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Syrena Adella (Example Profile)

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Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Empty Syrena Adella (Example Profile)

Post by Syrena on Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:20 pm

___________ Syrena Adella ___________

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Hana__by_fromytoy-d4z13k5

"The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

Nickname(s): None
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Birthday: (12/25/X371)
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Melodic Sirens
Guild Tattoo: Left Hand

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Appearancenatsu

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) MegurineLukafull361781
Syrena Adella (Example Profile) MegurineLukafull547198
Syrena Adella (Example Profile) MegurineLukafull547201
Syrena Adella (Example Profile) MegurineLukafull1107653

Physical Characteristics:
Syrena is the kind of girl that draws the eye of a person. When she walks by, people notice and they turn their heads from the beauty. She doesn’t flaunt her looks, but rather she compliments it by wearing rather expensive taste. Her hair is naturally a light redish/pink, that is long and flowing barely reaching the bottom of her back. Long hair is a symbol of beauty, so it’s only fitting her to be long. She’ll wear it in almost any style that suits the circumstance and her attire.
The young girl has fair skin that is soft as silk. Luckily for her, she’s never been cursed with a skin complexion, even something as basic as a pimple. She uses the best soaps and skin products to keep her pores nice a clean, and often cleans her skin multiple times a night to wash away the days hard work and makeup.

Her eyes are enchanting blue, that often wonder deep within her own soul and expose the true emotion she is feeling at the time. She is a horrible liar for this reason, because she cannot bare the weight of keeping the truth from a person.

Her body is slender and thin, with defined abs. This greatly benefits to her agile body type and benefits her in battle. Syrena keeps her nails trimmed and painted with the emotion she is feeling that day.

Syrena does not have large breast, instead this gives her face the distinctive nature. The focus is drawn towards her natural beauty, and not her body. It’s extremely important to know that she always keeps her collar bones revealed, to drawn the seduction from there if need be.

When she walks, her head is looking up at her surroundings, and often time she'll smile at those around out of politeness. She is a bit of a fast walker, and does not like to be slowed down if she is in a hurry. Her hips usually sway back and forth as she walks, primarily because of her desire to wear high heels half the time. With this, her calf muscle is quite toned. Her legs are always smooth, and not a graze of hair remains after shaving.

Syrena is a girl that is surrounded by high fashion. She loves the beauty of it all, especially the expensive dresses that only a princess would be caught dead wearing. She is master at wearing different mask, and one of those mask she likes to hide behind is clothing. She feels safe whenever she can up on something elaborate, and pretend to be something she's not.

If she's lounging around the guild or just doing basic errands for the day, she'll usually wearing a light dress and a pair of flip flops, or even shorts and a tank. If Syrena is going on a mission or has some professional matters to take care of, she'll find cute clothing to wear. It's her goal to look the absolute best from anyone around. She is a confident young lady and will always try her hardest to be the best dress. This often stirs annoyance with other woman, but the truth be told is that she isn’t a mean girl. Syrena is just a girl that loves to dress up.

Abnormalities: She has a double piercing on both ears.

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Personalucy


Syrena is an adventurous girl at heart, that loves to explore different areas and step out of her comfort zone. She is a bit of a day dreamer, and often times she'll slip into a deep daydream about a fantasy land she has yet to explore. Her mother raised her with mannerisms to be respectful and courteous to others, she still loves to look elegant and be visually stunning. Her father on the other hand, raised her to be bold and brave, often times by taking her exploring in the thick forest . If there is a certain situation that requires her to be more sophisticated, she is more than willing to submit to the part. However, deep down she has a wild heart.

With her being humble and respectful comes meekness. On the surface she may seem free at heart, but she often fights within herself to be reserved. Rather than being the leader in the group like she is meant to, Syrena now seeks to be the best follower a person can. When appeared with danger, Syrena will stand her ground but might end up falling to her knees weak. She has a big heart, with big intentions, but often enough can’t seem to completely unlock the beast within her. She use to be completely connected with her emotions, and that got the best of her or got her into serious trouble. However, after some horrible past experiences, Syrena can be a bit cold hearted and closed off at first. She'll tell you exactly how she feels about a situation. Her personality now is a bit more direct and strong, but it's apart of the mask she likes to wear to protect herself from ever reliving the past again. It's one of the many doubt she struggles with.

She would sacrifice herself to help another person in her guild, even if that meant giving up her own life to protect another.

Syrena is a hopeless romantic who thinks she will one day find someone else who will completely love her for who she is. She has been a victim in love at first sight, so she can't help but want her own fairy tail prince charming to swoop her off her feet. In the past there was a man who she loved dearly, but thanks to a fateful encounter she lost him to a world she'll never know. Still to this day, she locks her feelings away for this reason, and is so scared to give the key to her heart away.

Sewing: Syrena loves making clothes for herself, and has become a master seamstress. She'll make anything from dresses, to blazers, to swimsuits.

Reading: Syrena is a bit of a book nerd, and she enjoys reading the newest books that are released in the book store. She is a bit of a speed reader and has a high IQ thanks to her addiction to books.

Puzzles: Syrena has a real knack for solving puzzles and challenging her brain. She's quick to pick up on clues and is a master at riddles. In her free time she'll solve puzzles and see if she can find a shorter way at accomplishing them.

Modeling: Syrena models for Sorcerer Weekly regularly to make a little extra jewels on the side to buy things that she wants.

Likes: Bight Colors, Dresses, High Heels, Her Magic, Flowers, Sunshine, Rain, Singing, Nail Polish, Exploring, Double Dares, Fireflies, Crafting, Puzzles, Fairy Tales, The Color Pink, Celestial Spirits (They are just too cute), Modeling, High Fashion Magazines, Sorcerer Weekly, Mask, Being Barefoot, Challenges, and her friends.

Dislikes: If there is one thing that she find rather annoying, and cannot stand it’s rude people. People that have nothing good to say, so they say something to tear a person down, or act aggressively for unknown reasons. She also isn’t too fond of: Simplicity, Death, Wilted Flowers, Broken Hearts, Cigarettes, Silence, The color Orange, Frost, The Dark, Nudity, Lustful Men, Arrogant Women, Jewels, Small rooms, or Dark Guilds.

Inspiration: Syrena wants to be a top witch within Fiore, without the help of her grandmother or her parents. Being related to the first guild master of Melodic Sirens, it's expected that one day she'll take over. However it's something she has to figure out if she wants it or not.

Being trapped: Suck in a situation or place, and she is unable to get out. It’s always been something that bothered her since she was a small girl, probably because it's the closest thing to death she'll ever feel.
Failure: She doesn’t want it to be her fault that her guild falls apart or gets in some sort of danger. She is also afraid to fall in love again, because of what happen with the last guy. Syrena is also afraid that she'll never live up to her true potential and that she'll be a let down to her grandmother and parents.
Spiders: If there is one insect on this planet that gives her an upset stomach is would be spiders. If she sees one in the room, she'll flee to the other side and most likely cry. The eight legs and tiny body are just so nasty, that it's hard for her to even think about them.

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Photographic Memory
Augment Description: Whenever Syrena reads something, she'll store it away in a harddrive in her brain. Somehow she is instantly able to pull out that information, even if it's two years old. She is a master at knowing spells and how to quickly deflect or counter it thanks to the countless books she's read and memorized.

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Equipmenterza

Nothing at this point.

Syrena Adella (Example Profile) Historygray

So it looks like you're interested in my life. I'm going to be honest with you right from the start, I don't tell many people my story. It's not that I'm scared to talk about my life, I just don't enjoy it like other people. But anyways, let's continue on with this small journey.

Growing up was fairly easy and enjoyable! I grew up in The Melodic Sirens guild, because my grandmother was the one who founded them, and my mother was a member there and fell in love with my dad. My family was on the wealthy side, and basically gave me whatever I wanted. I was never allowed to flaunt the things that I received, and if I did I knew my grandmother would be out to get me.

As a young girl I would explore the lush forest surrounding the outskirts of my town and climb to the tree tops, and watch the waterfalls trickle down the sides of the mountain. I would lay down, and soak in the sun through the canopy. Birds would flutter around and sing melodies. I attempted to keep tune with them, but it didn't always end up well. The light would trickle down against my warm skin, reminding me constantly that I was free of any danger or harm.

My father was a huge hero in my life. I remember so many times we would sneak out late at night, ride on his stallion into the forest. We’d ride for hours, until we got a to a clearing, and there we would sit and look at the stars until morning. Mom was always so furious, but we’d both just laugh at her. I really wish she’d come with us, I think she would have enjoyed it back then. My dad was a hard working man that would travel every day to work at the train station, just to provide for us. He didn't really spend much time in the guild, or even with magic. He just like physical labor, and worked with his hands.

My mother was so sweet and gentle. She’d spend hours upon hours serving the locals in our town. Her laugh was the best ever, when she did laugh. Most of the time I felt her nagging down my spine. One thing after another to try and make me more lady like. Nowadays, I’m pretty thankful she did. If not, I don’t think many people would want to take me out on a date. Let’s get back to my mother, shall we? Anyways, my mother was a mage, and often times she would have books upon books laying around her study. It was one of my favorite places to go late at night. I remember staying up so late into the morning reading books and looking through her study. Of course my mother knew this, and one evening she caught’me in the act. She pulled me aside, sat me down next to her on the couch and told me about the world of magic.

My grandmother was the Guild Master of Melodic Sirens for part of my life, and eventually it was passed down to Mistress Melody Andrina, who was fabulous guild master. My grandmother was one woman to this day I still look up too. She had such so much history, knowledge, and experience with magic. I'd be lucky if I could be half the woman she was.

Mask One

My grandmother and both my parents went missing after a family vacation. Or that's what I was told growing up, especially from the higher class mages in the guild. Eventually Mistress Melody Andrina told me the truth, and honestly I'm still in denial. How am I to believe that a monster such as that killed my grandmother? She was one of the strongest mages within this country of ours, and it just doesn't add up. Once I found out the truth, I ran away. I had to get away from that guild, the memories, and the fear that lingered in the hallways. Before I left, Mistress Andrina pulled me aside, she knew what I was doing and she told me that it was my responsibly to take over this guild. That little bit of information has never left my mind and I still think about her words often.

"Syrena, my dear, please don't run away. You have the heart to lead this guild and I know it's what your grandmother would want one day. But, if you must go, go and be free, but know that you have a home here."

That night changed my life.

I don't tell anyone that I was the Guild Masters granddaughter and because then I'd have a reputation to hold onto. I'm more of the type of person to create my own reputation, and fight for the things I want. When people use to ask where I was from, I'd usually tell them a small village on the outskirts of Hargeon Town and leave it at that.

During my travel around Fiore, I knew I couldn't get far without the help of some mages. I personally was not a very strong mage, and so I relied on the friends I became close with. One of those guys was named Zach. Zach was a wonderful human being, that just loved the world and everything that it offered. He was spontaneous and adventurous, he knew how to live life to the fullest. He was a world class high rank mage that taught me the basics of magic. It's funny even to this day, whenever I think about Zach, my heart flutters within my chest. Zach was the first man that I ever fell in love with, and he took care of my heart. I gave him the key and he went wild, providing me with what I thought would be my fairy tale ending.

Zach was my protector, my best friend, and most importantly the love of my life. I felt safe within his arms, and with that feeling of security I went everywhere with him. I remember to this day his laughter, it would light my face up so brightly and I couldn't contain my feelings. Zach wasn't apart of an official guild, he was what you called a rouge mage. However, he was so well known that he was invited to the first ever World Magic Games, and there it happen.


A magician that took control over Zach from a mysterious presence that I still have no idea what it is, and this magic killed him during his training. Everyone calls him magician, Zeref, but I've never seen him before. I just know it's the reason why I don't have Zach in my life anymore.

Mask 2

That happen two years ago, and everyday I just push the pain further and further away. Not only do I push that away, but I tend to push most men that try and get close, away as well. I'm so scared to open myself up to that kind of love again, even though deep down I want it again. I want that fairy tale ever after, but I know that won't be easy. Zach is still a huge part of my life, even if he's not around physically. In my heart he's there, and I know every once in a while I hear his whisper in the wind. I don't let a lot of people see the soft side of me anymore, because it was reserved for Zach. I've had to put a guard up around my heart and keep myself from getting too close to people. I think Zach would want me to move on and find love again. Knowing him, he wants me to be happy and to live life to the fullest. In his honor I've decided to become the strongest wizard I can be, to bring him, my grandmother, and my parents the respect that they deserve.

I recently joined a guild, and believe me it's one that I never expected to join after the history I've had.

Nonetheless, it's time to claim my title as Fiore's strongest female mage.

Watch out world! Syrena is coming for you!


Faceclaim: Megurine Luka- Vocaloid
Other characters: None

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Post by Spitfire on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:39 am

- One small thing I'm confused about. I think you actually mean't Zeref as in the magician, but you said Zeref as in the magic. Can you just clarify this for me. Zeref the magic or Zeref the magician? If it's Zeref the magic then I'll need you to change it to Zeref the magician as there is no "Zeref the magic".

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Post by Syrena on Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:52 pm

Whoops... ^^;

That's what I meant.

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Post by Spitfire on Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:59 pm

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