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Kei Masaki

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Kei Masaki Empty Kei Masaki

Post by Hikaru Nakamura on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:37 am

___________ Kei Masaki___________

Kei Masaki TobiBody

"The Only one who can beat me is me."

Nickname(s): Abyss Eyes.
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Birthday: 26/April/X370
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Neutral
Rank: D

Guild: Rogue ATM
Guild Tattoo: Right Palm

Kei Masaki Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: His Physique is quite muscular. He isn't an extreme body builder but he has muscle mass which may be praised. Weighting only 150 lbs he isn't quite big.. His weight height is 6'0" Approximately. Showing he tends to tower over most people. His body type is best described as Lean and slims. His muscles shows a lean composure.. The way he walks is always tall. His back is never slouched and he enjoys having his hands out by his sides, only barely swinging them while he walks. He tends to not be "that guy." who drags his feet while walking and rather enjoys picking up his feet. His Calves are quite large and can also be considered the most muscular part of his body. He has a six-pack of abs without flexing. His Hair color is blue, it is quite spiky and you will never see it downward.. His eye color is naturally black but when using his magic the eye colors change. Depending on the level of the spell he is using his eyes will make different patterns. HE will have red eyes with raindrops on it, or a shrunken on it. All together, his body build is quite different then most people. From the appearance of his body, you could pick up that he is a tall, lean, and muscular guy.
Attire/Clothing: The clothing attire that Kei wears is quite original. First off on his head he wears an orange spiraling mask that has a hole pocked on the right, which only reveals one eye. His vision on his left eye isn't horrible, but it isn't the best. Due to the fact that his left eye is weaker, he needs to find a eye that is just as strong. With a weak eye his magic will strain the weak eye making the weak eye burn and giving the user a massive headache. Currently Kei is looking for a transplant in his left eye but has poor luck finding one. Kei wears a black turtleneck a long with black gloves, black sandals, and a white fabric sock on his calves that is similar to a type of compression. These socks reach all he way up to the shin wear the knees are. He wears a black pants onto of the sock rolled nicely and always looking well pressed. On top of his entire outfit, he enjoys to wear a black coat with red clouds on it. The jacket has sleeves that reach all the way to the risk a long with that it is zipped from the front. These red clouds have a white border on each one. All together his outfit is quite peculiar, though it is just a sense of fashion he enjoys and finds comfortable.
Abnormalities: His left eye is weak. It gives him headaches when used, causing him too be in search of a transplant. Using magic with the left eye strains it.

Kei Masaki Personalucy

Personality: Kei Is not read easily. Kei is a individual who cannot be read easily. He tends to play a bit with his friends making them wonder what is on his mind. He has that one factor that makes people wonder what is he doing. The reason why Kei is so hard to see through is he tends to think outside the box. The way he thinks outside the box is that he enjoys thinking of ways to get out of tricky situations. He is quite old, though he hasn't used his magic to its full capabilities. With age comes wisdom, and with experience comes brilliance. Kei believes that with the past experience he has gotten from his years of basic combat and having to survive on his own that he can indeed be a trickster and trick someone in a stick situation. He is also not easy to read because he is quite sarcastic but keeps a serious face. This makes people continuously wonder if hes telling the truth or not. Kei is also hard to read because he thinks if he would know the obvious before doing it and will often try not to do it. He is also quite spontaneous always hiding his trump card.

Kei is a brawler. Someone like Kei has a crazy fighting spirit. He knows when defeat is at hand. Kei will often give up once defeat is 100% guaranteed, though when it is still in the odds of both the fighter and Kei, Kei will fight with every last ounce of magical energy he maintains. His fighting style is quite unique. He has some sort of fighting experience but prefers to let others do the work for him, which is why he loves hi magic so munch. Though his magic isn't the only thing he enjoys to manipulate. He enjoys to manipulate other people in fights. If it is a 2on1 Kei will be more then happy to let you fight a 1on1 claiming it is not fair, but really he is lazy. He also fights with strategy always thinking one step ahead, even if he has not determined his current move. Kei is quite manipulative in battle. He will try to bring out the anger in someone provoking them to fall into his traps. He enjoys fighting those who are blind by anger and quite stubborn. The way he fights since he is a light mage, he honestly does not care what you are. Male, female, child, or animal, if you pick a fight with him he will fight you with his full strength IF you are on par with him. If there is a clear difference in strength, he may shrug you off to the side or just do something to make you back away.

Kei is a bit social. He is one of those people who walks into a room and will not say anything until he takes in all of his surroundings. He enjoys to joke around with people playing practical jokes on them. Kei will be a jokester and tell jokes to people also. His jokes are usually dirty and a bit cruel and it is an odd sense of humor but this is just one of the many way he socializes. Another way he socializes is not only by playing practical jokes and joking around but he also socialized with he strong. He does not mind having conversations with those who prove they are strong. He enjoys receiving and giving tips to these people always wanting to learn more. That is the main reason he socializes, to learn more about the environment and competition. He always wants to stay ahead and believes that is not possible with all these people learning about new techniques and advancements. Therefore, he will take almost any advice he ask for, or any secrets to becoming stronger. However, he hates to be lied to and is not too gullible to take in anything. Kei is also quite stingy with jewels, only sharing them to people who he finds worthy. Kei is also someone who enjoys taking the easy way out of missions. If possible, he will try to do it as quickly as possible with minimum damage.

Hobbies: Puzzles: Quite strange things which Kei enjoys to figure out. With a keen eye like his he can pick up the little things in a puzzle somewhat easily. He enjoys doing these puzzles as ways to show his intelligent. He also finds them a challenge.

Piano: Surprisingly Kei is quite good at a Piano. Born to a doctor his dad had done some research on how the piano seemed to help with people’s academic skills. Kei never knew if this was true or not since he was always an A student, though he did continue to play piano and became pretty darn good at it.

Running: A perfect way to stay in shape, Kei enjoys running. Running is something Kei got use to somewhere in his midlife. He needed to be fast on his feet for the men who were chasing him for his dad's artificial eye. He learned to run fast and enjoys or race competitively. He is currently running a 5k at 17:10.

Likes: Rain, Ramen, Rice, Water, Cologne, Perfume, Humorous People, Arrogance, Optimism, Winning, Mask, Fighting, Power, Jewels, Missions, Friends, Children, Women, Black Hair, Running, Piano's, Puzzles, Strategizing, Dominance, being respected.
Dislikes: Soda, Stubborn, Losing, Sore Losers, Bragging, Calm collected individuals, Cockiness, someone overwhelmingly strong, worms, Stereotypes, too many questions, White Hair(Sign of getting old), Wrinkles, and loud Music.
Inspiration: His inspiration or driving force is best described as continuing his fathers work and learning more about it. His dad left him with an artificial eye, which is one of the greatest things ever. His dad promised a program inside the eye known, as “insight” would reveal all. Eventually when his magical power reaches a level high enough the program insight will activate showing Kei how the eye was created so Kei can replicate it for his left eye. The program Insight will also teaches him some spells that come a long with his eyes and way to tweak it.
Fears: Death: This is something that everyone must fear. This is something that Kei is truly scared of and will not take lightly. Who else is not scared of dying? The pain that you face knowing your abandoning people of this world just gives shivers.

Being outsmarted: Being a clever mind like Kei it is really bad when you are outsmarted. This is like a shot to the pride of Kei and it makes him shiver. Usually when he is outsmarted in battle he will be somewhat at lost because he will have to think of a new way to reconstruct all of his plans.

Thalassophobia: Now don't get him wrong he can easily survive in water that is shallow. The only thing he truly fears is being out at sea or the ocean. The water is so deep and all those creatures lying there scare Kei badly. Though he can see clearly in the water due to his artificial eye also making it easy for him to see all those sharks wandering.

Kei Masaki Augmenthappy

Augment Name: N/a
Augment Description: N/A

Kei Masaki Equipmenterza

Starter equipment is available to everyone and anyone. Follow the template for starting equipment here. Starting equipment does not count as magical equipment. They are non holder/re-quip equipment, meaning that this equipment do not have magical properties. Equipment is often used in coalition with your magic, unless you are a re-quip or holder mage.

Kei Masaki Historygray

Time: About 12:00 P.m. /Date: X377, April 26/ Location: Dr. Masaki’s private home Laboratory / Lab Experiment # 23

It was the birthday of Kei Masaki, son of the infamous Dr. Masaki. It started off as any birthday would, an early party around 10 a.m. closing around 11:30. Once the party closed, Kei blew out his candles hearing he would receive a gift. This chaste pure boy wondered what the gift was. Kei would follow his dad who was telling him to follow him for his father’s gift. His father showed him a private laboratory by pulling the book entitled "Vision." Kei followed his dad into a passageway behind a bookcase that led him to a lab. Kei had decent vision, though it wasn't food and he wore glasses. Kei's dad came to him and asked him if he wanted to continue to wear glasses. Kei told him know, and said that he wanted contacts but his dada explained all the troubles of contacted and promised him something better. Kei nodded listening to his dad and decided he would want a better way of seeing. His dad told him he would get a new eye instead allowing him to see well, but the eye would have to merge well enough with his body before it would allow him to have an eye implanted. They wanted to put a new eye in the weakest eye and so they gave Kei a selection of eyes and Kei picked the black one. Kei shield looking at his dad seeing his dad pick it up. He told Kei the process would be painful and all he had to do was laydown. As soon as Kei laid down a gas blew in his face and he disappeared.

Time: About 11:00 P.m. /Date: X377, April 26/ Location: Dr. Masaki’s private home Laboratory / Lab Experiment # 23

Kei wakes up on the lab table looking around only being able to see out of the left eye. With his right eye bandage, he feels a shot of pain in his right eye but a bit of numbness too. Kei reaches toward his left eye and touches the bandage feeling the eye was there. He moves his hand down and sees blood on his hand from the bandage. Kei looks at his father who is talking to a man in his office but they cannot see Kei. Kei gets up and fees a bit at ease. Kei walks toward his dad’s office with his back leaned against the wall. His dada did not know he was there but Kei was ease dropping. His dad began rejoicing toward a man saying it worked, but said he would need three years to see the end results of project "Profound Insight." Kei was curious but felt a bit overwhelmed by his left eye, which started to burn. He began to get a headache and quickly walked back to the table laying down not wanting to get caught. He quickly fell asleep on the table not hearing anything but he just dreamt, no he dreamt of an eye staring at him that night. While he slept his dad sat in his office, the man spoke to Dr. Masaki office "Yes, he is just the prototype. If he dies, he dies. We give him three years. If not we terminate the program. Too much of our budget is on this."

To be continued..

Note: He has Amnesia about his midlife.


Faceclaim: Tobi - Naruto
Other characters: Please post what other characters you RP on this site. Yes, we know who you are, so you won't have to pretend.

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Post by Hikaru Nakamura on Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:36 am

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Post by Hikaru Nakamura on Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:03 am

Once again this is completed..
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Post by Spitfire on Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:17 am

Welcome to Delirium buddy!
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