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Luxin Rhodes

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Luxin Rhodes Empty Luxin Rhodes

Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:38 am

___________ Luxin Rhodes ___________

Luxin Rhodes 61zus7zk

"Fear not the darkness, but welcome its embrace."

Nickname(s): Xerox
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1/1/X372
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Rogue
Guild Tattoo: Right Shoulder/Dark Purple

Luxin Rhodes Appearancenatsu

Hair: Short/Dark Purple

Eyes: Brown

Physique: Luxin has the physique of an athlete. He is an all-around runner and a great roller skater, in which he can go about 30 / mph. He weighs about 115 pounds (52 kg), and he is 5’5 (168 cm). Luxin’s body build is an Ectomorph. He is great with endurance, which means he can last very long for fights. Luxin also has really long legs, which lets him go farther in little time, especially when he is on his rollerblades. Since he has been roller skating as a kid, Luxin trained his body to last a lot longer in endurance/stamina activities. Luxin's blood type is AB-, the rarest type of blood out there. It is very hard to find people with his type of blood. Having all these qualities make Luxin special; not just physically but mentally. He knows that he has to keep his body in shape from harm and fat. The worst thing that could happen to him would be death.

Attire/Clothing: Luxin has 2 set of clothing. Both are similar, but he likes to change them from time to time. In the first set of clothing, Luxin wears a white “V” neck t-shirt underneath an open black leather jacket, with a white outlined trim around it, including the zipper. The back of his jacket has Luxin’s family’s emblem custom made into the jacket. It is colored red and has the letter “b” in a calligraphic style. Luxin also wears dark blue sleeveless gloves which are on him all the time. He wears black jeans which are rolled up to his ankles leaving an orange stripe which is the color inside the jeans. He also wears a black belt. With the two set of clothing, he also has a pair of black and yellow roller blades. The wheels are white and they are custom made so they are able to go on grass and road, when skating.

In the second set of clothing, Luxin wears a red sport jacket with white stripes on the sleeves. He has a purple t-shirt under it, and he wears dark blue track pants with yellow stripes on either sides. He wears a belt with a star as the front on it.

In both sets of clothing, he wears goggles with a gold visor color, and he also wears a necklace which is a cog wheel with a flaming wing.

Abnormalities: N/A

Luxin Rhodes Personalucy

Personality: Luxin is very goofy. An immature individual who acts as if he knows nothing. Not only that, if he accidentally do something silly, he would start skating and tripping. In a fight, or a chase, Luxin is the fastest. He would use his roller blades to catch up in the air.

He is adventurous. He does as many missions as he can, and he loves to travel. Luxin could handle himself with his magic and pure strength, but his friends are what keep him going. He inspires his friends because despite his age, he is a tall, healthy, and strong teenager. He can protect himself easily, if not, he sure as hell is fast enough to run away. Even though he does not like doing it, he always decides what's best.

He is truly imaginative. He prefers to tell stories to the little close friends and the children he meets about fantasies and fairy tales. Mostly about mythical creatures, like dragons. He is the kind of person who can make up of anything on the spot… improvise. It is his habit to gather the people in his guild and tell them stories about his adventures and made up fantasies. Sometimes he writes stories of his experiences. He usually goes to different places to find out something interesting or something to tell to others that want to hear.

Luxin is patient. He is patient with people, and he can wait for something as long as he wants. He can withstand periods of boredom without being disrespectful. Luxin knows that any desired result can take time to manifest; he does not hurry someone along when they are enjoying themselves. Luxin even knows that perseverance and patience now can turn into success and reward later. He has a lot of patience and he does not like it when people hurry him in his work. It bothers him, but he still shuts his mouth from saying anything, since he has patience with other people.

Luxin is peaceful. He loves slow music and quiet. He can’t stand shouting, but he never complains. He just moves away to some type of isolated vicinity. He would go out at night and take walks, or lie on a near bench and look at the stars. He would get up early in the morning to see the sunrise and hear the birds chirping. He is an early bird, who is always in his best mood in the morning. It soothes his mind and that is what he likes. Compared to that, Luxin is also thoughtful. He thinks before he talks. He sometimes asks himself questions or keeps his words to himself.

Luxin is too intelligent and smart for his age. When there is an argument, he can say something meaningful to stop it. He can shoot out counters at people who insult him. When he is in a fight, he can think of smart strategies to fight back or pull counters to the opponent’s attacks. He can sometimes make a quick getaway if he knows that the person he is fighting is stronger than him. He can come up with over 100 strategies to beat his opponent. He doesn’t even need time to think. When an opportunity presents itself, he knows what to do.

Luxin is also fearless. He would protect his friends until he can no longer breathe. He loves his friends so much that he would go to such extent to protect them, he would die for them. When he is in a fight, and receives a major wound… he would ignore it. He’d ignore the pain and keep on fighting. His body does not matter to him. Even if someone did try to stab him or attack him with a weapon, Luxin would easily dodge it, and if it can't... He always thinks that pain is just an illusion. It doesn’t mean anything… it is just a feeling to him. It does not matter at all.

Luxin is honest. He thinks that lying is as bad as murder. He does not stand it. He can get mad sometimes, but he tries his best not to show it. People look up to him so he does not want to set a bad role model to them. He thinks that honesty is what decides if a person is good or bad. He does not look at their background or their clothes or any physical traits. A human is a human, and they all deserve to be treated equally.

Luxin is very social. He can’t stand not saying anything for at least 10 seconds. He would often hum or whistle. He loves it when people are around him… it gives him a chance to get to know them and talk.. If he spots someone “interesting”, he would walk up to

  • Roller Skating - Skating through the narrow roads or the sky, feeling the wind brush his face. The best feeling in the world.

  • Writing - A way he can express himself through a pencil and paper.

  • Gliding - Skating up in the sky, above the clouds, and then letting everything go and dive down back to earth. Freedom.

  • Reading - Reading to get his mind away from all the troubles.

  • Flying - Flying through the sky to get away from it all.

  • Watching Sunrise/Sunset - The bright sun slowly rising from the horizon line. Beautiful.

  • Running - To keep his body in shape, and to have fun around people.

  • Kites - To control a kite takes a lifetime. To fly a kite, anyone can do it. But to be in the sky, above the clouds with a kite is the most fun a person can have.

  • Magic - Training - To get stronger so he can defend the people he trusts, and loves.

  • Rain - Either cold or hot raindrops making contact with him. The feeling of the 'tap
    tap' is soothing, and the sound of the rain is very peaceful.


  • Fighting - Violence does not resolve conflicts. It makes them worse. Unless it is not for revenge or hate.

  • Theft - Be it life or a loaf of bread. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.

  • Death - A friend who dies, it's something of you who dies.

  • Darkness - It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.

  • Smoking - Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.

  • Drinking - Drinking leads to unthinkable things (literally, which leads to killing, stealing, etc.

  • Swimming - Who needs to swim when you can fly?

  • His inspiration is to become stronger than his father and to find him. The last place he had seen his father was in Pelistine city, and that was it. he disappeared.

  • To die without purpose. To not change anything and become one of those people that were killed. To die as no one special.

  • He fears Turtles. Yes. Turtles. This is because Luxin thinks that they are acting to be slow, but in reality, they are hiding their true powers in beneath their shells. Not just that, even looking at turtles freaks him out because they have vicious bites.

Luxin Rhodes Augmenthappy

Augment Name: N/A
Augment Description: N/A

Luxin Rhodes Equipmenterza
Luxin Rhodes Z0wi5wpe
These skates are no ordinary skates. They can be used on any type no surface.

Luxin Rhodes Historygray

At the age of ten, Luxin had fully gained control of his memory to remember and to think before saying. When he truly had the idea of the world, and how important life was. How lucky he was. He finally figured out the wealth and power his father had, and he had truly awoken from his childish dreams. It was the year of Magic. When it finally spread throughout the world and people were renowned as the light and dark mages. The year of the constant battles that made Luxin’s father reach the top of his ranks. Though he never paid much attention to Luxin at all, when he had reached the age of ten, his father was in a battle. A battle against the living dead in the blackwood forest. He came home that night and Luxin had been waiting for him the whole day. In the little hut he hid his head between his knees sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. It was a quiet day, but Luxin had managed to get through it by filling up the little house by humming. Humming his favourite tunes his mother used to sing to him when he was at the age of 5. Before she had been murdered by what was then, one of the rare people who had known of magic. One of the firsts. The night his father came on his birthday, Luxin got up and asked him something, in which a reply he did not expect.

“There is only one day I am looking forward to son, and that is the day of peace.” With that, he left for his room and had gone to sleep. From then on, Luxin had stopped talking to his father on that day each year. Waiting for him to talk first. Waiting for his father to remember. But he had always thought that his father did care, but he just didn’t show it. Luxin had still thought of his father as a great man. A man he could look up to. But a father? No. After his tenth birthday, Luxin concluded that his father was no parent, but a warrior. In those days, when the sky was dark, and it poured rain like a waterfall, Luxin drew and wrote in a little book he had with him. He also worked on creating new inventions. One of the successful ones he had made on his twelfth birthday was what he called the “roller blades”. Whenever it was bright, he would practice day in and day out. He went to his favourite place in all of Fioré… Alain’s metal-works. It was a mechanic/merchant shop, in which an old man worked. He had taught Luxin many things, to screw and unscrew a bolt. To make a sword. To use the hammer. Many things. It was Luxin’s way of getting away. He thought of Alain as his father. A man who cared. Every birthday, Luxin went to him and he had been given the same thing each year. It was a pencil. Not just a normal pencil. A pencil that could last one whole year. Each year he would be given in on his birthday, which he would use to draw and write.

On his fifteenth birthday, Luxin went to the shop as usual, and this time, he brought his roller blades. He had finally found the guts to show them to Alain. If the blacksmith could somehow advance them to make them better. He presented them with arms front. The roller blades hung under Luxin’s hands. In which he grabbed by the laces. Alain had a confused expression. He had no idea what they were. Luxin explained to him and used them in front of him.

“Bravo! Bravo! Splendid Luxin! Splendid!” Alain was surprised. He took the roller blades from Luxin and gave him his birthday present. Luxin watched Alain work his skills on the roller blades in the back room. It was a hot room. Alain showed Luxin something he had never shown to anyone. He had filled the skates with life magic. The skates floated between the two. Luxin couldn’t believe his eyes. He had been given the best birthday present ever. Luxin thanked Alain and gave him his respects.

It was then when Luxin used them everywhere he went. Everywhere he went, people watched in awe. As if they were in a dream. They would expect no less from the son of the highest ranked warrior. Luxin was happy and proud. But little did he know about the deadly fate that would reveal itself soon.

It was on the day before his birthday. The 31st of December. His father had come home, more bruised and hurt than ever. Luxin had taken good care of his father whenever he came home after a failure of a battle. He had stayed up all night for him to go to sleep, watching him at his bedside. He wanted to go to his room, but he was too tired, so he slept right on that chair. Later that night, Luxin heard screaming. It was past midnight but right before sunrise. He heard lots of screaming.

“Help!” One man screamed.

“He’s here! The dark mage!” Another person shouted at everyone.

“We’re all gonna die!” A woman screamed.

His father, who was already prepared and in gear told Luxin to escape, he showed him the secret underground tunnel they had just in case for an emergency. Luxin objected but his father pushed him in and went outside. Him, being Luxin, went back into the house and went outside. He joined the madness. He was thinking about Alain, how he was doing. His old body could not handle something like this. The roads were busier than ever, people were pushing each other just to save their own lives. It looked like they would even murder someone to survive. Luxin put on his roller blades and attempted to fly, but he stumbled into a wall. He decided to skate his way to the shop. But when he arrived, he was too late. The shop was on fire. Luxin bolted in whilst dodging the aggressive flames. He saw the old man on the ground, trying to find breathing space in his lungs.

“Alain!” Luxin screamed in fear. “Come on, we’ve gotta go! There’s been an attack!” He tried to explain while looking at Alain’s shaking his head.

“N-no my son. It is time for me to go.” A tear produced in his eyes and rolled down the side of his face. “There is only on last thing I can do.” He said. His body fainting. Suddenly, for Luxin, it felt as if he was touching nothing. His hands went through Alain.

“No! Don’t go! I need you!” Luxin started sobbing. Slowly it fainted, as a bright light flashed in Alain. “Consider this as my final birthday present to you…” Alain slowly fainted as the bright light and his fainted body went inside Luxin. “Remember this: Fear not the darkness, but welcome its embrace…” Alain’s voice echoed through Luxin’s head. Those were his last words.

He got out safely with charred skin. The house collapsed minutes later. For some reason, Luxin knew how to fly with my skates. When Luxin’s soul had been tied with Alain’s, he had been given the knowledge of the blacksmith and the knowledge of the power in the roller blades. Luxin quickly skated through the people of the town, as a running start and lunged through the chilly air of the night. The freezing air cutting through his skin. It felt like freedom. Luxin had finally found a place to get away from it all. But then he saw his father and the chaos that had been struck in the town. It was all on fire. Everything was destroyed. And through it all, Luxin watched his father fight to the death with the dark mage that was casting all of the destruction.

Luxin skated through the air to his father until he could hear their fierce conversation.

“The mighty Alazaar. You sure have gotten a lot stronger since the last time we had fought.” The mage said in a booming voice.

“Griffin. You good for nothing brat.” Alazaar spat at the mage’s feet, wiping the blood off his lips.

They both grinned, but everything happened so fast, Luxin couldn’t believe his eyes. Griffin, the man who had murdered Alazaar. Luxin had never seen anything so horrific or painful. Luxin skated to his father in agony. Tears rolled down his cheeks and dropped onto Alazaar’s chest. Luxin held his hand at his fathers’ throat to stop the blood from escaping the soft body.

“Father!” Luxin screamed.

“Lu- Luxin. I never forgot…” He stopped to breathe. “…Happy Birthday.” His father’s body glowed the exact same way as Alain. But this time, it wasn’t the father doing it. It was Luxin. He had taken his fathers’ soul and mind, and it had tied itself with his own soul. They both shared minds. “Luxin. You are a special boy. Remember that. You are a… mage.” He closed his eyes, and Luxin absorbed his father.

“Farewell, Father…” Luxin said proudly. He knew his father died a great warrior. Luxin wiped the grouped tears. “So… You call yourself Griffin, huh?” Luxin said with confidence. He got up his knees, wiping the dirt off his pants.

“Ahaha! I am!” his voice boomed throughout the city. What a loud person Luxin thought. Griffin attacked Luxin with a dark type of magic. Shadow magic. Luxin skated up to the man, whilst dodging the baby attacks, and touched him on the chest. Luxin felt the power of the dark mage’s body being absorbed. The dark mage’s memory was intercepted by Luxin. He could see and feel the hearts of the civilians and innocents the man had murdered. His magic was also with Luxin, he knew how to use it.

“Your magic… it’s quite powerful.” Luxin said feeling the evil in it. “Powerful and disgusting.”

“What? How did you? When?” The dark mage was confused, but he still attacked. Luxin used the most powerful spell he could launch at Griffin. It was some sort of shadow ball. Luxin gathered magic above his mouth and a black sphere formed. Until it was the size of a human’s head. The spell was launched at the dark mage with a huge blast. It was so quick, that the mage himself didn’t even know what to do. He was just thinking about how the little kid could replicate his magic. In just a little moment, the dark mage flew off and slammed his back against a tree.

“I don’t know how I did it. But you are not as strong as they say…” Luxin said with great courage. Luxin felt the power slowly disappear. It was a good thing, because for some reason, Luxin felt evil for just a moment. He knew what he had gotten was a gift from the two most important people in his life.

The attack was done, and the civilians of the village were standing behind Luxin. Luxin didn’t want a reward or anything. It was time for him to leave. He speed skated all the way to his house and packed up his things in a little bag that he hung over his shoulders. Luxin had ignored the people that were thanking him and kissing his skates. He wanted to get away. Get away from it all. He skated through the air and left the town. He had finally begun his own life.

Years Later

Luxin slowly skated through Oak town and went to the pond in the park. He lay there, thinking about what to do. What to do. Luxin saw a mage practicing a spell. He slowly skated up to him and touched him without being noticed. He sat on a bench just behind him and transformed into the blonde headed mage. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, a brown leather jacket and black jeans. Luxin was an exact replicate of the man. He snapped his finger and a flame had ignited. Fire magic.

“You’re doing it wrong…” Luxin spoke. The man turned around to see almost a mirror.

“The fireball you are trying to make… don’t just release the magic. First gather it up and then launch it.” Luxin said. He knew this because of the shadow ball he used when he fought Griffin.

“Wh- who are you? And why do you look exactly like me and use the same magic as me?” He said with confusion.

“I’m your long lost twin brother…” Luxin said jokingly. “No. This is my magic. It’s called Metamorphosis, whoever I touch, I transform into them and use their magic, also, their memory in the past 30 days gets incorporated in my mind. Like, I know you were mugged in a dark alley in Hosenka town not too long ago” Luxin said.

“Wow. That is amazing. Can you teach me?” He asked.

“No, I cannot teach you, this magic is only for me.” Luxin answered. “Remember, never give up…”

Luxin knew he could help someone someday. Maybe make them him apprentice. But now was not the time. He skated away, and started to fly towards wherever the wind took him. This was truly freedom. Luxin had finally learned to sprout his wings into the sky…


Faceclaim: Itsuki Minami//Air Gear

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Luxin Rhodes Empty Re: Luxin Rhodes

Post by Syrena on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:15 pm

Hey Lux,

You're first from the admins to complete the application, so I'll be going over it now:

1) Your physique part is only 121/150. Add some more there!

2) Fears- Why does he fear turtles?

3) Your 'Augment' isn't really an augment that is fitting. Moving 2x faster is basically a power up. Your character already skates around, so he's faster than most. Either decided not to have one or come up with another augment. Augments are like cat ears that allow the user to hear things you wouldn't normally hear.

4) Your history is pretty solid, but a bit confusing.... because it doesn't make sense. A dark mage comes in and kills his father, and Lux discovers he's a mage and then kills the dark mage? Either his father was extremely weak and the dark mage wasn't strong at all, or Lux is using magic higher than his capabilities. Just keep that in mind. Lux is going to be a D-rank mage, so he's not going to very strong....

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Luxin Rhodes Empty Re: Luxin Rhodes

Post by Luxin Rhodes on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:34 pm


The history part, yes, it is confusing. But when Luxin has only one magic stored in his 'system', he has the exact same power as its user. But when it is 2, or his max 3, then it would be a lot weaker.

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Luxin Rhodes Empty Re: Luxin Rhodes

Post by Spitfire on Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:43 am

- "Jet skates" would count as an magical item. Please change it to normal skates. That is if you would like to continue to have them.

- Can you please spoiler your history.

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Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:13 pm

It is equipment though... Can I buy it in some kind of magic shop then?

I spoiled the history.


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Luxin Rhodes Empty Re: Luxin Rhodes

Post by Spitfire on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:32 am

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