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Aleia Jucei

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Aleia Jucei Empty Aleia Jucei

Post by Aleia on Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:28 am

___________ ALEIA MACEDON JUCEI ___________

Aleia Jucei JesterSongfull956057

"Sometimes you just have to do what is best for the world."

Nickname(s): Sugar, The Clown
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15 Sept, x370
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Neutral Mage
Rank: D-Rank
Guild: Obscura Fabula
Guild Tattoo: This black wolf prefers to hide itself at the center between her collarbones.

Aleia Jucei Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Aleia doesn’t appear sturdy or brawny, her figure is more closely skinny but not to the point of being lithe. It is a wonder why she isn’t fat with her sugar intake. Although skinny, she isn’t completely bony, having enough flesh to keep her from appearing like a skeleton with skin. That doesn’t mean she is fully muscle, it is a mixture of light fat and muscle. Unfortunately the fat seems to keep itself away from her breasts for the most part, so she is far from being well endowed. Her skin is neither pale nor considered tan, finding itself in that strange middle position. Her height is quite average actually, standing at only five feet six inches. This is also a reason she is so light, weighing at only 98 lbs.

What catch other people off guard are her eyes. These blue eyes seem to reach deeper and tell a different story than that of what she acts. The bright blue eyes seem to become even more pronounced thanks to dirty blonde hair. The color of hair ranges from a dark lowlight brown to some blonde highlighting. The hair is also cut short to her neck at the most. It is to no wonder with all this combined; she is often a case of mistaken gender, being considered a young man many times.

Attire/Clothing: Clothing is a strange concept for Aleia or rather her lack of fashion sense. It isn’t just a matter of putting on clothes she find comfortable, she honestly tries to match them together. What her final result ends up however, is far removed from fashion like a fish out of the water. It is composed mainly of a white jacket that isn’t quite white but more of a very light yellow. Over the jacket is a gold colored vest with a red right patch and turquoise left. A pinkish violet scarf wrapped around the collar of her clothing. What often defines her in terms of her bad taste is seems to be the mask that only fits the upper right portion of her face.

The lower part of her body is composed of patched up brown pants. Each segment of these pants seemed to be composed of a different shade of brown from light to dark colors. She also wears red colored boots but at the very least it is a matte color. A belt too large for her, wraps around her waist with a large black pouch stripped in.

Abnormalities: A pink star tattoo much like the color of her scarf is under her left eye. The area her mask hides her right eye that appears to have a star.

Aleia Jucei Personalucy

Personality: Aleia is not the brightest of people but that is perhaps what contributes to her usual positive mood, it is either that or she is in her own little world at the time. It would be unfair to call her stupid though, she is far from it. She is simply not the type to be manipulative or the type to pull strings. Even then, she is also not the type to enjoy being used either, finding the prospect tiresome and annoying. This leads into her more lazy side. She does not like doing physical labor at least not to the point of others recommend her to do. She would much rather spend the day sleeping, eating, and playing games than any actual work. She isn't greedy though, often offering her snacks to other people.

However this girl has many sides. Aleia is not the sanest of people or rather mentally stable. When her usual personality is a fun loving, quite kind and helpful person, there are times when her insanity will flare up. When it does, her voice almost takes on a dreamy tinge. She continues to sound respectful, perhaps even still meaning it but her mind is not fully there. She might suddenly shout in anger in a middle of a rant. The most obvious sign is when she does start on a nonsensical rant about anything that first comes into mind. In some extreme cases, she will strike out if interrupted.
Although generally kind and passive, it does not mean she is useless. If she is requested or find herself tired of her guild mates, maybe even forced, she will take on a job. To her it meant dedication and she means to finish the mission whatever the cost. When her mind is set, there is little to stop her besides death. Some people call it stubbornness but she calls it dedication; a good reason why she tries to not work.

Cooking/Baking: This helps keep her mind out of things. She loves collecting new ingredients from the shop or during the middle of a mission if she can afford it. She is actually pretty decent when making meals but her real skill lies in her sweets. It helps when your main weapon is sugar and you practically survive on it.

Games/Gambling: To be more specific she prefers more childish games. This includes tag, hide and seek. She can handle more intellectual games as well but she is far from good when it comes to games like chess. She does have a knack for gambling or at least a few lucky streaks that she mistakes for skills. Not to say she addicted though but she does allocate some of her earnings to this side "job". She is especially fond of card games.

Reading: Although not the studious kind, she does enjoy reading. However this mainly includes ones of self-interest such as those involving adventures and the occasional romance.

Occasional Drink

Being Bothered
Bitter Food
Serious People
Being told she has no fashion sense
Being ordered

Inspiration: Aleia became a mage to be an ally of the weak and save the world from evil creatures that are to threaten it! Well that was what she first believed and got her on track. However as her life went by she realized things were not as simple as she believes. One thing did not change her wishes of wanting to save the world. However her sense of morality is confused and she cannot properly tell you what she is defending the world from.

Puppets: These creepy little creatures are too realistic to not be alive. She is afraid of them coming to life and perhaps even taking over the world.

Celestial Mages: She learned her lesson from her past, although afraid of these mages, she is not afraid of struggling to escape from them. If possible, she attempts to avoid them and their fearsome companions.

Spiders: These creepy creatures that seem to enclose themselves around their prey, frightens her the most. When she has nightmares, they always include spiders.

Aleia Jucei Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Sign of the Star
Augment Description: This augment take the form of her right eye. It is more of a curse, one that haunt her to this day. It allows her to see the undead when it is 'empty'. Her eye is capable of capturing a dead spirit, although this spirit must be someone she personally know to an extent and one she is capable of overpowering. At the moment, the eye is occupied by the spirit of her dead brother. Her brother can freely communicate with her. When a spirit is released it can take be seen by others for only a few moments before the user can either retract it or completely let it go. (But why would she want to let her precious brother go?)

Aleia Jucei Equipmenterza

Name: Sugar Pouch
Classification: Weapon
Type: A large pack of sugar
Material(s): Leather and sugar
Appearance: A small black leather pouch over her belt.
History: This trusty pouch has been with her for ages now or at least when she had first started her magic.

Aleia Jucei Historygray

Aleia was not born into a noble family but a caring one nonetheless. She lived with a kind mother and father but the focus of her life is her big brother. Note that she was not born with the Sign of the Star. As far as her childhood was concerned, it was wasted with games of Mage Hero and general tomfoolery. There was little worry; the most being what good thing was out for dessert. The only real discomfort was the strained relationship between her parents and her brother.

Her mother was the one who introduced her into cooking and she was quick to pick it up. The most delicious food she found was ones that everyone enjoyed. She was delighted whenever her elder brother, Caron, commented on how well she did. This was practically her first ten years of life. It was a happy time but one she seems incapable of recalling nowadays. Perhaps the tragedy ran deeper than she is willing to admit.

Like any other child, she looked up to the mages. Her brother was one as well but he never showed the actual magic. All she knew was it involved wind of some sort. It was fine, deciding early that her magic would be even better. Now onward to the actual tragedy that occurred on her eleventh birthday, where she lost her dearest brother and gained her special eye.

It was supposed to be any other day, she was let out to play and her brother was supposed to spend the day. However for one reason or another he had to leave for a mission. What does a young girl who is more tomboy than anything do? It was time for a game of follow your brother to ridiculously dangerous missions or rather a minor fight.

It was a wander why she was not caught but perhaps it was the will the star that comes to curse her. What happened was supposed to be a simple mission of escorting someone to another side of town. It would have ended better if she had just walked the other way when she first saw the men approaching but instead she called out when she saw the glimmer of weapons. It became a case of hostage and she was soon the new target.

The most horrible moment wasn’t being held hostage but when she realized that the man holding her hostage was her own father. Yes, her biological father threatened her with a blade. The reason behind it ran even farther than her own birth. Her father was gravely in debt to a certain mage that wanted her brother dead. Apparently Caron had offended him to some point and this mission was a good excuse to have him disappear. The father was bound by a magical contract but even then, she did not fully understand the situation.

The fight that occurred ended up with both sides’ dead but she had dived away when she saw an opening. When she finally inched to her brother’s corpse, the first thing that came out of her was a laugh. The world was crazy, where was the mage heroes when you needed them? They did not exist; they were all dead as far as she was concerned. This was when the Sign of the Star took root in her despair.

When it first happened, she saw her brother’s spirit lingering out and she reached out to take him back. It worked and his soul became absorbed into her right eye. However the star tends to corrupt those that own it. Although the spirit of her brother would tell her to forget about what had happened she had decided from then on to avenge him.

After returning home, her mother did not know exactly what had happened but only something in her daughter had changed. Her little girl became obsessed with magic, trying harder than ever to form what she considered to be suitable. It amounted to a number of failures but she soon found that she was good at what she loved. It was a chance happening, one involving a slippery step and a bag of sugar.

Before long she realized that sugar can be just as useful as flames and the like. She was still young then but overconfident. Her hunt should not have ended the way it did. When she had reached the age of eighteen she sought out to kill the man that had caused her to suffer such a trauma. Her brother’s protest not reaching any further like usual and her stubborn thickheaded nature not wanted to give up. It was relatively easy to find this man from her father’s notes. Apparently he did not bother relocating during the time.

When she had first entered the mage’s home, he was caught off by surprise. However her magic was not capable of fending off two celestial spirits at one time. She fought hard and desperately to no avail; it wasn’t until she was going to have her own head smashed did she release her brother to get a temporary boost. From there her mentality caused her to move forward and she managed to kill the man with a hard sugar cone to the heart. It was out of luck if anything, that and the man had recently suffered injuries of his own.

After the deed was done, she was caught leaving by members of Obscura Fabula. They offered her a position in the guild after watching the fight from afar. They were amused that she would attempt something so gutsy with her level of skill. At the very least she did not have to kill again for her initiation it seemed. The only problem now is that she is stuck in a moment where she does not know what to strive for. All she ever wanted was to end the man’s life but now what can this guild provide for her otherwise?


Faceclaim: Valshe - Nico Nico Singer
Other characters: None

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Aleia Jucei Empty Re: Aleia Jucei

Post by Heero Villenn on Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:55 am

"If a spirit is released, a temporary boost is applied either physically or magically. Ex: Increased speed OR increased power OR increased spell, however this is mainly due to the fact that a portion of the user's energy is sacrificed. "

Take this entire section of your augment out and it will be beautiful. I really love the idea and it's originality however this seems like a little much. Also, augments don't have promagical effects and combative augments are very weak so we don't advocate them alot.

everything else is absolutely beautiful. I love it and I love this character. Fix that and consider yourself approved.

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Aleia Jucei Empty Re: Aleia Jucei

Post by Heero Villenn on Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:02 am

by the power vested in me I pronounce you APPROVED

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