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Quorra "Vixen" Aegis

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Post by Vixen on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:36 am

Baroness Quorra/Angelique Aegis
Quorra "Vixen" Aegis Wallls10

"Un mort est une tragédie, un million est une statistique"

Nickname(s): Vixen, Baroness, Angel (True Persona only.)
Age: 17
Sex: (Male/Female)
Birthday: 21/07/x374
Sexuality: Sexual - Finding pleasure in sex. Any type of sex.
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D Rank

Guild: Tartaros
Guild Tattoo: Crimson outlined in Black, located right above her special place.

Quorra "Vixen" Aegis Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Quorra is of mixed heritage her mother being of Oriental descent while her father is Caucasian because of that she has a cream colored complexion with her body taking more from her mother's side of the family in terms of facial features and overall body size. Perhaps the most striking feature of Quorra's body are her eyes due to the fact that she has complete heterochromia.

Her eyes are two different colors something that goes much deeper than just appearance, as that divide extends all the way into her psyche. It is common knowledge that it stems from twins the vibrant green of her left eye coming from her twin Angelique while the steely grey are Quorra's actual eye color. Both sharply contrast with her almost waist length jet black hair another feature of hers received from her mother.

Genetics blessed her rather nicely, as despite her petite build of 5'4 she has been described as rather..top heavy, her D-cup chest area being rather large for her size however for some reason fits just as perfectly as it would if she had completely taken after her mother. Other than that she has a rather curvaceous frame while being lean and sort of built due to a combination of kick-boxing and gymnastics in her youth.

Her posture, demeanor and presence screams royalty as she was brought up as a noble seeing as her father is a Baron and if she chose to upon his death she could receive a title of her own. Even without the imposing size her presence is nonetheless intimidating as her face is generally devoid of emotions as she surveys everything with indifference giving her an almost still, lifeless doll look.

This nobility is contrasted by her numerous tattoos and piercings which to most are the symbols of degenerates, criminals and not something someone of her stature should possess. Each tattoo on her body is symbolic to her state of existence and represents something of her past. The piercings on the other hand were simply because she rather liked the feel and look of metal within and on skin.

Attire/Clothing: Quorra generally wears a long flowing kimono however it is slashed in multiple places revealing her cleavage and hips and parts of her legs and arm. She has numerous colors of these kimono's with one color for each style she possesses having gotten her father to spend copious amounts of money on them before she was cast out. She always wears kimono's no matter the weather leading her to be rather hot in areas of high temperatures.

Even though she is rather attached to her kimono that isn't her only article of clothing nor are they her only type clothing. She also tight body hugging clothes often going with leather or latex which is a compromise between both personalities with flowing being her "True" personalities preferred choice while tight being her "False" personalities choice. Regardless she doesn't like to wear concealing clothing under opting for leather or latex bras along with leather pants which slashes in the side to allow her freedom of movement.

Her footwear depends on her personality in the morning as well as the weather as in the summer she tends to wear wooden sandals while in the winter she prefers heeled boots. Likewise if her "False" personality is in control in the morning she will generally wear some type of boot while if her "True" personality has the morning she'll wear some type of sandal.

The only recurring trend about her outfits is that they are always corresponding colors for instance if she is wearing a light red kimono she will wear a black leather/latex outfit underneath. For some reason both of her personalities tend to arrive at corresponding color schemes despite going through different processes when deciding an outfit for the day.

Abnormalities:Split tongue, 6 piercings (Lip,Nips,Both Ears, Special Place, Belly Button), 9 Tattoos (Butterfly tattoo on her chest, "La mort est une bénédiction" on her left arm, "R.I.P Angelique Aegis" on the back of her neck, the Cancer Zodiac symbol on her left shoulder blade, Her family tree on her right shoulder blade extending all the way back to her mid back, twin marionette versions of herself choking each other on her right thigh, red tribal tattoos on both sides of her upper cheekbones & her guild tattoo)

Quorra "Vixen" Aegis Personalucy

Personality: Quorra has split personality disorder with her having two both being similar is some ways but otherwise being completely different. Both however has the same thoughts regarding life as a whole as well as sex with the latter being used as a method of exchange and complacency between the "False" and "True" personalities respectively.

Quorra/"False"/Dominant Personality - Quorra is in control the majority of the time and comes across as aloof or spaced out for the majority of the time however is highly observant but prefers to wait and observe everything around her before speaking. This causes most people to miss her or forget that she was there until she speaks shattering any thoughts of her being timid or quiet with her words. Quorra rarely, if ever shows any form of emotion other than indifference and boredom as she is rather apathetic towards living things.

This cold indifference is even reflected in her eyes as they seem to become cloudy or dim and lifeless despite her looking at something. Her face generally stays blank occasionally shifting ever so slightly with the intake of breath or when she needs to wet her lips. It is not that she is incapable of expressing emotion she generally refrains from doing so around other people save for her subtle sadism. Despite her outlook on people she is unfailingly polite however she also has the habit of giving people backwards compliments as her upbringing has made her unable to insult someone if it's not in a "nice way".

Angelique/"True"/Submissive Personality - Unlike her counterpart the "True" personality is rather expressive and gives others a view of just how deranged she truly is. Her sadistic streak is magnified and rather than finishing off opponents quickly she prefers to take her time drawing it out as long as she could before they either die from pain or the "False" personality takes over again. She has a child-like demeanor and views everything in her life as a game while the other people in it are just toys that she can play with. She often makes remarks on word counts, forums and internet, all things that make no sense to anyone who actually listens to what she says.

Despite this child like innocence this personality is rather blunt to a fault and prone to violent outbursts and mood swings without any concern for the consequences of her actions. She is highly self destructive and has no concerns about her life other than beating the game, something not even Quorra understands. She views herself and Quorra as separate entities and hates her passionately often going on long rants on how much she would like to "kill" Quorra. This extends to every part of her being as her eyes become filled with life and raw untamed emotion, even with this seemingly spontaneous force she is highly intelligent in her insanity, or in her words "She's a very good player."

* Reading - Quorra likes to study anatomy, as it is her favorite subject, be it human, animals or even plants (Botany). The reason is because she is extremely curious in how things originate and stay alive, she has much deeper reasons for her fascination however she tries not to linger on it for to long lest her "True" personality catch on to why she has such an interest in reading. Because she doesn't like incomplete information this fascination has extended to any sort of information she could acquire that has substantial "worth" towards her goals.
* Sex - For both personalities Sex is the commonality between them, as unlike most she does not have it simply because of an innate need to procreate or a unique pleasure source. For her sex is a escape, as well as an addiction and is one of the few things that she enjoys in the world due to the simple fact that it gives her peace of mind.
* Grave-robbing - This was originally an interest, however now it has become a hobby of hers to go to cemeteries and dig up bodies to add to her "collection" to her a lifeless corpse is the ultimate form of art. As it is life, in its purest form, devoid of everything that corrupts embodies it. Because of this she also actively collects the bodies of those who interest her...or at least the pieces of what is left of their body.
- Quiet
- Piercings
- Occult objects & things
- Magic in general
- Prudish People.
- People touching on her in platonic ways.
- Loud things & people.
- Mirrors
Inspiration: She has always been fascinated with death ever since she was informed that she had a twin sister, and everything in her life began to make sense. When she discovered that she had the ability to use magic she quickly found herself delving into dark magic which revolved around it. While in all honesty Quorra would of preferred to be live as a noble with an interest in becoming a mortician but Angelique decided being a mage would be..."more fun"
- Philophobia - Fear of emotional attachments and falling/being in love. This fear stems from her observations of people that are in love and her innate paranoia as she fears that if she forms a connection with someone she will lose her free will and become a slave to them like those she has seen around her. She had never forgotten the feeling of betrayal from her parents and translated that feeling into her relationships with others, her fear of being hurt becoming her fear of getting attached.
- Fear of Mirrors & her reflection. Quorra is hates mirrors with a burning passion, not because she's ugly or does not like her appearance and what not the reason for her hatred of mirrors is based heavily in fear. Her psychosis has caused her to visualize her "True" personality every time she looks at her reflection and that person is the thing she fears the most in the world.
- Fear of herself & being erased from existence. Both personalities actively fight each other for control with the "False" personality winning most of the time however Quorra constantly lives in fear that one day her "True" personality will take its body back and she will cease to exist. Her "True" personality lives without fear due to the fact that her entire existence is devoted to having as much "fun" playing this "game" as possible with no concerns other than that.

Quorra "Vixen" Aegis AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augment Name: Genius Level Intellect
Augment Description: Quorra has a much higher than average intelligence allowing her to grasp things much easier than others which combined with her reading hobby gives her a massive amount of information at her disposal. She simply is able to understand things naturally and further expand past what is known and understand things at levels normal people can not even phantom. Her intelligence allows her to easily surpass others in deductions save for those who are at level. This translates to both personalities although being more dominant in her "False" personality. Of course it came with the ultimate price..as their is a fine line between a genius and insanity.

[center]Quorra "Vixen" Aegis Equipmenterza

Name: Kitsune
Classification: Weapon
Type: Scythe
Material(s): Black Steel, Titanium Blade & Spear Point
Appearance: Kitsune is just as long as Quorra's body and having an odd appearance as it is a crescent blade scythe with a spear point at the other end and has numerous engravings in french on the blade while possessing Japanese characters along the spear point.
Quorra "Vixen" Aegis IceScythe
History: Kitsune was taken from her mother as it was one of the many wedding presents Quorra's father gave to her. Till this date they have no idea that it is missing simply due to the sheer amount of gifts he spoils her mother with and Quorra seeing that such a nice weapon would go to waste decided to liberate it. Quorra chose it simply because a scythe was the trademark weapon of the Grim Reaper a being that she practically idolizes, despite that she decided she needed her own style and such she chose Kitsune over the standard reaper scythe.

[center]Quorra "Vixen" Aegis Historygray


Quorra's story started back when she was in the womb, before she was even aware that she was alive as she had to compete with the other occupant in her living space. They fought for nourishment, space and the right to live, something which manifested in rather frequent "kicking" according to their mother. However the usual sibling rivalry simply didn't apply here, it was odd but perhaps it was a hormone imbalance or something like that, but the more active twin was prone to messing with the more passive twin. This persisted throughout the pregnancy resulting in a stillborn during delivery, the first twin came out to be a healthy girl who their mother promptly named Quorra while the second didn't make it a tombstone being the only thing to remember Angelique by.

In the first moments Quorra was a rather active baby however nine hours into her life she suddenly stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated terrifying both parents as they feared their perfect baby girl was going to be taken away from them like her sister was. Of course seeing as they were very well off she had the best of medical treatment and made a full recovery, the only thing different being that she became much more reserved. Growing up Quorra was labelled a child prodigy her intelligence astounding her parents who provided her with private tutors allowing her to be far ahead of her peers in matters of the world.

She was raised in a loving environment with everything she asked for made available to her, even though it sort of bothered her father that she was so obsessed with learning. Her mother reassured him that nothing was odd about it she merely wanted to learn about the world and it was merely harmless curiosity. Of course both were rather dismayed when she, at the age of nine, stumbled upon the family secret and they were forced to tell her about Angelique.

It was as if something clicked in her head, everything began to make sense, the person who she thought was her in her dreams yet seemed so different, it wasn't her at all but someone else. Twins especially identical ones, apparently are said to share a special connection seeing as they were originally one, but a realization like this completely shocked her. The more she thought about it the more it consumed her and the more she felt alien in her own body, soon enough those thoughts tipped her over the brink and she began to hear someone else in her head.

Her parent's never noticed, for some reason the voice was eerily silent when they were around, waiting until both of them were alone before screaming at her with rage she was completely unfamiliar with. If Quorra was withdrawn before this made her even more so, she began to be afraid of herself and closed herself off emotionally viewing everything with out experiencing it for herself. Eventually things that used to bring her joy like gymnastics seemed pointless, useless, not of worth and as such not to be bothered with. She began to try things, things to see if she could feel, to be happy nothing attracting her interest other than death, and by chance sex the latter being on her thirteenth birthday to her betrothed who was three years older than her.

By the time her paranoia had developed into full blown psychosis and she now had a split personality who referred to itself as Angelique and how Quorra wasn't supposed to be here, in her own body. They began to fight with Angelique ruining anything Quorra tried to get into and Quorra claiming what was hers with tattoos the first being "R.I.P. Angelique Aegis". In one of these bouts she had attracted the ire of her grandfather who was visiting one day and saw what his granddaughter had become effectively removing her from the family tree.

Her father pitied her and gave her one of his inconspicuous properties and transported the majority of her clothing to said location and him along with her mother continued to contact her until her mother got pregnant again. Quorra didn't second guess why she lost contact with her loving parents, it was as clear as day, they now had another child one that wouldn't disappoint them like she had and as such she was no longer needed. She was angry, extremely but even more than that she felt betrayed, and vowed never to trust anyone and let them in like that ever again.

It was around then that she made a discovery, at the lowest point that she was able to use magic, a mage or whatever they called them. She began to research the differing types becoming drawn to only the most dark and having to constantly argue with the other person so as not to delve into more destructive arts. When she eventually did find one she liked she put her all into it for it would suit her needs well, there was no greater need than for her to be rid of that personality that called her fake, a thief, "False" while it was the "True" occupant of her body.

She would listen to it and give into its urges while bidding her time until she was able to finally deal with it permanently, no matter the cost. Others would see her and call her Dark, or evil without truly understanding her reasons, but it doesn't matter it wasn't as if being labelled something was going to stop her. Though it would be smarter to group herself with like-minded individuals, and such she had to search out a Dark Guild. Only one in particular caught her eye Tartaros perhaps it was because of where it was located, or perhaps it was something more. She joined right on her 16th birthday and preferred to stay in the background and observe everyone rather than take missions.

Now however she's ready to make her move.


Wait...you actually thing I'm going to tell you about me? I would think someone already covered all of that boring stuff. Actually I could summarize it for you, you think your rid of an annoying parasite yet just when your in the clear they come back and steal your freaking body. But its okay, I got her back, and I'm going to have as much fun as possible until she finally loses it and I'll get what's mine back. Hmm..did I miss anything nope I don't think so, or you actually want me to tell you what I was doing throughout this?

Ha Ha...No. Actually what am I saying maybe I'll tell you it all later let's see how this role-play will go who knows maybe you'll figure out exactly why I hate that b**** so much.


Notes: Hey um I know you might be concerned about Angelique's fourth wall breaking but it's nothing more than comic relief. No meta-gaming or whatever like sure she might make a comment about someone's actions but to everyone else, its crazy talk and it never affects her actions IC. Also it only extends to Angelique, Quorra's...normal well as normal as she can get, besides Angelique hates Quorra so even if she made a comment it wouldn't be trusted because they have that type of relationship.
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two issues: I do need to know how and when she joined Tartaros. It can be short and to the point but it should be there.

also, I do need a picture of the scythe.

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