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Kiyoshi Isamu

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Kiyoshi Isamu Empty Kiyoshi Isamu

Post by Kiyoshi Isamu on Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:40 pm

___________ Kiyoshi Isamu ___________

Kiyoshi Isamu 86835

"I know I'm not talented, and I require much more time to learn a certain technique than any other people, but regardless of how much time it takes me, I'm going to train as much as needed until I have it."

Nickname(s): The Joker in the Pack
    Despite that it's his nickname, he doesn't knows that people nicknamed him like that, and most people don't even know it's actually him. It's what his childhood friends nicknamed him and it spreads around. He received that nickname because he's normally a coward, weak and untalented guy but in serious situation, he's usually the one who stood up in the end and turn the tide around like a sport competition.

Age: 16
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/5/x375
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Right Arm~White Color

Kiyoshi Isamu Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Kiyoshi stands at 174 cm tall and weight 49 kg. In fact, he's quite thin, but fairly tall for his age. He has white spiky hair which go all the way up, though some of it fall down and from the back, it spikes backward. Kiyoshi's skin is tanned, which some people found that as the attracting feature of Kiyoshi, though sometime he's mocked by that feature of his too. He has brown dark eyes, and his body is quite fairly muscular as well, even though he doesn't knows it himself and how it becomes that way. He could show a smile easily and most of them ended up as a grin instead of a smile, but he does knows how to smile. When something perk his interest, he would smile and when something seem funny or when he's happy, he grins in which show his flashing white teeth and his eyes closed. He tends to swing his arm backward and forward while walking, well just a little bit more than normal people would since it's a way of walking, he adapted while he was young as he indicate that walking normally is awkward, and from that day it becomes his habit. He also has a fairy average-sized scar on his left cheek. To sum it up, he's a natural-tanned, white haired, tall and slim teen.

Attire/Clothing: Kiyoshi has two different attire which he normally wears:

First Attire
Kiyoshi's first attire, is a hoodie which goes far down to his ankle making it seems likes coat. It's a black hoodie with yellow line running across both side of the shirt, from the hind's view. There's four button sewed on the sleeves of each side. From the front's view, there's a big yellow collar right in the middle of his chest which keep the coat-like hoodie together until his waist which is where it start to part way showing his black baggy shorts which covered his knee, and yellow stripe running across the side. In this attire, Kiyoshi wears yellow boots. He also has yellow earrings and black arm band right on his wrist. Right at the part of his waist, there's a pocket on the hoodies in which he used to store his box of nail.

Hind View:
Kiyoshi Isamu Kyle_by_Rahlie

Front View:
Kiyoshi Isamu 420519865
Sorry, it's pretty hard to find a picture of him since the manga is not that popular but it was somewhat popular, while it was still on Ongoing Status, though sadly enough, it wasn't made into an anime. So yeah, he's that guy with white spiky hair.

Second Attire
In this attire, Kiyoshi wears a white sleeveless hoodie with two lines hanging down from his hood. He wears black pants and instead of yellow boots, he uses white trainers as a replacement. Like the first attire, he still has his arm band and yellow earrings. There's a container which is tucked onto his pants, big enough to keep the box of nails.

Kiyoshi Isamu Psyren-1

Abnormalities: He has a scar which is fairly average size on his left cheek, in which he received it during a battle against some bullies.

Kiyoshi Isamu Personalucy


Although Isamu mean Brave and Courage, and Kiyoshi mean Quiet, Kiyoshi's personality is the complete opposite from his name. He's an utterly coward, weakling or what you called, a scaredy cat. He loves reading book and writing fiction so he can gets away from reality, and imagine a perfect world. He will mostly run away from problem, that's his way of making peace. He's lazy and somwhat carefree. He just doesn't care about what's happening around him unless danger is approaching him. He thinks a lot, and he always consider about it before doing something so he can avoids trouble. He's an idiot in regular life, but he's actually not. When he's serious or mad, he became another person. He evolved from being Kiyoshi, to a real Kiyoshi. He's clever, creative, and have many knowledge on Martial Artist which help him in combat, the Martial Arts' knowledge are just from the book he read. He's afraid of nothing, when that happen, and his will..he just won't back down until his body tore apart into two. His personality switched when one of these 5 things happened : "When someone make a girl cry" , "When someone damage his arm(s) badly" , "When someone tear his book" (in an intentional way, to hurt his feeling), "When someone hurt his comrade" and "When someone laugh about other people's dream". (though he doesn't cares about people laughing about his dream)

Beside the negative point of him, being a coward and a man who would run for his own life, he does has his good point. Again, he's the opposite from what his name said, he's a cheerful and fun-loving guy. Party is his thing, and he loves having one. Kiyoshi has a good sense of humor, and is pretty good with social since he's pretty much outgoing. At his free time, he would spends his time reading book, from a comic book to a novel, and probably write one later on. He wrote many books and read many book. Reading and Writing are his favorite hobby. He may not looks like it, but he's pretty good at looking at people and guess their true character, probably because he read so many books that he learned about different type of person and how they act, including that he's a writer himself although unofficially one. Kiyoshi also hates seeing a girl or woman cry, so he tends to be nice to girl, and avoid making a girl cry. In some case, he wouldn't even fight back against girl so that they wouldn't cry. It's an annoying trait of him which he somewhat hates himself of having that view but after a short thinking, he still follows his idea because that's the way he is, and he should stick with the way he believe is right.

Kiyoshi has a special side of him, and that's his Willpower, the will to never give up. It occurs to him, most of the time, when he's determined to do something. He knows that he's not good enough or talented, but he's always determined to learn stuff. Just like how he spent a day learning how to climb a tree. The talented kid can easily climb it on first try, some can with some guidance and a little work and most of them give up without trying, but not Kiyoshi. Despite, it being an easy job, he tried his best learning how to do it. It took him a day..of hard and all such. That what make people like him, and what earned him the nickname "The Joker in the Pack" because he trains something very hard in order to ensure his team's victory.

  • Reading: Kiyoshi is a book lover, so obviously, he loves reading.

  • Writing: Since he loves book, he also loves writing. He can imagine himself in a perfect world and write to express himself.

  • Partying: Kiyoshi is a fun-loving guy, therefore it isn't strange, he likes partying.

  • Exploring: Although, Exploring might lead him to danger, which is what he dislikes, he loves exploring. He loves discovering new things which could also benefit his writing hobby. Exploring is just the stuff Kiyoshi would do.

  • Book: Kiyoshi likes all type of book, from Science-Fiction to Romance, any.

  • Real Friend: Despite being good at making fruit, he's not sure himself, who is his real friend. Perhaps he doesn't even have one, but he loves Real Friend since he always see them in the book he read.

  • Favorite Animal: Wolf and Hawk: He admires the Wolf, their will-power, and their teamwork. They're the best animal in his eyes. On the other hand, he wants to be a hawk himself, creating his liking of hawk, because they're the creature on earth that have the most freedom.

  • Favorite Color: Black: He doesn't knows why himself, perhaps it's because of his tanned skin, but as long as he could remember, Black is his favorite color.

  • Favorite Number: 7: Again, he's not sure why he likes this number, but probably because of one of his favorite series, the main protagonist being called "Mr. 7".

  • Favorite Food: Meat and Apple: He loves Meat and Apple is his favorite fruit.

  • Favorite Season: Fall: Not sure why but he likes Fall.

  • Fight: He's a coward, so of course he dislikes fighting. He prefer peace over violent.

  • Dangerous Task: Dangerous Task is a no-go for him. He hates it, because it might leads him to his death or might wound him. Again, his way of making peace is running away and walk down the safe route.

  • Having his novel/fiction criticized: He normally doesn't goes around showing the fiction he wrote to other, since it's embarrassing and he hates having it criticized. He works really hard on all of them, including much inspiration to complete one.

  • Girl Crying: He's not sure why himself, but he wouldn't let a man walk off freely after making a girl cried, woman basically. He doesn't likes that view since he thinks that man shouldn't make a girl cry. That's why he avoids, by any mean, to make a girl cry.

  • When his arm(s) is damaged badly: He's a writer, so he absolutely hates it. That's going to make it hard for him to read and write, including that his life is somewhat on his arm, thus he wouldn't want them damaged.

  • When others are hurting his comrade in both way, either Emotional or Physical: He feels that it's hard to find a certain good friend so he treasures them. Thus, he wouldn't wants that to happen.

  • When someone tear his book: Now again, he likes book. No matter what type of book, be it his fictional book or a book he bought, he dislikes having his book torn, since he knows that the author put so much work into it and it's such a disgrace to have it torn, just like that.

  • Seeing other's dream getting laughed at: This seem strange, but he absolutely hates seeing someone laughing at another one's dream. The strange thing is that, he doesn't cares if people laugh at his own. Probably because he has been through it for many years, and he thinks that fighting back is just a waste of time. Instead, he would prefer to spent that time to work on his dream so he could actually accomplish it and prove that, it's not just a dream but a fact. On the other hand, he hates people laughing at other's dream because he knows that it's painful. He has been through it all do he understands it, and he's already used to it that it doesn't hurts him anymore.

  • Helping Others: Pretty strange indeed. Kiyoshi is a man of peace, no, not a man of peace actually, but it's just because he's too scared to get into a fight, in short he's a coward. Though, he decides to train hard and become a Mage who would engage in many battle. That's because he wants to help other. He has been reading many books about it, being hero and stuff and it looks great, perhaps feel great too. As far as he could remember, he always wish to become a Mage and helps other.

  • Ambition: Kiyoshi is tired of seeing his friends getting beaten, tired of running away, and tired of pretending that he doesn't sees anything. Thus, he aims to be stronger than this in order to stop these things from happening anymore.

  • Fun: Doesn't sound like a good reason but from how his friend described, joining a Guild sound fun to him. They could party, they could go on a mission together and it helps him make friend too. He feels that his current life is too boring, with just reading, eating, writing and sleeping. Kiyoshi is a fun lover.

  • Dream: It's his dream to becomes a Mage, and since he's an untalented guy, he's been training for year to become one. He recall talking about his dream and got laughed at by his friend, thus he decides to tries even harder and go with a "In your face" when he becomes a Mage.

  • Death: Kiyoshi fears death. Of course, he's afraid of dying, because he feels that there's still so many things left for him to do, the world to explore, more event to party and stuff. He hasn't even complete all his dream yet, either.

  • Making a Girl Cry: He has never makes a girl cry before, and he wish he could continues with it for the rest of his life. As stated before, he hates someone who made a girl cry, so he would hates himself if he were to do so.

  • Battling with a girl: Since he doesn't wants to see a girl cry, he would, by any mean avoid fighting against girl. It's probably the worst case scenario for him. Though his fear of battling with a girl is disabled once one of these three things happened, "When that girl no longer seem like a girl to him", "When that girl hurt his comrade" and "When that girl laugh at other people's dream". By "no longer seem like a girl to him", frankly speaking, Kiyoshi's view toward girl is pretty much the kind-hearted type one. He feels that girl aren't supposed to be cruel, for some reason, he believes it likes that, since he doesn't finds many girl being cruel. So when some girl just go on and murder people, use cheap trick and so on, she doesn't seems like a girl in Isamu's eyes anymore.

  • Having high bounty on his head: Well he hates fighting, furthermore he's a coward and by having a bounty on his head, people would go after his head and all.

Kiyoshi Isamu AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Stat Points
Attack: 6
Defense: 10
Speed: 9
Physical Aptitude: 25

Augment Name: Fast Reading and Wiriting Speed
Augment Description: By Fast Reading and Writing Speed, not extraordinarily fast, but faster than most. Since he spent his childhood out of Reading Books and Writing Novel, it's became usual to him now that his Reading and Writing Speed improved greatly since he's doing it everyday since the day he was 6 years old, frankly speaking, for 10 years. So his speed in that two, are faster than most, but again, not extraordinarily fast, probably 2 times faster than a fast writer/reader and 3 times faster than normal.

Augment Name: Judging a book by its cover
Augment Description: Elder told their child to not Judge a book by its cover, obviously meaning that you shouldn't judge someone by their appearance, or something like that. But Isamu does it anyways, how cruel. Actually, he's not a person to judge a book by its cover, Isamu is pretty skilled at guessing a person's true nature. To study a smile, the eyes, the expression, the body and all that. His sharp eyes aren't always a bullseye and always hit on-the-spot, it can be wrong some time, but he most of the time, it's correct. It seems that, it's because he read so many books that he managed to learn about people's expression and action, studying different personality, and the fact that he's an unofficial author. Since he's an author, he knows different type of personality.

Kiyoshi Isamu Equipmenterza

Name: Box of Nails
Classification: Weapon
Type: Material?
Material(s): Wood (For the rectangular-shaped Wooden Box) and Metal (For the 50 Nails inside it)
Kiyoshi Isamu 236944
Just a normal wooden, rectangular-shaped box which is only about three inches high and about thirteen inches wide. There's 50 nails inside it.

History: N/A

Kiyoshi Isamu Historygray

Kiyoshi was born in the poorest part of Oak Town, of course that doesn't mean that Oak Town is a rural town, but it's just that that part where he born in is the poorest part of the town. It was hard to survive in a poor living condition because of the lack of money, it was hard to survive the bully, and it was hard to survive his energetic dad. Normally, people would feel stressed out from life like this, normally they would think they're one of the unluckiest person on earth, but Kiyoshi didn't think so. It may sound bad, but it ain't that bad as the word describe. Through the chaos, people get to have fun. Children get to pull pranks, and that part of the town is pretty friendly because they know each other well, it look like they are attached to each other and close knit, perhaps because they share the same thing...they're poor.  But still, it's funny how Kiyoshi get to enjoy his life there. He spent most of his time running, running away from those bullies and running away from problem. Kiyoshi would normally get bullied by some random bully due to the fact that his face look sort of well..energetic. Though, Kiyoshi didn't care, if the bullier asked him to crawl under their feets, he would do so, if the bullies kicked him and dirtied his clothe, he would just ignore it and wash it when he got home, that's Kiyoshi's way of making peace...he just ignore his problem. Kiyoshi encounter people getting into trouble many times, even his friends, but he look away and run. Pathetic, eh? He didn't get tired of reality, he died inside but he just didn't know what to do. He can only think about how to get stronger, but he would just think instead of act. "Ahh..i'm so pathetic" he would keep repeating that word, and put a period onto it because he never intend to change. He would spent his time reading comic books, and learn about Magic which seemingly appeal so much though he never intend to learn it, he's happy with just dreaming. He would just release all his anger on the book he's writing..he would just dream..that's the type of person Kiyoshi was.

And on some random day, again, he met trouble. A group of bullies surround him and his friend while they were walking home. Kiyoshi knew that he would need to run out by himself to avoid trouble. At that time, he didn't think of anything anymore instead of escaping. He knew that he would get blamed later on, or beaten up by his friends because he ran for his own life, but he's all prepared for it, he just want to escape from this thing. However, when he was about to start running one of his friend said a sentence which shocked him. "Kiyoshi, go get some help! Among all of us, you're the fastest runner and we also believe that you wouldn't leave us alone. Please return fast, we will distract them while you ran" that's what the guy said. Kiyoshi hesitated, thinking how pathetic he was, and how his friends trusted him. But he ran anyway..not to get help, but to hide inside his own home. He thought that there might not be anyone out there, who's willing to help, which was a lie he made up to lie himself because obviously there's many people willing to him, but he can't do it, why? Because he fear...he fear that those bullies would track him down later on, because he's the one who got them into this trouble. He jumped straight onto his bed and hide under the blanket. He knew what he were doing was wrong, but it can't be help. He can trust no one, and no one would trust him. And so..he just sleep there..without doing anything..leaving his friends fighting to protect him..while he ran and hides. Now that's pathetic.

The next morning, he found out that his friends are badly injured, since they tried to fight back in order to help Kiyoshi escape successfully, if they we're fighting back, they wouldn't have gotten themselves into an injury this bad because the bullies would just only bully him but when he fought back, they were punished. On that day, one of the guy randomly run into Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi intentionally tried to ignore him, so that he wouldn't get reproved or shouted at but the reaction from the guy seem completely opposite from what he had expected. "Sorry, Kiyoshi! We put you on the most hardest task! Damn, why can't we notice on time that it was pretty hard to search for help, i assume you didn't come to help us because you can't find anyone to help us right? must be hard for you to go from one place to another, begging for help. We're really sorry!" was what he said and "'s okay..I'm fine" was the reply from Isamu. That day, he died inside, much more than any other day, he lost count of how many times he insulted himself. He walked home without any spirit in him. He can't remember what time he got home. When he got home, he just lay his body on the bed. As soon as he noticed, that his dad was there, he asked the question that have been on his mind "Dad...was my way of making peace wrong? I mean..i tried my best not to use any violence right? And...they can just run with me, or not trusting me at all but why am i the only one feeling so i wrong?" he asked with sorrow in his sentence. The experienced dad, who's no longer energetic like he normally was, smilled slightly. "No actually, it's not right at all. I know, avoiding fighting is right, but you're not avoiding it, you're pushing your problem onto other. When you run, you pushed your trouble onto other to solve it for you, and you're the only one having fun while the other suffer. That's not..what called peace, at least to my point of view. You know...society don't fear those who made mistake and correct themselves, but society fear those who thought they was right when they actually is wrong. Re-think about it, my son, I'm sure you would come into a conclusion for your own life...after all, you're my son." replied the father before leaving the room.

Kiyoshi cried hard that night, that's the first time he cried that hard since he was a baby, and within the next day, he did something really stupid which didn't seem like his doing at all. He searched for the bullies who had beaten up his friends. He demand them to say sorry with a determined face. The bullies refused and he started fighting them. Of course, he lost. He was beaten up badly many times, but still stood up with a determined face asking them to say sorry. His body were all covered in blood and bruises. He was kicked, punched, thrown many many times. He still stands up, and sometime crawl to catch their feet stopping them from leaving. The bullies had enough, so they took out a knife and swing it toward Kiyoshi's face. The attack wasn't that fast, but Kiyoshi himself was already exhausted from all the beating. He had managed to somehow dodge it from slashing into his face, but it made a cut on his left cheek, and surprisingly, the cut is quite big, for a cut that is. And that's when hero who might change his life appeared. He jumped out of nowhere, kicking the man's face sending him flying. The other two bullies charged at him, but he punched straight into the two men's stomach at the same time. And when the last bully charged at him, attempting to punch him, the man dodged the attack by moving slightly to the left side, before grabbing the guy's arm and throw him down. He finally look at the nearly-unconscious Kiyoshi and smile. "Who...who are you? And..why do you save me?" asked Kiyoshi, clearly struggling, but he need to ask him that question, even though that might cause him to spit blood. The man crouched down to him and show him a grin on his face. "You fought well kid. I'm a Mage. Ya know, you're lucky that I'm here on a mission. We're Mage, and we're the one who protect the society. We fight to protect to others, and make the world a better place. You got some potential in you, so why not be a mage? Wy I know that? Because you're my son." said Kiyoshi's dad. The mysterious man's identity was revealed, the line seem like a déjà vu after all. "Oh well...i guess I'm too exhausted for everything that I don't even notice my own dad. Damn me...and stop making this confusing dad" said Kiyoshi before falling unconscious.

Kiyoshi woke up the next day to found his body covered with bandage. His vision was still quite blurred but after some second, it regained it normal vision. He touched the scar on his cheek. It hurt slightly, not physically but mentally. "Seem like you're awake. Well..don't care about your defeat, even though you tried your best. I know it must be painful for you when you've tried your best in a fight but still can't lay a hand on them" said the man. "But like I said, don't worry. A man's fight isn't only value on who emerge as the victor but also by how the man fight, as well, and you fought well, that surprised me" continued Kiyoshi's dad. " want to be a Mage, eh?" asked the dad. Kiyoshi hesitated for a moment and finally reveal a determined face, yet again. "I'm a pathetic guy, i can't learn thing quickly, it took me ages to learn how to do 10 push up. I know i'm worthless and all that. I know I'm not talented, and I require much more time to learn a certain technique than any other people, but regardless of how much time it takes me, I'm going to train as much as needed until I have it...i'm sick of seeing my friends getting beaten..i'm sick of running away..and i'm sick of seeing people pretending that they don't see anything, including me myself" and his father smiled. He was 12 back then, and he started his training at that time. He trained for 5 years, on his magic.

In the age of 16 he's prepared to move into a new house, in a different town because he wanted to be in a guild. He knew that if he wanted to join a guild, he need to set out on himself to the nearest guild out there, and live all by himself. He was quite scared and nervous but after two nights of thinking, he came into a conclusion of moving away. He packed his bag before saying goodbye to the man. "Go and reach for your dream. Become the best mags out there too! Oh and be sure to stick to your own belief, on what is right. Question yourself whether it's right or wrong and if it was wrong, change it, but if it was right, go for it. Don't hesitate, and until then, can you become the best mage out there. If possible, overcome that fear of yours. Fear is the devil god inside you and once you've eliminated it, only you remain. I know you could do it...because you're my son!!" said the man. Kiyoshi walked away with a smile and a wave before mumbling to himself "Crazy old pop".

Kiyoshi finally managed to reach Mangolia Town where a guild known as Fairy Tail is located. Out of any other guild, Fairy Tail is the closest one since it's also in the East Fiore. He used some of his saving for travel fees and other fee such as living fee are relied on his father's money, which he had given to him. The very next day, he submit to Fairy Tail. "Welcome to Fairy Tail" was the answer.


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