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Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank]

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Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank] Empty Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:19 am

Sergius sat on the edge of his bed. The sun softly beaming through the beige curtains of his room. It was roughly around eleven in the morning and he was fully dressed and ready to meet the client of the mission he was on. Sergius rolled the black sleeves of his tunic up to his elbows, and tugged at the white strings of his collar. In his hand he held the requests that Fairy Tail had given him. The first one was from a woman named Luna, she was apparently having pup problems and wanted someone to solve it for her. He guessed he would've been a better candidate than any.

He stood up from the bed and grabbed the sky blue waist coat off his bed. " Well, wish me luck Rizen. " The statement wasn't to anyone around him, but more of a prayer to his elder brother. Sergius made his way out of the inn, waving goodbye to the woman at the counter before pushing aside the glass door in front of him.

As usual Moriyama Town was filled with the bustling denizens that was excited about getting their days started. Many of them headed up the twisting stairs that helped them climb up the steep parts of the mountain's base. They were wide enough to comfortably allow two people to walk shoulder to shoulder. A sigh came from Sergius as he looked at the directions of the woman's place and found out he had to climb the stairs. It wasn't that it would be hard or tiring, it was more of "not wanting to be clutter together with dozens of people" thing.

After a twenty minute hike and being surrounded by various scents and noises, Sergius had finally made it to the compound where Luna would be living. It was a quaint, medium sized house that resembled a small farm house. Sergius wasted no time in knocking on the door. He had a game plan and was ready to get this request over with. He had plenty more in the inn to attend too.

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Sergius Marduk
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Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank] Empty Re: Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:25 am

Sergius waited at the front for a good ten seconds, his feet tapping anxiously as he waited. On his back laid the black sheathe of his blade: Kurikara. It hadn't been brandished lately and honestly he could feel the blue flames in him growing and burning like so many flames fed by a storm. He fidgeted slightly before turning his back on the sapphire colored door. His pale hands was without his gloves, for he felt that he had no need for it dealing with a simple wolf pup.

No sooner than he had thought that, the sound of door creeping opened alerted him. He looked over his shoulder towards the face of the client. Her vibrant blue eyes instantly struck his heart bringing up a flush to his cheeks. She was beautiful. He had never before seen such a magnitude of perfection on a vessel. Her skin was creamy in color and her hair cascaded down in waves of pink. Her frame both slender and amply built made his mouth part in awe.

The woman had leaned forward slightly, her bosom nearly visible from between her gray tank top. " Yea ? " she asked, oblivious to his wandering eyes.

Sergius pulled his attention from her chest quickly, his cheeks flustered as he straightened out but just as quickly returned to his normal goofy self. Placing his hand on the back of his head, he smiled widely at her with closed eyes. " I'm Sergius Marduk from Fairy Tail. I'm the guy that accepted your mission. " he told her, leaning back from her as she opened the door and smiled back in return.

Beside her leg appeared a silver furred, two foot wolf pup; tongue hanging from the side of his jowls. The pup looked at him with energetic curiosity. His tail wagging and his panting becoming constant.

" I'm guessing he's your problem... " Sergius asked the girl. She nodded then gestured with her head for him to enter. " Yea... He's been hanging around me like crazy. " she started, walking into the house and into her kitchen. " Oh I'm Luna by the way. " She held out a hand towards him as he came to a stop in her kitchen.

Sergius grasped her hand softly, looking around her spotless kitchen as he shook it. " This place is pretty nice. Are you rich or something ? " he asked, feeling the wolf pup playing between his legs. " No, this is mostly student tuition to be honest with ya. Though its pretty fitting of such a pretty face like mines huh ? " Sergius nodded blatantly in agreement before releasing her hand and leaning against her white counter, folding his arms against his chest at the same time. His navy hair hung low in between his eyes as his gaze met Luna's. " So what do you wanna do with the little guy ? " he asked curiously.

Her eyes was on the rambling pup for a moment. Watching him run around them excitedly before running into a small room connected to the kitchen. " Well I honestly want to return him to his mother but I don't even know where to start. I've asked around and many says he came from the northern forest at the base of the mountain... I don't know how much truth is in that though. " She sounded as if she was unsure too. " Well I guess I have small journey to go on then. " he said, flashing her an assuring smile and wink.

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Sergius Marduk
Sergius Marduk
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Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank] Empty Re: Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank]

Post by Sergius Marduk on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:09 pm

After a hour of getting her experience with the wolf pup Sergius finally decided it was time to get this job over with.

He stretched his arms towards the ceiling, his right hand clutching his left as he tried to reach beyond what his height would let him. Struggling grunts left him and Luna was soon giggling at his tipping-like steps. His eyes opened at her laughter, and he tried to comment on it but his strain would only allow gurgled words out.

She soon placed her mug of heated tea down, its steam rising willowy into the air. Sergius honestly couldn't help but smile at her gentle expression, he also raised his hand up to his head in a nervous manner. " Well, I guess I'll be going now, Its time to get this pup back to the forest. " he said before crouching down and whistling for the pup to come to him. The pup circled around himself once before running full speed into Sergius arms. The thump heard as the pup crashed into his chest made Luna wince into herself and release a sympathetic O sound.

Sergius of course held no expression of pain, only a soften smile had lifted his lips as he gazed down at the unconscious wolf pup cradled in his arms. " That certainly does help things doesn't it. " commented Luna as she pushed herself off the counter with her butt. " Let's hope so. ".

Sergius readjusted the pup into the crook of his right arm so he could shake Luna's hand one more time. " I wish you the best of luck Sergius. " Her lips, both full and pink curved into the sweetest smile he had ever seen and it got him thinking, what if he could see that smile everyday ? That would truly be a world worth living in.

Flustered once again, Sergius grinned like a idiot before taking a quick step back and in jumbled words speaking. " Yea same too you Luna, I really would like to see ya one day soon ya know anyway gotta go. " He was standing stiffly at the end of his sentence; looking at her expression he could tell he was looking either goofy or really funny because Luna was almost dying trying to hold in her laughter.

In a nervous mess, Sergius speed walked back down the wooden stairs starting his long trip back down to the base of the town and towards the green forest. His mind was on Luna for most of the way there, but soon the wolf pup had woken up and he was force to deal with its frenzied attitude. He was obviously aware that Luna was far away from him and he didn't like it. Good thing for Sergius that they were already half way in the forest by the time it had woken up.

" Quite down will ya. " he asked irritated and carrying the wolf pup in his right arm. As they ventured deeper into the forest Sergius soon realized that the forest had grown quite dense and eerily quite. Sergius halted between the rows of trees that surrounded him, all of them appearing to be decrepit old skeletons. Under the branches, lurking in the darkness of the brushes were eyes of yellow; slanted in appearance and low to the ground. Sergius let a self aware breathe out of his mouth, taking a step back. " Shit, I'm surrounded. "

He looked around himself quickly, gauging the amount of eyes in pairs. " Six.. No seven pairs. So seven animals around me and a pup......I feel bad for their odds. " Sergius smirk cockily, gripping the hilt of Kurikara on his back. " You sure you wanna leap boys. " He spaced his legs apart a little, trying to keep a firm grip on the pup and bringing the sheathe off his back and into his hand.

Suddenly one of the beast leaped out of the brush and towards him. It's fur was a pitch black and its teeth were razor sharp. It had a to be a fully grown wolf in comparison to the pup in his arm. As it approached Sergius quickly swung the hardened sheathe of Kurikara swatting the beast to the ground in a cry of whimpers. By this time the others had already crawled out of hiding as well. A tsk of annoyance escaped his lips as he felt the desperation in their growls. " They probably want this little guy. " he thought, looking down at the ignorant puppy. " I don't have a choice. " He could feel his back up against the bark of moss engrossed tree. He felt angered that his specially made wasitcoat had gotten dirty.

Slowly Sergius lowered the pup to the ground, waiting to see what the wolves would do. He had it already in his mind that if he felt aggression from them that he would draw Kurikara and escape with the pup. He had grown a soft spot for the fur ball. With a stern glare he watched the pup approach the group of six, the seventh still laid out on the ground. A wolf larger than the other stepped forwards and keeping a glare just as intense as his own, stared at Sergius while sniffing the pup. It took the agreement of the entire pack for them to back off of the hunt.

Sergius let out a deep sigh of relief as they sauntered off into the darkness of the forest. It went alot easier than he originally thought it would go. Sergius straightened himself out and even further back to crack his back. " Guess I'll head back to the Inn now. " he told himself, beginning to walk back. He stepped over the laid out wolf from earlier, noticing that they had left it behind. Of course he believed strongly in never leaving your Nakama behind, so he grabbed the raven wolf by its tail and begin chasing the pack down. " HEY !! YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR NAKAMA !!!! " he yelled, dragging the injured wolf behind him.

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Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank] Empty Re: Help Wolf Problems [Mission D rank]

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