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Searching for the Champions [D-rank mission]

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Searching for the Champions [D-rank mission] Empty Searching for the Champions [D-rank mission]

Post by Syrena on Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:09 pm

The beautiful girl stares in front of the massive request board in her guild, staring at all the high class missions. Her eyes searching from request to request, hoping for something easy. It's not that she couldn't somehow manage to complete such a high mission, but she didn't really want to tackle it on her own. She still felt like an outside in the midst of the elite female guild, and so it was better for her to find something that didn't require too much teamwork. Lost in thought she almost missed the little request in the corner of the board, helping a woman search for her lost dogs. Syrena's eyes widen as a smirk plants on her lips. This was it. This was the mission to prove to herself that she could accomplish the task!

"I'll take this~" She hums to herself as she unclips it from the board and turns to strut out of the guild. With a little bit of a skip in her walk, so marches on to the owner of the house. It wasn't that far of a walk from her guild, so she stopped and grabbed a milkshake along the way. Her inside was full of joy as she slowly sips the strawberry shake and basks in the ray of sunshine. Things were shaping up to be an excellent day after all.... or so she thought. Syrena strolls up to the small cottage, with the bright yellow shutters that had ivy growing up the sides. With a slight knock on the door, the young mage awaits for the journey to begin.

The door knob turns slowly, as a elderly woman's voice fills the air. "Hello deary, I suppose you received my request?" She had a warm smile on her face as she invites Syrena into her home. "Come in, come in my child. I'm Jane Butterworth, but you can just call me Jane honey." The elderly woman put her fragile soft hands on the mages back, as she leads her to the living room. "As you must know, I've seen to lost my champions. Yui and Kyo are North Fiore's greatest hounds, but yet they seem to be missing..." Her voice trails off as she drops her head slowly in grief.

"Jane, my dear, don't fret." An elderly man walks out from the kitchen, carrying a tray of tea for the three to enjoy. "I'm sure this young woman here will be able to help us find them." It was his attempt at trying to encourage Mrs. Butterworth, while given Syrena a glare of determination.

The three of them conversed for about an hour, Syrena gaining as much knowledge about the two dogs as possible. She was even given a picture of the hounds for a guide as she went hunting around the city. The longer she sat there listening to Jane talk about the puppies, the more she felt the burden to find them. Something stirred in her inside, and she just knew she had to find them.

"Don't you worry! I will bring them back to you, even if I have to travel to the blackwood forest to bring them home!" She blurts out, even though deep down she hoped she wouldn't have to travel to the zombie infest woods. A cold shutter was sent down her back as she pictures the hideous beast. She shakes it off before leaving the small cottage to find the dogs.


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Searching for the Champions [D-rank mission] Empty Re: Searching for the Champions [D-rank mission]

Post by Syrena on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:07 pm

Here came the fun part of the mission, she was actually expected to find the dogs on her own. Syrena stands there in the middle of the street with both hands on her hips, she had a dilemma. Left or right. She swings her head both directions several times searching for some sort of sign. To the right was towards the guild, and to the left was towards the 'sketchy' part of the town. Not that many parts were sketchy, it was just less occupied.

"Okay, to the left it is~" She chimes to herself before starting off on her journey. Her keys clinked against her hips as she walks, making a little jiggling to each of her steps. The girl was wearing extremely short blue jean shorts and a cropped t-shirt with her guild symbol on it. She stares around at all the vacant buildings the further down the street she went. She would call out several times for the dogs, hoping that just maybe they'd come running to their names.

Up ahead the street dead ended and it looks like her luck wasn't in good fortune today. However, just before she was about to turn around she spots a warehouse with a large hole in the side of it. If she were a dog, that's exactly the hole she would run through. She laughs at the thought of even thinking about that, but decides to go check the warehouse anyways. Slowly she keeps over to the hole, and peeks into the side of the building. She saw a figure move around, causing her to jump back with a little scream. Something was inside that building, but she couldn't tell if it were the dogs or not. Syrena takes one big inhale of air before crawling through the hole herself. It really wasn't that small of a hole for herself, she slid through perfectly. Once she was inside, she stands up slowly, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Inside the warehouse she found tons of old abandon furniture. Boxes and boxes of old junk that no one wanted were just piling up the sides of the walls. Her ears suddenly perk up with she hears a little bark from the corner of the room.

"Dog!" She yells to herself before turning around to head in the direction of the sound. Just as she drew close to the spot where the dogs came from, the floor gave and she fell through the wood into a dark, damp, and muddy hole underneath the warehouse. As she falls, she attempts to grab anything and everything, but it was no luck. Syrena slid all the way down to the bottom of the mud hole, covered in dirt from head to toe. Her body was shaking from fright as she looks up at the hole in the floor where she fell from. It was a pretty long ways down, but at least she felt find. Her legs were a little cut up from the wood scratching her skin as she fell down into the darkness. The girl closes her eyes and tries her hardest to remain calm. "Okay Sy, look what you've gotten yourself into this time..." Her voice trails off as she looks up to see two little creatures staring at her. The dogs! They were right above her! "Puppies!" She calls out to them"Don't go anywhere!!" The little dogs barked and panted as she sat there watching her attempt to climb out of the whole.


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