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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission] Empty My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:54 pm

The sun shined through the four glass sections of Sergius' window, landing on the very spot where his full-body mirror stood. The boy who had just gotten out the shower and dressed himself, walked slowly towards it with black-socked feet. A toothy grin was flashed towards the reflection of himself as he judge his appearance for his newest mission. The mission entailed that he would have to meet with a family and be sorta of a mentor to the man's child; so he wanted to look his best. Sergius tasseled his navy blue hair into a suitable looking mess before smacking his hands against his cheeks to induce a flush of red to brighten it. Looking at his choice of attire, Sergius was obviously looking quite dashing. He wore a dark tunic that was loosely tied with blue string towards his neck, the sleeves were rolled up at his forearm and exposed his pale hands. A large brown leather belt decorated his waist and laid atop his black trousers; which was delved inside a pair boots with blue soles on the bottom.

He looked on at his innocent pale skin and smiled widely. " Today, Some boy is going to be very happy. This I promise. " he said to himself before grabbing his sky-blue waistcoat off the bed and walking out the door. He had a long trip ahead of him if he was going to make it into town before the appointed time.

Sergius walked pass his guild and head down the dirt path that lead into town. His hands were comfortably placed in the pockets of his trouser and his eyes were closed as he enjoyed the soothing sounds of nature. He would have to be at his best if was to deal wit the depression of a mother-less child. Or atleast that was what he thought.

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Sergius Marduk
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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission] Empty Re: My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:14 am

An hour and many trial and errors later, Sergius showed up at the bright red door of Mr. Vaneras' house. It was larger than most houses and yet more quaint and humble than a mansion. To be honest, with Kurikara on his back Sergius was feeling slightly uneasy about knocking on such a nice door.

He gulped down his anxiety and knocked twice with a clenched fist. The sound of the door left a weird silence in the air, it made Sergius even more uneasy. He gripped the red sash over his chest with both hands as the sound of feet approaching came from the other side of the door. " Alright now's the time. Make a good impression. Smile and be this kids big brother. "

Sergius sighed as the door slowly crept open and standing at his stomach stood a small fiery head kid. " I'm guessing your the mage. My dad's been waiting for you. Follow me. " immediately, Sergius could tell that he was the kid. He sounded bored, almost dull and unmoved by life. This brought a softer gaze to Sergius eyes and as he followed him he couldn't help but notice the highborn way he carried himself.

Around him, Sergius was surrounded with fine art and sculptures of white. He could barely believe someone so fancy was living in Magnolia. Before he knew it he had enter the living area of the Uliz Manor. It was large, about the size of Fairy Tail's guild hall. Sergius looked in awe, it was decorated with the finest rugs and furniture. The sound of a book shutting brought him from his gawking mannerism . Standing from off the golden railed couch, Mr. Vaneras spoke. " Welcome young lad. As you know my request entails that you spend time with my son. So if you will I would like for you two to grow acquainted. I will be in my den if you need me...With my door open. " Sergius bowed slightly. " Yessir I understand. "

Mr. Vaneras stood and left, leaving the red haired boy on the couch with a bored look on his face. Sergius lifted his hand to his head and scratched it. Trying to think of a great conversation starter for them. He walked to the couch opposite of the one the boy was sitting on. " Sooo, Wassup ? " he said eager to start a conversation.

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Sergius Marduk
Sergius Marduk
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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission] Empty Re: My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:11 pm

Ridgid didn't look pleased, in fact he looked more bored than anything. He had propped his arm on the sofa and swung his legs aimlessly, his face expressed nothing less than total and complete boredom. Sergius sighed deeply, he felt awkward in the situation, usually he was the first to break the ice. But the kid was filled with such dreading for life that he barely knew where to start. " Nothing. You're trying to make casual conversation and failing. " he finally said in a even and emotionless tone. " Well atleast he has a sense of humor, even if it is at my expense. "

The two watched TV in silence for three hours that day, it seemed like every time Sergius would bring up something, Ridgid would quickly shoot it down. It went on like that for two days afterwards and Sergius was really starting to think this had been a waste of his time. He contemplated leaving and giving up on the mission but it was something in Ridgid's eyes that cried out to him. Even though they were dull and exhausted, rid of any emotion and love; they still cried out. They wanted to live again, to know what it was like to be filled with joy. It was that lone spark that continued to convince Sergius that it wasn't pointless, that all he had to do was drag it out of him and light it with his own heart of joy. He just had to figure out why he was like this ?

Sergius laid on the couch, he was obviously irritated by the lack of nothing to do. A groaned escaped him and he sat up on the couch, scratching his head. " Are you really fine with this ? " he asked, his voice slightly angered. Ridgid hadn't returned an response, not even a passing glance. It made Sergius shake his had somberly. " This isn't right ! You shouldn't be like this Ridgid. Your how old ? Eight, maybe nine. You should be out exploring the world around you and making friends. " Sergius got off the couch and grabbed Ridgid's hand. " We're leaving. Its not good for you to stay cramped in this house. " Ridigid's small wrist pulled back from Sergius' grip, but the mage was too strong. " What are ya doing ? I WANT to be here ! " Sergius kept his face straight as he dragged the kid towards the door. " That doesn't matter. The world's so big and wide, who knows what you'll run into outside. " he said calmly while opening the door. Than suddenly Ridgid became hysteric, as if the world outside was a mass of poison. He struggled relentlessly from Sergius' grasp.

Sergius stopped walking and looked at Ridgid with eyes filled with empathy and sadness. He tried to unlatch his grip, but it was unyielding. A moment went by and Sergius' hand went limp, allowing Ridgid to pull free. " Why are you struggling against this ? Do you hate the world so much ? " Ridgid's tiny body lifted high and fell low with his breathing. " It doesn't- It doesn't like me. " he finally said between breathes. " All it does is hurt my family. It wants nothing to do with me ! " Sergius' eyelids lifted in shock. How could someone think that, the world was meant for everyone. Its what allowed us to live, to thrive and it was sad that someone so young thought it was out to get him.

Ridgid straightened out and placed his hands on his chest, trying to calm his breathing. " You don't get it. None of you do. Wait till you've lost someone important to you. Something that meant the world to you. " The pain in his words were evident with every tear that had begun to form after them. Ridgid was hurting on the inside and it was finally starting to pour out.

" I do understand. " Sergius' said, his voice even and dry now. He looked down at the ground for a while. " I lost someone very important to me before becoming a mage. " he told him quietly. " He was everything to me. " His gaze lifted from the ground and grasped Ridgid's. It wasn't exactly something he was use to doing but Ridgid's words had brought back buried feelings on Rizen. Sergius' tail swayed slowly behind him, a encouraging smile appearing on his lips. " Your not the only one Ridgid. Everyone's hurting, I bet your dad is too. But he's being strong for you. Can't you be strong for him ? " Ridgid's whimpers had ceased for a moment and his body had became still, than he slowly started to approach Sergius. Sergius looked at questioningly, unsure of his next words or action. Maybe he had gone to far and Ridgid had thought he was picking on him. Than Ridgid's hand lifted up towards Sergius' ready to accept it. His voice quivered with apprehension. " I-I'm ~ I'm not sure yet, but Maybe with your help ? " A wave of accomplishment swept over Sergius as he took Ridgid hand, his smile now as wide as could be. " Of course I'll help. We can do this together... Ridgid. "

The two stood feet from the outside world, the only thing seperating them from it was the door, their ends clutching one another. The sun light was shinning through and the silent street flourished with flowers and insects. Sergius sighed. " You ready ? " Ridgid's grip tightened and he lifted his head up towards Serguis'. " Lets do it. " Sergius kept his head towards the outside, nodding slightly at Ridgid's resolve, than the two walked out.

. . .

" That day was a little over three moons ago and I'm proud to say that Ridgid is slowly growing out his depression. Mr. Vaneras was amazed at the results, though completely oblivious to what happened to get him there. I'm still visiting Ridgid, even though technically my mission is done. Eh ? What can I say, I'm quite the softy when it comes to kids. " Sergius took a sip of his soda, his tail whipping behind the chair he sat in at the Guild House. Than Ridgid's voice called out to him." Sergius ! " He looked up from his cup. Ridgid and Mr.Vaneras had walked in hand in hand. It had brought a smile to Sergious face. " Yea. That's how it suppose to be. Right ? Rizen. "

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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission] Empty Re: My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:29 pm

Sergius pulled back his seat, placing his mug of soda down onto the bench. A toothy grin decorated his rosy cheeks and his dark blue hair hung loosely around his forehead and ears. " Heya, Rigid... Mr. Vaneras... " he said, cheerful. " What are you two doing here.. I thought the mission was over ? " he asked, raising his right hand up to scratch the back of his head in confusion.

Rigid was the first to respond this time, releasing his father's hand and stepping up to Sergius. " Obviously we're here to show our appreciation. My father brought you the reward. " he told him, pointing with his thumb towards his father. Sergius' gaze led up from Ridgid and up to Mr. Vaneras, who at the time was smiling at him softly. The man's rugged face mixed with the soft smile and made Sergius fee l a little off balance. " Hmm.. Mr. Vaneras.. I'm sure you know the guild has already given me my payment. I don't need extra. " he told him.

Mr. Vaneras shook his head solemnly before speaking in his noble and yet deep voice. " No, the reward isn't money Sergius. But a invitation to my family. From now on I consider you a brother to Ridgid and a son to me. You're always welcome in my home. "

Sergius beamed brightly before rubbing his head brashly. " Ahh .. Thanks guys. Looks like now I have two families. " he said, bending now to Ridgid and offer a fist pound. " A lil bro, " then afterwards he raised up and looked at Mr.Vaneras. " And a rich old man.." he said kindly. Honestly he had never imagined having another family and really didn't think Mr. Vaneras to be the grateful type of man. Still it was fun all and all.

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My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission] Empty Re: My Son Needs A Big Brother [D-Rank Mission]

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