyond pearly. They are pure and free of anything unclean, gleaming tauntingly in any light.

Moving down her slender neck to the rest of her body.

Opium's body type can and is properly called an hourglass figure. Her bust size comes out to a very perky and very well endowed C cup. Standing at a height of Five feet and eight inches she is kinda tall for a woman. Her weight is properly and correctly labeled as one hundred and thirty pounds. Opium is in no way, shape, or form overly muscular but instead well toned. Her stomach is flat with no body fat to speak of. Her arms are long and her left one is a robotic arm that like her left eye has also been fitted with Magick. Moving down she is quite nipped in at the waist and her buttocks is tight yet round and quite large, something that embarrasses her highly. Her thighs are thick and moving down she has a healthy set of calves. Her shins are well shins which moving down connect to ankles that are well...Ankles. And those ankles end at Feet. Feet that are a size six and are actually quite pretty.

The last thing and probably the most important.. Is her skin. The color of stone. It is grey, a light grey though and funny enough soft to the touch with a few scars here and there.
Opium does a lot of her actions in a prideful and respectful way. She walks with her back straight and head held high. She looks everyone she meets in the eye and never allows anyone to talk to her in any manner other than respectful. When annoyed she tends to stroke the ends of her hair and stare out into space. She does not allow those she thinks as lower or weaker than her to walk in front of her and she always walks behind those she fears that might be a challenge in battle. When meeting anyone for the first time she lowers her eyes slightly in a glaring manner. This glare might last for a second or Minutes depending on who the person is.

Normally...Forget it let's start with the outer clothing and work are way in.

A long black coat with a blue lined design travles down until it reaches her ankles. The coat is made of a very durable material not very easy to burn,rip,or tear. The coat buttons up, the buttons are made of wood which have been painted black. The inside of the coat has four pockets altogether, two on the right side and two on the left side. The coat also has outer pockets only two but they are placed where Opium can easily place her hands inside of them comfortably and smoothly. She wears this long coat because it covers her bottom well and it does a good job at keeping her clothes protected and her robotic arm hidden.

On her lower half Opium tends to go back and forth between a pair of pants or a skirt.
The pants are a black color and fit very snug against her body. The pants are easy to move in and like her coat made of durable material.
The skirt has a very unique cut to it. I. The front it is quite short coming up to her in Eric thighs threating to show her womanly parts if it were not for the white frill comeing about two inches Down. As we go to the back of the skirt however it comes down long and the frill increases on the inner part of the skirt, something that one will surely see. Because the coat matches the length of the back of the skirt, one sometimes mistakes the frill for being on the coat instead of the skirt.

On her feet she dons a black pair of boots that come up to her knees. Sometimes these boots are red. The boots buckle up and have a not to small heel on them. The heel is about four inches tall. Under these boots are knee high stockings that have a web like pattern to them and they come up a few inches over the boots themselves.

Under her coat Opium wears a corset of sorts. It can't really be called a corset.. It's rather difficult to explain.

Her top like the rest of her attire is black with a blue design. This design is that of a spiders web. The top can be long sleeve or shirt sleeved depending on what she feels like wearing. The cut for the top allows for a lot of cleavage to show.. So.. It's kinda like a well designed corset..

Every now and then Opium likes to wear a hat. It's a rather fancy hat. It's pirates hat the color black with a blue frill lining and a larg blue feather.
Fancy indeed... Only wears it... For fancy events.. Or meetings... Mmm fancy.

Abnormalities: Blind in her left eye, Robotic Left Arm, Horns on her head

Opium Serket Personalucy

Oh and here comes the hard part... But if I wanna get this done....

I can give you a summary.. But that would be too short.
Ugh I'm stalling... Ok.. I won't keep you waiting.. Making this up as I go.. Typical bad guy..Girl. Bleh!

When the opportunity arises, Opium waste no time in capturing it. To better herself and only herself is the main goal. Using others for her gain is only a small portion of what she will do to get what she wants. No one is safe from her, death does not have a face so everyone is game to her. Her morals are strained and to be honest she has none. To her morals are another set of rules, and everyone knows that rules are meant to be broken.

Opium could easily be called a psychopath without a plan. As already stated she is not afraid to hurt anyone physically,emotionally,mentally, heck any way possible. She will do all these things to only to not only gain something, she'll do it just because. Don't let her find out a weakness or fear because she will be ready to exploit it. Another being human or otherwise has no meaning to her. She does not pity nor does she feel remorse for the beings she kills or harms. Her mental stability is questionable at best, on the outside she shows a very well put together person but inside her mind a million thoughts run wild. These thoughts are almost always random... Really random. Her actions as someone will surly notice are very dangerous. She may be talking to a person calmly one second and the next a knife is aimed at their throats.

But for all this Opium is actually not that hard to be around as long as whoever is around her is careful. She respects those of neutral and dark guilds and her actions are not so extreme around them. This is no way means she won't try to possibly kill them. She knows for a fact you can't trust those people as far as you can throw them, and in her case she can't throw them very far. Those goody two shoe guilds, she hates them and all they stand for. They disgust her and she wonders what made them the way they are now. Opium will and has no problem even converting them to the dark side. As I was saying she is able to converse and is actually not to quick to judge a person before knowing them. Her ability to speak well with others allow her access to them. She does not make friends, in her eyes they are contacts. She believes that someone, somewhere can be used for anything.

Her trust in others is zero, and her loyalty is minus one. If your not smart or if your just as bad you better know you'll be used and manipulated if it suits her. She is constantly on guard though. She is far from stupid, just so far on the deep end spectrum of crazy to know her actions could get her killed. Funny though because for someone who ain't too fond of being alone she does pretty messed up things to attract attention to herself and burn bridges at the same time.

When alone or should I say without human contact, Opium tries to keep herself as busy as possible in order to get the fact that she is alone out of her mind. Most of the time she is tidying up her map sketches to a neater finish or writing in her journal. She like to hum because the silence makes her jimttery and nervous. It is rare for her to be alone though because she really hates it.

Males and females of both genders attract her, but being as shallow as a kiddy pool does not allow her meaningfull companionship. If she is attracted to anyone she will be tempted to ,excuse my language... Fuck the shit out of them. But because of her fairly voilent nature and rather respectful outlook on herself she tries to start a fight with them.. Purposely aiming for the other part to grab her horns until she is.. Done with them. When the day comes that she actually falls for anyone. That'll be the day hell has frozen over and it'll be because of her.

In a battle Opium is ruthless but never ever underestimates any opponent, under no circumstance. She likes to mock others in battle though. With a smirk or the playful lick of her lips if blood is drawn. She never speaks until the fight is over unless she has too. She likes to keep her distance in battle because she knows it's a stronger point than her being up close. She also uses distract techniques in order to get the upper hand. She is not above fleeing but she will never turn down a battle either.

1.Drawing Maps: In every new place she will sketch out the area with remarkable accuracy. She has no sense of directions and she gets a slight thrill InMapping out a area. Sine there are endless place to map out she can happily continue with no end In sight.

2.Writing: Opium writes faithfully everyday in Her journal since she has moved on into the world on her own. It matters little if nothing interesting or worth writing has occluded she still writes her day down and her findings on things she finds interesting.

3.Making ice sculptures: she loves it. And that's that.

Spiders,Snakes,Butterflies ( shh that's a a secret ),any form of the color blue, Sweet foods, traveling along the sea, Her horns, Seeing new magick, the dark, the cold,rain,the color black,drinking alcohol, Spicy foods, Cooking,Singing,Listening to classical music,Taking what she wants, Men, Beautiful women

Dislikes: Heat, the color pink and because of the relation the color red, bland foods,bad liars, Ugly woman, those who believe in justice, being alone, being disrespected

Inspiration: being raised in a family filled with nothing but dark mages, Opium has been raised to leave a mark on this world. And that is her aim. She wants her name to be written in history for all generations to see. To bring honor to the Serket family and show her sisters she will always be better than them.
Let me make this simple..

1. Being alone: Being alone makes her jittery and helpless. If there is no one around her she'll do things to make herself busy so she won't think about being alone. In the event she finds herself without anything to do while alone she will go out and find someone to escape it.

2. Death: that something that she won't just welcome. The fear of death is so bad she'll fight tooth and claw to stay alive. There could be no hope for her and she'll still fight the hand of death. Opium will never give into it as long as she lives.

3. Dragons: Her father was eaten by a dragon... Right in front of her eyes. It was lucky she got away.. Not completely in one piece but alive nonetheless. Seeing a dragon will shock her for a moment before she runs for her life.

Opium Serket Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Spider Speak
Augment Description:
Spider speak is a genitic trait that is passed down to every female in the Serket family.
It allows Opium to speak to any and all spiders now matter what species. Not only can she speak to them she can understand what they say in return. This is a passive trait and is on all the time.

Augment Name: I defeat the lie detector
Augment Description:
Opium can lie like she breath air, naturally. Smooth a fluid she can weave a tale and retell it over and over again. She shows no signs or patterns a typical lier would make. Oh no Not even the greates lie detector could catch her in a lie. It's something she's been good at since young.. Maybe she got it from her father... Or better yet her mother.

Augment Name: Reaction Time: Flash.
Augment Description: The loss of her left eye seemed to have heightened some things. Her reaction time was one of them. Opium reacts to things quickly. Pain,attacks,emotions, almost everything in general.
The reaction to most things are mere seconds and she won't hesitate to react.

Augment Name: Senses Hightened: Hearing
Augment Description:
Opium has always had better hearing than most. It was something she was just born with. Something cutting in the wind,footsteps crunching on the ground, things people wouldn't normal pick up.. More or less she can hear just as good as a deer. Have you seen those things react to sound?

Opium Serket Equipmenterza

Starter equipment is available to everyone and anyone. Follow the template for starting equipment here.
Name: Addiction
Classification: Weapon
Type: Scimitar-Sword type
Sword Length: 36 1/2''
Blade: 24 3/4''
Weight: 3 lb 4.5 oz
Edge: Blunt
Thickness: 3.8 mm - 3.2 mm
Width: 53 mm - 84 mm
Grip Length: 9''
Addiction features a large heavy carbon steel blade with engraved scorpion designs. The two handed grip is made of wood, flanked by solid brass guard and pommel.

Opium Serket Scorpi10

History: Before Opium left on her own path of life. Her father gave her this sword as a gift. He saw her potential and knew she would be able to use it effectively with her Ice make Magick. A parting gift so to speak.

Opium Serket Historygray

The Push

The Serket's family origins began in the Blackwood Forest. With it's first mage actually being born in the cold mountains of Mt Hakobe. Three mages, three sisters had very different views on what the best Magick was and an overall different view on how Magick should be used. These three sisters whom before they split shared the last name Ampora. The Ampora's were a different breed of beings altogether, with different colored blood, Horns, and that pale grey skin. Yes they lived in silence in the cold...But all changed when these three sisters came into the world.. Moving off in search of answers for the powers the hay obtained. For now we will focus on one sister... Because this One sister has become the figure head, the family founder, and the ancestor to the Serket family...A family bred in evil, Raised in darkness, and corrupt beyond reason...

It was a rather dark day, but so were most of the days in the Blackwood forest.
But even on this dark day, Something beautiful and much anticipated was happening in the Mansion of Serket.. Something that only happened every ten to fifteen years.. A child was being born...But in this even rarer instance, three children were being born.

Deep panting, cold sweats, panic and anticipation was the only thing settled into a very large room.

" Please Lady Moina you have to push.. One more push.. Please? "

A soft and soothing voice spoke to the panting woman with her legs wide open and tears of a jade color pouring down her eyes. With one big push out popped out a child with dark wild hair and a deathly loud cry that didn't seem to be letting up. The child was handed to her mother, but she still cried and nothing seem to be able to shut her up. The crying was so loud it brought in a tall man with a very intimidating red glare. He snatched the crying child from the tired woman, who was his wife. Instantly the crying shifted to sniffles and in seconds all was quite...But for a second.

" Ugh! "

It seemed there was more than just one child stuck inside this woman. The older woman whom was doing her job smiled and looked at Lady Monia.

" I'm sorry Lady Monia but you have to be strong. This should be over soon. With your help. "

The next five hours consisted of crying pushing and blood. A weakened mother and three beautiful daughters were born into the world under the very old name of Serket.
Opium the first born,Peyote the middle child,Ecstasy the one that took the longest to come into the world... These three beings, different beings,all with a purpose for something great....

Three rights don't make a wrong.

As the triplets grew up together it was painfully easy to see the differences between them. From the magick the wielded to the opinions they had and the way the played with each other. It was also easy to see the family played favorites among the three. The father Lord Persnickety took a very deep and loving interests in his first daughter Opium, while Ecstasy was washed with attention by her mother, but Peyote seemed to get just enough attention and love from both sides and a little more from her uncles,aunts,and grandparents who saw the favoritism in the family.

Opium and her father shared the same magick, Ice make magick and with that they formed a solid and seemingly unbreakable bond. Lord Persnickety loved all three of his daughters, but the birth of Opium was something special for him. He never experienced something like that when he first held her. His intentions when the crying has awoken him was to rip her throat out, but it seemed Opium had a different take on that. From that day forward he was around his children more than he was ever around his own wife. The time he spent with them he learned much and realized the raw power Opium held. He usually took her out with him when he went out of the forest because he favored her most. When he found out about her magick the training began...But she was not the only one training..As she would soon find out.

Being ten years old Opium never thought of anything really malicious but she still was a bit...Naughty and not a very good team player. She didn't care for playing with her sisters but when she did she made sure they played by her rules. She took being oldest by some hours to the heart and made sure the other two knew who was boss. For a while the younger siblings took the abuse,but one day...

" No. I'm not letting you do that to Ecstasy. As a matter o fact Apologies to her. Because you made her cry...Again. "

A calm and nonchalant voice was steady and one toned, Peyote was really tired of the nonsense she had to put up with everyday with her sisters. One was a whiny little baby and the other one thought she was queen of the danm universe. A small frown formed on the middle child's face as Opium burst into laughter.

"And who do you think you are? I'll put you in your place right now. Better hush up and stay out of this. "

Pushing past her sister, Opium smirked as she lowered her eyes at Ecstasy. She knew how weak and such a pushover the child was and it was just oh so fun to mess with her. Grabbing the youngest sister by her collar she thrust her to the ground violently.

" Better do as I say...Or I'll do a lot worse than that. Don't let Peyote here get you into trouble. "

A mocking laughter came from her mouth as she turned to Peyote not ready for the painful punch that she turned right into. The pain it didn't bother her, it was the shock.
Her eyes widened slightly and a cold mist came from her mouth..A icy mist. With rage swelling up Opium quickly got up and using the Magick she practiced put her hand out and shot ice at her Peyote's feet. Running towards her she punched her in the face before the girl had time to react, knocking her down successfully with the ice shattering as she went. A sharp cry began to fill the forest air as Ecstasy ran over to her fallen sister.

" A-Are you ok Peyote? A-are you? "

Peyote didn't speak and instead stood up, wiping away a bit of jade green blood from her lips. Her face was the same, no emotion. Pushing Ecstasy in the direction of the house Peyote closed her fist tightly.

" Go home Ecstasy. I won't tell you again. "

The youngest sister did not hesitate and quickly vanished from the two. It grew silent as Ecstasy got further away from the scene, deathly silent. With two sisters left things were about to get really ugly.

" So you know a little magick. Do you think that makes you better than me and Ecstasy?"
Peyote for the first time since she was born cracked a smile. The smile itself was enough to make Opium step back. Peyote never showed emotion she was the balance between Opium and Ecstasy.

" You don't scare me. Your weak just like Ecstasy!"

After that statment was made Peyote wasted no time in showing Opium has wrong she was. Putting her hands together she pulled them back as a ball of energy formed I. Her hands. Crackling raw energy... Which looked a lot like lightning! Opium quickly put her hands in front of her and let out a stream of ice which made a wall in fornt of her. Peyote was not fast enough but her magick was strong enough to destroy the wall of ice and send Opium flying back.


Before any more damage could be done Lord Persnickety arrived with Ecstasy close behind him. He looked at each of his daughters and shook his head.

" Go to the mansion. Then to your rooms. All of you. "

The girls knew better than to talk back got their father. They learned that lesson early in life. From that day the sisters were divided. They didn't play together, they didn't eat together, it was a wonder they didn't try to each other..... Growing up it was easy to see where each of them would end up...

Because of the graphic nature of this part of the history and the pure laziness I the author... I give you a summary.

Opium grows up. Her father takes her to mt three head for some bonding. As he hands her the weapon addiction he is eaten by a dragon. Using her ice make magic and the sword she tries to slays the dragon. She loses her left arm and eye In the battle. Some nearby guild members find her body and recognize her as a Serket. Out of respect they save her sorry behind and give her a new shiny robo arm and a glass eye. Opium returned home where she joined the Fabula guld, but not before killing a random person. Accepted Into the guild she had the guilds tatto placed into her eye....
The end


Faceclaim: marquise spinneret mindfang - HomeStuck
Other characters: N/A

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I Heero villenn love the app but we have an issue.

Your character is D-rank, therefore no matter what it would be impossible for her to kill a dragon.

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Bumped and changed my lie detector
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