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[TRVL] Home approaches.

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[TRVL] Home approaches. Empty [TRVL] Home approaches.

Post by Erik Cecere on Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:53 pm

The alarm rang obnoxiously loud through the expensive and regal white themed bedroom. However, the volum level didn’t quite seem to bother, so much as even phase Erik, who casually stretched his arm out to halt the ringing noise. He was immediately wide awake, and he quickly whiped the heavy floral covers off of himself, folding perctly symmetrical in a rectangle at the end of his bed. Even in his night wear lingerie he still looked ready to face the day, but knowing Erik that could acctually take more than an hours perperation. Starting by remaking the bed Erik made preperations for the day ahead. He opened his curtains, despite the lack of reasoning. The sun had yet to even rise, it was still dark out probably no later than one or two in the morning. Erik had slept through the day because he had to make it to waterfall city by noon. He had a long day ahead of him…


Erik hadn’t been there since… He shrugged off his negative thoughts, he didn’t want to get wrinkles. It was about time for him to return home and get over his problems. With a softsigh escaping his porcelain lips he prepared himself for a morning shower. Erik was never really one to complain, and so he didn’t, even if morning showers were horrible and it took him thirty minutes just to bother getting out of the shower and face the freezing cold winter air. That prediction played out perfectly as exactly thirty minutes later Erik emerged form the bathroom fresh and clean for the day ahead… freezing as well. With his soft pink towel wrapped around his waist he walked into his closet and wasted no time picking an outfit. As usual he planned this out the night before and grabbed one of the outfits at the end of the wardrobe. A black long sleeved linen turtle neck with a classic winter coat. The coat was tight around the waist naturally and reached to just above knee length. Cuffs were folded over and tied with black buttons. It matched the six others that tied the coat together in a pattern of three rows of two. The coat itself was open collar showing off the turtle neck underneath, and was black itself with hundres of small snowflakes decorating it. Finally there was a pair of tight black pants, a shade slightly darker than that of the turtle neck, and a pair of knee length black leather high heeled boots. It wasn’t the most functional wear for travelling, especially in the cold but Erik would take no chances being caught in anything but perfection.

He played it safe and small with accessories and make up today, wearing only a leather black belt with a circular gold buckle, a silver chain necklace and two diamond rings on the middle and index finger of his right hands. Make up consisted of a thing layer of foundation and some soft pale peach lipstick and black eyeliner. He stared at himself for a moment in his regal white vanity desk, sitting atop the pink cushioned white stool. He seemed to look pretty good, at least in his opinion. His eyes strayed to the clock above head on the wall, widening a bit. He had wasted far too much time getting ready, if he was to make it anywhere near on time he had to leave immediately. In a rush he picked up a long simple black leathered hand bag with some supplies and chucked it over his shoulder before heading outside. It was pitch black at this point. That meant it was getting later which might seem good, but it also meant that noon of the next day approached and Erik really didn’t have that much time to waste. After his eyes readjusted to the darkness he locked the door of his home behind him and jogged off in a level but quick pace.

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