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Ardere Kasai

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Ardere Kasai Empty Ardere Kasai

Post by Ardere on Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:08 pm

Ardere Kasai

Character Image
Ardere Kasai Savaris_Qaulafin_Luckens_by_Asuma_Arj
Full Body.
Ardere Kasai Savarisu_Kuorurafin_Rukkensu

"When the sun goes out, all fades to black.."

Nickname(s): "Ardy"
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Birthday: 11/25/X370
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Black, on his right forearm.


Physical Characteristics: Ardere stands at around 5'11 with a very defined physique. He is fit with his muscles on both his calves and biceps very defined. His large arm and leg muscles are due to running and weight lifting which isn't his hobby but he does it anyway. Due to being on so many missions he has to stay fit and keep his stamina up. Most would find his physique attractive since he is not too big or small. He weighs about 185 lbs which is proportional to his height. He is considered slightly large man considering his physique and height, though most would consider him fit. His hair is silver, it goes down past his waist and is tied up in two places. One tie is at his waits and one is just below it. His eyes are teal, positioned at a small angle rather than being slanted. His eyes are slightly curved downwards at each side.

He tends to walk with his hands in his pocket and has pretty good posture, he prefers to look up at his surroundings rather than be slumped over. He tends to tap his foot when he stands in one place and when he is sitting at a table he tends to pick up an object and tap it on the table. (Forks, pencils, etc.)

Attire/Clothing: Ardere wears a black sleeveless vest with straps and pads that are teal and go around both of his shoulders. The vest has an orange and white symbol on it that is just for design purposes, it also has a small collar that has an orange interior but black exterior.. Under his vest he wears a white tank top which he occasionally wears just around the house. He wears baggy tan pants with two large pockets at the top and two past his knee along with black tennis shoes that have orange velcrow straps rather than laces. He also wears blue gloves that are sleeveless, kind of like biker gloves almost. He has a very bounty hunter type look which is kind of like he was going for. He has many straps to hold weapons if he wanted to or even other objects. These straps are on his shoulders and pants in both places.
Abnormalities: None.


Personality: Ardere is a very calm and collected kind of person, he doesn't talk much but he isn't a jerk. If you can get him excited or laughing he will talk like a normal person but other than that he is usually reading. He is always reading a new book every week and most of Fairy Tail has taken note of that, he absolutely hates it if he is disturbed while reading. If he is he gives the person an evil look. He prefers peace and quiet unless a fight is going, if one is he jumps in and tries to win. Fighting is definitely a hobby of his. During a fight he stays calm and focused being rarely angered, if he is angered all Hell break loose.

Most people view him as an intelligent and strategic person, during fights he always thinks his moves through which helps him win. He tries to observe his opponent and anticipate their next move, this works only if he has enough observation time. He is considered very observant which is why he knows so much about his guild mates, after observing them for so long he knows them almost like family. He is very confident about himself but is not cocky, he dislikes cocky people. He isn't very talkative so is someone talks to him during a fight he would usually interrupt them and attack. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor which annoys some people but others find him occasionally comical. He can be funny if he wants to be but is still very serious, this makes him a very liked person by his guild mates.

Hobbies: Reading- Ardere has loved to read ever since he was young, he is often seen reading a different book each week. He likes to keep his imagination and mental focus as prepared as possible.

Star Gazing- On many nights he loves to sit in a tree or on a roof and glare at the stars, he has always had a fascination with them. He has done this so often he can name many constellations.

Likes: Astronomy- He has always been fascinated with astronomy since he was young, after reading so many books on them he couldn't help but be fascinated. He not only reads about the stars but planets and black holed as well.

Fighting- Even though he doesn't always seek it, he loves to fight. He has studied many forms of fighting such as martial arts and magic related forms of fighting. He has been challenged several times and even if he loses he usually has fun doing it.

Weapons- Even though he doesn't not carry any he has taken a liking to many weapons such as swords or even gauntlets. He will stop at a weapon shop just to look around for something interesting.

Fishing- He loves to sit out near the river with a good book and his fishing rod, this is when he gets his peace and quiet time. People who know him well enough do not disturb him during this time or else he'll get quite angry. However if someone wishes to join him he will be fine with that.

Dislikes: Cocky People- He extremely dislikes people who are always cocky and think they can defeat everyone, it is good to be confident but not cocky. He finds it hard to make friends with these kinds of people but it is not impossible.

Drunks- He has absolutely zero tolerance for drunk people, they just annoy him and disturb his reading. He will drink sometimes but not enough to get "Hammered", he would prefer to pace himself and enjoy it.

Dark Guilds: He has a strong hate towards dark guilds, he doesn't like how they kill innocent people and plot to destroy light guilds. He doesn't show much mercy to those of a dark guild unless they are excommunicated or have just left.

Idiots- He hates it when people are just utterly stupid, he does not look down on them but he usually sighs and face palms. He won't say anything but it is dissapointing when his guild mates have no intelligence sometimes.

Inspiration: Father- His father, Ryoku Kasai has inspired him to do many things. He is the one who taught him to fly and follow his dreams no matter what. His father is one of his biggest motivators. After the plane crash he vowed not to fly again but he still wishes to honor his father's memory.

Mother- His mother has always taken care of him and he owes her a lot, he even promised her he would return home one day and give them money he has earned. He also promised her he would become a ten wizard saint.

Ten Wizard Saints- This is his ultimate goal, to become one of the top ten elite mages in all of Fiore. He promised his mother years ago he would meet this goal and return to visit her. Achieving this goal is his life long dream ever since he was young.

Fears: Dark Guilds- He does not fear the guilds themselves but what they can do. He fears that they will kill innocents and/or destroy his guild.

Snakes- Strangely he is deathly afraid of snakes, kind of Indiana Jones on this one. Even though he is very confident and calm, if he sees a snake he'll be scared out of his wits. He doesn't like how they are long and slime, as well as they can sneak up on him and poison him.

Flying- After the crash with his father he vowed never to fly again and he is scared that if he does someone will get hurt again. He couldn't bear losing someone else close to him.


Augment Name: None

Augment Description: None


Equipment: None.


Ardere Kasai was born in Falcon City to Fura and Ryoku Kasai who are a pilot and a librarian. She worked in the town's library which is what got Ardere started into books, he was a pilot which inspired him to fly. He has always been reading ever since he was young which also got him into astronomy. His father was the one who taught him to fly until he could on his own, he then began to find books on magic. After reading so many magic and astronomy books for years he began to wonder if there was a connections. He then found out that a rare magic existed called "Heavenly Body" magic, this magic allowed him to use astronomical objects as spells. He was about 14 when this happened but he decided to study it anyways, his father helped him in any way he could. His mother supported his wanting to learn magic and one day leave Falcon City. He then began to fly with his father on supply runs or even carrying passengers.

After a few years of studying and practicing magic he heard about a group called the ten wizard saints, they were the top 10 strongest mages in Fiore and this caught his attention immediately. These mages inspired him to become stronger. When he turned 16 he and his father were making a supply run to another part of Falcon City when a storm began to come through, Ardere was flying at the time and lost control. He accidentally crashed the plane killing his father leaving him barely alive. After he was healed and woke up from a week long coma, he vowed never to fly a plane again. As soon as he was ready and fully healed he packed his bags and told his mother he was leaving to find a magic guild to forget his past. She was in tears as he left but he promised he would be home one day and she understood. Now he will only use his magic to fly so he will never hurt another soul. He began to wander around Fiore meeting new people and practicing magic wherever he could. He had been unsuccessful in finding a guild to join until he reached Magnolia Town. There he found a small as well as brand new guild called Fairy Tail, he asked around and supposedly the master Mavis was extremely strong. He went into the guild and discovered that they were powerful and friendly, they were also new and growing strong every day. He asked the master who was surprisingly a young woman if he could join, she gladly accepted and that is how he joined his current guild. Currently he is just hanging out in the guild, doing missions, and of course reading. Not much excitement has happened....yet....

Faceclaim: Savalis- Chrome Shelled Regios

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Ardere Kasai Empty Re: Ardere Kasai

Post by Syrena on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:24 pm


1) Physique- 104/150. Add more please!

2)Attire/Clothing: 146/150. Almost there! Just add in another detail or something!

3) Augment- Nope. You cannot do that. That is not what this section is meaning. That would be a power up for your magic, which isn't happening. Unless you have speed magic. An augment is more like cat eyes that allow a person to see in the darker lightening. Change it or get rid of it. ^^

4) Your history is really lacking here. However, it meets the requirement.... It's just blah and not interesting like I know you can make it be. If you don't want to change it, that's up to you.....

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Ardere Kasai Empty Re: Ardere Kasai

Post by Ardere on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:50 pm


"When the sun goes out, all fades to black.."
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Ardere Kasai Empty Re: Ardere Kasai

Post by Spitfire on Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:19 pm


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