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Post by Anastasia Le Fey on Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:33 pm

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"Quote or lyrics"

Nickname(s): Sheltered Queen ; Ana
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Birthday: 01/23/x365
Sexuality: bisexual
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: A
Guild: Fairy tail
Guild Tattoo: Lower right arm right behind the wrist.

Anastasia Le Fey Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: A petite woman with a slender build, she has a rather small chest size. She is around five foot three inches although her shoes make her seem taller. Her black hair is short, being a little longer in the front near her face than in back and her eyes are blue and sharp. Her overall appearance is very professional and her presence is very serious and strict. Her presence is so strict it's frightening to the point that simply adjusting her glasses scares the shit out of full grown men. Her posture and way of walking are very distinguished and holds a sense of authority as well. These traits have assisted her in becoming the Interim Guild master while Guild master Mavis is away. Although she can be very frightening at times she is still seen as rather attractive with her slender build and way of dress which is just as professional as her nature implies she would. Combine with her personality, this attractiveness has caused her guildmates to tease her and call her Fairy Tail’s “sheltered queen”. For those who have never heard of her or are completely stupid they frequently see her as weak because of her slender build although she is the exact opposite and has crushed many nobody punks who have dared to lay their hands on her.

Attire/Clothing: Anastasia wears a very formal dress consisting of a black jumper over a long collared, long sleeved, shirt. The long sleeve shirt is white and is adorned with an intricate pattern on the collar. She wears a pair of black, wide-sleeved, pants and a pair of dark blue, high heeled boots that make her seem taller than she actually is. Her most well known feature amongst the guild are her simple, rectangular frame glasses which strike fear into the hearts of the entire guild when she adjusts them. Because of her extremely professional and serious personality she is never seen wearing flashy attire and even goes to parties with a conservative look, wearing a solid colored, light blue dress and a cross necklace along with some earrings that have small fairy tail guild symbols on them. They are her only form of jewelry. At parties she wears brick red high heel shoes rather than her high heel boots which she normally wears.

Abnormalities: Anastasia has a large, circular burn scar on the center of her back.
Anastasia Le Fey Personalucy

Personality: Anastasia is a bookworm to say the least and extremely analytical in her mannerisms. Despite this she usually treats everyone with respect. She has little tolerance for laziness or recklessness, frequently scolding her guildmates when fights start to get out of hand. Because of her prowess and abilities as a mage, most of the members of fairy tail will stop fighting with a slight adjustment of her glasses. She is very studious even though she’s already the interim guildmaster and is usually reading during her little free time since even when Mavis is around she’s always doing most of the tedious paperwork at for the guild. Due to her past, she has an extreme loyalty and admiration for Mavis Vermillion although Mavis frequently gives Le Fey a headache with her carefree nature. Anastasia will never disobey Mavis and would follow her orders to the letter.

Despite her serious nature she on occasion shows a warmer side of herself, proving that although she’s stricter than a religious document she deeply cares for her comrades, going so far as to put herself in front of her comrades to save their lives at the risk of losing her own although she’s more suited for long distance combat and cooperative fighting. Because of her skill she can fight well with anyone even those who can’t stand her. She is also known to have a high Intelligence Quota and is considered to be a genius tactician and the eyes of fairy tail due to her intelligence and abilities.

Anastasia is also very, very, sheltered and whenever men hit on her or her guild members start making more sexual jokes about her she gets very flustered and normally results in beating up her guildmates because she can't mentally handle it. This is what gave her the nickname "Sheltered Queen"

-reading: Anastasia is always studying during her free time to the point where she doesn't always get out much except on a job. She personally loves intellectual books with facts and valid information over philosophical books and works of fiction.

-teaching: Anastasia loves to teach her fellow guildmates and see them improve. She hopes that one day these guild members will surpass her.

-studying: Coming from Anastasia's love of reading, Anastasia loves to learn more, believing that knowledge is a greater weapon than physical strength. Despite this she can still hold her own in a fight.

-Fairy Tail
-Mavis Vermillion

-Spicy food

Inspiration: Although her inspirations have changed over hte past few years, Anastasia's current goal's are to improve her guild as much as possible by training her fellow guildmates and making the guild as strong as possible.

-Death of a comrade: Above all else Anastasia fears the death of a comrade above all else as she is the last member of the original fairy tail guild members aside from Mavis, the guilds founder.

-Spiders: For whatever reason, Anastasia has never been able to handle the creepy crawlies and she enters a state of panic whenever around them.

-love: Whenever there are men hitting on her or guildmates teasing her about her love life she becomes extremely flustered and will frequently hit people for doing so.

Anastasia Le Fey AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augments are optional and not required.
Augment Name: Second Origin
Augment Description: through much training, studying, and tricks employed by her teacher Freeks, Anastasia has increased her magic pool drastically and has acquired Second Origin. Thanks to this, her mana pool is now increased by 300.

Augment Name: Magical Sense
Augment Description: Like Most mages of her rank, Anastasia can sense the magical power of others and detect when a mage is nearby.

Anastasia Le Fey Equipmenterza

Anastasia Le Fey Historygray
Anastasia was born to a nice family in a country neighboring Fiore near the border. She spent most of her time reading outside and didn't really play with the other kids in her town. Despite that she enjoyed her books and read all the time. They were peaceful times with her mother and father but they would soon be shattered. On her eight birthday a dark guild by the name of Tartaros attacked her village and killed most of it's inhabitance, including Anastasia's mother and father. Those who weren't killed were taken away and later solled off as slaves, Anastasia included. Right before that night Anastasia was given two presents, a book, which was destroyed before Anastasia had a chance to even begin reading from her mother, and a Cross necklace which was given to her by her father.

After Anastasia was soled off, her owner quickly recognized her talent for magic and had her studying magic nonstop. Everytime she started slacking off or made a mistake she was beaten brutally. By the time she was ten she had become able to use Maguilty Sense magic to a lesser degree. This only made her owner more pleased, as he was a powerful man in the black market and she used Anastasia's abilities to scout the government. Due to this ability he was never caught. During this time Anastasia was the most lonely and never laughed, crying herself to sleep frequently, asking herself why she had to suffer through this. It wouldn't be for another 2 years until Anastasia was saved.

When she was forteen she had been beaten again for making an extremely critical mistake that gave away her masters location and was locked up in her room in chains. She was left there, given no food or water for three days.

One the third day she heard shouting and what sounded like fighting. After a few moments the fighting ended and the door to her cell had opened. A large burly man came in along with a young blonde haired woman wearing a white gown. They were Albert Greatsword and Mavis Vermillion. Anastasia looked at the two for a moment before Mavis came forward and asked her something. "Are you alright?"

Anastasia was shocked by Mavis’s kindness and after a series of events came to follow her. Not long after, Mavis founded Fairy tail, and her, Anastasia, Albert, and two others by the names of Freeks Gretsky and Dwayne Stonefist were its founding members. Freeks became Anastasia’s teacher after this and helped Anastasia master her magic to the degree it is today. Freeks was a strange man who wore jester clothes and acted foolish, a complete opposite of Anastasia. It was undisputable though that Freeks was best mage in Fairy tail next to Albert as where Albert knew two different kinds of requip magic, Freeks knew twenty two different kinds of caster type magic. They called him ‘Freakish Freeks’.

After a few years Fairy tail became more powerful with its founding members leading the charge. During an S-rank mission however, Both Albert and Dwayne were killed completing the mission. The mission was to kill a monster that had been wreaking havoc in the smaller villages around Era. Dwayne was killed at the scene after the monster was killed and Albert died a few days later of an infection after returning to the guild with severe wounds. This put Anastasia into a state of depression, although she put on a brave face and never let anyone notice her true feelings, although both Mavis and Freeks noticed.

Soon however Tartaros would unleash a monster upon the world that would create even more suffering for Anastasia. This monster’s first target was none other than Magnolia. Outside the city, Fairy Tail fought it off taking severe losses. Anastasia would have been on that list of casualties as well if it wasn’t for Freeks, who pushed Anastasia out of the way, at the cost of his body. Crippled, Freeks left the guild to live a life of peace telling Anastasia it was up to her to take care of the guild and Mavis from now on. Anastasia blaming herself tried to get her teacher to stay although Freeks’ mind didn’t change and he left after smacking Anastasia in the head for blaming herself. Now, with a newfound goal and determination, Anastasia has worked hard to keep her guild strong and has earned the right to be known as Fairy Tail’s undisputed queen and Mavis’s right hand.


Faceclaim: Soul Eater - Azusa Yumi
Notes: Weapon uses the new template in the staff section.
Other Characters: Heero Villenn

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