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Monsters of Men [Darion]

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Monsters of Men [Darion] Empty Monsters of Men [Darion]

Post by Peter Endless on Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:24 pm

Peter had been dropped off at one of the fairly nice inns of Moriyama. The king even paid for his stay, a maximum of three weeks, which was a tad bit much. He shook his head and settled himself in his room before heading out for a bite to eat. Once again, money had been provided by the king though it was a set amount for one month. Again. Of course he had been given “starting” money, but had to work to earn jewels in the future. He sighed as he wandered around the small town.

The entirety of the town was actually quite pleasing. Peter paused in his stride. Of course everything in Central Fiore was aesthetically gratifying. It was practically what they were themed for. Now, where was he? Ah, yes. A nice restaurant or outdoor cafe for a meal. He didn't take long to choose as one building caught his attention. A buffet of many different cuisines. Perfect. From what he had observed of his magic he had to eat a lot in order to keep his reserves up, or else a couple of side-effects take place.

Once he had been admitted inside his noise crinkled with slight distaste. The interior design was beautiful, but Peter was not at all fond of letting himself interact with the common people. ”No matter. They are infinitely better than the ones in the streets,” he said under his breath as he dodged a child hyper on sweets. Idiotic child. His parents should pay for letting their spawn become a fool. He shook his head and piled food onto his plate.

Now... Where to sit? It seemed as if all the other tables have been taken. This was a buffet and had not at all considered making tables outside. Damn. He knew he should have gone elsewhere and paid for a meager amount of food. But the shadows were telling him of an out of sight corner that everyone seemed to have missed. Letting his senses and magic lead him, Peter came upon a single table fit for two. Well then. It will have to do. He placed his plate on the table and began to feast (with manners that even royalty would be jealous of).
Peter Endless
Peter Endless
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Monsters of Men [Darion] Empty Re: Monsters of Men [Darion]

Post by Darion Steinheil on Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:57 pm

Darion sat and read a morning newspaper while enjoying a newly breed coffe and some sandwiches, the newspaper had a very limited amount of interesting news, it was (as usuall) mostly about squanderous gossip about the Fiore celebrities even though there were a few interesting things. For example there was an uproar against mages in an unnamed town in Southern Fiore, a plague in the east and a massacre done by a few dark mages from unnamed guild (probably Tartaros those indiscret and anarchistic imbecilles).

He put the newspaper on the table, took his swordcane, his black coat and left the hotel in a slow pace "We will see you when you return Lord Steinheil." one of the senior staff members said in a proper manner in a straight position, Darion nodded towards him and as he approched the door two employees opened the door, nodded in respect and closed it after Darion had walked out.

Darion corrected the black glove on his right hand (he wore no left one) and started to walk in a slow pace watching the city as he walked, the people were happy and merrily . Far too merrily and jolly for Darion's taste and so (mainly beacuse of boredom) he started to reveal some of his dark magic aura so people around him would look at him with mostly fear in their eyes and walk a small distance from him.

The sun was shining for now but he could sense a storm was coming so he started to walk faster when suddenly a boy walked right into him, the boy was not very old around 13-14 years, Darion looked at him as the boy said " Watch were you're going posshy!", Darion looked behind the boy and saw that a group of 4 other kids (3 guys and 1 girl) standing a few metres away from them.

Darion got that the boy tried to impress on his friends but he is a proud man, he did not allow the young ones to behave roughly towards their elders so in one swift strike he hit the kid with the cane in the head, not strong enough to hurt him badly but to give him a big bruise and a serious headache, the kid yelled in agony and fell to the ground and so Darion looked down at him with a superior look and said " Respect your elders you brat. Next time I will not be so lenient..." and continued the walking.

When the storm was coming Darion was just outside a good looking restaurant and since it was lunch time he walked in and saw that you could have both a lovely buffet but also normal menu, he walked in and was led to a table then ordered a beef with some redwine (his favorite kind of wine) and waited for the dinner.

Darion started to look around and saw a child that seemed to got too many sweets, beside the child he saw a man standing and it seemed he looked for a table, the man went to a table in the shadows but since Darion felt SO lonely he smiled and when the waiter arrived with the food Darion whispered in the waiter's ear " You see that man over there? Ask him to come and sit here, tell him that Darion Steinheil would be delighted over his presence.".

The waiter nodded and walked over to the man so now all Darion could do was to wait for his reply.
Darion Steinheil
Darion Steinheil
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Monsters of Men [Darion] Empty Re: Monsters of Men [Darion]

Post by Peter Endless on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:31 pm

Just as Peter finished off his plate with the last spoonful one of the waiters of the establishment came up to him with a slight smile. How curious... Peter said nothing and waited for the man to speak despite not having acknowledge his towering presence. He calmly took his glass of water before dabbing free his lips of any crumbs he might have taken from the food. A silence ensued as the waiter waited anxiously for Peter to address him.

Sighing with a slight air drama, Peter then turned with a polite smile on his face. "Oh. Pardon me. Is there a problem?" The waiter looked taken aback. It was obvious that he had been waiting to be allowed to speak and get his focus of attention, but Peter did love causing a bit of mayhem. Even if it was a small thing like messing with a person.

"T-the ever gracious and most noble Darion Steinheil has requested your presence and would be delighted if you agree to dine with h-him," the man tried to put on a brace face, but Peter was sure that he was quite embarrassed judging from how red the tips of his ears were. Peter let the silence reign once more, eyeing the servant and then Darion Steinheil. He was quite sure that he would be joining this man for the meal but he enjoying making the man sweat a bit.

"Very well," Peter said as he stood smoothly. He wouldn't want to keep his potentially new ally waiting. Within seconds Peter was casually yet primly standing before the one who had invited him over. "Sir Steinheil, I thank you for allowing me to dine with you. I am Peter Endless, a wandering mage," with a practiced gesture, Peter bent slightly at the waist before taking a seat in front of Darion.
Peter Endless
Peter Endless
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Monsters of Men [Darion] Empty Re: Monsters of Men [Darion]

Post by Sponsored content

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