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ROOT - A Dark Pokemon RP

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ROOT - A Dark Pokemon RP Empty ROOT - A Dark Pokemon RP

Post by Zoroark on Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:46 pm

ROOT - A Dark Pokemon RP Ad
Welcome to Root
Welcome to the world of Root, a region strangled by the grip of
looming civil war and chaos. Team Rocket once ruled this vast region
after their defeat by the hands of Red in Kanto. For years the people
of Root were terrorized by their oppressive leader Giovanni, and the
lands became barren and despondent. It was then that two families,
almost brought to near total eradication, came from the depths of their
underground hold with new technology and weapons created with
Mulciber stones harvested from deep within the mountain. Rum and
Vesper, along with the citizens of Root rose up in rebellion against the
tyrant and won back their home. With Team Rocket retreating back to
the east the people of Root began to rebuild their broken homes and
lives. The Rum family became an organization and took up the mantle
as leader of the region by the vote of the citizens. Rum worked
alongside the Vesper family as they rebuilt cities and towns, and built
power plants that used the Mulciber stones to help power Root. But, as
time passed and Rum instated more and more rules to protect their
people, Vesper became more and more disdainful of their enemy
turned ally. The Vesper family found it hard to give up old habits, and
continued their organized crime right under the nose of Rum. In
time Regla Mathias ll Rum finally couldn’t tolerate their misdeeds any
longer and sent the regions army to put an end to their crimes, hoping
to bring order to the north once more. With the descent of the army
Vesper grew more and more enraged, believing their friend was
becoming more and more like the old regime. The two bitter leaders
became old, and eventually passed their burdens onto the next
generation. With new leaders for both families tensions are at a
breaking point, and it’s only a matter of time before the barriers break.
How will you survive?

A brand new Pokemon site with important roles open!

All new Pokemon to capture and train, as well as the chance to
create your own Pokemon species!

Choose who you want your character to be from a diverse choice
of occupations!

Be the deciding factor during this time of turmoil as you live your
life in the Root region!

Fun festivals for each season, win Pokedollars, prizes, and special
items in games!


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