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Tian-Zhen Long

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Tian-Zhen Long Empty Tian-Zhen Long

Post by Long Tian-Zhen on Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:30 am

___________ Tian-Zhen Long___________

Tian-Zhen Long Editfo10

”Even if my mind has forgotten, my body will remember.”

Nickname(s): Tian, Zhen, or Zan
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12.31.x373
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Neutral Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Millennium Voldgift
Guild Tattoo: Left Upper Arm - Icy Blue

Tian-Zhen Long Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Tian-Zhen is petite overall. Her height only reaches up to 5’3” and weighs roughly around 116 pounds. Don’t let her small stature fool you though. Beneath her smooth, beige-cream skin are tough and flexible muscles. They help her move around quickly and quietly, wherever she is and wherever she goes, and there’s an incredible amount of strength behind them. It’s like she’s a predator in human skin.

Aside from her lithe body type, Tian-Zhen is blessed with long, smooth hair and a pretty face. Her hair is a unique shade of light or pale blue. It darkens to a blue-black when the sun steps down from the sky to let the moon take its place amongst the stars. And during the day, when the sun is beaming on the land, Tian-Zhen’s hair is as bright as the sky. You’ll be able to see how each strand ripples and drapes over her head.

The rest of her face is just as cute as other girls, though its attractiveness is not much to be desired. You see, Tian-Zhen has a hard time expressing her emotions. Even though she has brilliant red eyes and full lips, the blankness is unnerving to some people. But even so, some can appreciate her facial structure. Tian-Zhen doesn’t have the high cheekbones of aristocratic nobility, but it’s high enough to give off a mature feel. And the shape of her eyes are like shaped ended almonds but a bit bigger, still mature but holds a bit of “cuteness” to it.

Attire/Clothing: Tian-Zhen’s clothing don’t vary much and aren’t really all that impressive. They’re not that constant either. Her usual outfit follows the outline of school uniforms.

She has a white button-up shirt with short sleeves. The edges are trimmed by one inch of dark blue lining. Under that shirt are tank-tops that changes color every so often. Around the collar of the white oxford shirt is some type of cloth that wraps around her neck and comes to a knot in front. It’s useful as some kind of handkerchief or as a small package wrapper. On her arms are long forearm guards with steel plates. Tian-Zhen wears black or blue spandex shorts beneath a skirt, which hugs her waist and then flares out. The style is usually pleated in fashion and varies from dark shades of blue. Around her waist are to belts that cross over one another so that one hangs over one hip and the second one over the other. Tian-Zhen also wears long socks that go up past her knees. Her socks are thickly padded and has a thin slate of metal at the middle of the thickness for added protection. As for footwear, Tian-Zhen is used to wearing heavy combat boots. Her most noticeable piece of clothing, though, is her extremely long scarf that can be wrapped around her neck twice but both ends will still dangle by her thighs.

Tian-Zhen is also able to hide most of her weapons within her attire. Multiple stacks of throwing knives are slipped under the metal in her arm guards and boots. There’s even a knife holding belt under her top tank that holds even more stacks of throwing knives. As for her two belts, they carry Tian-Zhen’s main weapons; three blades on her right side and one on her left.

Abnormalities: A long thin scar runs diagonally through Tian-Zhen’s back. It starts just at below the middle of her right shoulder then jaggedly makes its way down to her the curvature of her left hip.

Tian-Zhen Long Personalucy

Personality: Tian-Zhen is all over the place, but one thing for sure is that she’s reliable. She has an extremely strong sense of duty and will carry out any an all jobs, favors (if she accepts them), and missions given to her. Having a large belief in that trait also causes Tian-Zhen to be a serious woman. When it comes to anything or everything, Tian-Zhen does not do things half-assed. They’re always done as perfectly as possible. But no matter how many times she’s done her jobs perfectly, the people around her like to keep their distance. They think that she’s too “scary” or “lifeless” to work with, especially when Tian-Zhen looks at them with blank eyes. It also doesn’t help when her expectations aren’t met and her strict ways tend to push people away.

Because of people keeping their distance, Tian-Zhen has come to the conclusion to never expect anything from people. If she wanted something done then she should do it herself. If Tian-Zhen had to push some job onto someone else then she always thinks that the result will be disastrous. In the end, Tian-Zhen will always think the worst so that when the end result is actually decent then her respect and thought of the person is raised but not that much. She doesn’t want to disappoint herself if she happens to misjudge a person’s capabilities. This way of thinking also makes it hard for her to be “nice” to those around her despite going out of her way to help. Her voice, which is slightly lower than most girls, is considered to be so tasteless and bland that even when she’s trying to compliment someone her words might end up sarcastic or insincere.

  • Swordsmanship. Whether she liked it the activity or not, Tian-Zhen spends most of her free time going through each form. After each form, she then spends a considerable amount of time taking care of each blade she owns.
  • Training. Like swordsmanship, Tian-Zhen goes through multiple exercises to keep her body in shape as well as draining her energy so she can sleep at night. After muscle training, Tian-Zhen goes through a series of imagery training, using all her weapons.
  • Learning. Books, any kind, are enjoyable to her. Any facts she discovers is always interesting, in her opinion. Tian-Zhen also likes to learn about other type of activities such as cooking recipes, how to do or make certain things, and even children’s games.

  • Cheesecake.
  • Helping people.
  • Reading.
  • Animals.
  • Nature.
  • Dragons.

  • Injustice.
  • Lack of morality.
  • Blood.
  • Failure.
  • Caramel.
  • Slackers.

  • Who am I? Tian-Zhen has no knowledge of who she is before her fifteenth birthday. She wishes to regain her memories and figure out how she was suddenly stranded near a village.
  • Can I be myself? Despite being a person who likes to help those in need, Tian-Zhen is not confident in keeping herself in check.If she found out who she was Tian-Zhen wonders if she’ll still be the same person, or end up reverting back or changing completely that she won’t know who she is. She hopes to stay true to herself despite any changes or new information.
  • Will you let me be with you? With a majority of her life gone, Tian-Zhen is determined to keep in contact with the people who have shown her kindness. Or if she manages to lose her memories again, Tian-Zhen would like to befriend everyone again.

  • Why did you let me die? Since Tian-Zhen fluctuates between having a moderate to high sense of morality, she doesn’t like letting people die. It makes her think that she was not strong enough to protect them.
  • Are you my executioner? Likewise, Tian-Zhen is also afraid of how quickly she can judge a person’s worth. Sometimes she thinks she thinks that she’s God. Saving one person and then letting another one die just because he or she isn’t worth it.
  • Will I become lost again? Complete darkness, where you can’t see the shape of your hand just inches from your face, is one of the things that Tian-Zhen can’t stand. It causes her to hyperventilate if she can’t find a way out or see any type of light (or any changes of darkness) within ten three to ten minutes.

Tian-Zhen Long Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Predator
Augment Description: Because of this side of her, Tian-Zhen is scared of her past. Her body, which every doctor and healer had mentioned, is very healthy and strong but somewhat different from humans. Her heart beats extremely slow, indicating that she should either be dying or rushed to the emergency room to find a way to raise the heartbeat. But her heart is stronger than any and all athletic humans known. It is able to pump out 5x more blood, which gives her incredible speed, strength, stamina, durability, and reflexes. Her instincts and senses, as well, are affected and increased. Her eyesight is able to let her see in the dark, her sense of smell is similar to that of a bloodhound, and her other senses of touch and hearing are extremely sensitive. It alerts her of nearby enemies as well as giving off her own aura of bloodlust. One unique thing about her is that her nails are extremely tough that most blades (A-Rank and under) cannot cut through them. It is rumored that Tian-Zhen uses an obsidian rock to trim her nails.

**Only allowed to have this in exchange for not creating magic for this character.**

Augment Name: Weapons Master
Augment Description: Due to living with a village that were known for being blacksmiths and masters of weapons, Tian-Zhen has been able to pick up their talent as well after much training and learning. While she is capable of handling any and new weapons with ease and proficiency, Tian-Zhen is known to be an expert with one and two-handed swords of varying length, the sai, and throwing knives.

Tian-Zhen Long Equipmenterza

Fang of Hakkai:
Tian-Zhen Long Dragon10
Name: Fang of Hakkai (Destruction)
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword
Material(s): Unknown. Lacrima, dragon scales and talons.
Appearance: The blade itself is as black as the dark abyss. Even its scabbard reflects its dark persona despite having a white dragon design on it. The guard and the butt-end protection plate are silver.
History: Unknown. It had been with Tian-Zhen since she could remember.

Blades of Mysteltain:
Tian-Zhen Long Japane10
Name: Blades of Mysteltain: Mirai, Seion, & Uragiri (Future, Serenity, & Betrayl)
Classification: Weapon
Type: Swords
Material(s): Unknown. Lacrima, dragon scales and talons.
Appearance: The three blades are actually three different swords: a katana, wakizashi, and a tanto. They are all exquisitely detailed with their silver guards and handles. Their scabbards are a deep blue with a white design of a dragon curling around it.
History: Unknown. It had been with Tian-Zhen since she could remember.

Twin Dragons:
Tian-Zhen Long A31-bk10
Name: Zenaku & Seishi (Good and Evil & Life and Death)
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sai
Material(s): Iron, carbon, and misc. other elements.
Appearance: The weapon is similar to a trident in that it has three prongs. The middle being the longs and the sides being short and curved. The handle is delicately made so it gives an easy grip before the end of the weapon is finished off with the head of a dragon.
History: These pair of sai were given to her by her foster grandfather, who used to be a master of weapons and martial arts.

Tian-Zhen Long Tanto_10
Name: Eien (Eternity)
Classification: Weapon
Type: Throwing Knives
Material(s): Iron, carbon, misc. other elements, and dyed rope.
Appearance: The blade is shaped like an elongated arrow head. At the middle is an open circular neck before becoming the handle where thin ropes are wrapped around it for a nice grip. The end is also pointed but blunt for close contact combat.
History: A blacksmith from her foster village made them for her.

Tian-Zhen Long Historygray