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Post by Kisuke Tenshii on Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:36 am

Kisuke Tenshii Ragna_10

"Life is just flow with it...""

Name(s): Kisuke Tenshii
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Birthday: 24/04/x369
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Neutral Mage (may change through progression)
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Obscura Fabula
Guild Tattoo: Black with dark red outline on whole back.

Kisuke Tenshii Appearancenatsu
Physical Characteristics: Kisuke has blonde, wild, and unkempt hair. He has piecing green eyes, as in, bight green, almost neon eyes. His skin is a little pale, but not sun bleached pale or albino, just moderately light skinned. He usually wears his armor, so that would explain the skin tone he has. He is around 6'1, broad shouldered, built, and overall fit for a mage his age and strength. He's not any more powerful than any other mage, but that doesn't mean he always loses out in strength. He weights about 160 lbs, mostly from his muscles. He doesn't have a single blemish on his face. He, for now, has no scares, scratches, abnormalities, dry skin, or any tattoos, other than his guild tattoo, making him almost a pure soul physically. In general, he is the average person. He works out on occasion, washes himself regularly, eats, sleeps, and sees like any other person with 20-20 vision. He doesn't smoke, drink, nor does he unnecessarily dirty himself, for he wishes to keep a clean image underneath that cold, hard exterior of a shell...his armor. His armor is what people have seen him in most of the time, if anything else, they see him in the dark, sleeping or thinking, so nobody other than a close friend has ever seen him take his armor off. But as for right now, he doesn't have a close friend he can trust.
Attire/Clothing: Most of the time Kisuke wears his armor, but when he feels its time he can take it off, his clothing consists of a hybrid of modern, futuristic and old features. He wears a vibrant red, blue, black, or white sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back. Under it is a black shirt with three belts. He wears a pair of black gloves with a shell on the backs of the hands. He also wears a traditional Japanese style sleeveless red, blue, black, or white turtle neck top, long black gloves that reach to his elbows, baggy black pants, and black shoes. This combination of clothing incorporates a hybrid of modern, futuristic, and old style clothing that feel loose of Kisuke so that it still allows for free and unimpaired movement, just in case he ever gets into a fight with another mage or knight. He has never been seen taking off his armor though, only when he's by himself would he take his armor off and relax, enjoying the comfort of some freedom.
Abnormalities: N/A

Kisuke Tenshii Personalucy
Personality: In general, Kisuke is a quiet guy. He is a bit of a wallflower, too. It's not because he is shy, but he just prefers to be by himself most of the time. Sure he likes to talk from time to time, but he usually just stays quiet and to himself and his thoughts. He sometimes whispers to himself under his breathe if something is bothering him or he just feels like it. During battle, however, he is almost completely silent. The only sounds he makes during battle are those of footsteps and controlled breathing. For the most part, Kisuke is reserved, quiet, and contemplating on how the world works. He doesn't mind the world one bit, but he wouldn't mind it changing either. Kisuke's viewpoint is to live life the way life wants you to live it...through destiny. Any and all actions are coordinated through destiny. There is no such thing as the future according to Kisuke which is why he never thinks about it.

The way Kisuke views other people though is a little different than what is thought he thinks. He doesn't see the good or evil in people, no matter how magically or non-magically corrupt that person may be. He sees everyone as aiming for a goal, no matter how good or bad the goal is, he will never judge. The closet he's gotten to really judging anyone was thinking to himself how smelly this one person on the streets was. One last thing that makes Kisuke a 'neutral mage' is that he would never interfere with the destiny of another person...unless asked to do so, but only when said person asking Kisuke doesn't interfere with another person's destiny. But then again, Kisuke does have a few things he just wants to do in life. He wishes to do anything and all under the sun, explore all of the world, and see amazing sites. Kisuke is a narrow minded wallflower.

  • Blacksmith= Kisuke is a self-taught blacksmith, so if you ask him to forge you a sword or a shield or even a whole set of armor, he will and can do it in no time flat (Note: This doesn't give any benefits when it comes to buying equipment).
  • Mage= As you could have already guessed by now, Kisuke is a mage of sorts. He prefers using his swordsmanship, but he is pretty adept with his magic.
  • Swordsman= Kisuke is a swordsman as stated before. He is very skilled with the art of the sword, specifically two-sword style and one-sword style variations. He is far from perfect, but he can hold his own in a duel of swordsmanship.


  • Friends
  • Magic
  • Happiness
  • Neutrality
  • Longevity
  • Goals
  • Helping others
  • Forging


  • Ocean
  • Sadness
  • Crying
  • Weaklings
  • Interference
  • Rudeness

Inspiration: Kisuke's driving motivation in life, his want to keep living, is the fact that life is ever changing. He wishes to contribute to how life works, but for right now, he'll just settle being a bit of a wallflower. Kisuke motivates himself by saying, "Life is just flow with it..."

  • Fear of Blood= Kisuke is oddly fearful of the sight of blood. It's not that he would faint from it, but he would feel sick from the just the sight of it.
  • Fear of Heights= Kisuke is terrified of heights. He never plans on flying if possible. But technically, it's the fear that he could fall and plummet to the center of the earth from any large height.
  • Fear of Death= Kisuke, like most people, is afraid of death. Though fear is not for himself, but for others. He doesn't wish for someone to die, no matter the reason. It has only been one time when Kisuke had seen death, and that was the last time he had ever planned on seeing it...ever.

Kisuke Tenshii AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473
Augment Name: Two Heavens as One
Augment Description: Seeing as Kisuke is a two-sword style swordsman, he has developed both speed, strength, and awareness. His strength and speed aren't very far above average, but once he wields two swords of any length and weight, he is a silent monster on the battle field, metaphorically speaking of course. If he wields two swords or sword-like weapons, his strength level will either increase or decrease to adjust to the optimum level at which is required to wield those two swords or sword-like weapons. It is a naturally developed instinct that Kisuke has subconsciously perfected for his swordsmanship.

Kisuke Tenshii Equipmenterza

Name: Steel Guardian
Classification: Armor
Type: Full-Body (Head, Shoulders, Back, Torso, Arms, Legs)
Material(s): Steel, Leather
Appearance: A full-body armor set that covers the head, back, shoulders, torso, legs, and arms. The back has two crescent looking, the head has small slots from which the wearer can see from, the torso has a steel chest plate, the arms have steel bracers that protrude from the forearms, and the legs have steel and leather materials.
History: Self procured using blacksmith skills.
Steel Guardian:

Kisuke Tenshii 300px-10Kisuke Tenshii 300px-11

Name: Ivy Blossom
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword: Nodachi
Material(s): carbon-steel, wood (sheathe), leather (grip and wrapping)
Appearance: A normal nodachi with a gray sheathe decorated with pink blossoms and black ivy leaves.
History: Self procured using blacksmith skills.
Ivy Blossom:

Name: Black Whisper
Classification: Weapon
Type: Sword: Nodachi
Material(s): carbon-steel, wood (sheathe), leather (grip and wrapping)
Appearance: A normal nodachi with a sheathe decorated in a black smoke, making it's way down the sheathe. The blade is black.
History: Self procured using blacksmith skills.
Black Whisper:

Kisuke Tenshii Historygray

:: Lonely Childhood ::

Kisuke was born on a rather cold surface on a surprisingly warm night in winter to a pair of retired mages. His mother was skilled in magic that healed, while his father was skilled in Re-quip magic. Together they were known as the Unbeatable and Everlasting Battle duo. The two lived in a town that was built on the top of a rather large mountain that was “cut” down in order to build a town. Now in this town there would be sounds of terribly loud booms and crashes like thunder that occasionally came from the neighboring mountains’ summit. Rumors begin to spread of the town's mountains having a creature living in them. While many searched the summit hoping to find this “creature”, they always came up blank. So most just tossed it up to pure legend and old superstition. Zilum, Kisuke’s father, a mage that was so versatile and strong in Re-quip magic that he was known as the Battle Warlord of the Skies, was the only one who knew of the “monster’s” "true" location, a secret that he had taken with him to his grave.

While the specifics of Zilum’s death are unknown, Kisuke was only four years old when he received the word of his father's death, but could still remember his gleaming face. The news was shocking to Kisuke, but more than anyone his mother took it the worst. Fiona, Kisuke’s mother, swirled into a deep depression and more and more put Kisuke off on his friends and family. Until finally convinced that Zilum wouldn't take a mission that could kill him, she went out searching. Before leaving, she gave custody of Kisuke to one of her most trusted friend's, also leaving with them a silver ring with a green emerald to give to Kisuke if his parents didn’t return, making Kisuke think he was being abandoned. Bending down she kissed the boy gently on his forehead before a tear left her eye and she went out into the neighboring mountains’ eternal blizzard. While his mother's best friend tried her best, she eventually lost control over a growing Kisuke and gave up on the child, leaving him to himself basically also lowering his trust for the world. Every time he saw the out of control boy causing mayhem on the town he could only bow his head in grievance.

By the time Kisuke had turned six his havoc on the town had only become more and more chaotic. It got so bad that the small town actually came out of their homes to discuss the ultimate punishment for Kisuke leading to more and more distrust and anxiety. To them the boy was a growing danger to them, so they did the only thing they could and ostracized him from the town, leaving him with nothing but that one silver ring. Confused and desperate Kisuke begged them to take him back, crying hysterically, calling out to his guardian only to have her back turned to him and forced to walk in the way of the snowy blizzard and through damp, cold, and dark caves to find shelter. The boy was given only the clothes on his back to survive with, and the ring to keep the memories of his father and, as he though, abandoning mother. But this wouldn't last, for the freezing temperatures, and disease ridden cakes would get to him before he would make it to the next town. Frozen tears ran down his face as his breathing came to a slowed down wheezing and coughing. Exhausted, Kisuke found himself unable to stand and collapsed into the snow. Everything was dark, but he could hear the faint sound of a few footsteps in the snow around him and the crunching of the snow as something came closer. Eventually even that small ominous sound had disappeared and left the boy wondering what would happen next.

:: Hope ::

Feeling the warmth of a fire on him, Kisuke had begun to regain consciousness. His eyes begin to flicker open, he could see the soft surface of animal carpets and damp cave walls and large spikes of stalagmites towered above him. Kisuke stumbled to his feet but was unable to stand for long, how long had he been out and for what reason were piles of coal and steel laying next to him? These things would be questions that would be answered later as the sound of large bands and crashes were heard rushing from behind. The sight that caught the boy's eyes would be the dazzling sparks and embers, but the cold look of an old looking man that had a cold look on his face. The man had a roughly textured skin with, wearing animal hides for warmth. His body had large muscles and scars running up to his big and stern head that had deep blue eyes staring coldly at the boy. His dark blue eyes stared pass him and into his soul, making Kisuke shiver with amazement and bewilderment at the size of the man. It was almost as if Kisuke had seen this man before, but couldn’t quit put his finger on it. Then Kisuke saw it. He saw that the man was truly his father. Kisuke tried to get up but was pulled down by a heavy blanket that tried to drag him down to the warm floor. Kisuke struggled to get free of its grasp and as he did, the man said, “I am not your father. Your real father and mother are long gone.” Kisuke then blacked out and fell to the floor once again, but this time, in shock.

Awaking again, Kisuke eventually realized that the man was the exact resemblance of his father that he had remembered, but much more, in light terms, bulky. He had lived in the mountain trails keeping himself a secret from the eyes of anyone he deemed unworthy and foolish. So why him? That was simple, for it was Zilum. Kisuke's father had a strong friendship with the man. One that he had decided not to share with Kisuke or his wife, and so the man would do the same and keep it a secret. Deciding that since Zilum was presumed dead and that the town had tossed the mage’s son out to die, the man had made the decision to raise him as his own.

Kisuke was shocked to see that there was another man out in this world that looked like his father, but what was more surprising was that this man knew that his father and mother had died. The man stopped hammering and came around to greet Kisuke saying that his name was Zilum. Kisuke couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Kisuke growing up in the town had heard that his father’s name was also Zilum, so the one thing that made it seem as though this man was truly his father was the name, “Daddy, is that really you?”

The man found a chair made of leather and fur with branches and bones to sit down in and explained what had happened. Kisuke was amazed at the story the man named Zilum told him, “You see son, sorry, I mean boy, is that I am from a different world known as Edolas. This world is known as Earth Land. Though your father and I look the same, we are not. You Kisuke are the counterpart to my deceased son Maxwell.” The man started to tear up, but held them back with sheer force as he continued on, “I know your father because he once found me while I was out hunting in this region here. Seeing that the two of us were almost exactly the same, we became friends fast and that’s how I know about you and your mother.”

The man continued on about how his father had gone on a dangerous 100 year mission that he wished to complete, even after he had left his guild. Kisuke’s father had come back and forth on this single mission in order not to stay away from Kisuke and Fiona, still keeping the mission a secret. As Kisuke’s father encountered his counterpart, he told him that he needed help. Kisuke’s father knew he was going to died some day, so he gave special scrolls to Edolas Zilum in order to teach Kisuke in the future how to use magic. Kisuke was shocked to hear that he was going to learn magic, but then was told that those scrolls can only teach someone magic once after they are used. Kisuke disappointed and sad that he can’t keep his father’s legacy going...cried.

After some balling, Kisuke asked who used the scrolls. The man responded with “me”. Kisuke became furious and tried to beat up “Edolas Zilum” as he had called the man, but couldn't even make the man wobble. The man then told Kisuke that the scrolls his father gave him were specifically for the people of Edolas, in his opinion, due to the scrolls feeding the user magical energy into the first reader, meaning now, Edolas Zilum had completely replaced Kisuke’s fallen father. Kisuke stopped trying to even put a scratch on him and listened. The man told him that Kisuke’s father wanted Edolas Zilum to personally teach Kisuke, meaning the scrolls’ one time use would go to Edolas Zilum in order to teach Kisuke.

On his twelfth birthday Kisuke had finally begun to understand the ways of the world. Coming to him with little knowledge of anything, he taught him how to read, write, speak, and how to perform magic in the most graceful of ways. Unfortunately, Kisuke had inherited more than he bargained for from the old man. His way of learning and even his persona to an extent was beginning to rub off on him. Even after all that time though Kisuke still held his heart away from Zilum. Kisuke refused to grow a bond with this man and that became painfully apparent to Zilum as time went by.

:: Depressing Past To The Hopeful Future ::

The cave was colder than usual as the snow storm outside blew below the normal freezing temperatures. The harsh winds blew through the cave eventually snuffing the fire out and leaving Kisuke without warmth. Zilum thinking of Kisuke with nothing but love wrapped him in many furs and skin, even his own. Though Edolas Zilum was rude and boisterous, he still missed his son from Edolas and wished he be here. The only real reason he took in Kisuke was due to the sheer magnitude of how Maxwell reacted the same way as Kisuke did around people he didn’t trust. When Kisuke had awaken later to see himself wrapped in Zilum's fur coats and skins, and leaving almost nothing for himself, he stood up and with a cold attitude walked to the other side of the cave, leaving behind the warmth of the clothes. His cold eyes gazing towards Zilum as he slept bare. Anyone would be able to tell that he was cautious of whom he let in his heart and he had a large wall up that even the friendliest of people would have a hard time climbing over. As his eyes closed, Zilum’s analyzing eyes would open and he would peer towards the stubborn boy with care as he decided not to push himself on him. This was only one of the times Kisuke shrugged Zilum’s love off.

:: Training ::

Continuing through the age of twelve he found himself in many predicaments in his training where Kisuke refused to accept Zilum’s help, even if his stubborn head couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that Zilum’s training was already helping him. Though Kisuke slowly started to know that training with him would get him stronger and could only get stronger by asking for more help than he was already being given. Zilum one day told the struggling Kisuke to clear his mind. Kisuke refused, so Zilum showed him what he could do if he did empty his mind and concentrate on his surroundings. Zilum demonstrated that he could sense Kisuke’s movements and react before Kisuke even moved.

Kisuke agreed to cooperate, seeing as though this was his chance to show Zilum how strong he has become. Zilum closed his eyes and put on a blindfold and told Kisuke to try and attack him. Just as Kisuke had decided to move, Zilum was right next to him with his hand on Kisuke’s shoulder telling him what Kisuke planned to do. Kisuke surprised, asked how he did this. Zilum only responded with the phrase, “Muscles don’t lie”. This skill was known as “muscle reading”, in which the user is able to “read” his or her opponent’s muscles to know what they are doing next by listening to the sound of the muscles moving. If the user is skill enough, he or she could even listen to the muscles in the opponent’s brain. Kisuke never fully understood how to use this skill, but has on occasion been able to use it in dire situations but not to the extent of hearing the opponent’s brain.

:: Trust ::

Kisuke had been upset for some time now seeing that Zilum had been pushing Kisuke harder and harder in his training. Kisuke was too upset and tired, so he stormed out of the cave. He found himself in a narrow passageway on the side of a high cliff and almost slipped a few times. Then, something caught his attention, a black cloud of some sort. He tried to get closer to get a better view and slipped. He was now dangling for his life on a cliff with a large number of large black birds coming straight for him. He saw that there was a safer but still treacherous ledge underneath him. He jumped and fell two stories and broke his leg and gashed open his forehead. He was bleeding tremendously, and was about to black out. The birds came closer and closer and as Kisuke fainted, he thought it was the end for him.

He stared the birds down as the flock seemed to darken the sky. It was almost like certain death approaching him. It was then that he realized that death was really coming and that no one was there to save him. Kisuke knew two things, one that he wouldn't let go of the ledge and two that he needed Zilum the most, but Zilum was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately that left death the only real outcome awaiting him and because of this he wept. The tears ran down his eyes violently as the flock approached with nothing but sharp talons and beaks waiting. His eyes closed as the feet between him and the flock became narrower and narrower, one final tear found its way down his cheek. Thinking death was close to him.

Their screeches grew louder and just as the first talon claimed in the boy's back, Zilum suddenly dropped down between Kisuke and the birds, spinning rapidly with a large sword in his hand repelling the first barrage of birds. His clothes were ripped apart and stained with blood from their talons as he took his stand against them. The birds flapped their wings in a halting fashion as Zilum made strange gestures with his hands, letting loose a large beam-like blast that knocked out the birds and dropped them to the ground. As his eyes peered down at Kisuke's position without realizing that his own landing had made the boy lose his weak grip and begin to descent to the mountain's base and for the first time his eyes opened wide and true fear entered his heart.

Kisuke heard the sound of a footsteps on the ground, it sounded familiar, like that time when he collapsed in the snow. His eyes opened wide, hearing the soft sound of a re-quip magic spell being cast. The tears seemed to increase from seeing Zilum defending him. Right then...he felt deep gratitude towards her, it was like all the loving acts he's performed up till now had all hit him at once. Thinking that the family in the picture was all he had...but he was wrong. Zilum was here and he was protecting him with his own life. But why? He had nothing to do with him, he had only found him years ago and he wasn't even of his real son. Suddenly the ledge begins to crumble and Kisuke's hand crumbled through the weakened rock. His silent scream echoed through the mountains as he found himself plowing through the clouds below, his shrill filled the air as he continued down his path to rocky ground, slowly losing his breath. It seemed as though Kisuke had started to cry tears of joy due to Zilum sacrificing himself right then to protect him and for some reason, that made him happy, filling him with love and joy as he knew he could still die being loved.

Through the clouds he could hear the yelling of Zilum's battle cry, but then it got quite and all he could hear was the frigid wind passing his ears. With his eyes closed his thoughts slowly played through his mind. Memories of pain was all he could see in his past. While the happiness that he had with Zilum was in his present. The calls of Zilum in his memories were soon becoming overshadowed by the faint sound of Zilum calling out to him through the chilled wind. He was calling his name telling him to open his eyes and reach out for his hand. The boy's fiery blue eyes opened hesitantly before gazing up at Zilum, hanging on for Kisuke’s dear life. The feelings swelled up as Kisuke rushed to him. He begins to yell up at Zilum, “I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much pain. I really love you, I always have…Zilum…Dad!!!”

“I…I love you too son!!!” Zilum rushed in to Kisuke after hearing the sincere statement from his son. He fell past the boy and under him, opening his arms to catch Kisuke. Zilum landing on his scared body rather roughly catching Kisuke whole heartedly. Kisuke landed with a thud onto Zilum and blacked out completely.

:: Present ::

As Kisuke trained harder and harder each day trying to improve his healing and practicing his skills with different swords, Zilum decided it was time for him to leave and go on his journey, but keep training hard in order to improve, and maybe even learn the technique “muscle reading” to its fullest extent, the brain. Though Kisuke had his doubts about being able to learn said technique, he too agreed that it was time for him to leave and go off to become a powerful mage. He thought back to when he still knew his parents and remembered the mermaid-like tattoos they each had on the palms of their right hand. He then asked Zilum about what guild he should go, seeing as he couldn’t recognize what the tattoos stood for.

Zilum, as rude as ever, responded with a boisterous burp and exclaimed that his heart will show him the way. He then told Kisuke that he would find it hard to get into a guild, see as it is, he is too weak. Kisuke took that as a bit of a “Zilum Complement” and decided to go somewhere that needed stronger mages. He still couldn’t think of any. All the same, Kisuke would just look for any guild that would accept him, no matter the trials and see what that guild was like for the time being. Kisuke packed his things as Zilum watched away with a stern face, just as he had the day he had taken in Kisuke on that cold winter day. But before he left, he decided to go put on a special piece of armor. The thing that made this armor set so special was the fact that Kisuke had made it. It and a pair of nodachi were and are still the very first weapons and armor he had created, and at the age of eighteen of all things, something that Kisuke thought was impressive. Anyway, Kisuke put the suit of armor on and strapped the two nodachi to his back in an X-formation for easy carrying. Kisuke was set to make his way into the vast world of magic.

:: Initiation ::

Kisuke left with his things, armor and weapons with him, ready to take on the world. He wanted to just go to the closest guild, but decided that his destiny was to go a little out of his way...but then again, it was his destiny to choose where to go in the first place. All the same, he eventually came in contact of a small dark guild of the name Oscura Fabula. It was rather small for the infamy it had, and Kisuke, being the lazy mage, felt sorry for it...and just tries to join. Though what bothered Kisuke was the initiation. Kisuke contemplated whether or not to go through with it, but in the end, he knew someone was going to do it eventually. If it was Kisuke, he though, then he could help the 'sacrifice'. Kisuke stepped up and asked to join the guild. With a little laughter, the mages of this dark guild brought forth a petty burglar. After the laughing, things got quiet and very serious, "To join this guild, you have to kill him..." said a member of Oscura Fabula. Kisuke asked why, "Because he stole from us..." was the response. Kisuke then asked what the item or items the thief stole were, "Food. It seems this guy has a family he couldn't feed. Ha! Can you imagine?! How pathetic..." Kisuke didn't think it was right to kill for a petty burglary, but it had to be done.

Kisuke grabbed the hilt of his black-bladed nodachi, Black Whisper, and took one last look at the poor soul. He gestured the victim to stand up. Looking straight into the poor thief's eyes...and thrust his nodachi straight into the man's stomach. He pushed the sword all the way through the other side until the hilt hit the abdomen of the almost dead victim. Using his magic, Kisuke quickly, and sneakily without notice, continuously healed the sword-stabbed man so as to secretly keep him alive. Due to the shock of being stabbed though, the victim had fainted, making it look just like a killing. "Bravo, bravo!" yelled one of the guild members, "Didn't think you had it in ya! You are now one of us!" Kisuke still had his nodachi in the man's body, continuously healing around the wound while letting a little blood flow out from the skin, but not the stomach. "You can go ahead and dispose of the body however you see fit, he was your kill after all..." spoke the dark guild member.

Kisuke lifted the limp, but still living body of the stab victim up onto his own cold, steel plated armor's shoulder's, carrying the wounded and unconscious man outside and to a dumpster that was out of the guild's sight. Slowly letting the blade of the sword slid out the the limp body and healing the large wound was difficult for Kisuke to do without actually killing the poor man, but eventually, Kisuke both 'killed' and kept alive the man, killing two birds with one stone. He completely healed the thief, hopefully having learned a lesson, and dropped him into the dumpster to make it look like a real killing. Kisuke then left to go back to the guild without a word to the unconscious man in the dumpster, now ready to get his guild tattoo and take on the world, one fake killing at a time...


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Kisuke Tenshii Empty Re: Kisuke Tenshii

Post by Kisuke Tenshii on Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:05 am

finish bump

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|White Aura Magic

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|Base:5 D:0 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

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|D:1 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0 SS:0 10yr:0 100yr:0
Kisuke Tenshii
Kisuke Tenshii

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Magic Sheet
Kisuke Tenshii Left_bar_bleue500/500Kisuke Tenshii Empty_bar_bleue  (500/500)

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Kisuke Tenshii Empty Re: Kisuke Tenshii

Post by Syrena on Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:54 am

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Kisuke Tenshii Empty Re: Kisuke Tenshii

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