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Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:52 am

Nightlife [Grimm] Air_gear_render_minami_ikki_by_spitfire95-d33ndxw_zpsddad5c05
The sky was clear, the moon was up and the stars were bright. A lone boy walked through the busy streets of Hosenka town. His arms crossed behind his head where his hands perched and he sniffed the delicious scent of street food whilst watching the mist floated above rooftops. His hair was dark purple and the boy wore gold visor goggles that were stuck on his forhead. He wore a black jacket that contained a sigma located on its middle-back. It was the color of blood red with the letter “B” written in calligraphic. His black pants were rolled up to his ankles, leaving the orange from its inside. And the moment his stomach growled, he frowned. Searching through the unlimited choices of food, he decided to enter a steak house.

The smell of barbeque hung in the air. The sound of sizzling filled the restaurant and laughter was heard in the background. Many people were enjoying themselves. He took a seat at an empty table and looked through the menu. It was quite small but he decided that he would stick to steak. A waiter had already made his way to him for his order.

“I’ll have a well done fillet mignon….” He paused. “…along with a glass of water please.” He put the menu down and waited. Taking out his leather bound journal, he sighed and began describing where he was. How he was. Why he was there. Anything that came to mind went into the journal.

It wasn’t long until the waiter delivered his meal – still sizzling – and he could smell the rich flavour and spices soaked into the thick steak. He stuck into the bad boy with a knife and fork and occasionally took gulps of water when his mouth was full.

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