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Post by Peter Endless on Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:40 pm

Peter felt like laughing. Here he was, at the front of the castle with a couple of bags holding his possessions and a horse drawn carriage. Not even twenty-four hours had passed since his banishment was lifted and yet he was already being kicked out again. But that was fine. The king had given him a very well-timed opportunity. He was to travel the roads of Fiore, observe how the lives of his citizens, and then send him a report. His mission was quite easy and it didn't hurt that the king allowed him to use this journey to expand his knowledge about the world and many more things.

"Oi. Peter!"

Keeping his expression passive, Peter turned to see Iago walking towards him. "I see that your network works fast. Here to see me off, Iago?" Peter schooled his lips to turn up in a amused smile. He did not expect to see him especially since their last parting wasn't exactly cordial, though it wasn't hostile either. Iago stopped a few feet from him with an equally cheery smile. "Hah! I don't need to use my network to know that. It's the topic of the day. Probably even the week, or month since it's you. Gotta hand it to you though Peter. I haven't heard of anyone being unofficially banished twice by the king himself."

Peter shrugged and entered the carriage, "Well... I am his favorite. I'll see you when I get back Iago. Or when you happen to escape this place."

Iago chortled and waved good-bye.

The ride to Moriyama was not long as it was actually quite close. That was probably the reason why the king allowed for him to take a royal carriage, which was odd. No one but royalty or important guests were given the right to use them. Perhaps it was the king's way of thanking me. Or it's the least he could do as he practically forced me to do this.

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