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Erik Cecere

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Post by Erik Cecere on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:47 am

___________ Erik Nathan Cecere ___________

Erik Cecere Erik_zpseac0f5d6

"What's power without beauty?"

Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10th/February/X364
Sexuality: Homosexual
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Pink, center back.

Erik Cecere Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Erik’s hair is incredibly short. Naturally it is a deep brown colour but through constant hair dying and regular hair-care routines it maintains an almost naturally pink look. He has a clean and short shaved hairstyle with a triangular shape cut on both sides of his head across the temple area.

Erik’s eyes are rather slim but straight. He has long effeminate eyelashes and thin brown eyebrows. His eyes are a deep brown colour but for the sake of fashion his true eye colour is rarely shown. He usually wears contact lenses of various colours depending on his outfit.

Erik is a very tall and well-built male. His skin colour is dark to look at, a dark chocolate brown colour. He stands at 5 foot 10 inches with a somewhat towering physique. He weighs 155 pounds. Erik has a fabulous and unique bone structure. His cheek bones in particular are quite defined.

Most of his weight comes from muscle. While Erik is not overly-buff there’s certainly some muscle to look at. Erik has broad shoulders and his muscles are tough and toned. Even so however, he maintains a somewhat slim build with slender limbs.

His physically capabilities are not to be underestimated. His muscle is often hidden by some sort of feminine outfit leaving only his slender figure to sight. Erik is fit with an excellent balance between stamina and dexterity. It’s no surprise his work as a mage has resulted in this. It’s not necessarily a trait of which Erik is fond of but it would be a lie to say it hasn’t proved useful. Therefore he does his best to maintain this physical build.

Erik acts with mannerisms often associated with women, but not in a flamboyant way. There are some rare moments of limp hand positioning and other uncontrollable flamboyant tendencies, but Erik’s mannerisms are primarily one of a socioeconomic lady. He speaks in a soft, gentle and controlled tone. He presents himself in a clean and dignified way, without seeming condescending. He knows his mannerisms and mastered the art of etiquette. Erik has sometimes been mistaken for a woman due to the natural and comfortable mannerisms he presents himself with.

He has a slender and erect posture his shoulders thrown forward and pelvis pushed slightly forward. It creates the illusion of leaning forward a little rather than leaning back in an unwelcoming pose, the stand of a model. After years of practice the posture has become second nature to Erik, perfect enough to balance a book on the top of his head. When walking, he places the toes of his feet down first, then his heel. Most of his weight is balanced on the ball of the foot, which creates an elegant stride.

Attire/Clothing: Erik is certainly a unique individual. Erik claims to be “gender free”, untied to gender expectations and restrictions. Therefore his sense of style and dress is very extraordinary and… indifferent. Considering himself to be an “honorary girl” he’s almost always seen in feminine or women’s clothing. Erik likes to change his attire regularly sometimes even multiple times a day ensuring to look his absolute best in his own unique way.

Erik is a man of accessories; He owns a variety of earrings, rings, necklaces, glasses and other accessories for the arms and neck like bandanas, watches and wrist bands. For the sake of fashion he even uses coloured contact lenses to change his eye colour in accordance with his outfit. When it comes to makeup Erik is never sloppy. He has various bold coloured lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows.

Erik is particularly fond of bags. Purses, handbags, satchels and in rare circumstances rucksacks and backpacks. In his opinion bags are the ultimate must have accessory. They might be expensive but a fancy bag just shows how well off you are. Of course, they’re also convenient for carrying his possessions like make up, money and supplies. The range of bags that Erik has is almost equal to the actual clothes in his wardrobe.

Though his wardrobe is quite broad there is a favourite if not signature look for Erik. He wears a glittering white jacket with a clean V-cut revealing the upper half of his torso and the tight black V-neck t-shirt underneath. The jacket has a wine red trim with thick shoulder pads and bright pink sleeves. Attached to the jacket is a fluffy purple collar that extends all the way back around his neck. The jacket has a single button with a purple gemstone and gold trim. He wears tight leather pants of wine red colour with feminine high heeled boots. The boots are the same pink as the sleeves on the jacket.

Around his neck is a red ribbon tied at an ‘X’ just above his chest by a purple gemstone button, identical to the on his jacket. He has matching rings, both made from actual diamond, on the pinkie finger of his right hand and his left hand. His fake nails are painted a bright pink colour, one that matches the bright pink colour of his lipstick. He also wears a thin layer of black mascara and purple eye shadow to accompany his pink contact lenses. Finally he wears, probably his favourite set of earrings; a bright gold star.

Abnormalities: Erik has a piercing on the lope of both his left and right ear.

Erik Cecere Personalucy

Personality: Erik is a very feminine person and refers to himself as “gender free”. Therefore, untied by gender expectations and restrictions he feels comfortable and free to be whom he is. While he claims to be gender free he does consider himself as an “honorary girl” and has many flamboyant tendencies. If angered, his feminine persona actually breaks. Once snaps he can be one scary man.

Erik is a calm and proud person. He has no shame in who he is. In frustrating or pressuring times he can maintain his calm and playful persona. He’s difficult to break and even in the heat of battle he remains concentrated and insightful. Even when people insult him or mock him he keeps a calm mind. Being who he is, Erik is not the type to get embarrassed easily. It’s not that he has no dignity, not at all; he just cares not for what people think about him.

Erik is sweet and playful. Erik rarely has a hidden motive or intent. He’s casual and playful around kids and other girls. He flirts playfully with other men by taking on a submissive role and promising rewards like “big hugs and kisses” when they succeed. He finds an odd enjoyment in the shyness and embarrassment of others, most likely stemming from his love for cute things.

Erik is strong, intelligent and independent. Despite his playful and feminine persona Erik is a very independent man. He’s a very learned individual with a wide range of knowledge on a variety of subjects. He’s tactical and resourceful and knows how to really think things through. If there’s a problem Erik can usually find a solution. He’s also strong in body. His occupation as a mage keeps him fit. He doesn’t need or rely on others but he never rejects them either. He openly accepts what other people has to offer and thinks that working as a team can only prove beneficial.

Erik is honest and kind with a sense of justice. Erik is a kind and friendly person. He is open to meeting new people and is instantly comfortable with strangers! While this may seem like a negative trait Erik knows the difference between kindness and trust, placing his trust in only those close to him. Erik knows the difference between right and wrong and will not accept the wrong doings of others. He’s a forgiving person and while bad and mischievous deeds disappoint and upset Erik, with time he can overlook and forgive. When it comes to true evil however, Erik makes no exceptions.

Erik is a patient and peaceful man. He likes to take things slow and enjoy life. He can find peace in the simplest of things and enjoys the little seemingly unimportant parts of life. Erik treasures time and is a true believer that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. While he is patient he can’t stand when people rush him, often getting irritated and attempting to shoo away whoever it is that bothering or rushing him.

Erik is always anxious to learn new things about magic, and other people. It would be a lie to say he can’t help himself to a good secret. While he may have a playful sense of curiosity he is not a nosy person. He will not badger anyone to tell him what he wants to know and can survive just fine if he never knows. He understands certain boundaries and knows the importance of a personal life. There’s definitely a few things that Erik hides from even his closest friends.

Erik is brave but not stupid. He may look a little desperate but Erik is a brave individual. He’s willing to fight for himself and his friends no matter the risk. However he does not strive to be the best, he knows when his chances of victory are too slim and often acts on this. Some things take a little motivation from friends.

Erik is a perfectionist. He believes that if you’re doing something you have to do it right, to the highest standards you can. He accepts no excuse for laziness and puts his best effort into everything he does. He doesn’t like anything dirty or messy, some might consider him a bit of a neat freak but that’s not the case. Erik can live with mess, he just prefers a cleaner more glamorous environment.


Writing: Erik adores writing in his free time, but this is not just any type of writing! Erik doesn’t write books or screenplays or scripts, not at all, in his free time Erik writes in his precious diary. This Diary has been a part of his life ever since he was little and to this day he continues to contribute an entry almost every day.

Cleaning: It could be from the countless cleaning jobs Erik has picked up over his years as traveling in an attempt to get by. Either way Erik has developed a hobby of cleaning

Sowing: When Erik can find the time he loves to make new and exciting clothing from all the interesting fabrics and materials he can find. He is talented with a needle and his hand skills can match that of an actual sowing machine.


Fashion: Erik is a huge fan of fashion. There’s probably nothing more in the world he loves more than his fashion. He goes to extensive levels in fitness, skin care and hair care. He has the most expensive and popular products and is informed of the latest styles, trends and news of the fashion industry. Most people are surprised when they discover how much he knows and questions how he does and still have free time. That’s just what Erik loves. He loves styling himself and others and maintaining his wardrobe and outfits. Erik can amuse himself just by trying on different outfits.

Romance: In his free time Erik loves to read. It’s a peaceful and enjoyable hobby, but a more accurate description would be that Erik loves Romance. He has dozens of romance books and even some “adult” books lying around. His love of romance obviously extends outside of books. Anything classic romance makes Erik’s heart go all aflutter. Erik loves all forms of romance, even if he sees it between other couples and people. He also thinks that romance is an actual necessity in life, and often times he can be found in a daydreaming state, probably picturing some unrealistic romantic scenario.

Beauty: Erik loves all form of beauty, the list would be endless. Beautiful personalities, beautiful magic, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful art, beautiful creatures! His world revolves around an idea of beauty and perfection, there's nothing he admires more than beauty itself.

Vehicles: Erik is a secret gear head. One of Erik’s not so much secret, but hidden passions. Erik adores all forms of vehicles, such as trains, boats, bikes and cars. He loves looking at them, traveling in them, and even driving and fixing some of them! His knowledge of vehicles almost excels that of his knowledge for fashion. Erik appreciates the classy and slick appearances, the gorgeous hum of the engine and even the littlest things like the smooth texture of the gear shift.


Over Accessorizing: When it comes to accessories, even Erik has a limit. Despite his bold choices and admiration towards accessorizing, he considers it a difficult 'art' to master. If there's anything he hates seeing it's over accessorizing, it steals attention away from the rest of the outfit and gives a new appearance of overcompensation.

Rushing: Erik hates to be rushed. He understands the importance of thinking things through slowly, ensuring perfection and accuracy in whatever the situation (particularly choosing and outfit). When rushed Erik will quickly shoo away and scold the other person. Rushing Erik is probably the easiest way to annoy him. Naturally, Erik returned the favor to others, unless in an emergency situation, Erik never rushes anyone.

Cruelty: Erik detests all forms of cruelty and evil, two hideous aspects of life. These aspects are hideous, disgusting and unnecessary. Erik will not stand for injustice and in his own right acts as a law enforcer. Erik will not stand for bullying, bullying of any kind. Even a playful insult can get on Erik's nerves. He won't stand for anyone taking advantage of others or tossing crude and hurtful phrases about the place. In a way, words can be just as lethal as actions. Erik is quick to attempt to deal with and dispose of these problems.

Hideousness: Erik hates hideous things. Hideous people, hideous personalities, hideous clothes, hideous creatures, hideous magic and pretty much any variation or stem of hideous! Obviously this comes from the somewhat shallow aspect of his personality but Erik hates hideous things. It's not so much that he hates hideous things, but that he hates seeing them. With hideous also comes potential and Erik is always the first to try and pretty it up.


Parents: Erik is oddly inspired by his own parents. Though he grew up developing a strong hate towards both of them, he later began to understand his parents and what they did for him growing up. Both his parents inspire him in separate ways but together, their lessons inspire him to improve himself not only as a mage but as a person two.

Surviving: Under any circumstances be it in the social world or the magic world Erik made a promise to his parents, a promise to survive. Erik now strives to survive in this world as a person and as a mage.

Beauty: Erik is inspired by the idea of beauty, the idea of one day obtaining a world of complete beauty, or at least coming as close as humanly possible to that world.

Guild: Erik believes the easiest way to obtain an ideal world of beauty is to someday start a guild of his own, a guild that represents his idea of true beauty.


Gamophobia: Fear of commitment. Erik’s past relationships, romantic or otherwise have all ended quite badly. Erik has not developed a distrust for people but fears that somehow if he gets too close to someone he’ll only end up getting emotionally or even physically hurt.

Kinemortophobia: Fear of Zombies or the living dead. Surely this is a rational fear. Erik does not fear spirits of the dead themselves but rather the eerie, rotting, peeling corpses that they control. Erik’s spine shivers at the site of a moving, rotting corpse.

Gurgephobia: Fear of the abyss. Be it the depths of the ocean floor or the cold nothing of the icy tundra Erik dreads going to these places. He fears that if he’ll disappear without a trace and no one will find him. He also fears what he could find in these unexplored places, something dangerous.

Erik Cecere Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Flexibility
Augment Description: Erik grew up practicing and training in gymnastics and continues to do so to this day. In his current age this has provided him with great agility and incredible flexibility, making him much more versatile in terms of movement in comparison to the ordinary person and many mages.

Erik Cecere Equipmenterza

Starter equipment is available to everyone and anyone. If you haven't read the equipment rules then I advise you go read them (insert url here) before you think what your doing is right.

Erik Cecere Historygray
Erik's Diary:

Hi Diary!
Oooooh I love the sound of that! My own diary! Now that I can write better, I finally have a use for this pretty note pad! All the other girls at school have diaries, but I bet theirs isn’t as pretty as mine! My first diary entry, I’m so excited, what should I write about?! Ok hmm let me think… Oh I know, I should write about myself first, right?! Well, my name is Erik and I’m six years old and I live in Waterfall city. It’s really pretty here, I like it a lot! I live in this super big house, but it’s just me and my dad so it’s a little empty! My mom is a mage and she can use some SUPER cool magic! My favourite colour is pink, it’s so pretty, my whole room is pink! I love pretty things, that’s why I love my mom so much! She’s so pretty, and she works at this BEAUTIFUL guild, the Melodic Sirens! Wow, they’re so gorgeous, I want to join that guild when I grow up. I wish I could be more like mom! I always – OH MY GOD! My dad was totally reading what I was writing! I can't believe him! It’s ok though he’s gone now! I can't believe him, he told me to stop daydreaming, Melodic Sirens is for girls. I'll show him, I'm just as good as any girl! I can be a girl! He doesn’t seem to like my diary! I don’t know why, I think it’s pretty! I don’t think we have much in common, he wants me to act more like a boy. I think being a girl is much more fun, mom has the prettiest shoes! Oh, speaking of shoes, the funniest thing happened in school today! I was talking to my friend Natalie and OHHHH! I THINK MY MOM’S HOME! She's been gone for AGES! She's always away on missions. Oh wait I have to sign off! Ok diary, officially signing off for today! Write more tomorrow, PROMISE!


Dear Diary,
There she goes again huh... Mom went off on ANOTHER mission. I wish we could spend more time together, I can't seem to balance in these heels. Someone has to teach me, but sometimes I think mom doesn't like me! No, that's silly! I tried asking dad to help me but he gets really mad EVERY TIME. Gosh, I don't understand him, being so mean about these things!


Dear Diary,
I guess I can’t get anything right… Mom and dad were fighting again. Dad is mad that she’s on missions all the time; he has to take care of the whole house by himself. But, I know that’s not they’re really fighting about, they were fighting about me again! I overheard them talking again you know… I hear them every time. Mom doesn’t like me at all, she wanted a daughter… But I’m trying! I can be a girl, I like it, it’s way more fun than being a stinky boy! But doing that upsets dad... Whatever, I don't care anyway, he's mean, he should just go away! Don't worry mom, I'll be your daughter, I promise! She left on more missions today, but I'll be Erika by the time she returns! It's a promise!


Dear Diary,
She never showed up...


Dear Diary,
It's been two years... I haven't seen mom since, she even missed my birthday AGAIN! I'm sure she's just busy, she'll be home soon, I KNOW IT! Or... I hope so... Dad's gotten really sick recently... I-I'm a little worried... WHATEVER, IT'S HIS FAULT! If he wasn't yelling at me all the time he wouldn't get so sick! I have to take care of him, as well as the house work. Cooking, cleaning, gardening... He doesn't even let me wear the pretty apron. Please come home mom!

Dear Diary,
Mom's home, she's home! I knew she wouldn't forget my birthday! I'm so glad! I had the best day, this was the most time mom EVER spent with me. We went shopping for a new wallpaper, I got a really pretty one, it was pink and there were flowers ALL over. But... my mom doesn't seem to care... What am I doing wrong? She got my dad to put up the wallpaper when we got home, of course he hated it! He's just jealous his wallpaper isn't as pretty as mine.


Dear Diary,
I can’t believe my dad! My whole room is RUINED! I just got brand new wallpaper, it was a BIRTHDAY PRESENT, from MOM! I came home from school today and it was gone! GONE! Instead of seeing that same pretty room from yesterday, I got some stupid ugly blue wallpaper with dragons! HE’S SO MEAN! WHY would he replace my new wallpaper?! He won’t put my old one back up either, he says it’s for girls! GOSH! I am a girl! She’s gone again you know, another mission, I hope she comes back soon, I hate dad! I wish he’d just GO AWAY! Why can’t mom stay home, and HE go away for a LONG time. Like... FOREVER. UGH! Signing off!


Dear Diary,
I'm sorry... I'm sorry I haven't written much lately. It's just... It's been a year you know... a year from today, it's when dad died. Turns out that illness was pretty serious... I should have taken him to the doctors! Why didn't I take him to the doctors?! If I wasn't so busy trying to please mom, a mom who hasn't been home since my birthday last year! She missed it again this year. She doesn't even know dad's gone, you know! I've been using the money she still sends home for dad. For the past year, I've had to take care of myself, alone, in this house with whatever little bit of money mom would send! This isn't what I wanted dad...


Dear Diary,
It's still lonely around here. But... It's not so bad. I got to put up the wallpaper I wanted. I'll admit it though, I still have dad's one hidden in my closet... You know, really far back, I don't want anyone to see that ugly thing. Yet, I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Anyway, I can also do what I want! I've gotten really good at putting on make up. I know it's never enough for mom but... I like to look pretty. I've given up caring about when mom will return, if she evens. I never thought I'd see an ugly side of my mother.


Dear Diary,
Boys are stupid. ALL OF THEM! Remember I was telling you about starting the next level of school well... I did, and it was just hideous. The boys were mean, they made fun of my make up. Even the girls laughed! I don't understand why, you should have seen THEIR faces, I swear it's like a clown threw up on them. You know what,I think I finally understand dad... You were never ashamed dad, all the time you spent at home, looking after me. You were just afraid of what others would think...


Dear Diary,
What did I do wrong, dad? My wallpaper is back to the way you wanted it, I even started dressing like a guy, I EVEN TOOK UP A SPORT! Gymnastics is a sport. Everyone still makes fun of me. I wish I could see you again dad, tell me what to do?


Dear Diary,
Today is not a day of sorrow. I think, it's the first time I've felt like this in a while. I finally understand, I'm a pretty beautiful person, you know diary? I went back diary, back to who I really am. The make up, the fabulous clothes and in fact, my level of beauty even matches my mother. You see, I finally understand what dad wanted from me. I don't care what others think. Why should I? I'm proud of who I am and tomorrow, I'm going to teach all those bullies a lesson.


Dear Diary,
The girls left in tears, and the boys... Well, I bet gymnastics doesn't seem so ridiculous now. Fun day... Thanks dad.


Dear Diary,
Life is still going well. I'm excelling in school, my grades are to be admired. I'm still doing gymnastics, and I must say I enjoy it, I've become quite agile and flexible. I've gotten used to life on my own, but I write this entry to inform you of the new adjustment to my life. My mother has stopped sending money. Or so, It's safe to assume. It's been several weeks since her last letter. With my current funds at a minimum, I had to take up a part time job at a local restaurant. They don't allow me to wear my own skirts or make up, and force me to wear the uniform. I have to make money somehow though, I guess this is just how things work in the world. I'll stay strong, just like I promised dad. What happened to my mother? I don't know, is she dead? Possibly. Asking around I discovered she had left Melodic Sirens several months ago. Which also means she was in town... I guess she didn't want to see me.


Dear Diary,
It's my 19th birthday today. Not only that but I've graduated! These recent days I've been struggling to decide what to do with my life. Hey diary... do you remember the 11th February, X374? That was the day my mom left, I haven't seen her since. Technically that's a lie. It's been 8 years. Maybe that's what made it so shocking, that is, when she showed up. That's right, I met my mother today. I almost didn't recognize her at first. It's ironic, I don't know what happened of course, but that gorgeous and powerful heroine I once knew, was now a shadow of her former self. She was tattered and dirty. How did I react to it at first? Of course, I invited her in and I made some tea. A proper hostess always offers tea. She was in bad shape, looking for my help. What did I do? Well, I moved on... Literally. I left her the house, it was hers after all, and I left her the majority of my savings. The woman had done wrong, and made many mistakes, but who was I to deny her a second chance, she was my mother, a woman I once idolized. She was a part of creating who I am today. I can't say I wish things weren't different, but I offered her my forgiveness. So yes, I write this entry on the road, the road from home. What do I do now? I move on. How do I do that? I move forward! I travel, I learn. I may be finished school, but this world has so much more to teach me, and I welcome its embrace.


Dear Diary,
Today, I travel the mountain roads. I waved good bye to waterfall city yesterday, the city I grew up in. I must say excitement is brewing; I’ve never left home before. I guess, I never thought about it really, the beautiful waterfalls, the gorgeous mountainous background. The gorgeous scenery was just so, reassuring, I always felt safe in this city that leaving had never crossed my mind. There really is nothing I admire more than beauty; it’s what makes this city so hard to leave and it’s what made this city so easy to live in, I even had a future planned out at Melodic Sirens. I don’t think that dream is dead yet, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for it either. Melodic Sirens is home to the most beautiful and classy women. I have much to learn before I can address this dream and so I’ve decided! May today mark the beginning of my journey! I’m going to travel Fiore and see what I can find. I’ll study the beauty of the world, and perhaps pick up some useful skills and information along the way. Don’t worry about me diary, I’ll be fine. I’m smart, strong, and independent. I was one of the highest achieving students in my class you know. I have a good knowledge of the geography of Fiore and I know how to get by on my own. First stop Shirotsume town!


Dear Diary,
Ta-da! We’ve arrived today at Shirotsume town. It’s a small town in the mountains, quite a beautiful place if I may say so. To the eye it has little to offer, but I’m sure the people of this town all have their stories to tell, things to share! Many people stare at me, obviously threatened by my looks, I guess this is good for me. The people of Waterfall City already knew who I was. Staying in this city a while should help me build some confidence, I won’t let some nasty stray looks through me off my game. Besides, let’s be realistic, if I have any hope of getting by I need a job. What’s my plan so far? I’m going to find work and spend some time in this town. I’ll see what I can learn here and work up a little money while I’m at it! I’ll be sure to document what I’ve learnt!


Dear Diary,
Magic is fascinating isn’t it? In my time here I’ve heard so many stories of dragons and magic. When I was younger, I wanted to be just like my mother, and magic just happened to be a part of that fantasy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I never really understood the world of magic, and to be honest I don’t think I ever will. That’s what makes it such a beautiful mystery… Anyway, I found a job cleaning houses for the time being. It doesn’t pay much but I think I’ve earned a reliable amount to continue my journey. Not only that but I found the most beautiful fabrics at the market. I collected a whole bunch and well… I wonder what I can make with it. My mind is flustered with ideas, I’ll be sure to include some sketches in tomorrow’s entry.


Dear Diary,
Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I seem to have made a slight miss-calculation in my travels. I ended up heading towards Mt. Hakobe. That mountain was huge, freezing, a constant blizzard! The gorgeous snow rushed so hard it seemed more dangerous than appealing. I’ll have to steer clear of that area for now but… Blackwood Forest. I don’t really know much about it other than the rumors. I caught a glimpse from afar during my travels… It’s so… hideous. It’s gloomy and eerie, it reeks of danger and darkness. I was warned that horrible evils lie within its depths. I stayed clear for now. There really are a variety of places in this world… I’ll see what else I can find out, because after all, Magnolia awaits!


Dear Diary,
HELLO MAGNOLIA TOWN! Maybe I didn’t say that loud enough, I just arrived and this city is HUGE! I learned about it in school but who knew it’s beauty and grandeur could ALMOST match that of waterfall city! I don’t know what this city has planned for me I’m already off to a good start! That’s right I sold a design! I was approached on the street by a woman looking to buy some clothes I had made from the fabrics I bought in Shirotsume! Who knew people would want to BUY my designs! This city doesn’t seem to treat me so different either, maybe it’s due to the size and people are used to seeing unusual things? Who knows? For now I’m just excited to be here.


Dear Diary,
I’ve made a stable living here in Magnolia, and I must say it’s been delightful. I’m thoroughly enjoying the life I’ve created for myself in this town. I buy a bunch of fabrics and sell my designs for a big profit! I’m even starting to get a little well known across certain social circles! Of course, fame in fashion is not what I seek. Tell me diary, have you ever heard of… Fairy Tail? Yes… another magic guild. I guess I never really thought there were others besides Melodic Sirens. Huh… the world of magic just keeps on surprising me…


Dear Diary,
Fairy Tail really is a beautiful place. I wish I could use magic like these other mages. I’ve been working on my gymnastic as well as building up my muscle and melee skills, that is whenever I find the time. I feel that if ever a day comes when I can enter the world of magic, I should be prepared physically. Honestly I don’t know where I get the time to do the things I do. Most of the day is spent exploring the town and meeting new people, even to this day there’s always something new to do or learn in Magnolia Town. I’ve also been progressing with my, perhaps I could not call it a fashion business? It’s become a reliable income and even an exciting contribution to my life. Let me tell you a secret diary, I think I’ve found a new passion… Recently I’ve gotten into… vehicles! Cars, trains, boats, everything! I can’t explain it but I love them, I’m constantly trying to learn new things about them, and find bigger and more fabulous models. I’ve even started tinkering with some magic vehicles... Fascinating machines. I know I’ve spent a lot of time in Magnolia but… I really like it here… I just can’t seem to draw myself away from this life. I promise though diary, I haven’t forgotten about my journey.


Dear Diary,
Fairy Tail huh… I got a new job today diary! Of course that puts an end to my little fashion store. I’ll still make clothes, and perhaps I’ll sell them from time to time or just use them as gifts. My love of fashion still remains but, my new job is much more interesting! I get to wait on tables and clean! Heehee, I bet that sounds super boring, not the way it happened! That’s right, I met a guy! A mage, from Fairy Tail! I can’t use magic but, I get to help around the guild and I even get paid for it! Just being around these fabulous mages is a fantastic experience, it’s fun and exciting and I learn so much! The guild is lively and the people are beautiful. What I admire most of all is… they accept me! They don’t ask me to change who I am and they don’t hate me for it either! I’m not even a mage but… I feel so at home in this guild. Listen to me blabber on about my new job, I know what you really want to hear about! It’s Ryan isn’t it, that’s his name, the guy I met! Well tough poodles diary, it’s still too early to say anything! I will tell you something though, he’s the one who got me this job! OH, He’s super cute too…


Dear Diary,
It’s getting cold. Winter must be coming. Snow in Magnolia huh… I bet its breath taking. After nearly five months in this city it never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been getting on well working at the Fairy Tail guild, you won’t believe the money I have stashed away. When I return to my travels, I might not even have to worry about finding work! Winter with Ryan… I wonder what that will be like… Yes, that does mean what you think! We get along so well, I really think he likes me! We’ve been on a few dates already, I don’t want to get in over my head here but, I sure do like him a lot! He uses fire magic! I’m sure that’s going to come in handy come the colder days of winter!


Dear Diary,
I think my relationship has taken the next big step. Ryan and I are leaving Magnolia. As I promised Diary, I get to continue with my journey. Ryan wants to leave with me, and possibly even more exciting I get to help him on his missions! I know it sounds dangerous but he thinks my athletic abilities will not only help me but him too! I guess in a way we’re a team now, I’m on a mages team! This is so exciting; we can do missions together to get money as well! Things are really turning out better than I expected, I never thought I’d be anxious to leave Magnolia Town… We leave tomorrow!


Dear Diary,
Life has really been special you know, Ryan and I. The past few years we’ve been together! We explored all of Fiore, ALL of it! I got to see the adorable Clover town, the historic Oak town, the port town of Hargeon and the classy city of Pelistine! Truly, this world has beauty to offer. I’ve much improved in my sowing skills and fighting skills and what surprises me most of all is my knowledge of motors and repairs! Life has gone so differently to what I expected. I remember the days when I dreamed of joining Melodic Sirens, hah I can’t even use magic. At this point in my life I find myself wondering about my mother, and addressing my previous dreams. The only two things that connect me to my past… I wonder if mom is still safe, or if she’s even worrying about me. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve seen home. I guess now I understand my mom a little better, but I can’t help but ask myself if she thought about me why she was away… Dad, I know it’s been a while since I asked for your help but… you loved mom… You know her much better than I do. Do you think I’m being too hard on her? That’s it… I’ll visit home!


Dear Diary,
I’m nearing home. To say my stomach isn’t fluttering with butterflies and nerve is a lie. It’s been three whole years, I wonder what’s changed, what’s different? I write today about the odd behaviour I’ve been experiencing from Ryan recently… He’s acting different, he looks different too. Uglier… Not appearance wise but in general I’ve been getting an uglier feel around Ryan. What is it, I can’t explain but I don’t like the feel of it. His fire even looks darker… I know a bit about magic and… that doesn’t seem right. I just hope everything will be ok.


Dear Diary,
Home is as I remember… Gorgeous… The falls are beautiful and Melodic Sirens has blossomed even more beautifully than before. I missed this place. You’ll never guess what diary… I saw mom today. She’s been aging well, just as beautiful as ever. That’s not the surprise though… she hasn’t left. Not since she came home three years ago. I couldn’t believe it… Maybe it’s because she retired as a mage and has no reason to leave but… I like to believe otherwise. I introduced her to Ryan. She stared at him the entire time. I guess nothing I ever do really will satisfy that woman. I see no point in hanging around, we leave again tomorrow.


Dear Diary,
What’s happened… What’s wrong with my Ryan! So much has changed… TOO much has changed, and so suddenly! He’s closed, rude, cold and he doesn’t seem to trust me at all anymore. Not only that but we haven’t done a mission in weeks. I’m worried, but I have faith! We’ve accepted a mission, a dangerous mission in the Blackwood Forest… I know this is exactly what Ryan needs.


Dear MUM,
I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and the things I’ve thought. I see now what dad saw in you all along… There are things I’ll never understand questions that will now remain forever unanswered. It’s funny isn’t it, a few years ago, I offered you my forgiveness. Today, I ask for yours. I love you.


Dear Diary,
Everything disappeared at once… All of a sudden it’s all gone, so quickly! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days… I think it’s time to inform you of what exactly happened. Ryan attacked me. It was in the Blackwood forest. There was no task after all… I don’t know what happened exactly to Ryan but, he lured me into the forest in an attempt to take my life. Ryan had been studying dark magic for months behind my back. I don’t know how this could have happened. Diary, did you know about the guild, Obscura Fabula? It’s a dark guild and apparently to join it requires you to have taken someone’s life. I guess somewhere along the lines Ryan’s magic involvement took a turn for the worst. Needless to say, Ryan and I are no longer together not after what he did. He is not a member of Fairy Tail either, and I can only assume he’s joined that hideous and cruel guild Obscura Fabula. That’s right, he got the kill he needed but it wasn’t on me. It was my mother… He attacked me in the forest, and that was when my mother appeared. I was just as surprised as you are now diary. She had been following us ever since I visited her last. Of course! She was a strong and talented mage the majority of her life; she must have known what Ryan was doing. But… she was retired, a mage now out of practice for well over three years of her life. I don’t know what she was thinking, or why she tried to protect me. The fight was insane I did what I could physically to help. By the end, Ryan was weak but my mother was on her knees. That’s when it happened. Magic. The plants of the forest around me seemed to move as I screamed. The branches enveloped my mother in a seal as the a flurry of plants attacked Ryan. I had no idea that all these years growing inside me was such magic potential… But… I wasn’t strong enough. Ryan’s magic penetrated the shield and exploded. By the time the smoke had cleared he was gone, he had fled. My mother was breathing but… she died before we could even make it out of the forest.


Dear Diary,
The last few months have been hard. In their deaths, my parents have taught me more than their lives ever could have. So I use these lessons to shape and improve myself as a person. I’ve been practicing my magic all the time. I’m finally able to make my dreams of magic a reality. I can feel it, Melodic Sirens is within my grasp. For the sake of my mother, I will make this dream come true.


Dear Diary,
I returned to Magnolia, as difficult as it was. I had to return to Fairy Tail. I know I wasn’t an official mage but, I worked there, I was close to its members! I had to let them know exactly everything that happened. Of course they were all surprised but, they had caught wind of this news themselves… I explained the discovery of my magic and almost as quick as I had arrived, I had officially left, left to explore this new ability of mine, this new side of my life…


Dear Diary,
They rejected me. The past three years of my life I have spent in a continuous attempt to survive in this world, survive as who I am, and to learn and practice my magic. Even before, my whole life has been an effort to prove that not just I can be a girl, but I am! That was not enough for the Melodic Sirens, and I was rejected… Because of my gender. Diary, Mom, Dad! What do I do, in an instant, my life’s dreams have been crushed, deemed impossible… What do I do…


Dear Diary,
So was it here all along, everything I wanted right in front of me? As of today diary, I am an official mage of Fairy Tail… Mom and Dad, I’m still not sure what to do, or where to go. But, I think I’ve found a home, a place that accepts me for who I am. I think I’ll be just fine… I’ll keep on surviving!


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This is how a application should be done!

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