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Sergius Marduk

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Post by Sergius Marduk on Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:53 am

___________ SERGIUS RISEN MARDUK ___________

Sergius Marduk OkumuraRinfull589680

" I can only say one thing about life. And that is that You Only Live Once. Hmmm ? I should make that into something catchy... Maybe YOLO.. Naaa that sounds stupid. "

Nickname(s): Sky Eyes, Fool-kun, Tiny Hero, (Childhood Name) Azure Sovereign
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Birthday: 28th/January/X374)
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D Rank

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: On Kurikara's sheathe and his right hand.

Sergius Marduk Appearancenatsu

Sergius Marduk OkumuraRin600967471
Sergius Marduk OkumuraRin600964504
Sergius Marduk OkumuraRin600589999
Sergius Marduk OkumuraRin600579571

Physical Characteristics: Sergius is slander in his build, but packs lean muscles within his arms. His skin is pale but slightly flushed with a rose color, giving him a cream complexion. He is around 5'8" and weighs around 140lbs, mostly due to his mother's food. Sergius is very competitive in his bets, one of them being a longstanding one between him and his best friend. The bet is too see who can obtain the perfect set of abs. Right now he considers his stomach to be a plate of armor. With four straight slates of muscles decorating his upper abs and a flat area of pelvic muscle under it, he thinks he is very much ahead of schedule. Even the females tend to gawk at his abs when he takes his clothes off. He has deep pools of sapphire; is what many compare his dominant glare too. His eyes are angular and filled with a type of confidence and determination that could inspire armies to go into battle with gods. Sergius has shaggy navy-blue hair that is neck length. He tends to allow many bangs to lay over his forehead and ears, possibly to hide his elf-like lobes. He has the habit of rubbing his thumb and index fingers together.

Attire/Clothing: Sergius attire usually depicts darker colors but can change depending on the climate around him (Not magical change) On his torso he wears a ragged, dark, sleeveless-tunic that is opened slightly below his neck and tied at the edges with loose white string, ontop of that is a sky-blue waistcoat with white trimming, and alabaster fur on its collar. He wears a navy-blue sash, its tails ends above his left knee and holds up the dark trousers that are tucked into his black boots. On both his hands are white finger-less gloves with golden X marks across the back of them.

On occasions he has been known to pull out a hooded white-cloak with a dark bold line going down it's spine, during the winter months. His way of dressing is very elegant and yet masculine at the same time. He tries to appear presentable but with his limited resources it is sorta hard. He attempts to bring himself out into the open and become visible with his clothe. Even still he keeps the concept of combat at the forefront. Being sure that his clothes will not weigh him down, but actually promote his special skills in battle. He always has a blade resting in a wrapping on his shoulder.

Abnormalities: Sergius has a thin vertical scar above his right eye. He also has a small star-shape steel earring dangling from his right ear. A thin, black, whisking tail that is almost the length of his body.

Sergius Marduk Personalucy

Personality: Sergius is a very carefree individual, he is calm in most of his decisions and have yet to find a subject that he finds difficult to speak on. His cheerful persona has been noted to be both annoying and uplifting. Many believe his " Everything will workout " attitude is a reckless sense of self-indulgence, especially since he is so stubborn in its preservation. He is also no stranger to light-insults, occasionally calling an elder " pops " or " grandma " in his book these are names of familiarity and closeness.

He is somewhat foolish. Willing to put his own dignity on the line to place a smile on someones face. He himself doesn't think ill of others or how they perceive him, so cracking a few jokes here or there, or sticking grass up his nose for giggles isn't at all that embarrassing. Sergius has even been called Fool-kun for his pestering jokes, unknowing that most of the time it was to cheer up those that were sad or upset only minutes before.

He is quite the empathetic " hero ". He by no means has ever been required to understand others, but he tries to gain a sense of trust within them by doing so. He has been on a personal mission to gain as many friends as possible - since he was told that having them would inspire strength within one - to become stronger and more reliable. Watching out for others quite the tough job in itself.

Forgetful.. A word that tends to surface when people are around him. Sergius has a very prominent, reoccurring, trait of short-term memory when it come to irrelevant information. He could be speaking on the nature around him, than hear that the forest was on fire and need it repeated in order to process it all. Though it can be funny, Sergius tend to subconsciously pick what subjects he toys around with.... Weird isn't it ?

  • Sergius is a firm believer in hardwork. He pushes his body constantly pass it's limits and goes so far as to call training a hobby for himself. He especially excels at endurance based workouts.

  • Reading. One may say that Sergius is a dense guy, but he actually conceals most of his knowledge behinds foolish and energetic eyes. He enjoys reading epic adventures of heroes and occasionally the backdrop to a evil villain. Other literature like " The Great Prophecy " is another scroll that he enjoys reading as well.

  • Puzzles of interest or basic tools that would test his mind is something he also enjoys messing around with. Anything in particular that can test his knowledge is considered a puzzle to him.

  • Reading
  • Running
  • Hunting
  • Learning

  • The Impossible
  • Bullies
  • Heat
  • Odors

Inspiration: Sergius wasn't always an only child. Around the age of thirteen he lost his brother to violence. In a effort to never be so helpless again, he has trained and been committed to stopping the aggressive relations that ended up being the demise of his brother. His brother has been his inspiration to become stronger, ever since his death.
Fears: Sergius fears little, for his heart is do full of courage and adventure that fear is usually snuffed out before it can take root in his heart. But under extreme conditions their are fears that can surface up.

  • Death: The fear of one day experiencing a death that was close to him plagues his heart constantly. Though it lays underneath smiles and a very real joyus personality, it rises up at times of extreme danger. Driving him to fight harder to survive than ever before.

  • Heights: Heights is a fear that is very real in his everyday life. As long as he doesn't realize he is high in the sky, than he will remain calm.

  • Ghosts: Though he has face many gigantic creatures in battle and even monsters-of-sorts. For some reason the thought of fighting something that was once dead puts a tinge of fear in his heart. It leads him to hesitate in battle at first but if the life of his friends become in jeopardy than he'll quickly overcome it.

Sergius Marduk Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Blood Of Azure Ancestors
Augment Description: His bloodline allows him to sense malevolent intent towards his life and gives him a heighten reaction time. Also is the basis for his magic.

Sergius Marduk Equipmenterza

Sergius Marduk 397166-blue_exorcist_episode_2__5_78

Name: Kurikara
Rank: -
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword
Elemental Alignment: Azure Flames
Ability: Seals the immense power held within Sergius's blood and allows a limited amount to be release with its brandishing. Emotions can affect how much of the power is flowed out and to much can break the blade.
  • Heated Steel
  • String
  • Heated Wood
  • Magical Incantations
  • Ornaments and Decorations
  • Violet Wrapping Material

Appearance: Kurikara's hilt is a hand-and-a-half blade. It is madade of black, hardened, wood which is wrapped within a violet material. The guard is unorthodox and complex, but his made of silver as well. The blade itself is steel and stretches around 5ft long. It is imbued with magic, giving it a subtle glow that tinges with a magical presence, it allows the blade to do its essential job of limiting and managing Serguis's power. Its sheathe is made of hardened wood as well, but is shaded a dark purple. It is also imbued with magic, aiding in the blade's duty to control and manage Sergius's power. The hilt has black strings hanging, tied together and ornamental bells tied to them as well.
History: A blade made by the elder of Sergius's village and his parents directly for the use of a prophesied bloodline. Though it is as sharp as any blade can be, it also has another use. Another more important use.The sheathe of the blade acts as the limiter, holding the genes within the blood in a stasis of sorts and allowing the wielder to live a normal life. But once Kurikara is brandished it allows the blood to boil over with its birthright power and begins to bestow its wielder with a tolerable amount of strength. Depending on the emotional state of its wielder the power may begin to leak and if the power becomes to much for the blade to handle it will shatter and the monster within the blood will run rampant. Luckily that has never happened.

Sergius Marduk Historygray


Sergius was born in a small mountain village secluded from most of the world. In this small village, the religious and physically strong were the only things that prospered undoubtedly. In this village two mages were known more than any other, and those two were Atlus and Mira. They were both very competitive and strong mages, eventually leading them into a battle that would shape and carve the very ground the village sat on... It was a tough battle and craters and sky shrouding fumes were the aftermath of such a tremendous bout. We come in with both Atlus and Mira in the last stretch of their battle, both wondering who would win.

The deep, ragged, breathes of a man were heard in harmony with the sound of a female's nearby. The ground was split, looking as if lighting had struck the earth with a warning to stay to its land. Atlus pushed himself off his kneeled position, sweat sliding down his pale face as easily as water. " You're better than I thought. " he admitted with a smile before sliding his sticking orange-hair from his forehead. Mira observed a current of lightening encircling the man's hand before smiling slyly at herself. " Ditto." She allowed a flow of wind to encircled her torn skirt and shorts. Noting only the pain that she had felt throbbing through her body. " Though, you shouldn't take that as me being weak. " she pointed out. " Never that. " he barked, tearing the earth up as he dashed towards her. In response she did the same. Lighting and wind clashed like nature itself, shooting slabs of earth skywards.

Burst after burst could be heard in the middle of the village as the two settled a question that had been storming for months. Even when they had been several leagues away, many had used old, ancient magic to ensure they had a view of the epic battle. The village as of now had been frozen in time by the show. Lighting clashing from the darkened clouds, and wind slicing up trees like knives to pigs. It was a truly frightening realization to know that such monsters had been living among them. Even the village elder who had taught them everything they knew, had not expected such non-existing mercy against one another. Their battle had even shook the very land the village sat on, causing panic to spread, but not tear them from the match .

A flash of titanic lighting was followed by the vehement push of hurricane winds. Mira and Atlus let out injured cries as their bodies fell from the sky. Two thumps were heard as the bodies hit the disfigured earth. Mira laid under her light-rose hair, smiling madly at the sky and laughing. Atlus did the same as his armor had begun to fall around him. " Impressive ! he shouted in elation. " Really Mira, I'm impressed. I hadn't expected such skills from you. " Mira turned her head towards him. " Same for you. I can't believe your lighting is so.. Hmm soo...powerful. " she said slightly amazed. For awhile the two laid there. allowing the earth around them to calm into a relative peace. They talked about their difference and similarities, soon realizing that their hearts had been guided by fate to be one.

Even amongst the chaos the two seem to be at peace with themselves. They felt warmth in each others company and overtime begin to unravel the love they both held for one another. Years go by and legends are told of the two who are the embodiment of both wind and lighting. Feeling fulfilled with their reputations the two starts a family. Months go by and their first child is born. His is as perfect as any child can be, his hair is as rosy as his mothers and his appearance, as rugged and handsome as his father's. They were happy for a long time, until by surprise, 7yrs later, Mira was welcomed by another surprise. She was pregnant. But this pregnancy was unusual. For it tested limits that she hadn't known could be tested. Pains and aches blazed through her during the cycle. She would wake out of her sleep screaming for mercy and many a times Atlus thought it best to just kill the child, if only to ease the pain of his beloved. But every time he brought it up, Mira would only scold his words and reassure him that she was okay. Her love for her unborn child was so strong, that she would endure 9 months of torture and give birth to the child that wreaked it. A day after Sergius was born he would burst into azure flames, growing sharp canines, a whipping black tail, and for a short while; longer than average ears. It wasn't until the age of one, did these things begin to look normal and could actually be managed. Even with all of his deformities the family never shunned him, Atlus, Mira, and Rizen all seemed to love him deeply. And even the elder took the child to heart and begin to look after him when he could.

Chapter 1

Eight Years Later...

The sun beamed on the grassy mountain-top and Atlus stood proudly with a confident smile on his face. " How easy do you plan on getting taken down ? " he asked condescending. Sergius struggled to his feet, picking up the straight staff and holding it like a blade. " I can't use magic dad. So I have to learn swordplay right ? " he asked seriously. Atlus's face soften. " Right son. " A few more exhausted breathes came from the boy. Than he pointed with absolute accusation. " Than why the hell are you trying to kill me ! " he shouted hysterically. The scene broke down and birds flew away in urgency. Atlus lost his cool and shouted back, shocking him with weakened lightening. " If I was trying to kill you, you'd be dead boy. Now come at me ! " Sergius shook off the slight paralysis before charging at his dad. He swung wild and untamed at his dad, just trying to land one hit. Unfortunately his dad was too quick and experienced, he dodged them without thought and moved like flowing water. It made Sergius feel less than powerless.

Rizen sat on a log, twiddling with a spark of violet electricity in his fingers and enjoying the battle. Sergius looked over his shoulder for a split second at his brother. Before he knew it, Atlus had grasped his wrist and flipped his world upside down. " Stay focused. You don't have the leisure to sit around. You must learn this. " he barked. Sergius rubbed his bum and hearing laughter looked back at Rizen. " That's not funny. " he mumbled before standing back up and continuing his back-breaking sparring. The two did this daily for 4 hours. His training usually consisted lifting weights and running, but for the most part it was all swordplay.

Atlus left with the usual encouraging grin and note of improvment, leaving Sergius alone on the grass to contemplate on his mistakes. The orange sky had cased the objects of the mountain in shadows. Sergius stretched his hand out towards the sky - something that had become a habit of sorts - to try and reached what most believe was impossible. Again he couldn't do it. A lone sigh escaped his nostrils. " One day. " he told himself. " One day what ? " The question came from nowhere, but its voice had brought a sense of ease to the boy. " One day I'll do the impossible, Rizen. " he answered, before sitting up on the grass. Rizen lowered onto the ground, outstretching his leg and bringing the other to his chest. " Y'know if you want, I can help you do it. " Sergius snickered. " No way! I have to do the impossible alone. " he said standing to his feet with the staff in hand, his tail swayed inches above the grass. " Only I can do it ... It's my personal goal. "

He looked up at the hue of colors in the sky, feeling Rizen's eyes on him. " Well then... " Rizen got up from the grass and patted off his pants. " I guess your older bro don't really matter huh ? What If I had some dream I wanted to make come true. Would you help me ? " Sergius smiled and without hesitation shook his head. " Of course I would. I'd help with your dreams and accomplish mines at the same time. " he boldly stated, clenching his fist and bringing them into himself. Rizen raised a hand and placed it on Sergius's head. " Your so naive and yet believable. Those..are hard qualities to find. " he said graciously. Sergius couldn't help but feel happy to hear that, it made him feel awesome in way. For his older brother to compliment him, that made him feel stronger in a way. Rizen walked towards the house without a word, waving for Sergius to follow. " I'm coming I'm coming, " he exclaimed running after his brother, like he always did.

Chapter 2

Five Years pass and with relative ease Sergius begin to bloom into a splendid swordsman in his father's eyes. His features begin to come out and the beauty in his own face deepens. Sergius is no longer a lad, but now a fellow teen like his elder brother. The two boys are now capable of sparring, and Rizen in his own right has begun to make a name for himself in the village, just as their parents before him. His violent lighting attacks and use of wind is a deadly combination that has the potential to overcome even his parents massive strength some day. But he isn't the only special one.. Many have begin to speculate that Sergius is part of a legend as old as the village itself and has begun to be treat him different because of it. Their caution has been festering for three years now and it has become the norm to avoid him. Some of the younger children has mistaken this caution for hate and in turn has begun to act on such venomous emotions. Atlus and Mira has since left the village, leaving Rizen to take care of his younger brother. The powerful duo was sent away by the elder to help the neighboring villages, for they have been stricken with the terrible beast known as the Earth-Breaker.

Sergius slid across the grass, wincing from the pain in his cheek. He stood back to his feet, determined to face the bullies who's decided to teach him an undeserved lesson. " I don't understand. WHAT DID I DO ! " he yelled, his sharp canines gleaming in the daylight. " Nothing. Your face disgusts us. " said the blonde girl leading the trio. " Yea, It's like living with a monster. " the husky boy commented. A snarl appeared on Sergius face as he gripped the sword-bag on his back. He was ready to teach them a lesson, to rip them to shreds. But the words of his father echoed in his mind. You're different Sergius and people may hate you for that. But don't ever give them a reason to see truth in their thoughts. Show them otherwise. With furious restraint in his azure-eyes he released the bag, allowing the strap to slide back across his chest. " I hate you guys. " he mumbled under his breathe. " What ? " one of them asked with wild animosity in their eyes. Sergius gritted his teeth and yelled it towards them. " I hate you ! You..yellow-bellied-weasels !! " The three looked angered by his resistance and it drove them to continue beating on him until they grew tired.


Sergius laid there in the park, where he had been left, bruised and bloody. His hand was outstretched towards the sky as he thought of how or better yet, why he had been hated so much. " It wasn't like this three years ago " he thought. With a sigh he brought his throbbing body up from off the ground. " I better get home. I'm sure Rizen is worried. " He held his bruised back and begin to head towards the mountain trail, when suddenly a tremor shook him and a plum of smoke rose into the sky. " What the !! " He snapped his head towards the main road and notice his village partially ablaze. " N-No " he shuddered, eyes widen in horror. He didn't know why, but he ran towards the danger. He was driven by something, something powerful. As if the very feeling was apart of his body and was a reflex. It forced him down the road to the main square.

Halfway there a flash of violet electricity blew him off balance and onto the ground. The gust from the speed soon caught up with him and made Sergius cover his eyes. " Rizen. " he whispered, looking at the spark speeding towards the commotion. He hastily got back to his feet to continued down the road. Soon afterwards, lighting after lighting crashed into a figure shrouded by the debris of its intensity. But even then, it hadn't halted or even faltered from its path, it continued towards the north district, shooting beams of destruction at anything in its way. " Rizen.. Don't get yourself killed.. Please. " Sergius re-doubled his efforts and sped down the path.

As he drew closer Sergius begin to notice features of the beast that distance had hid before. It was covered in darken, overgrown, fur and held spikes down its spine and tusks growing from its eye-less face. Its fangs jutted out of his jowls with disgusting results, and it was as large as three maybe four houses piled atop each other and easily longer than a block of space. In both shock and horror Sergius shuddered in mid-step. He wondered how anyone would beat that thing. If his mom and dad was there they could beat it. But not the mages in the village. Most of them only knew the minimal about magic so they weren't strong enough. And the elder had grown ill over the years. The only chance they had was Rizen.

Sergius cursed himself for being weak. He was growing strong with the blade, but he couldn't use magic, he couldn't help his brother out when he needed him. How weak. he told himself before snatching the blade off his back.

Serigus ran down a narrow street and out into the main street, looking around with frantic eyes for his brother. The creature's toe-less stumps stomped hard against the ground as it bellowed at Rizen's meddling. Rizen landed on a nearby hut and slammed his hand down through the air, shocking the beast with a jolt of violet lightening. Sergius could tell he was exhausted, sweat dripped from his face and his chest heaved with effort. " Rizen ! " he yelled, catching his attention. " What are you doing here !?! Go home, Run away ! " he shouted, leaping away from a burst of compressed-air coming from the beast jowls. Sergius held the blade in hand, determined to stay as he braced against the hot, dank, air. His eyes followed his brother onto another hut as staid his ground.

The beast had been making a straight line for the northern district and on either sides of him laid numerous huts of varying sizes, some of which had been stomped out or crushed. " Sergius go evacuate with the villagers !! " demanded Rizen. " No, I'm staying to help !! " he countered with just as much authority. Rizen gritted his teeth in anger, but kept his eyes on the beast. " You're too weak. " His words was suddenly filled with a type of slow-coursing-venom. " You're too weak to do anything brother. " Sergius looked at his brother in shock and hurt. Never before had such words struck him as deep. His hand loosened on the blade as the will to do anything left him. He had admired his brother so greatly that his words were daggers to the heart.

Rizen looked over at his defenseless brother than back at the beast -who had quickly took note of the only human around besides the one he couldn't catch. With a bellow he trampled towards Sergius, intent on running him through with his tusk. Sergius looked up as the earth around him quaked with the beast's stomps. Their was nothing he could do, and honestly he hadn't wanted too. His very being felt shattered and for a brief moment he felt without meaning. Just when he felt that all was lost and he had resigned to a quite death, a blur shot in front of him and stopped the giant tusk from impaling him.

Sergius was pushed back by the force of the tusk's blow. He roll twice before looking up at the back of the blur. Terror struck him in the heart at the sight. Sergius reached out for his brother with trembling hands and arms, but the beast had brought its head back into the air, along with the body attached to the tusk. A spark of rage begin to ignite at the sight of his brother growing further and further away, being taken away in such a manner. It grew and grew until it was no longer cable of being contained in the fragile body it inhabited. A blank gaze of impossible shock was fixed on his face as he look at the clouding sky. The kneeling boy begin to change. Rizen ! ...Rizen ! ... Rizenn ! The beast, with the only thing in its way being a distraught boy, made slow steps towards the north district. Sergius's head was stuck looking at the sky as a searing rage begin to take root in his soul. Memories of his brother's cheerful face floated through his head, until finally the flame broke through the surface. " RIZEEENNNNNN !!!! " he yelled psychotically, followed by flames erupting around him and blocking the path of the beast. Sergius's ears suddenly grew longer, and his teeth sharper, his whipping tail held a blue flame at its tip, and the crown of his head held two flames positioned above his eyes. " I'LL KILL YOUU !!!! " he yelled, bursting from the earth with shattering speed. His arms clung around the tusk that held Rizen and snapped the tusk in half, making the beast roar in agony before falling on its side.

He landed on the ground with the tusk and ran around to Rizen's body - the cries of the beast sounded in the background but meant little to Sergius -. Rizen's face was still colored which gave Sergius hope. So he placed his ear to Rizen's chest, hoping to find a heartbeat, but it was as silent as a empty hall. Not even one beat rang clear. It was obvious he was gone. Tears fell down Sergius's cheeks and all he could think to do was replace his sadness with even more rage, more hatred, more power. His features changed once more, bringing himself to look more like demon than a child. His flames became more vicious, crackling from their intensity. He laid Rizen's body down onto the ground tenderly than stood up and looked at the dark-furred monster with a molten repugnance that burn through his eyes like fire. Without a word, he shatter the earth once more with his speed and sprinted towards the still downed beast. He leaped twenty meters into the air before bursting towards the beast like a comet of vengeance. He slammed his fist into the beast's face, - enraged and uncontrolled - his strength had all but caved it in. The beast had been dead, but Sergius had lost all thoughts of humanity. He was nothing more than a demon at this point. He tore the limbs from the beast's body before lamenting vehemently into the darkened skies, filling the world with a sound so malevolent that the sparrows were spooked from their trees. The sorrow in his wail signified the age of a new sovereign, And a new period in the world's era.

Sergius's parents arrived shortly after realizing that the beast was no longer at the other villages. After seeing bolts of violet lighting coming from their village, they speculated the worse and hurried as fast as they could. Unfortunately they were too late. They found Rizen dead and the beast's body mutilated. Sergius, who was still wreaking havoc attacked his parents, threatening to kill them as his power grew more and more with time. Atlus and Mira was hard pressed to contain him without using all their power, but with the help of the elder they was finally capable of calming their remaining son; But not before he had taken out most of village's huts and creating a crater where the park use to be. The two mourned the lost of their son sometime during the two weeks that Sergius laid unconscious. When he awoke he was force to relive the previous weeks and own up to what he had done after his transformation. The elder later explained to him, what he was and what he had become. Saying that his intense rage had awaken the azure blood inside and allowed his true power to flow out and consume him.

For two years he was deeply depressed by the death of his brother and had ceased training, thinking it better off to just die than awaken that power again. Atlus and Mira refused to talk to him, whether it be resentment or just pity he hadn't known. But he deeply appreciated it. He realized that at that time he needed space, space to see what he had happened. Sergius refused to leave his room for little less than food and to use the bathroom, he thought on his place in the world and if he should kill himself. He attempted twice, but could never go through with it. It wasn't until a fateful day behind his mountain home, did he regain his cheerfulness.

The sun had set in a way that reminded Sergius of his lost. In his mind he saw Rizen sitting next to him in the same position that Sergius had adopted. One of his legs was extend and the other bent at the knee, his arms held him up against the ground. As usual, he had exhausted himself of tears and found it almost impossible to shed any - even though he felt like he should - Instead he looked off at the orange-sun's full shape as it descended under the ocean's belt. What do I do ? I've had to have asked you this question over a thousand times already. he admitted softly. He hadn't know what to do for so long that it was beginning to feel natural to be lost in thought. He had heard that many of the villagers had been asking about his well-being, but he found that hard to believe. Even if they were grateful for him destroying that monster two years go, they were also very frightened of him at the same time, that much he was sure.

A sigh escaped him as he became angered at himself, his teeth clenched, and his brows grew close. He sat up and looked at his dirtied hands before slamming them into the earth between his legs. " I'm so tired of being like this ! Why must this fire burn for me !!! " he shouted, and in response the flames burst over him. Forming around his tail and head just as before. The flames surrounded his fingers lightly and exposed a dimming blaze of compassion. For it hadn't burned anything around him; not the grass, nor him. The crackling sound brought a ease over him, but it couldn't snuff out his resentment for the flames. Sergius pounded the earth in succession causing it to crack more and more under his clenched fist. As his eyes shrunk more and more and it would seem that he would rampage again, than a red-ring circled around his pupils and revealed a vision more beautiful than the sunrise in front of him.

Outlined by the sun's ray stood the silhouette of Rizen. Translucent and devoid of details, his body was mainly colors of the world around him. While his face was the perfect image of what Rizen looked like in life, It had brought tears to Sergius's eyes. " R-R-Rizen. " he uttered in disbelief. Rizen cocked his head in what looked to be confusion. " Bout time brother.. I've been hanging around for two long years. " he said in a calm unnatural for the situation. Rizen bent down with non-existent legs and stared at the red rings in Serguis's eyes. Those have to be the reason why you can finally see me. I wouldn't be so quick to curse a blessing Tiny Hero.

The flames around him calmed to embers as he conversed with his brother. They spoke of the events in the pass two years, even though Rizen had witnessed most of them by Sergius's side. Rizen also convinced Sergius to get back into training and to forgive himself of his guilt. If anything, he was to blame for his death he argued.

They spoke for over three hours before Rizen begin to slowly vanish. " You're leaving already. " Sergius asked tentatively, standing to his feet. " Yea... " he said unsure himself " Seems like my time in this world as run out. Remember Tiny Hero. " In almost a nostalgic way, Sergius could see the legs of his brother's figure. His body blew away like a blanket of stars with the wind as Rizen placed his hand on his head. " Prove them wrong. You're not a monster, your a hero " he exclaimed, smiling as he disappeared with the night's breeze. Sergius chuckled cheerfully as a smile fixed itself on his lips. He looked off at the night sky and in a declaration to Rizen's memory, lifted his clenched fist straight up into the air and yelled. " I PROMISE TO STAY TRUE TO YOUR AND MY DREAMS !!! AND TO PROVE THEM WRONG !!!!! " A louder than usual chuckled filled the air as he laughed at his two years of misery.

Chapter 3

The Present had brought Sergius into a village that had come to accept his being and even appreciate it to a degree. Once the elder had explain the glory and fame that the Azure Sovereign could possibly bring to the village, many changed their minds on Sergius's status. Over the last two years, Sergius had trained vigorously to catch up on his training with Atlus and Mira. If they had held any resentment, they had surely replaced it with a type of love that was being poured into his training. The three trained all day and night, - thanks to Sergius's suggestion to switched between intervals to catch him up on his two year hiatus - During his last three days of training the village had once again been attacked by a beast, though not as powerful or horrible as the last, it had still been formidable. Atlus called it the perfect test dummy...

And so he sent Sergius out to test the results of his training.

Sergius's lean-back was naked and etched with muscles from his zealous workout. His long, navy hair had been unkempt and reached down to his upper shoulders. In his hand was a long katana that was decorated with various jewels and ornaments from the wildlife around him. Atlus took a step towards his son's broad back, looking rather unkempt, and rugged himself. " You ready ? " he asked in his usual deep, yet energetic tone. A smile curved his lip as Sergius's grip on the blade tightened. " Yea. I'm ready to show off. " he said eagerly, whipping his black tail around below the grass. His trousers had been torn at the knees and looked little less than a ragged waist cloth. He turned from the rising sun when his ears picked up the cries from the villagers. " Time to go ! " he shouted firmly, running pass his father and snatching the azure vest from the standing stump.


Sergius leaped from cliff to cliff, landing perfectly with his clawed, bare-footed, toes. A toothy grin was flashed as he landed on the hut of a busy side street and looked at the sun above. A little girl held the hand of her mother and pointed towards him. " Mom its the sovereign ! He came to save us. " she shouted. The woman nodded in agreement with a smile. " Yea he is. " Soon the cheers of a dozen people filled his ears and filled him with adrenaline and hope. A thumbs up was thrust towards the scattered villagers as he looked north. " Hell yea I'm going to save you. Just wait, your Azure Sovereign is here ! " With those assuring words he dashed from the hut's roofs and headed to the elders housing.


The elder's voice sounded through the straw roof and walls as he rambled to himself. Sergius hung his head infront of the window as he leaned from the roof. " Hey elder-pops, Is Kurikara ready ? " The grumpy old man jumped from the intrusion, than scolded the boy on it. " Yes Fool-kun, " he grumbled in a raspy voice. " Its been refined with magic and ready for ya. Just don't go overboard. " he warned. Sergius was handed the blade through the window and with another friendly smile burst from the roof , caving it in as he had done so many times before. He could hear the old man's threats as he left. It brought an amusing smile to his face.

Serguis landed in front of the monster with subtle steps that brought dust up from under them. He approached the airborne beast with a confidence in his gaze that hadn't been there four years ago. His gaze slanted into a unfazed glare, he twisted the steel blade in his left hand and stabbed it into the earth. The appearance of the beast in front of him brought a disgust to his stomach that ailed him. It was around the size of a single house, looking more like a mutated hornet than anything else. The only really strong features were its eight wings, the two large tusks on the side of its jaws, and its dual stingers splitting from it's butt.

Sergius spat onto the ground before holding the sheathed Kurikara -horizontally- to his face with both hands. Gripping the hilt and the middle of the black sheathe he slowly begin to brandish it. Truth be told, in all of his training he had yet to be capable of controlling the flames that ran through his blood. So the elder and his parents spent two years forging a blade that could bring that power out, while acting as a limiter for him. It was the blade he held now: Kurikara. The steel of the blade shimmered brightly as the flames instantly begin to consume him. The waist cloth that covered him whipped around from the heat of flames and his hair shot up briefly as his face slightly became more demonic. The blue flames had a quick moment of ascension before dulling around him and taking their places on his, tail, head, and blade. He tossed the sheathe to the ground and swung the blade to his waist, releasing a short-lived wave of fire in the process. Sergius tested the weight of the blade in his hand by swing it a few more times. " Yeaa.. Perfect. " he said calm, yet excited. He was satisfied with the blade, so now it was time to reward the patience of the beast in front of him.

The buzz of the monster's wings seemed to vibrate the very wind itself. Huts begin to loose their grounding and in all the confusion a large, wooden, stump was shot directly for Sergius. Without even batting an eye, Sergius slashed the flaming Kurikara up with a fluent movement, splitting the log in two before it was seared to ashes. A power-filled cry was released from Sergius as he felt his fire spark to life. " You're going down !! " With his flames lit, he burst from the ground, but controlled the power to the point that it wouldn't shatter the earth under him. The speed of his approach must had stun the beast, for it hadn't moved, and because of that it had lost four of its eight wings with a single stroke of his flaming blade. Sergius leaped onto its feeler of an arm and running up it seared off its two tusks with a slash capable severing appendages, having a particular dislike for them. He gripped onto the beast's skin. " You ugly little bug. ". A screech came from the monster. The piercing sound provoked Sergius to kick off of its head, flipping onto the ground and sending the insect hurtling to the floor.

Sergius swept his navy hair from his eyes as he stood from his kneeled position. His bare skin had yet to obtain even a single scratch. His lean body was the perfection of training and if he had to say so himself, his abs were looking rather good. He smiled to himself before wiping a bit of sweat from under his noise with his thumb. I could end this right now if I wanted to. he admitted to himself.


Than suddenly the voice and sounds of various people cheering him on - reached his ears. It had been silent for awhile or so he thought. The beast struggled to get to its natural place in the air with its missing wings, so it manage to get on its feelers and become terrain capable. The crowd placed a smile on his face, but he refused to turn his back on his opponent, so for now they would have to see his pale skin and not his smile. He lifted a single fist into the air, sure that Rizen was watching from above and that his parents were watching from somewhere as well. " My loyalty, my blood, and my blade. " he shouted encouragingly. " It all belongs to my village. So take pride in me and cheer me on more as I finish off this pest ! " he declared, victoriously. The villagers behind him roared with a sound so harmonious that it made his flames shine brighter and crackle louder than before. Sergius burst forwards with Kurikara in hand, his flames were thirty feet long as he thrust himself towards the -respectively charging - beast. Kurikara's flaming blade cut a path straight through the beast, cutting it in half. The roars of the village came to a chilling halt as the beast exploded and Sergius's condition became unknown amiss the blue guts and blood.

Sergius came out of the goop, lighting his flames just enough to burn it off of his clothes and hair. " Ewww. " he shivered. " Can't believe that happened. I wasn't expecting him to explode. " Sergius mumbled to himself. " You did it Sky-Eyes !!! " The name threw him off. He took his eyes from the guts he was surrounded by and looked up. The villagers had approached the monster from worry of him. Things really had changed, they loved him now. A toothy grin was flashed as he looked up from his house of goop. " Told you guys.. " He shot his thumb out towards them as a symbol of trust and reassurance. " .. I got your back !! " he smiled lively towards them.

That day marked his growth in strength. He continued to slay monsters for the village, but found himself still outmatched by several of the threats that came. His father and mother recommended exploring the world to which he found intriguing in a way. Only three months later, Sergius had his bags pack and ready to explore the world around him. The village caught wind of his departure and insisted on giving him a giant going-away. He couldn't deny them, so he simply allowed it. Of course tears were shed and hugs were given. But, Sergius had promised to visit periodically during his adventures so they wouldn't have to worry about him to much.

He now walks the plains of his native father, ready to accept any challenge that comes his way. Even the fear of being consumed by the flames one day doesn't scare him anymore. He says, let come what will. " So until my dreams no longer runs wild in my mind, than I can't ! I wont ! stop. I'll fight for you and Rizen. "


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Done... Finally Smile
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So the appearance part of the application has changed slightly, which means you'll need to adjust it. Once you do that, I'll look over your application!

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Nicknames: Personally I don't care but remember your D-rank. So names like Kingbreaker and what not don't make much sense. I'll let you decide though so it's your call.

Attire/clothing: Teh minimum is 150 words. You have 101. You need 49 more words here before approval.

Augment: Your Augment is practically your magic. The last part was okay about him being able to sense malicious intent so just use that.

History: I love it! A few issues to address though. These issues are brought about due to the fact that your character is so well developed and powerful that it trumps the fact that your D-rank.

This beast you mentioned and the amount of power he has.Remember you start out weak so you can't be killing some superpowerful monster beast. This only makes the monster look weak and Rizen look weaker. Here at delirium we start out weak and get stronger magically speaking.

I personally suggest removing the training part and rp it personally so when you have control over it your a B-rank or A-rank mage rather than a lowly D-rank wus. I really love this character though! This last part is only a suggestion though and I won't require it.
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The attire/clothing: Wordcounttool says I have 210 words.

Also that part of my history had showed a vast majority of his power unleashed and without the blade, he had held the strength of a B or A. But I guarantee too this won't happen in Rp, maybe in a EVENT TOPIC if it is permitted. But he is surely a D rank and will be Rp'd as such.
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Very Well.


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