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Aiden Corvo

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Aiden Corvo Empty Aiden Corvo

Post by Aiden Corvo on Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:22 am

Aiden Corvo Mazino13
"In the darkness of night, we hear the whispers of the void.

Name: Aiden Corvo
Nickname(s): Ares
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Birthday: 28.07.x372
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Millennium Voldgift
Guild Tattoo: Dark purple, middle of chest just under his neck

Aiden Corvo Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Aiden is 5 foot 11 and 170 pounds, a smaller waist with a slightly bigger upper body. He trained to the point that his muscles are very prominent but not overly big (think light-weight MMA champion). His hair is pure white and he wears it long around his ears with shorter bangs (think minato from naruto). His eyes are dark purple with black streaks in them. Aiden almost always has his hood up covering the top of his face. He walks with a sense of "power" in his stride and talks like he is the most powerful person in the world. He is often seen crouching on top of what most people would sit on or standing with his arms crossed. He always has the tattoos on his arms covered up with a black wrap up to the elbow only allowing from the elbow to the mid bicep of the tattoo to show. He wears a black leather corded necklace with a sharks tooth on it that hangs inside his shirt to mid chest. Aiden's cheekbones were slightly higher than average, giving his face a slight wolf-like look that is further added to by his elongated canines. His skin an average tanned color like someone who lives mostly outside.

Attire/Clothing:The clothing he wears is Like the image below only the gloves are replaced by a bandage wrap that goes to just below the elbow and there is a hood attached to it, the undershirt also has a much lower collar (almost like a V-neck). The colors are also changed with the fur and all the trim being white, the little undershirt is dark purple and the vest is black with the hood also being black with a white trim. The pants main part is black with the top part being dark purple and the trim is white. The boots are much bulkier from the ankle up and are black with the sole being dark purple. The suspenders are white and the buckles along with the pants button is black. The bandage wraps on his hands are black. He also wears the same black bandage wraps from mid foot up to mid shin under his boots.
Aiden Corvo Sting_12

Abnormalities: Aiden has 2 tattoos that run from right above each eye to half way down his cheek, they are small tribal designs and tattoos of chains spiraling around both arms that go to mid bicep. All of his tattoos are outlined in a dark red and filled in with dark purple. Also he has elongated canine teeth, like that of a wolf.

Aiden Corvo Personalucy

Personality: Aiden likes to keep to himself mostly, doing his training and battles solo style. He wont hesitate to show someone he has a problem with them. He is quick to anger and just as quick to act violently, though he is trying to overcome his rage issues. He thinks of himself as the strongest and it shows by the way he talks and acts, talking to people as if they are "lower" than himself. He walks around with "power" in his stride, standing tall and proud showing everyone who he is. He loves to fight and provokes people at any chance he gets hoping they will come at him so that he may show his power off. Aiden has a hard time getting to know people and an even harder time letting his guard down around them, but if he ever does he has a very strong sense of justice and honor towards them, he will not betray or hurt those that he has chosen to be close to him, which is odd for a dark mage but its something that Aiden feels is a must. Aiden does everything fairly, he will not attack an unaware opponent or use dirty tricks against them believing greatly in 1 on 1 fights. He happens to be an adrenaline junky, getting what he believes is the best adrenaline rush there is from fighting. Once he gets his blood pumping he usually wont stop until told to or stopped by force. Aiden determines the worth of a person as how strong they are.

Fighting - Aiden loves to fight and finds any reason he can to get into one.

Nature - Being a dark mage and liking nature is odd but Aiden loves to travel and see some of the more secluded area's sometimes spending weeks by himself in the wilderness.

Getting stronger - Aiden feels a need to get stronger and with such he trains constantly to overcome more powerful enemies and to be able to destroy anything in his path.

Destroying things
Strong people

Weak people
Not doing anything

Inspiration: Destruction - Aiden is moved when he sees destruction, having the power to destroy anything that stands in ones way is what pushes him, he hopes that one day he too will have that kind of power.

Powerlessness - Aiden fears that one day he will not have the power to get rid of what he wants and he will lose everything he has been working for.

His father - Aiden has lost everything to his father and as such has a distinct fear of what he is capable of doing to him.

Betrayal - Aiden is afraid that someone he has managed to let his guard down around will stab him in the back for their own gain.

Aiden Corvo AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augment Name: Beast Instinct
Augment Description: Through the years and all of Aiden's travels and fights Aiden has acquired something something similar to a animal's instincts, allowing him to see the rough amount of "power" someone possesses by the size of someone's spirit. The person does not have to use any magic for Aiden to see this but he must be looking in the direction of the person.

Aiden Corvo Equipmenterza

Name: Cataclysm
Classification: Weapon
Type: 2-Handed Sword
-Ebony/white wood
-Black leather
Appearance: Shaped like the picture but the main part of the blade is black and the edge is white also where the guard would be is a 1 inch black metal guard but is very small like in the second picture (only this and the handle is referenced by the second picture). The handle is a bone white wood and wrapped in black and is round instead of rectangular (like the second picture). The blade is 30 inches long and the handle is 10 inches long. The scabbard is a deep ebony black wood with white wood inlays as lettering on both sides that says Cataclysm in the same lettering as the third picture. The top inch on the scabbard is a white metal that fits perfectly to the piece on the sword. There is a hole at the top edge at the end of the sword that is about 1 inch in diameter along with a deep blood groove on both sides which is a deep crimson color.
Aiden Corvo Zombie10Aiden Corvo Ts-drk10

History: No real history behind this other than he had it made for him when he finally got accepted into his guild.

Aiden Corvo Historygray

(I may have to change parts of my history because i have the type of magic i want in it but i havent made it yet, so if i need to just say so.)

A man walked down a large hallway, the walls lined with swords and shields. Tapestries hung from the ceiling a mysterious symbol embroidered onto each one, a skull covered in flames with a dagger stuck into it. The man turned a corner, his long silver hair falling over his face, with a slight shake of his head the man got his hair out of his eyes and reached up pulling his hair back and tying it revealing his face with its jagged scar that ran from cheekbone to chin. Father! A small child looking to be around 4 named Aiden yelled as he ran down the hall heading for the silver haired man. He neared the man and jumped at him with his arms wide, but fell short when the back of the mans hand made contact with his face. Enough! You are much to old to be clinging to me like a lost puppy Aiden. You begin your training next year and if you dont overcome this troublesome attribute of being so damn weak then i assure you that you will not make it through this. Aiden's father scolded him as the young boy began to cry. Damnit! What did i just tell you!? The man yelled kicking Aiden across the floor. Jack! steffen! Get him out of my site, i dont wanna see him again till he can become what he needs to.The words of his father echoed inside of Aiden's head as he lost consciousnesses.

Aiden awoke with a jolt sweating profusely, sitting upright instantly. Why? Why do i dream of him? Aiden said out loud to himself quietly as he sat there. yaaawwnnnn... Trouble sleeping little Ares? Aiden's surrounding began moving revealing the yawning face of Aiden's master, who had set up a spell before they went to bed that would hide their presence from others and make it look like nothing what there. It's nothing Telsius, just another dream. Aiden turned and said to the him as he got up and hopped onto his back wrapping his arms around Tulsius's neck. Tuslius had began calling Aiden the name Ares after he saw the way he acted, fighting with ferocity he had never before seen in a human. What do you think your doing up there? You stink! Go clean yourself before you climb all over me midget! Tulsius roared at Aiden who began laughing at him as he jumped down and smiled at him while waving, running down a trail that led to a nearby river.

Aiden was the kind of person who enjoyed nature, he often went on little trips with Telsius in their spare time to secluded mountains and area's that aren't often seen for specifically this reason. Which also happened to be why they chose this place to live. The area that surrounded them was incredibly serene, grassy hills that went as far as the eye could see in one direction with a forest in the other. The river Aiden was headed to ran through the middle of this forest and he was headed to a large clearing around a portion of this river. The forest sure seems lively today. Aiden said to himself as he listened to all the animals in his vicinity. After he had been walking for roughly 20 minutes he came to the clearing. Whooo! Mabey i can catch breakfast while im here even. Aiden exclaimed as he ran towards the river and dove in.

This river was near no town or villages and was very clean water making it very easy to see the bottom and all the fish swimming by. Aiden finished cleaning and was sitting on the river bank when the sound of tulsius's feet made it to his ears. Aiden looked up just in time to see Tulsius jump right into the river sending a big wave of water in all directions pushing Aiden back a few feet in the process. Hey!! What was that for? Aiden yelled as Tulsius surfaced from the river. This area was used by them almost daily so Tulsius has made sure that this section of the river would be able to fit them comfortably and with enough room for Aiden to train his magic. Oh calm down brat. It's just a little water. Tulsius snorted looking over at Aiden as he walked out of the river and layed next to him. Hey Tulsius, im hungry. What should we have to eat? Aiden asked Tulsius as he hopped up and began scanning the river for food. This river was directly linked to the ocean causing it to be saltwater and allowed for some big fish to come through it. I don't care what you eat, but go get me a shark while your at it. The ocean isnt all that far away if you cant find any around here. Tulsius groaned as if tired and rolled onto his side.

Awwww come on. Fine, whatever! But your getting your own breakfast next time Lazyass. Aiden said as he began to grin. Ill be back soon. He called over his shoulder as he crouched down and began concentrating lightning on his legs. A yellow colored electricity began to spark around his legs and he shot forward using it to give him extra speed. You know, i still wonder how that kid got so good at this in so few years. Tulsius murmured to himself as Aiden went out of earshot. I wonder just how far that little brat will go. Tulsius commented as he watched Aiden speed away.

Left.. Right.. Right.. Aiden thought to himself as he ran through the forest as fast as he could, dodging the trees as he ran. There it is! Aiden yelled to himself as the waterfall close by came into view. Lets do this! Aiden exclaimed as he pulled down his hood showing his wide grinning face. He rocketed towards the edge of the waterfall crouching low and strengthening his legs, jumping as high as he could when he reached the edge. Hell yeah! Aiden yelled as he plummeted down the 200 foot waterfall, scanning the water. I seeee youuu. Aiden said in a excited voice. There was a great white shark at least 15 feet long that hung around this area that Aiden had been watching for about the last week. This shark was a hunter which was easily seen by all the scars that marred the sharks sides and face.

Aiden went parallel with the water and was about 100 ft up in the air. His put his hand in front of him, palms towards each other roughly 6 inches apart and summoned a ball of his lightning between his hands. Ill end this in one shot! Aiden yelled as his hands slapped together, he grabbed a side of the lightning with each hand, pulling and stretching the lightning into the form of a spear. His right hand swiftly moved as he grabbed the spear just behind its middle, pulling it back and sending lightning into his right arm to strengthen his throw. Thunder Spear! Aiden yelled as he launched his arm forward throwing the spear straight at the shark and watching to see if he would succeed. The spear ripped the air streaking towards the shark. It tore open the water and slammed into the top of the sharks head sending electricity through its entire body causing enough damage that the shark was paralyzed but not enough to kill it. Damn, looks like i couldnt finish it in one go after all... Aiden sounded slightly depressed as he spoke these words but the excitement wasn't gone yet. Oh well. Lets just finish it in two then! He said as he began to grin and shot lightning into his leg as he started tilting into a front flip. The water that was split by the spear was just starting to fall and began closing up as Aiden finished his front flip. Thunder Stomp! Aiden yelled out as he landed on the sharks head, 200 feet of falling and the strength of the electricity in his left leg slammed into its head pushing Aiden's foot down. It seemed like time had slowed down instantly as Aiden's foot slowly pushed into the sharks body, the water beginning to fill in around him. Aiden's face stuck in a widening smile of excitement as time seemed to snap back. Lightning shot out of Aidens foot in a 5 meter radius around him shooting the water that was almost filled in everywhere and sending the shark plummeting through the water for roughly 10 meters. Yes!! Tulsius is gonna be sooo happy. The thoughts came to Aiden as he swam and retrieved the sharks body and began climbing back to where Tulsius was.

Heyyy Tulsiusss, look what i got! Aiden called out as he entered the clearing dragging the shark behind him. What he found was unreal, he didnt know how to respond. The first thing he saw was the charred earth, telltale signs of lightning use and everything was covered in blood. Trees lay in ruin and the earth was mutilated. W-w-what happened here.... Aiden said in disbelief as he surveyed the area, this had been his home for the past 10 years as he studied and learned under Tulsius. He came to Tulsius at the age of 5 when his father had shipped him off to become an assassin of his family. His family had known of Tulsius's whereabouts and sent Aiden in that direction knowing that a child of his power and mind set would be able to handle the training it would require to learn this type of magic. When Aiden saw the havoc that was caused here his thoughts turned instantly to his father. Was it him? The question hung in his mind as he started looking for Tulsius. Tulsius!!! Where are you! Aiden yelled as he searched.

Young one... Your back.. Tulsius spoke, he was having a very hard time breathing and it showed in his speech. Aiden's head spun towards where his voice came from and he looked upon his master, covered in wounds and bleeding profusely. Tulsius! What happened to you??? Aiden yelled and ran to Tulsius's side inspecting the damage done. This is nothing you brat! You think i cant handle this? * cough* Tulsius said as he coughed up blood. Aiden cringed at the site of all the blood. Who did this to you?! Ill kill em!Aiden yelled as he got angry over the situation. They came brat. Your damn father and his little lackeys. Aiden's eyes widened as Tulsius said this. M-m-my dad did this? Aiden was shocked to find this out. He had known his father was keeping tabs on him from time to time but this? This was too much, his father would pay for what he had done to Tulsius. Aiden's rage showed in his expression and body language. Calm young one, you needn't worry. This is but a minor bump in your life. I want you to promise me something Aiden. Tulsius said, Aiden payed attention when he heard his name since Tulsius used it only on rare occasions. Anything Tulsius. Aiden said, a tear rolling down his cheek from his right eye while he listened to his dying friend. I want you to promise that you wont let my lightning die.

Tulsius's lightning was a deep purple color and Aiden always admired it, it was something beautiful in Aiden's eyes. I-i-i promise Tulsius. Ill carry your lightning. I will always remember you! Aiden said as he began to get angry at his father again. His lightning began flickering across his body. What is this? His lightning is changing colors? Tulsius thought to himself as he watched Aiden's lightning began to shift, the immense love for Tulsius and the attraction to his lighting changing the color from yellow to the same deep purple of his own. Tulsius smiled, Looks like you really will carry on my lightning young one... Tulsius whispered as he fell into eternal slumber. Aiden looked towards the sky and screamed as he watched Tulsius die. Father!!! You will pay for this!! His lightning flared out, flying into the ground around him and into the sky. Aiden walked, in no real direction just walked, his mind too shut off from reality to worry about such things.

Two years passed by with Aiden training his magic with such ferocity that he often went to the point of exhaustion, and it was on one of these such day that a man had come to him as he was passed out after one of his training sessions. It was snowing at Aiden's training area near the mountains. The man looked concerned as he ran up to Aiden, rolling him over onto his back. Hey! Are you okay? The man said to Aiden as he checked his vitals. Hes passed out but hes breathing. Ill bring him to my place. He said to himself as he picked Aiden up and began walking back to his little home not far away.

Aiden awoke in a small room the small window to his left letting the light shine in onto his face. He looked down to see that all of his wounds were bandaged in weird black colored bandages. He put his palm to his forehead. Man i got a headache. Where am i? He said aloud to himself as he looked around the small room noticing that it was fairly bare. Aiden's head swung to his right as he heard a door open, a tall man with tattoos on his face walking in. Ohoho your up! Glad to see your okay youngster. The names Shaun, i found you passed out face first in the snow and brought you to my house. Aiden looked the man up and down, trying to judge his power from what he could see. He held himself with a sort of "air" about him, no doubt this man could handle himself. You carried me here and took care of me? Speaking of which, where exactly is here? Aiden asked the man as he swung his legs off the bed and began to stand. We are north of where you were passed out. Shaun said to Aiden as he set down a tray with some breakfast on it and said Eat up, im sure your hungry. You' were been asleep for two days. Two days! I was asleep for that long!? Aiden said, shocked that he had been asleep for so long.

Aiden stayed with this man for two years. He came to treat him like he did Tulsius, this man had done a lot for Aiden. He had taught him to control his power, to use the most of his strength and most importantly to utilize his rage. But what happened this night was something that he had hoped would never happen again. Shaun shook Aiden awake one night. Aiden! Aiden! Wake up. Shaun said as he shook Aiden some more. What is it old man? Im trying to sleep here. Aiden said as he yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes until he saw Shaun's face, he was genuinely frightened. There coming Aiden, your father's squad is here. I have people watching them to see if they moved. They are on their way here, you must leave now! Shaun said to Aiden as he began shoving some items into a bag and thrusting it into Aiden's hands. Take this. Go north until you get to Crocus, you will find the guild Millennium Voldgift there. I was a part of them once back in the day and they should let you in. A guild is the only place your father isnt foolish enough to attack, they can protect you Aiden, though the ideals of the guild may not be what your looking for right now. Shaun exclaimed as he pushed Aiden out the door and pointed north. Im not leaving Shaun! Ill stand and fight with you. We can take em! Aiden yelled as he turned and faced Shaun. Shaun backhanded him. You can not! I will hold them off long enough for you to make it to the guild. You will go there, you are far too important to stay here. Now go! Shaun yelled as he pushed Aiden in the direction of Crocus and began running towards where Aiden figured the enemy was coming from. A single tear ran down his cheek from his left eye. I will always remember you Shaun... Aiden said over his shoulder as he began running in the direction of Crocus.

Aiden turned back to see Blue light shining in the distance and knew that it was Shaun's magic. He clenched his fists and continued running, he would not let Shaun die in vain. One year later he was a member of Millennium Voldgift and had an idea. He went to the closes town with a tattoo parlor and had the man give him four tattoos. You sure about this kid? Face tattoos hurt and they will never come off. The man doing the tattoos said. Good... Gives me that much more reason to never forget. The words coming out of Aiden's mouth with a sort of menace in them. Aiden walked to the mirror and admired his new tattoos. A black chain spiraling up each arm ending at the bicep and a tribal line going from mid forehead to mid cheek over each eye. Looks perfect, just what someone should look like when out for blood. Aiden whispered to himself as he handed the tattoo'er the money and pulled his hood up, setting out for home and to start his quest for vengence.


Faceclaim: Urek Mazino- Tower of God[/code]
Other Characters: None.

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Aiden Corvo Empty Re: Aiden Corvo

Post by Heero Villenn on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:30 am

appearance, clothing, and personality are to short.

appearance: 121 out of 200 words

clothing: 127 out of 150 words

personality: 167 out of 250 words

Also, I must make certain but you only use Sting's clothing correct?

The rest looks fine for the most part. although I'll probably double check your history to make sure I didn't miss anything. Your history is huge.

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Aiden Corvo Empty Re: Aiden Corvo

Post by Aiden Corvo on Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:41 am

and yes i only use sting's clothing.
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Aiden Corvo Empty Re: Aiden Corvo

Post by Darion Steinheil on Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:37 pm

Looks good. 1/2
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Post by Syrena on Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:12 pm

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Welcome Smile

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